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Weekday Escape N°268

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Weekday EscapeHi and welcome, the new Weekday Escape is here!

This week Amajeto wants you to break free from their colorful kid's room. After you do that, you find yourself in Tokoyo's place with many colorful codes to be broken, and then in another kid's room, this time by Springman Haruoroom, with even more plush toys then in the first one. Neat Escape traps you in that kind of apartment where would many players voluntarily live or at least stay for some time...well, no. You are supposed to leave it.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Colors and Toys
Colors and Toys

As the title suggests, Amajeto hid eight tiles in a colorful room full of toys, playroom apparently, and you're supposed collect them and assemble a picture from them. Can you?

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Proliferation Escape
Proliferation Escape <br />

Puzzles which you find in Tokoyo's game aren't new; most of them - all, maybe - you've already solved in another games and not just once. What's unique is the style. Combination of minimalistic graphics, puzzles and bittersweet tune creates almost magical atmosphere specific for (some) Japanese games. It's not a coincidence - their previous game feels similar.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending. No language barrier, you can safely ignore the Japanese texts.

P.S. Here is their game from February: Ten Room. Interesting.

Escape from a Little Mysterious Kids Room


<p>Escape from a Little Mysterious Kids Room</p>


For some players of Springman Haruoroom's room could be the biggest mystery how and where to start. So many puzzles around the room...but how to pair them with hints and how to figure out what is a clue and what isn't? Well, everything as usual. Be observant and creative, puzzles aren't hard, just cunning, creative, and very enjoyable!

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

Sea House 2
Sea House 2

You came to visit your friend's house. When you got into the house, you were trapped...wait, I'm sure I've already seen this scenario...many many times before...oh. It's Neat Escape's game and his friends who keep preparing traps for...ehm...their other friends. Luckily for imprisoned ones, the houses or apartments tend to be light, airy and pleasant, and the puzzles clever, intuitive and well ballanced. This apartment isn't an exeption. And if it's not enough for you look at another bright side of your imprisonment - two of three endings reward you with tasty meal!

The cursor isn't changing, autosave + save button, three endings.

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Proliferation Escape was quite enjoyable. Got stumped at one spot, but eventually pieced together the clues that were staring right at me. Great selection!

paulmashtv September 9, 2020 7:32 PM

cant wait for these.

yargough September 13, 2020 12:59 AM replied to kernel

I agree! Proliferation Escape was refreshing once I turned my brain on its side.


I really enjoyed Proliferation.

Not too hard or easy. A very nice way to play during breaks.


walkthroughs coming soon?



Patreon Contributor kktkkr September 29, 2020 8:16 PM replied to paulmashtv

Walkthroughs are still going to be slow for now.

Colors and Toys


Under the windows, you see a colorful train above a four-letter drawer. Two toys on the right have an orange square tile next to them.

Turn right. Above the kid's bed which has a cloud on it, there are flowers across the top and right of the wall. The wall shelf has a small figurine giving you a thumbs up next to an abacus.

Turn right to face the locked door, a picture missing some tiles, a laptop computer on a desk, and drawers with four digits and four vertical bars.

Turn right to face shelves with books and toys. The two green covered compartments have locks with a grid of buttons and a pair of yellow and pink buttons. At the bottom, two pink doors have four symbol buttons marked with colors and four dials.

Pink drawer / Computer

Use the clue from the


to unlock the bottom desk drawer:

Match the dark beads' heights by clicking the bars
2 0 3 1 times.

Take a square tile and a memory stick.

Insert the memory stick into the (front/bottom of the) laptop, which shows you a clue with numbers.

Click it again to change the screen to something about trains.

Two more drawers

You'll need clues from the

cloud, computer and toy train.

For the window drawer,

The first computer clue tells you to read the 7th, 9th, 4th, 5th letters of the cloud clue.

That gives you the code

Take a square tile.

For the top desk drawer,

The train has 1 yellow, 2 green, 3 blue and 4 red compartments.

Those digits in the second computer clue (read yellow 1st, green 2nd and so on) form the code

Take another square tile.

Shelf screen

You'll need the clues from

the computer and room

to unlock the compartments on the shelf screen.

For the top-left compartment,

Copy the track clue from the computer.

For the left pink door,

The colored symbols are visible on the bed side of the room:
Blue stars on the elephant
Yellow heart on the cloud
White hexagon on drawer handles
Green diamond on figurine

Click the buttons
2 7 1 0 times.

For the right pink door,

The dials point to the
↙ ↓ ↖ ↗
(5 4 7 1 clicks)

For the top-right compartment,

The only set of pink and yellow objects is in the bottom right compartment. From top down:
Pink Yellow Yellow Pink Yellow

Take 4 square tiles.


Place all eight square tiles into the picture above the computer, and rotate the tiles until they align:

3 1 1 2
2 2 1 3
3 2 3 2
1 3 1 2

Take the gold key and use it to unlock the door.

Proliferation Escape

Among the tags above the game are "monochrome" and "colorful". A great palette for a minimalist escape!

0th wall

(That's what the thing that flashes briefly says.)

As per tradition, let's start with exploration. Everything is in plain sight though, so you may want to skip it.

This wall has four dice faces, a black line, and a coin slot, as well as something to do…

Follow the tutorial by clicking on the hexagonal colorless piece, and putting it on the screen.

"The wall opposite has proliferated!"

Click the right arrow to proceed.

Wall 1

Black and red shapes, a table with a candle, four square buttons, and a red triangular piece.

Use the clue from the dice at Wall 0 to solve the button puzzle:

The dice with 1 to 4 dots are on the

(A new wall opens up! To reach it, go left twice.)

Wall -1

Black and red shapes and hearts, three digit buttons, a red line and a torch.

Use the clue from the shapes at Wall 1 to unlock the digit buttons:

Counting the shapes:

2 black circles + 1 red cross = 3
2 red circles + 3 black crosses = 5
2 black circles + 2 red circles = 4

Enter 354.

Wall 2

Red and blue buttons surround a picture of fire over colored squares.Take the empty cup.

Two things to do here. There's the fire:

Light the torch on the candle at Wall 1, then use it on the picture.

And there's the red and blue squares:

Push the LLRLR buttons.

Wall -2

A basin, two hexagonal buttons, a triangle out of reach under a blue line.

You already uncovered the hexagonal button clue on Wall 2.


Wall 3

Yellow diamonds now surround a colored triangle picture. There's something under that, and you can take the broom at the side.

Fill the cup at Wall -2, then use it on the pedestal here.

Wall -3

There's a mountain of coins hiding a yellow triangle piece! Also colored sliders.

The red, black, blue lines are on Walls -1, 0, -2.

Black runs halfway across the screen, blue slightly further, and red even further.

Move the red slider all the way to the left, black to the middle, and blue in between them horizontally.

Wall 4

A green clover and three triangular holes.

Use the broom to get the blue triangular piece at Wall -2.

Following the clue at Wall 3,

place the triangular pieces in the order
Yellow Blue Red

Wall -4

Four colored card suit buttons.

Counting the card suits on the walls gives you the code

2 3 4 1

Wall 5

A door with a hexagonal hole.

Use your coins in the slot at Wall 0.

Take the colorful piece, put it in the door, and leave!

Patreon Contributor kktkkr October 5, 2020 3:42 PM replied to kktkkr

Escape from a Little Mysterious Kids Room


The locked door has a drawing of a cow thinking of grass. To its left, the bookshelf has books, but also several items including a three-letter box with a fruit picture.

Turn right. The bunk bed has a bear below and a three-button box on top. On the right, two balloons are tied to a chalkboard with an animal drawing.

Turn right to face a window with a UFO on the left. The desk has a globe you can move to reveal a number, as well as three locked drawers with different codes. On the right, a rabbit sits under a wall box with four sakura petal buttons that change digits.

Turn right to face a wall with (fake) clouds on the left and grass on the right. In between, a cabinet has more animals on top of four locked compartments.

Colors / Shock / Wash

The first puzzle may be a bit hard to find. The clue is

on the striped wall behind the bed

and you can use it to unlock the top drawer:

Ignoring the most common color (brown) on the wall, you find that White and Pink are followed by
Red Yellow Green
(1 3 4 clicks)

You get a needle.

Use that needle to pop both balloons tied to the chalkboard.

What changed?

You can now zoom in on the bears on the bed, who have symbols on their eyes.

Use that clue to unlock the middle drawer:

The big bear has a star and question mark, while the small bear has an exclamation mark and cross.

(4 1 2 3 clicks)

You get a crayon (gray).

Use the gray crayon on the cloud to reveal some colored numbers under it.

You can now use the

colored number clues

to unlock the bottom drawer:

From smallest to largest, the numbers are:
Red 1 under cloud
Green 3 under cloud
Yellow 5 above chalkboard
Blue 7 under globe

(1 4 3 2 clicks)

Take the transceiver.


Use the transceiver on the UFO, which flashes its lights.

Enter that code in the box on top of the bed:


You get a Rubik's cube.


Use the clue from the Rubik's cube to unlock the left cabinet compartment:

Since the buttons cannot turn white, the clue must be rotated to make the colored squares fit the buttons.

In clockwise order:
Yellow Blue Green Red Green Red Green

Click the buttons
4 1 4
2 - 1
3 - 4

You find a clue with some pictures.

Use that clue to unlock the second cabinet compartment:

The objects shown in the picture are on the bookshelf facing

Take the paper crane and unfold it to find a code.

Tasty / Parts

Use the clue to unlock the bookshelf box:

Connecting the fruit in pairs produces lines that spell out

You get some lollipops.

As the chalkboard suggests, give them to the monkey sitting on the cupboard.

That gets you a clue for the compartment underneath it:

Orange to bottom-left and red to top-right.
(5 and 1 clicks)

Take the huge stack of books to reveal a clue about books.

Put the books on the shelf, and then use the book clue to unlock the rightmost cabinet compartment:

Each shelf represents a fraction, and you need to arrange them from smallest to largest. If you're not using a calculator, the easiest way is to convert everything to a common denominator:

4/1 = 120/30
3/5 = 18/30
2/4 = 15/30
3/3 = 30/30
1/3 = 10/30

Push the 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, 1st buttons (from the top).

There's donuts in there you can't take!


After looking around the room a bit, you hear heavy footsteps.

The pig is eating the donuts, and left a trail of prints all over the compartment!

Use that clue to unlock the wall box:

Matching the shapes of the prints to the box, you find that there are:
Up: 5
Left: 2
Down: 3
Right: 1

You get a crayon (green).

Use the crayon on the door to make grass appear.

After looking around the room for a while more, you hear a moo.

The grass has vanished and there's milk in front of the door!

Give the milk to the rabbit (under the wall box).

Look around the room a bit, and you hear slurping.

The glass that the rabbit holds now only has a key!

Use the key to unlock the door and end the game.

Sea House 2


The sea is outside the window behind a desk between two palm trees, under a stopped wall clock. Colorful flowers are placed next to a locked metal box connected to a computer with a four-digit lock on its screen which is above a disc drive you can open. The desk drawers are all empty except for the third one which has a bronze cube.

Turn left to face locked double doors.

Turn left again to face more locked double doors, under a different stopped wall clock. There's a water cooler on the right you can't use.

Click the wall on the left which has a four-color box on the wall shelf over what looks like a radio with two sliders. The tall shelf on the right has a box with three metallic square holes, as well as a tablet showing some weird shapes.


You'll need to hold down the mouse button and drag for the following.

Use the clues from the clocks to unlock the radio:

The red dots are on the:
Minute hand of the round clock: 9 (which is 45 minutes)
Hour hand of the square clock: 6

Drag the sliders exactly over/under 45 and 6.

Take a gold cube.

Use the clue from the tablet to unlock the computer:

Drag each column of the tablet vertically to find a green bar, and drag that bar to the top of the screen.

The visible portion of each column now forms the code

The screen changes, but you can't do anything new yet.


Use the clue from the flowers to unlock the box on the wall shelf:

White Yellow Red Blue
(3 6 5 2 clicks)

Take a silver cube.

Now that you have all three cubes, place them in the box at the top of the tall shelf, and push the button to reveal a scoop (shovel).

Then click the panel where the shovel was to put it back up, and reclaim the three cubes.


Use the shovel to dig in front of the palm trees.

There's nothing under the left tree, but that's not a problem: the shovel disappears only when you dig at the right tree.

Take the disk (which is marked Secret), then eject the computer disc drive and insert it.

The icon on the left activates the locked box, and then displays something that looks like a clue.

Open the box next to the computer, place a cube inside, then push the disc icon and OK button on the computer screen.

Take the handle, key and screwdriver, then use the key to unlock the (translucent) doors.

(Did you find that very tedious? Perhaps you should save your game just in case.)

Exploration 2

Most of this screen is just for show, but you can zoom in on the television that's turned off over a compartment missing its handle.

Turn right to face the balcony. The doors are locked. The white box on the couch seems to be missing two small square parts and a wireless signal.

Turn right to face the doorway back. You can also zoom in on the couch cushion and pick it up to find a square part with the letter L.

Turn right to face a new door. There's a five-letter box in front. You also see a locked box on the left with a full cup of water on it and space for something else.

Go through the door to reach the entryway of the house. The low cabinet along the right wall has a compartment with a keyhole and another with screws.

Metals / Screen

Use the screwdriver to open the right compartment at the entrance, which contains a rolled-up piece of paper with weird symbols.

Attach the handle to the left compartment under the TV, which contains a remote control.

Use the remote to turn on the TV, which shows more symbols.

Then use the clues

from the paper and TV

to unlock the five-letter box on the couch:

After using the paper on the TV, you can drag it around.

Only the bottom row matches the TV clue, to give you the code

Take another square part with the letter R.


Place the L and R buttons into the other couch box. To get the clue for it, you'll need to find what it's connected to.

The computer in the first room has a new icon that shows you a clue with letters.

…but Neat Escape wouldn't make you enter such a long code, right?

Each row is a single letter repeated a different number of times:
4R 2L 5R 6L 1R 3R 7R
Taking one letter for each number of repetitions:

Take a blue cube.

Place the blue cube in the box beside the computer, and use the computer to transform it as before.

Open it and take a blue key.

Save your game.


Unlock the door nearest to the computer and leave!

You enjoy lunch in the kitchen.

Load your game, and unlock the entrance door instead.

You go home alone looking at trees.

Load your game again, and unlock the compartment closest to the entrance door.

You find a fancy cup in a plain cup. (Actually, one of them is labeled "parts".)

Fill the mug in the water cooler.

Place the fancy cup on the box on the floor and use the full mug to fill it to the brim.

Push the Open button, and take the orange cube.

You know the drill. Use the machine connected to the computer to convert the cube into an orange key.

Use the key to unlock the balcony door.

You get to enjoy a barbecue!

paulmashtv October 6, 2020 12:09 PM

i'm confused on the best ending

it said i was to use the key on something close to the exit door, but i saw nothing to put the key into.

Please help.


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