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Weekday Escape N°170

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Weekday EscapeIt's Wednesday and week's dose of fun is here, the new Weekday Escape has arrived!

Spring is far ahead, spring cleanup too, but Detarame Factory locked you in extremely dirty room and you have to deal with it, willingly or not. Oh well. Luckily, cleaning virtual room is much easier than the real one, and you have more rooms to tidy up! Amajeto's bedroom is pleasant, or precisely, would be if there weren't pesky green creatures with red eyes flying around and disturbing. You must do something about them otherwise you won't fall asleep. With Funkyland you get to luxury Beauty Salon and it's a unique chance to see such a place - normally they won't let you in unless you're movie star!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Messy Room 2

Messy Room 2

What a mess!

Detarame Factory's room is in terrible state and you are locked inside until red sign "locked" on the screen by exit door turns into green "unlocked". It's dusty and smelly, garbage lying on floor, dirty clothing too and water in fishtank is slimy and greyish. If you don't mind the mess, fish in the tank definitely do, so let's go! Click at everything and the game sorts out all things, some jump on their places, some to your inventory and some stay where they are as you must repair them. Behind locked door is a bathroom and I'm sorry, you have to clean it too...you'd rather start right now!

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Messy Room

Messy Room

You cleaned the previous room very well! You can be proud of yourself! And while you are in it, another dirty room awaits your touch...

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Nightmare Escape 14

Nightmare Escape 14

Amajeto's bedroom is full of green ghosts and you have to get rid of them before having a sleep. There is a board with sixteen squares above the bed, each square stands for one ghost and turns red after you catch it; overall red board means that nightmares are gone and nothing will disturb your dreams. Most of ghosts guard some puzzle, so just click at them, they move aside, let you solve it and disappear with correct solution. Puzzles are not difficult, only some clues are hidden suprisingly well in this one screen game!

The cursor is changing (its color), no save button, one ending.

Escape a Beauty Salon

Escape a Beauty Salon

It's five small bottles of various herbal oils you must find to get out of luxury beauty salon and if I say luxury I mean it. Furniture is expensive by look, marble floor, bouquets and mirrors everywhere...talking about mirrors...did you notice that there is some mirror in almost any Funkyland's game and you never see yourself? You are obviously invisible (maybe in mirrors only)!
There are many rooms to explore in this Salon and many puzzles to solve. Instead of Mr Frog is Ms Frog watching you, she's pink and her eyelashes black, thick and fake...and the bottle on her little tray is the last one you need for successful escape.

The cursor is not changing, save button, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Messy Room 2

Which room is messier? Maybe the other one.


You start in an extraordinarily messy room. Start by putting away the paper ball, the fish bones, the cola bottle, the potato chip bag, the canned drink, the cookie box, the newspaper, and another paper ball. You can also return the pencil and pick up the red shirt, which has a stain on it.

Time to examine the room, which is still plagued by floating stench monsters. The door is locked until you finish cleaning, of course. The curtains hide a window with a key tied to its handle, which you can open to find a coin on the sill. Pick up the fishtank beneath it, which has really dirty water and no fish. The cupboard is unusable because it's resting unstably on a blue stuffed toy, and you can't reach the pair of scissors above.

Turn around (right or left) to face another blue door, which is also locked. Put away another paper ball, soda bottle, can of chips, and an ice cream wrapper, and return the pen to its holder, then pick up the crowbar, stained blue shirt and tissue box.

Examining the room (still stinky), you find that the wardrobe doors are stuck, the power socket for the air cleaner is sealed by a screwed metal plate, you can't turn the screen on, the clock doesn't run (but you can set it), and you don't know the dot code for the suitcase.


Use the crowbar to remove the blue teddy bear- no, it was a bunny whose ear has torn off, exposing a battery!

With the cupboard back on level ground, you can examine its doors, which have a three-slider lock, a two-button lock with five lights and a four-letter lock.

This also makes available a shelf to which you can return the blue book.


Use the coin to free the power socket and plug the air cleaner into that.

The air cleaner promptly sucks up the stench monsters, except for one big bad above the screen.


Use the clue from the air cleaner to unlock the middle door on the cupboard.

From top to bottom, the stench monsters line up on the LRLRR sides.

So push those buttons and open the door to find a broom.


The broom extends when you click it, which lets you sweep the scissors off its hook near the ceiling.

Which means you can cut off the key from the window.

That key unlocks the blue door so you can proceed.

Exploration 2

Even the outside is a mess! Dispose of the water bottle, the snack bags, and the pizza box, then return another book and pick up the remote control.

There's a working tap over a drain, a cactus on a stepladder, a weird box with five buttons, two hangers on the railing above, and a washing machine with nothing inside.


The colored splotches on the floor require special treatment: use the tissues to wipe them up.

It seems you're out of tissues, but you can take a sock from the box instead.


Wrap the sock around the broom, and use it to pick up the last stench monster.

Pick him up from the broom, and he does a weird dance.


Flip the remote over and insert the battery, and use it to watch TV.

Tea break

Use the clue from the TV to set the clock.

The cat spends an afternoon eating cake, but the second time is missing. You can guess that it's exactly halfway between 14:40 and 16:10, which gives you a time of 15:25.

Set the clock to 15:25, and then click it again to open its drawer. Inside, there's a candle.


Use the candle to grease up the bottom of the wardrobe door, and now both sides can slide open.

On the left, there's a bunch of locked drawers, one with a bear on top, one with four colored buttons, one with nine buttons (and nine lights), and one with four letters on blue and red backgrounds.

On the right, there's a jumbled picture puzzle and a book hidden among some poisonous mushrooms.

You can now keep the suitcase in the wardrobe.


Use the clue from the mushrooms to unlock the suitcase.

The mushrooms have 3, 1, 5 dots, so click the buttons on the suitcase 2, 0, 4 times to show the correct number of dots.

Inside the suitcase, you find a pair of gloves.

Now you can use it to clear out the poisonous mushrooms, letting you return the book.


Put the jumbled picture in order by clicking its pieces

Then press the button to receive… absolutely nothing.

You do get a clue for the green box, which is to press the buttons in the following order:

Open the box to get a dead (frozen?) fish. Ick!


Get rid of the fish by feeding it to the bear.

Now you can open the box to get a meshed bowl. It's a colander!


Place the colander on the drain and then pour out the fishbowl onto it.

Pick it back up, now with three green fuzzballs.

Then fill the fishbowl with water.


Use the clue from the last stench monster to unlock the nine-button safe.

The monster draws a counterclockwise inward spiral, so click the buttons in the order

Once you open the drawer, he magically disappears. Return the book and pick up the watering can.


Fill the watering can from the tap and use it to water the cactus.

Then leave and reenter the balcony, and the cactus has bloomed! So use that clue to unlock another drawer.

The petals on the flower are (clockwise from top) cyan, red, blue, magenta, so click the corresponding buttons on the top drawer in the wardrobe 3, 0, 4, 1 times.

Open the drawer to find a bottle of detergent.


Place both shirts in the washing machine, and then add the detergent and close the lid to let it run.

Back out and reenter the balcony again, and the machine's done! So open the lid and take the wet shirts from it, which end up on the hangers.


Use the clue from the shirts to unlock the last drawer in the wardrobe.

The lettering is reversed, and so are the colors (compared to the drawer buttons).

So mirror the code on the shirts to get the correct code: TIDY.

Open the drawer to get a bottle of neutralizer with pictures of a tap and fish on it.

The shirts are now dry, so you can keep them.


Pour the neutralizer into the water in the fishbowl, and now you can place the fuzzballs in it.


Use the clue from the fishbowl to unlock the top-left cupboard door.

The fuzzballs float at different depths: middle, low, high.

So click the sliders 1, 0, 2 times to match, and open the door to find a vacuum robot!

The fishbowl instantly returns to the shelf where you found it.


You should have returned all four books to the shelf, so use the clue from them to unlock the cupboard door beneath.

The numbers 13, 1, 12, 11 correspond to the rank orders of the King, Ace, Queen, Jack in a standard 52-card deck.

So enter KAQJ in the lock and open the door to find a sewing kit.


Sew up the rabbit's ear, and put it back on the cupboard shelf.


Now that the whole floor is clear, you can use the robot on it (both screens) to really make it shine.

The room is clean! Leave the door to end the game, and you get an end screen where you enjoy cake with two cats.


I could get used to Weekday Spring Cleaning.

Messy Room

Which room is messier? Probably not this one.


This messy room sure lives up to its name! Dispose of 2 canned drinks, a potato chip bag, an orange peel, a fast food doggy bag, an opened food can and a mayonnaise bottle, then return the 2 books to their shelves, the escape shirt to the rack, and the umbrella to its holder, and then pick up the rest of the items on the floor: an empty lemon juice bottle with a QR code on its back, a smartphone with low battery charge, and 2 dirty cups.

Now that the room is much cleaner, you can examine it. The smell has manifested into a floating monster next to the locked door. The bookshelf and shirt hangers are still not filled up. The base of the clothes rack has a four-digit drawer, on which a purple phone dock and giant shogi piece (missing just a bit) stand. To the right, a locked safe has five symbol buttons, and you would get rid of the cobweb above if not for the unstable trapdoor in the floor.

Turn around to face the kitchen, which is also in a mess. Put the bench back against the wall, then toss the plastic bag, banana peel, canned drink, buttons, cup noodles, open envelope and empty tissue box. Return the jacket to a hanger and the book to the shelf, and then pick up the toy robot (which has nine buttons on its front) and 2 cups on the floor and the stove top.

Examining this screen, you find more stench monsters, a wilted plant, a stack of tiny music-loving pumpkins, a clock (missing a battery) over a fridge with a two-button lock, a set of shelves with a single cup, an air cleaner that isn't plugged in, a calendar with the week's schedule, and a window stained pitch black over the sink. The sink itself is missing a tap handle, but the stove beside it works. The doors beneath the sink are tied shut, and the two drawers beside it are locked and require a key and a three-digit code.


Place the phone in the purple phone dock, then turn around (and back again) to find it charged.

Pick up the charged phone, which needs a passcode, and gives you some card suit hints for it.


Plug the air cleaner in and let it suck up the stench monsters from the air.

Then click on the front of the cleaner to watch the monsters do a dance.

H to O

Use the clue from the cleaner to unlock the bottom drawer beneath the stove.

The stench monsters trace out the letters OIL.

So enter that in the drawer, then open it to find a book that you can put back on the shelf.


That fourth book completes the set, so use the clues from all five books (and somewhere else) to unlock the safe beneath the cobweb.

The letters on the book spines are the initials of days of the week as shown on the calendar: Sat Wed Mon Sun Fri.

The corresponding activities on the calendar are Drive, Movie, Payday, Soccer, Dinner.

So click the buttons 3, 5, 6, 2, 1 times to show the correct icons, then open the safe to find a cleaning kit with a spray bottle and cloth.


Use the cleaning kit to spray the window. It's now clear but stuck.

You still have the spray bottle, so examine it to find a key inside.

Use this key to unlock the top drawer beneath the stove. Take the pliers and lubricant from inside.


Use the pliers to cut open the doors beneath the sink. There's a teapot inside, along with a safe that has four sliders.


Uncap the lubricant bottle and apply it to the window. Now you can open it to find a black shard with a pin sticking out of it.


Place the black shard in the shogi piece. Now you can open it up to find a tap handle.


Use the tap handle on the sink. Now you can turn the water on…

…and fill the teapot with it. Place the filled teapot on the stove and turn it on.

It boils really quickly (even when watched!) and the grid on the front shows a pattern.


Use the clue from the teapot to activate the robot.

Push the four buttons corresponding to the dark squares on the teapot grid:

A red hand points to the robot's red antenna, which comes right off. It's a screwdriver!

Turn the robot over and use the screwdriver to open up its back panel and remove the battery. The robot returns to the bench.


Place the battery in the clock. Instead of telling time, it shows you various symbols around its frame.

So use that clue to unlock the smartphone.

The clock hint matches each suit and shape with a value: Spade=1, Diamond=3, Club=5, Heart=8.

Also, two clubs is 10, which is quite intuitive: 5+5. A plain square is on 12, and the same square with a spade cut out is 11.

Following the same logic:
Two diamonds = 3+3 =6
Square−heart = 12−8 =4
Square−spade−diamond = 11−3 =8

Enter VI IV VIII in the phone to unlock it. Now you can use the phone.


The phone has two apps on it. So use the first to unlock the stairs, and the second to scan the barcode on the back of your lemon juice. (Use the turned bottle on the phone, not the other way round.)

Then click the phone again to download a music app. Now the phone has three apps on it.


Zoom in on the pumpkins and play a tune on the music app. They light up one by one in a spooky manner.

So use that clue to unlock the drawer in the stairs (beneath the cobweb).

The pumpkins light up in the order top, middle, top, bottom, middle, bottom, so push those buttons to unlock the drawer.

Inside, there's a dishwashing set with both dish soap and a sponge.


So place the cups in the sink, apply soap and place the washed cups on the shelves.

Then use the clue from the cups to unlock the fridge.

The handles on the cups are (from bottom to top according to the arrows) on the RRLLR sides.

So push the corresponding buttons, then open the fridge. Take the plant vitalizer and cup noodles. Nobody wants refrigerated cup noodles! Just take the chopsticks from them.


Uncap the plant vitalizer and place it in the plant pot. Turn around (and back), and the plant is now growing well.


Use the clue from the plant to unlock the slider box under the sink.

From left to right, the leaves are low, medium-high, medium-low, high.

Click the sliders 0, 2, 1, 3 times to match, then open the box to get some instant glue.


Use the chopsticks to remove the cobweb. The corner of the wallpaper still droops down, and no amount of clicking will make it stick.

So attach it back with glue. Now you have plenty of time to read the shape clue on the corner: red pentagon, yellow circle, blue triangle.

Use this clue to unlock the last safe in the game.

The shapes on the clue have 5, 0, 3 sides. Since there are two yellow digits, enter 5003 in the drawer of the clothes rack.

Then open it to get a vacuum robot.


Use the robot to clean the floor (on both screens).

When done, it glows red in your inventory.

So examine it to find a snowflake key that unlocks the main door.

The room is clean and you escaped, now you get to enjoy tea and biscuits with a cat!


Messy Room 2 problem

after I picked up the items in the walkthrough it was mentioned that there were curtains but I don't see curtains anywhere.

I hope KK or someone can help.



The curtains are above the dirty fishbowl, with the blue anchors.


there seems to be a glitch on "Messy Room 1"

at the end where the clue where the cobweb is, when I use the glue on it, I can't see the clue anymore and when I enter the cide of what it's supposed to be it won't accept it.

what's going on there?


sorry. I thought I used the glue but it wasn';t uncapped yet.


thanks again for the walkthroughs. I can't wait for the last 2. :)


Amajeto is a true master of minigames in escape games, and this game is a great example.

Nightmare Escape 14

If it's you're first time playing a Nightmare Escape, rest assured that the room's not spooky, only haunted.


A green ghost floats annoyingly in the air, so click it to exorcise. It lights up a square on the grid, so zoom in on that and chase off another ghost covering a coin slot. Examine the bed below to find a ghost on the sheets and a partially colored red snowman sketch hidden under the pillow. There's another ghost under the bed that's moving too fast to hit.

A lamp sits on a drawer that has a ghost covering a grid of buttons. You can click the ghost to move it, but you have to solve the puzzle to get rid of it. Beside it, there's a shelf with lots of things: an uncolored snowman picture, a square board with buttons that display shapes, a set of six small colored bags, a rainbow-colored toy piano, a toy castle that hides a scrambled image, a grid of square buttons that hide small pictures, a workshop model with a four-letter lock, and a large grid of letters. Each of them is covered by a ghost. Under the shelf, there's another ghost in front of a Welcome gate next to a toy train missing its carriage.

On the left of the screen, there's a locked wardrobe with a ghost covering its keyhole, and a tall post box with a ghost covering a half-filled grid of symbols.

Everything is on this screen, so let's start. First, the usual puzzle.


Unscramble the picture on the toy castle by rotating it's tiles.

Once you've solved the randomized puzzle, a whooshing sound tells you that a ghost has been defeated, and you can pick up a coin from the castle.


Play the memory game in the lower-left shelf, matching pairs of tiles to remove them.

This is also randomized, and completing it gets you another ghost and a train engine.


Use the engine on the rest of the train to defeat the ghost there. Pick up the note from the rear train car, which unfolds to a list of words.


Solve the word search puzzle in the lower-right shelf by coloring each word black as you find it.

(Each word appears in a straight line on the grid, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words can also run in the "reverse" direction, i.e. right to left and/or bottom to top.)

The following are the locations of each word, where (m,n) is the square in the mth row from the top and nth column from the left:

ICE: (5,2) ↑ (3,2)
TEA: (1,3) → (3,3)
SLED:(3,5) ↓ (6,5)
SNOW: (6,4) ← (6,1)
WHITE: (6,1) ↑ (2,1)
FROST: (1,5) ← (1,1)
POLAR: (5,6) ↑ (1,6)
WINTER: (6,1) ↗ (1,6)
SKATER: (6,4) ↑ (1,4)

Your final grid should look like this:

Press the button to send the ghost away. The grid now displays four squares in red on white and six squares in black on gray.

Four letters

Use a clue from the letter grid to unlock the workshop model.

The red letters spell out STAR, so enter that in the workshop to clear out that ghost.

Pick up the pink snowman sketch.

Six letters

Use the other clue from the letter grid to put the colored bags in order.

As the gray-highlighted letters on the grid indicate, the top row should read TEA and the bottom WON.

So make those four swaps to vanquish another ghost.


Use the clue from the colored bags to play the piano.

Click the blue, green, purple, cyan, red, yellow keys, which are the 6th, 4th, 7th, 5th, 1st, 3rd from the left.

Another ghost removed!


Use a clue near the train set to unlock the device on the top-right shelf.

The design on the gate includes a pattern formed from a circle with two diagonal diameters and an inscribed diamond shape.

So push the buttons for the large circle, both diagonals, and the diamond. The ghost goes away.


Solve the mini sudoku puzzle on the mailbox.

This puzzle isn't randomized, and its solution requires clicking the empty boxes

Once done, you hear another ghost leaving, and you get a folded orange snowman sketch.


Only four ghosts remain. Check the light grid for a clue to the drawer.

The light squares outlined in, er, light squares on the grid are in the following positions:

Push those four buttons on the drawer to eliminate the ghost. And of course, unlock the drawer so you can get a key.


Use the key to unlock the wardrobe (and knock out its ghost).

Among all the clothes, you find a snowball in an ice bucket resting on a purple snowman sketch.


Use the snowball to "catch" the ghost under the bed.


Use the clues from all four snowman sketches to color in the snowman picture on the top-left shelf.

Color each part of the snowman's clothing according to the sketches: orange nose and buttons, red hat middle and gloves, pink hat tip and brim, and purple scarf.

The last ghost has now been dealt with.


Your ghostbusting efforts have paid off, filling in all the squares on the grid:

In grid order, 1 being top left:

  1. Floating on first screen

  2. On bed

  3. From sudoku puzzle

  4. From colored bags

  5. From toy castle puzzle

  6. Under bed

  7. From drawer

  8. From workshop model

  9. From train set

  10. From snowman picture

  11. From pattern device

  12. From toy piano

  13. From memory puzzle

  14. From word search

  15. From wardrobe door

  16. Covering coin slot

So you can insert the coin to reveal one last puzzle.

Solve the randomized jigsaw (start by piecing together the branch on the bottom) to end the game.


Escape a Beauty Salon

First Bottle

Turn right twice and find the sofa. Members Card is hidden under a cushion on the sofa.

Turn right twice again and click the green box thing, which turns out to be a card reader. Read the card and memorize the pattern shown.

Turn right once and find the showcases. Notice that the pattern shown by the card reader corresponds to the items in the showcases.

Turn right twice and take notice of the clock. Enter the hallway with Ms. Frog. There is a door on your right. Enter the color code.

It's YELLOW, BLUE, PINK, GREEN, and PINK, in that order, as hinted by the card reader and the showcases.

Enter the room and collect the Oil of Detox on the tray.

Second Bottle

Zoom in on the plants at the back. Inspect the plants, and notice the heights of the plants and the shapes of their pots. Besides the rightmost plant (with a pentagonal pot) there is a Water Cup. Also inspect the clock.

Back out to the showcases. Between the showcases and the mirror, there is the door to the bathroom. Enter the bathroom and fill the water cup at the sink.

Back out and find the humidifier under the mirror. Fill the humidifier with water and vapor will come out. Some number will appear on the mirror.

Open the door near the card reader with the code you saw on the mirror.

It's 24109.

Collect the piece of Paper on the glass table. Insert your Members Card in the machine above the sofa to get the QR Code. Inspect the cabinet and take the Disk with a Red Quarter. Take notice of the clock on the desk.

Back out to where you found the Members Card. Inspect the radio-like box at the back. Install the Disk with a Red Quarter on the box. Using the clocks' faces as clue, open the box. Take the Half Key and the Oil of Beauty inside.

First Disk: 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock.
Second Disk: 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock.
Third Disk: 8 o'clock, 10 o'clock.

Third Bottle

Read the QR Code on the card reader and study the screen. Click on the circles to reveal a star at one of the screen's corners.

Back to the room where you find the first bottle of oil. There's a locked white door. Next to the door there is a picture with the number 6 on it. Inspect it.

This picture refers to what you have seen on the card reader. The stars are the corners of the frame which you need to click.

In fact you need to start from the black circle, instead of the circle with number six on it.

Take the Heart-shaped Key Head that appears. Combine it with the Half Key to get the Heart Key. Use the key to open the white door.

Take the Hook under the lamp. Back out and use it to take the box above Ms. Frog. Take the Scissors inside the box. Cut open the string-bound door with the Scissors.

Inspect the candles. Use the plants with geometrical pots as clue.


Take the Bath Bombs and the Oil of Warm-Up inside.

Fourth Bottle

Fill the bathtub with the faucet. Now take out a bath bomb and color the water with it. Put the piece of paper in it to reveal a wavy pattern.

Back out one room and use the wavy pattern on the box on the right.

Take the Handle and the Oil of Refresh.

Fifth Bottle and Escape

Back out to Ms. Frog. Use the Handle to open the glass screen. Take the Special Oil. Ms. Frog will now perform alchemy, crafting the Door Key using the five bottle of oils as ingredients.

Use the Door Key on the main door, near the card reader. Sweet Escape!


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