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Weekday Escape N°256

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Weekday EscapeHi, the latest Weekday Escape arrived!

Selfdefiant trapped you in a strange factory - not many factories have a pool with purple liquid in the middle of a shop floor - but finding the way out is quite easy. Then you end up locked in tomoLaSiDo's tiled living room where is hidden one lily of the valley only and six capsules with key parts. Purple Cable introduces a demo longer than standard escape games (these days), strangely beautiful and whimsical. Rinnogogo too knows very well how to build atmosphere and deepen players' experience, and they prove it again in this game.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape Secret Factory
Escape Secret Factory

Selfdefiant imprisoned you in a factory, a secret one they say, and you're supposed to escape it. Factory security system is so flimsy that a child would be able to overcome it. Good. You really don't want to know what they produce here and to wait until someone responsible arrives. Just leave!

The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.

Note: if the first link does not work you can use this one as well

Escape Challenge 109: Room with a Lily of the Valley

Escape Challenge 109: Room with a Lily of the Valley</p>


The side quest in tomoLaSiDo's latest game is to find one flower. Easy peasy. However, six capsules are more difficult to get since to figure how to open drawers and cabinets may take a while. Puzzles aren't difficult, just twisted. Will you escape?

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Domino House [Demo]
Domino House [Demo]

Last year we played very well executed surreal game by Purple Cable (Lilou Cormic programming, Hamsterspit design and art, Joshua McLean music) in WE N°226, and now we got a demo for much bigger one, coming hopefully later this year. The demo can be played as a standard escape and if there weren't (few) unused hints players wouldn't find that the game is a part of bigger unit. It's awesome - magically atmospheric and intriguing. We have something to look forward to!

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

The Letter
The Letter

This time Rinnogogo wants you to deliver an important letter to a family living in fancy sea house. After short intro you stand in front of the house - they let you in, true, but soon you find you're locked inside and nobody's around. The only way how to fulfill your promise is to work your way through the house and that means to solve many puzzles and open many doors. Awareness and patience are crucial - can you pass the letter?
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

P.S. Here is nice puzzle game Love (24 levels) by Epic Earth Games.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv May 20, 2020 5:12 PM

looking like cool games this time. Can;t wait for the walkthroughs to these.


domino house is neat. i like the atmosphere and the amount of details. however, i did get stuck after awhile! i'll revisit it later i suppose. i also noticed it made my computer heat up pretty quickly

paulmashtv May 23, 2020 3:22 PM

Hope they will be here soon.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr May 24, 2020 3:56 AM replied to paulmashtv

Escape Secret Factory

Maybe it's just a weird but not-secret factory.


In between a large electronically-locked shutter and a normal-sized door with a black keyhole, you see a wall panel you can't open because it's jammed. You can't do anything with the tank on the right or the cardboard box of glowing green things.

Go right to find a large purple burbling pool. Behind it on the left are four tanks with numbered colored diamonds. A large blue rack on the right appears to have ten thin drawers, but no matter where you click you get a lock with seven plus-shaped buttons that change where they're lit when you click them.

Go right. In the background, a forklift blocks the door but it doesn't have enough fuel to be driven away. Next to the water cooler, there's a clue with a bent line with triangles connecting two colored circles. In the foreground, clicking the red box shifts it aside to reveal a light bulb.


You'll need the help of the clue

on the wall near the forklift.

For the stack of blue drawers:

The line on the clue runs from the green circle to the blue. From the start (green) to end (blue), the triangles on the line point

Take the screwdriver. Since there's nothing to unscrew, you'll have to use it

to open the wall panel on the first screen.

Inside, you find a black key. Use it to

unlock the door.

Exploration 2

The first challenge that awaits you in this area is not the sudden language barrier, but the darkness that you need to drive away by

using the light bulb on it.

You see a complicated machine with lots of light panels on the front, and the FLOW display has a lever and four geometric buttons that rotate when clicked. The cabinet on the left has four colored diamonds and a four-digit lock. The table on the right has a drawer that contains a colored pencil clue partially covering a dollar bill.

Codes in four colors / Drive

You'll need the clues

from the desk drawer, and from the tall gas tanks by the purple pool.

For the large machine:

Based on the color pencil drawing, the up-pointing triangles should be yellow, green, blue, red.

Click the buttons 0, 2, 3, 1 times, and then the lever.

For the metal cabinet:

The gas tanks which are blue, red, yellow, green have digits on them that form the code 9573.

Inside it, you find a propane tank, and when you return to the purple pool you find it drained. The drain cover has a hexagonal bolt in the middle.

Move the forklift by using the

propane tank on its rear part.

Beside the doorway, you can now access a wall panel with a very weird circuit missing three fuses.

Exploration 3

Finally, some color in the walls! This corridor has doorways to the front and right, as well as a locked door requiring an access card on the left. There's a vending machine on the right, and the noticeboard on the left is completely uninteresting.

Go forward to a simple-looking office. You can't do anything with the wall clock and filing cabinet on the right. From the desk on the left, you can examine the drawers which are unlocked and empty except for the top one. The envelope above them contains an access card. Shifting the desk chair doesn't reveal anything else you can interact with.

Back out and go right to a more elegant office with a view of the nighttime cityscape. The phone on the table doesn't seem usable in the normal way, but you can still interact with it by clicking the left and right edges to turn it over and find a battery compartment secured with a screw. You can also move the two chairs nearer to you. Behind the right one, there's a keypad panel with a red light.

Use the access card to unlock the door on the left side of the corridor.

This laboratory has lots of flasks and cupboards you can't touch, and in the middle is more equipment blocked by a row of bright red lasers. On the left, you can pick up a folder and open it to find a math problem.


For the keypad under the table, you'll need the clue

on the wall in the lab.


Work out the sum to get 534108.

Nothing appears to happen while you're entering the code, but at the end the green lamp lights up…

and the lasers in the lab are gone!

For the safe in the lab:

Carefully count the yellow, green, red, blue flasks.

Since there are 4, 3, 3, 2 of them, click the buttons that many times.

Inside, you find a fuse.

More fuses

You'll need the

dollar and screwdriver.

For the phone on the conference room table:

unscrew the battery compartment

to find a fuse.

For the vending machine:

use the dollar in its top slot

to get a wrench.

This lets you

remove the drain cover from the purple pool

to get another fuse.

Now that you have all three fuses, place them into the wall panel near the forklift and push the button.

This opens up the exit

all the way to the left where you started.

Zanoushe May 24, 2020 1:04 PM

Domino House was fun. I almost got stuck at the very end because I didn't know where to use an item, but I got it eventually. It's very atmospheric.

Darkgreenblue May 24, 2020 3:51 PM

Domino House is cool, but something happened I've never seen before: After loading my saved game from yesterday, two of the rooms seem to be glitched, with most of the background elements missing. I can no longer see the bookcase, for example. Various items seem to floating in a void rather than fixed in a room. It's bizarre. I don't know if I feel like restarting in another browser.

paulmashtv May 24, 2020 11:14 PM

Thanks KK. looking forward to the others.


Escape Challenge 109: Room with a Lily of the Valley

Perhaps it's just me, but these wall tiles look really familiar.


In addition to the usual window, table and potted plant, you see a smaller narrow window higher up that's ajar. On the table, there's a green scratch card.

Turn right to a screen with more narrow windows. There's a wall clock that seems to point this out, and under it is a three-digit box with colored buttons and some flowers sticking out of it. The box also has a square button that makes the flowers glow. On the left, the chest of drawers has a three-color drawer and a three-digit drawer.

Check under the small table to find a clue with numbered arrows and green shapes.

Turn right to face the locked exit door (and another narrow window). There's a three-digit wall box, and under it is another chest of drawers. The top has two identical rectangular buttons one above the other, and the bottom has one square button and one circle button.

Turn right to face a machine with slots at the top right and bottom left, with a row of lights above a horizontal channel over some colored rectangular parts. There's also a painting and a blue bin,

and moving the bin aside reveals a hole with a flower coin and a view of a narrow window on the other side.

Enter the corridor leading to the toilet. In addition to the things you saw earlier, you can look up to find a lily of the valley hanging above. Of course, you can sit on the toilet, look right, look up and look left to find a drawing of someone playing the bells.

Flower box

You get the code for this box by

pushing the leftmost button on it repeatedly.


connecting the flowers in the order that they light up each time gets you the digits

This gets you the capsule, which contains a key piece.

Drawers on clock side

The clues for this are from

the large machine beside the toilet entrance.

Place the coin in the top slot, and it rolls to the left while the white lamps light up.

For the top drawer:

As the coin rolls from right to left, the flower appears upright a total of three times, over (from first to last, i.e. from right to left) blue, yellow, red strips.

Click the buttons 2, 1, 3 times.

For the bottom drawer:

The lamps light up in three groups before and after the coin rolls.

From left to right, there are 2, 1, 3 lights in those groups.

Inside them, you find 2 key pieces.

Drawers on door side

The clues for this are

throughout the room, including the wall clock, and under the table beneath the wall clock.

For the top drawer:

The wall clock tells you to look at each narrow window and read them from right to left.

In each narrow window, the right pane has been opened a different amount, and it turns out that the least open (under the clock) and the most open (in the toilet) are near the floor, while the others are near the ceiling.

Click the bottom, top, top, top, bottom buttons.

For the bottom drawer:

Under the small table, read the clue in the directions of the arrows (i.e. near and then far):
1: Square Circle
2: Square Square
3: Square Circle

Altogether: ■●■■■●

Inside, you find 2 key pieces.


Use the coin

on the scratch card on the first screen.

Looks like you lost! But you gained a code.

Enter 315 into the wall box

You get a key piece.

You've assembled the key and unlocked every lock in the room, so you can just leave through the door!

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer on door screen
Top middle: in bottom drawer on door screen
Top right: in top drawer on clock screen
Bottom left: in bottom drawer on clock screen
Bottom middle: in wall box
Bottom right: from flower box

1 lily of the valley

from the toilet

and one other item:

a flower coin behind the blue bin.


Domino House [Demo] (beta 3)

Back into the world of black and white, lone dots in plain boxes, life on a straight edge poised to fall once again. Engulfed by light and darkness, led by covert potent trails, a logical push brings the rhythm of release.

Lots of help

There are no options available for this demo. Sound will always be present but if you don't like the music you have to turn if off from the title screen (or using your browser's mute function).

Once you're in the game, you can press Esc to return to the title screen. If you need to take a break from the game, remember to save there!

You can always use the fullscreen button to get a better look at the game details. Remember that you use items by dragging and dropping. Not everything will change color when hovered, so do try clicking if you find something really suspicious.

Most puzzles have a time limit to enter codes (as well as a click limit!). Wait too long and the puzzle will reset. Often the audio cue is the easiest way to notice.

Inventory can fill up beyond the screen and you can't scroll it, which may mean that depending on how you've played you may have to solve puzzles in a different order from this walkthrough.

Secrets are visible from the About screen. Completionists should take note that

the game has "secrets" but only 3 of them are available in demo. Similarly, there are some clues that will only be usable in the full game.


To start the game, click the black dot where the arrow points, and suddenly the game doesn't seem so uncertain.

You find yourself in a corridor with three doorways blocked by dominos. In the middle, a record player is empty, and the brick beside it moves aside to reveal a clue with three dots. Along the walls you see a window, a moose which grows an air freshener (that's a secret achievement!), a cat clock stopped at 3:00, and a light switch that makes a chiming sound. Did something change?

You see a shadow in the window. Push the light switch again, and it moves closer. Push it again, and it vanishes… and then pops up super close in the window.

The mysterious guy asks you for something triangular.

Beginner dominology

Unlock all three dominos using clues in plain sight!

For the left domino:

The dots are numbered. Click the bottom one and then the top one.

For the right domino:

The markings on its side tell you to ignore the middle dots on each half.

This means you have to click the second and fourth dots from the top.

For the top domino:

Follow the order indicated under the brick: top-left, top-right, bottom.

All three dominos vanish, opening up three passages.

Exploration 2 (left/front/right)

Let's start by observing the room and then interacting with objects.

The left room is a library, with a lamp above an armchair and fishbowl, a stairway blocked by smoke from a mask wearing weird earrings, a shelf with dots on its books, a pot on top of that shelf and a cupboard below, a candle above a TV connected to a gaming console, and three spiders hanging above a domino.

The lamp doesn't work, the puffer fish in the bowl only gets big, and the cupboard at the bottom of the bookshelf hides a clue on its door as well as a box with a button that makes the armchair skulls go wacky. Buttons coming out of the skulls now play musical notes.

That leaves the pot on top of the bookshelf, which you can click on to go inside! Three snails wearing bowties are missing their shells, and near a central dark spot you see a drawing of a house.

The front room is a bathroom, where you see an unhappy clown sitting in a full tub with his duck, but he's bleeding from the wrist. The pipe leading past the sink to the shower has bulged in two spots near the valves, and there's a domino box on the wall as well as some black worms on the floor. The ceiling is completely missing and there's a monkey and a floating light switch against the spinning starscape. Above the toilet, there's another worm.

Move the piece in the corner to reveal another switch. The switches control the valves on the pipes, and clicking them both releases a cloud from the shower with a happy tooth and a dot clue. Clicking the monkey makes him move beside the sink, and then in the toilet where he looks about to flush himself. One more click reveals that he wants a flower hat.

The worm in the top left has a white tail, which turns out to be a different white worm!

The right room is a kitchen, where in the middle a pig head sits among several items. Under the pipe on the left, there's a switch and a music box. You can't do anything with the chest of drawers on the left. The fridge has a dial that's controlled by two semicircular buttons. A cat sits on a cabinet with some cookies. On the right side, a leg of meat sits on the stove near a domino.

The light switch makes a leg extend through the window and change the pattern of its sock. One of the patterns includes a tiny white worm. The music box plays a slow tune. The eyes of the pig are also buttons. The knife can be picked up, and the cork of the wine bottle turns out to be a stick with dots and crosses on it. Opening the cat cabinet reveals clues on its doors as well as a cereal box and salt and pepper shakers that hide a light bulb.

Inside the coffee cup, three marshmallows wear hats that can be lifted. The middle one hides a happy tooth.

Bathroom puzzles

You'll need the clue

that you revealed from the shower.

For the wall cabinet:

click the buttons in the order indicated.

The cabinet opens up to reveal a band-aid and stars on the door buttons.

Now you can save the clown

by putting the band-aid on his wrist.

and you can use the star clues by

pushing the three unstarred buttons on the open cabinet, from smallest to largest.

(Top left, second from bottom, third from bottom.)

That gets you a triangle and a secret.

Kitchen puzzles

You'll need

the knife, the clue from the kitchen cupboard, the clue from the wine bottle and the clue from the stove on the right.

For the meat leg:

cut it with the knife

to reveal an eye, which you can place

on the pig.

There are now two codes you can use for the pig:

the sequence on the opened wine bottle, clicking the LRLLLRRL eyes that were already there

and the sequence on the pipe, clicking the bottom-right eye 5 times, the bottom-left 2 times and the top 9 times.

This gets you a key and a bird holding a worm.

For the fridge:

the clue from the cupboard shows the right button on the right, and the left button on the left. In order from 1 to 6, they form the code

Inside, you find cake that you can eat entirely (another secret) as well as two fat monsters who want three bugs and four worms.

For the domino:

The circular areas on the stove, from smallest to largest, appear on the bottom-right, bottom-left, top-right, top-left.

You get a happy tooth.

Library puzzles

You'll need the clues from the

music box in kitchen, the books, and the bookshelf cupboard door.

For the skull chair:

There are a total of five buttons, each of which shows/plays a different note.

Using either your visual or auditory memory, you find that the correct sequence of buttons to press is:
(I'll number the buttons from lowest pitch to highest pitch. Top left and top right are 1 and 2, middle left and middle right are 3 and 4, and bottom right is 5)

For the fish bowl:

Feed it the cereal.

For the lamp:

place the light bulb and turn it on.

For the domino:

follow the path on the cupboard door by pressing the buttons from top down and left to right.

After all that, you find two scarabs, a handle with a heart shape, and two snail houses with one and three lines.

For the smoky mask:

The earrings are triangles pointing up and down, so based on the dots on the books, you need to click the buttons on the

This clears out the smoke so you can move on.

Exploration 3

You're in a bedroom! A bird is resting in a bed with three rotated faces in its frame. In front, a white guy is missing several teeth, and there's a toy squirrel next to a locked briefcase. The left wall has a lot of weird stuff, including an empty holder beneath the skull. The right wall has an elephant spewing out all that smoke, a light switch near the ceiling, a stuffed toy hanging on a closet, and a pet-sized glass dome with a tiny button.

Clicking that button makes a clue appear on the wall nearby. Clicking the light switch makes some of the stars in the window light up. The squirrel hides a vinyl record.


Return to the starting corridor with your

vinyl record and triangle.

For the record player, use

the record on it

and take the happy tooth to release the music, and for the mysterious stranger use

the triangle

and he holds out a puzzle box. Now you can use

the handle on the box

to open it and find a monkey hat.

Monkeying around

Give the monkey in the bathroom the hat, and a huge hand extends from the toilet wearing a watch.

Just in case it wasn't clear enough, clicking the ring makes it read out the time.

Return to the corridor and set the clock to the correct time:

Since the clock starts at 3:00, you need to click it 32 times.

(Since you have to wait a bit at the end, it's possible to overshoot the answer. If so, simply leave the corridor and come back to reset the puzzle.)

A hidden panel appears with a scarab among four round symbols.


You should have all 3 scarabs:

2 from the library and 1 from the corridor.

Give them one by one to the top monster in the fridge, who rewards you with a 2-line snail house.

That completes your collection of three houses:

2 from library and 1 you just got from the kitchen

which you need to place

in the snails in the pot in the library.


each snail has a different number of lines on its back, and each house has a different number of lines on its roof.

Place the houses accordingly (you'll know it's correct when you can't remove them and the snails are happy).

You get a happy tooth.

Bedroom puzzles

You'll need the

key from the kitchen, the candle from the library and the clue from the elephant.

Unlock the briefcase

with the key

to get a happy tooth.

For the bed frame:

Rotate each smiley to match the elephant, clicking the left one 6 times, the right one 4 times, and the top one 2 times.

The smoke dissipates (after a moment) and you see a box of matches.

Now you can perform a ritual

where you place the candle under the skull and light it with the matches.

This makes a clue appear next to the window, which you can use immediately

by clicking the stars in the same order on the window:
2 3
5 4
7 6

The closet breaks open and you find a worm.


You should have all 4 worms:

1 in bathroom, 2 in kitchen, 1 in bedroom

Give them to the bottom monster in the fridge, who rewards you with a happy tooth.

You should now have all 7 teeth:

1 in each room except for 3 in the kitchen

Give them to the guy in the bedroom. The end screen of the demo appears!

paulmashtv May 25, 2020 3:16 PM

on Domino house, i'm stuck on

fridge code. the LRLLLRRRLLLRL but it didnltwork. the drawer shows a different code, which sounds like to me it;s random, but anyway i followed that clue and it still don;t work.

i'm confused.


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