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Weekday Escape N°245

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Weekday EscapeWelcome to the latest edition of Weekday Escape!

Neat Escape imprisoned you in a really strange house. It seems perfectly normal, new and polished, but some areas can turn into a trap (and they do) and you need to figure out how to escape it then. Luckily, nobody wants you to climb anywhere or dig your way out - the task is to solve puzzles and find items which help you to get special devices to work. The next trap is tomoLaSiDo's nice red living room and the last one Spiceapp's photogenic apartment.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape from the Restroom
Escape from the Restroom

You went to a toilet in the Neat Escape's house, without suspect, and it turned into a trap. The door closed behind you and rattling the handle is useless - what now? It's escape time of course. Explore the room carefully - don't worry, it's obviously very clean - and soon you find coded cabinet and some hints too. It doesn't take long and you can leave. Didn't you forget anything? I mean, why did you go there first?

The cursor isn't changing, save buttom, one ending.

Escape from Stairs
Escape from Stairs

The toilet is finally opened and now it's time for a lunch. You are still in the special Neat Escape's house so it's not very surprising when you find out that you're trapped again, this time at the staircase. From some reason you aren't allowed to leave through window; you have no choice but escape in a classical way. So start now before your lunch gets cold!

The cursor isn't changing, save buttom, one ending.

P.S. Both Neat Escape's games are available for Android too (as parts of the same bundle).

Escape Challenge 101: Room with Year Cakes
Escape Challenge 101: Room with Year Cakes

As expected, tomoLaSiDo changed a tune and the color of the key, so we are entering the next hundred games with joyful piano melody in our ears and a purple key in our minds. Otherwise no change. You are supposed to complete the key as usual and get ten cakes (not service bells!) which look very yummy, in particular after you learn what's inside (the cross-section available). Can you escape?

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

Find the Criminal
Find the Criminal

In Spiceapp's (earlier Gotmail) game you find yourself in the middle of a tastefully furnished appartment. Something is not right though, the room seems to be in the middle of moving - pieces of furniture are standing at the wrong places, no books or personal things, no carpet...hmm, never mind. You aren't living here but trying to get away. Look around for clues and items, be observant, you already know the routine. Good luck!

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv January 29, 2020 11:37 AM

these games look cool. Especially the 2 Neat Escape ones. Looking forward to these.


Neat Escape Stairs

I found the clue on the stairs after turning off the light. I entered it up and down and nothing worked. I consulted a walk through and I entered it correctly according to the clue and nothing happened.

Anyone else experience this.


Well never mind.

This has been a weird day.

I said left, right, middle out loud and suddenly it worked.


My computer does not like Unity.

There have been several "glitches" in both Neat games and the Spiceapp game.

Find the criminal

There are two tiles labeled L and R. The go in a cabinet with two slots L on the left and R on the right. I figured this out on my own and knew it had to be the right place.

But no amount of clicking would put the tiles in their place.

So I checked a video walk through and I was correct. But I still cannot put the tiles where they belong.

I think the same issue was the problem in the Neat games. My computer does not like Unity.

tgreatblueberry January 29, 2020 6:20 PM

Escape Challenge 101

I am lazy, but here is a video walkthrough for this one someone did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsbBlPHynBo

River Cat January 30, 2020 8:32 AM

The number on the stairs.

Look closely at the numbers and notice they are stretched. The 3rd number is difficult to see clearly.

River Cat January 30, 2020 8:47 AM

Neat Escape Stairs - Roman Numerals
Stuck on this. Any help?

nelliel123 January 30, 2020 11:59 AM replied to 4red3s

I had the same problem, can't be bothered to play it again. Didn't have any problem with the other games though.

paulmashtv January 31, 2020 11:42 AM

looking forward to the walkthroughs. as usual no hurry. and as usual, special thanks to KK for the hard work he does for the walkthroughs.


These were really nice games. Thanks for posting.

I went back and played Find the Criminal and it worked this time.


If you look up Neat Escape's game list, the restroom and stairs are indeed the first two "series" in that list. Having never played them, I don't know if these are remakes.

Escape from the Restroom

Just like a normal restroom, a lot of things are hidden in hard-to-reach spots, so if you're adventurous you might want to do your own exploration.


The first view needs no introduction: there's a toilet bowl, a mat in front of it, and toilet paper on the right. The mat hides a blue towel, the toilet paper can be rolled down (repeatedly) to reveal colorful shapes, and the bowl can be closed to reveal a stain. You can also zoom in on the tap behind the toilet but can't turn it on.

While zoomed in on that tap, click the right edge of the toilet to find a spot where a handle is missing.

You see something wooden above the toilet, so click the top of the screen to look up. This cupboard has a lock with three colored shape buttons.

You still see something wooden above the cupboard, so click the top of the screen to look further up. This shelf has three wooden racks on it with toilet paper rolls on them, but the tallest stack has a box on top of it.

Back out and turn around to face the locked door, which has a clue that you can take a closer look at by clicking the top of the screen. There's also a light switch beside the door, so flip it.

With the light off, another look around the room reveals a glowing spot on the floor beside the toilet bowl. (Turn the light back on when you're done.)


Use the clue from the toilet paper dispenser to unlock the cupboard.

The green, red, blue shapes are the circle, hexagon and square, so set the lock accordingly and open the cupboard.

Inside, you find two smaller wooden dispensers. The left one has three roman numeral buttons and the right one has three colored digit buttons. Under the dispensers, you see four stacks of blue towels, and under the rightmost stack you find a stick.


Examine the stick and click to extend it, then use it to retrieve the cardboard box from the top shelf. It's still tied shut with wire though.

Use the clue from the racks on the top shelf to unlock the left wooden dispenser.

Each rack is shaped like a sideways roman numeral. From left to right, they are Ⅲ Ⅱ Ⅰ.

So click the buttons 2, 1, 0 times and push the big button to dispense a crow bar.


Use the crowbar to remove the floor panel beside the toilet bowl (that you discovered earlier with the lights off).

Inside, you find a wire nipper.

Use the nipper to cut the wire off the box, then open it to find a shiny part with a pointy bit attached to a round bit.

This part is just the toilet flush handle, and attaching it to the right side of the toilet allows you to turn on the tap.


Once the tap is turned on, wet the towel in the stream and use it to clean the toilet bowl lid, revealing a number clue.

Three digits

Use the remaining clues from the game to unlock the right dispenser.

As the door tells you, the double-headed arrow ↔ marking has something to do with a clock.

On an analog clock, the numbers 1 and 7 are opposite each other. So the blue, green, red buttons need the numbers that are opposite 8, 3 and 10.

The easy way to do this is to subtract 6 from numbers greater than 6 and add 6 otherwise, giving you the numbers 2, 9, 4.

Enter 294 into the lock and open it to find a blue key.

Use the key to unlock the door and escape!

Escape from the Stairs


There's many screens to explore ahead, but since we have a down arrow, click it to turn around first. Next to a locked door, the floor panel in the corner holds a stone labeled 3.

Turn off the lights (using the switch beside the door) and turn around again. A lit arrow on the floor points at the stairs, which have glowing white squares on it.

You can't climb up now, so turn around, turn the lights on again, turn around, and climb the stairs. At this middle landing, you can look out the window at the boring landscape outside.

The window itself is partially covered by a curtain. On the left side, you see a potted plant which hides a blue key, and after drawing the curtain you can look at the rightmost edge of the window to find a loose part attached there.

After taking the blue key, clicking the potted plant again turns it around to reveal a crowbar.

Enter the room. There's a bookshelf on the left, and at its top area you see a plate next to a picture frame, while at the bottom you can move the books to find a stone labeled 1. The wall beside the shelf has a stone panel with three buttons.

On the right side of the room, a metal hook hangs from the ceiling. Clicking the desk behind it, you find that it has three drawers. The top is unlocked and has some letters printed inside, the middle has a lock with three dark orange digits, and the bottom has a lock with three roman numeral buttons. You can also click the chair to pull it away from the desk, and click it again to rotate it and find a stone labeled 2.

Back out of the room and climb the stairs to reach another locked door and light switch. You can turn off the light and turn around to find… nothing?

Leave the lights on, turn around, and click the stairs (not the area above them) to find a clue painted in orange.

Left Right Middle

Use the clue from the bottom flight of stairs to unlock the wall panel in the study.

Following the direction of the arrow, the glowing squares appear in the LRLCRC positions.

Push those buttons on the wall to open up the panel and find a pair of sticks tied together.


Use the clue from the top flight of stairs to unlock the middle drawer of the desk.

You can only see that clue from the top of the stairs, and it reads 185.

Enter that into the drawer and open it to find a handle.

Looking closer at the drawer, you find a hole in the top that indicates a false bottom.

Click the drawer to remove it and find a lettered grid of roman numerals.


Use the clues from the top two drawers to unlock the bottom drawer.

Column A and row F meet in the bottom-left corner, where the roman numeral Ⅶ is printed.

Following the same logic, the pairs AF BE, CD represent the squares on the diagonal from bottom left to top right, which contain the numerals Ⅶ Ⅴ Ⅲ.

Click the buttons 6, 4, 2 times and open the drawer to find a nipper.


Use the nipper to cut the sticks free.


Use the crowbar on the right edge of the window to remove the loose pipe.

Click the far end of the pipe and pull out the magnifying glass from it.


Use the magnifying glass on the center of the plate on the bookshelf to view a clue.

Then use that clue to do something with the metal hook.

The parts of the clue, from top to bottom, are the handle, stone 3, stone 1, two sticks, stone 2.

But you need to build from bottom up, so examine stone 2 and add the sticks, then stone 1, then stone 3, then the handle.

Hang the whole stack on the hook, which opens up a hole in the floor.


Climbing down the hidden staircase, you arrive at a locked door and can finally use the blue key to unlock it.

Your reward for all that is a delicious pizza!

(I haven't experienced any bugs with the games, except for when I left the last one open for several hours after finishing it and it stopped responding to any clicks.)


Escape Challenge 101: Room with Year Cakes

New music for the new year! (Actually, for the next 10 games.)


In this very red room, you face a round window, small round table and round potted plant. The flier on the table introduces you to tomoLa's version of nian gao made out of mochi, sweet stuff and specialized red bean filling with a button on top. Beside the flier, there's a cake sample.

Look under the table to find a key piece.

Turn right to face a cupboard with nine cups and a cake in the top left, a lock with nine unusual buttons that turn gray in the top right, and two empty compartments in the bottom. There's also a wall box with a column of three digit buttons, as well as a blue bin with a key piece rolled quite far to its right.

Turn right to face the locked door, which has already been decorated with celebratory red paper. The wall clock above has half of its numbers replaced with a drawing of fish, and the right scroll has some circles colored yellow.

Checking the left scroll, you find a hidden compartment behind its lower end that contains a cake.

Turn right to face a chest of drawers, the top drawer having a fish lock with two digit buttons, the middle drawer having two yellow buttons, and the bottom drawer having three red shape buttons. The machine on the right contains a key capsule, and we'll get to it later. (You can also look under the machine but there's nothing there.)

Go through the corridor to the toilet, where you can sit down, look right, look up and look left to find some tiny drawings on the wall.


If you wait long enough, the green square on the machine fades into a triangle, and clicking the triangle starts a minigame.

What exactly do you need to do here?

Clicking the triangle shows you a picture and starts the timer on the top bar.

Clicking anywhere on the picture causes you to fail, but if you wait for the bar to deplete the bottom-right lotus vanishes to reveal a second rice cake.

You don't win the cake, but you do get a key piece from the machine.


Use the clue from the clock to unlock the top drawer.

Hint: the fish represents multiple numbers but you can only enter one.

The fish and waves replace the numbers from 5 to 10 on the clock, and the sum of those numbers is 45.

Enter 45 into the drawer and open it to find a cake and a key piece.


Use the clue from the right scroll to unlock the middle drawer.

The edges of the scroll are arrows that cross over each other at the top and bottom, which means the dots on the right side belong to the left arrow and vice versa.

With that in mind, the dots (from bottom up) lie on the LLLRLLLRRR arrows. Push those buttons on the drawer and open it to find a cake and key piece.


Use clues near the door to unlock the bottom drawer.

The shapes of the scrolls are tall rectangles and the door is a diamond shape.

Click the buttons 2, 1, 2 times and open the drawer to find a cake and key piece.

You have the complete key and can escape, but there's just a few more cakes to collect!


Use the clue from the cups to unlock the cupboard door beside them.

The cups with handles facing left are in the
L - L
- - L

positions, so click those six buttons and open the cupboard to find 2 cakes among the cups.


Use the remaining clues from the cupboard to unlock the wall box.

The symbol at the top is formed from a minus, plus and minus. Based on the number of cups on each shelf, work out:
3 − 2 = 1
3 + 1 = 4
3 − 3 = 0
and so enter 140 into the box and open it to find one last cake.

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in middle drawer
Top right: in bottom drawer
Bottom left: under table
Bottom middle: from machine
Bottom right: beside blue bin

9 year cakes:

On table
In cupboard (top left)
Behind left scroll
In top drawer
In middle drawer
In bottom drawer
2 in cupboard (top right)
In wall box

Find the Criminal

After a corpse was discovered in a nearby house, you go along with a friend's idea to visit it after midnight, but you end up trapped alone in the house. The criminal might still be here!


(Lots of items in this room are just for show, so I won't mention them.)

The couch looks very inviting, so you look there and pick up a fountain pen. The chest of drawers beside it has a cloth rag in the top drawer, a lock with a keyhole on the middle drawer, and what seem like nails on the bottom drawer. To the right of those drawers, the locked door has a blank piece of paper pinned to it, and you notice that behind the potted plant there's a wooden stick.

Use the stick to pick up the blue B key from the ceiling light.

Turn right. Inside the wooden cupboard, you find a famous picture of hands drawing each other, but in between the hands are some colored circles. On the bottom shelf of the cupboard, you also see a box with four colored buttons.

Further to the right, there's a gray cupboard that's partially broken down. One of its compartments is locked with a blue keyhole, while the compartment below that is unlocked and contains a box nailed shut. Even further to the right, you see a desk with what seems like a plastic cover over a noisy black-and-white pattern.

Turn right. There's an unlocked door here, so open and walk through it. This smaller room has several more paintings and a four-letter lock on the floor.

Back out to the main room and turn right again. Beside the fireplace, a small side table seems to have its top drawer cut horizontally, but its bottom drawer seems locked with a keyhole.

Screws 1

You can't mark anything with the pen, but if you use it to unscrew the bottom drawer near the couch you'll find that it contains an A key in a pool of ink.

Unlock A

Use the key to unlock the middle drawer, then open it and take a square piece.


Use the cloth to clean up the ink you just found and reveal a clue.

Then use that clue to unlock the button box in the wooden cupboard.

The clue tells you to read the circles in the 1st to 6th positions on the UUUDUD rows.

Following those colors, click the 1st, 4th, 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 3rd buttons on the box, which opens up so you can take a pink bowtie piece.

Unlock B

Use the B key to unlock the top compartment of the gray cupboard, which contains a horseshoe magnet.


Use the magnet on the table to sort out the iron filings, revealing a neatly printed clue.


Use the clue from the table to unlock the trapdoor in the second room.

Since we're not using any other clues, the letters of the code have to come from the digits spelled out.

That's too many letters, but perhaps we have enough digits to sort it out?

Take the 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4th letters of FOUR, EIGHT, TWO, THREE to get the code FGOE.

Enter that into the lock panel, which opens the trapdoor so you can climb down.

Exploration 2

At the bottom of this ladder, you see a potted plant with a fireplace poker beside it. There's also a handle overhead you can't reach.

Leaving that alone for now, turn right to face a wooden pallet hanging on a rail on the wall. It has two rectangular holes and seems to have a drawer that will open later. On the left, the chest of drawers has four corner buttons on the top drawer, and clicking the arrow on the wall lets you look behind to find a wallpapered panel screwed to the wall.

Turn back left and use the poker to pull down the thing hanging from the ceiling. It looks like a window that opens into nowhere, but you can take a L piece from it as well as click on the arrow to view a clue with letters.


Use the letter clue (in the basement) to unlock the top drawer (in the basement).

Following the order on the clue, click the bottom-right, top-left, top-right, bottom-left corners.

Open the drawer, take the flashlight from inside, and turn it on.

Screws 2

If you look closely you'll notice that the pen has not been marked used yet.

So use it to unscrew the hidden wall panel (the arrow behind the chest of drawers). It appears to be empty.

But using the flashlight on it reveals a C key.

Unlock C

Bring the key back upstairs and use it to unlock the side table beside the fireplace.

It turns out that the drawer was fake, and it's just one big compartment containing a handheld drill.

Screws 3

Use the drill to remove the screws on the box in the bottom of the gray cupboard, revealing a vaguely fish-shaped hole.


Combine the square and bowtie pieces, and place them into the hole you just found. Inside the box, you find a R piece.

Go back into the basement and place the L and R pieces into the wooden pallet.

You need to place L on the left and R on the right to open the drawer and find a note, but if you place it wrongly the game won't tell you so.


Use the clue from the note to unlock the pallet.

The birds on the note face RRLRL, so push the buttons in that order, and the pallet slides aside to reveal another room!

All this room has is a five-digit safe on the wall and a four-letter clue on the floor.

Letters 2

Use the clues form the safe and floor to unlock the safe.

As the marking on the safe suggests, each letter is represented by its position in the alphabet. (B is second in the alphabet, so B=2.)

This means that C is 3, R is 18, E is 5 and A is 1.

Enter 31851 into the safe, which lights up but doesn't open.


Return to the first room and open the door.

As it turns out, your friend had planned to set up an escape room but the criminal did it first! Both of you make a hasty retreat.

Click the doorway again to end the game.

(The buttons to return to the title don't work after you finish the game, so that's certainly a bug.)

Patreon Donator Krizpy February 4, 2020 10:07 AM replied to 4red3s

i have the same issue with "find the criminal" except it's

just the R tile that won't place

thomas March 17, 2020 5:59 AM replied to 4red3s

noice yt link sir

got to know so many things

thank you



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