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Weekday Escape N°141

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Weekday EscapeIt's Wednesday! Let's get down to business! To escape... some rooooooms. Did they send me toothbrushes when I asked for keeeeeeys?

This week, Vitamin Hana are asking us to release our inner artist-e. Amajeto have set us up in a beautifully decorated hotel room covered in the sweet aroma of spring bouquets, and TomoLaSiDo want us to work on our oral hygiene. Mister I'll... make an escaper... out of yooooooooou!

Interior DecorationInterior Decoration

If you're a frequent Vitamin Hana escape artist, you'll know that their rooms are notoriously sparse and colourless. The game designers have finally realised that their rooms could use a bit of inspired design, and you get to do it! But you have to use whatever you can find around the place, because you're stuck here. Don't forget to check out the garden!

Amajeto Hotel: FlowersAmajeto Hotel: Flowers

As a hay fever sufferer, this hotel room is giving me the sniffles just from looking at it. We can get onto the balcony for some relief and an incredible view, but that won't provide relief for long. Let's get out of this pollen-infested nightmare!

Room with ToothbrushRoom with Toothbrush

When you wake up in the morning at a quarter to one, and you feel like having a little bit of fun... you brush your teeth! ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch... TomoLaSiDo have kindly provided you with toothbrushes galore, but I can't find a sink. Just a toilet. I'm not quite sure how we're supposed to clean the ol' pearly whites with this setup, so we'd better escape to somewhere with better facilities.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


can't wait for these walkthroughs :)


I might be missing the song reference in the post.

Interior Decoration

Great, now your escape rooms don't even come fully decorated.


The lack of interior decoration is readily apparent even from the very first screen. The green picture frame on the wall is missing a picture. The blue window is missing curtains. The circle on the floor is missing a plant pot, probably. What's not missing is the cupboard with two locked doors. The left door has five buttons in a circle which must be pressed in sequence, and the right door takes a three-letter code. This time the letters are red on white so they're extra readable.

Turn around. There's a table with two chairs, all of which are very plain, sitting in the middle of four corner markings that seem to indicate a rectangular area. All this under a bare lightbulb that isn't even on, and the switch on the wall doesn't do anything yet. To top off the dysunctionality, there's also an empty shelf in the upper-left corner.

Thankfully, the cupboard on the left needs no further decoration. Its top door is locked, and you need a three-digit mixed fraction to unlock it. There's a gray apple drawn above the first digit. The bottom door of the cupboard is unlocked, and contains a yellow conical item. A lampshade, possibly? The door of this room is also locked, and needs a code with three colors: white/black/red/darkblue/cyan/yellow.


Zoom in on the lightbulb and place the lampshade on it. Then flip the switch on the wall to turn it on.

A star appears on the lampshade, with the numbers 1 to 5 on its points.


Use the code from the lampshade to unlock the left cupboard door on the first screen.

Clockwise from top: 14235

Click the top, bottom-right, bottom-left, right and left buttons.

Open the door and take the orange pull-down curtain.

Cover up

Use the curtain on the window and pull it down. There are three colored circles printed on the curtain, in blue, red and yellow.

Main door

Use the color code from the curtain to open the door.

Blue, Red, Yellow (3, 2, 5 clicks).

Open the door and go through to the garden.

Exploration: Garden

The tool cupboard on the left has its left door locked. The door needs a sequence of up and down button presses to unlock. The right door is unlocked, and you can open it and take a trowel and then the plant pot it was sitting in.

There's a dirt mound next to the tool cupboard, with some leaves sticking out of it. One plant or eight? No matter, dig it up with your trowel and now you have some leaves in soil. You can then use that on your plant pot to make a potted plant. Use the trowel again on the remaining dirt to dig up a locked chest.

The metal gate out of here is locked. Good thing you're tall enough to reach the three buttons on the lock and observe the black shapes on them.

Green Fingers

Place the potted plant on the circle mark under the window. Hmm... seems to be missing something.

Raise the curtains back up to give the plant some sun. A clue appears on the pot in white, indicating a loop counterclockwise around a rectangle from the top middle.


Those leaves would make great up-down clues for the tool cupboard lock, if only we knew what order to read them in.

The clue from the pot indicates the order to read them in.

Hint: the code is one longer.

Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up (which is ↑↓↓↓↓↓↑)

Open the door to get a green carpet.

Lay out

Place the carpet under the table and chairs (somehow, you're able to do this instantly and all by yourself).

A red key was in that carpet. Pick it up.


Use the key on the buried chest to get three framed pictures.


Use the pictures on the shelf. These pictures may not be worth a thousand words, but they have many letters in red on white, rather pleasant to look at.

Anyway, those letters form the code to open the right cupboard door from the first screen.

The letters spell OLI (8, 5, 3 clicks.)

Take a rolled-up painting from inside, and use it on the green frame on the same screen.

A is for

Use the clue from the "painting" to unlock the top door of the cupboard on the second screen.

Four apples, one half eaten = 3 1/2 apples, so make the left, top, bottom digits 3, 1, 2.

Open the door and take the red and blue cups.


Set the cups down on the table. The red cup has a heart decoration and the blue one has a bird.


Use the shapes to open the gate.

(But wait, you need three shapes, so where's the last one?)

Red heart (red cup)
Yellow star (lampshade)
Blue bird (blue cup)

But that's the wrong order, so you need to consult another clue.

The circles on the curtain were blue, red, yellow. (You can pull it back down to check.)

So the correct code for the garden gate is Bird, Heart, Star (4, 1, 3 clicks).

Open the gate, and your new neighbor is standing there. Just in time for tea!


Amajeto Hotel: Flowers

Imagine you were offered one day of free hotel stay, but it turns out they don't even have a bed and still expect you to clean up the room for them. This game is basically that.


As usual, I'm naming the screens based on what's on them.


Pink squares. Pink squares everywhere. There's one (#1) on the left table, which also has a clue with an arrow zigzagging across four large purple cylinders with two rows of smaller purple cylinders between them. There's one (#2) on the sofa itself, on top of the awkwardly untidy purple piece of fabric. Then there's one (#3) on the right table, which also has a flower vase where the plants are just overgrown, as well as a cup full of coffee. Is that cup yours? I sure hope it is.

Before you leave, solve the middle flower picture by rotating its pieces until they match, and get a pink square (#4) from it. (This puzzle is randomized per playthrough.)

Turn right.


There's literally nothing you can do on this screen because you don't have a key for the locked door yet. So turn right.


Of course the television doesn't just turn on when you click on it. Knowing Amajeto, all you need is to find its remote. Take the pink square (#5) on the box under the TV and the one (#6) on the right between the plate of apples and the flower vase.

The wall is divided by white lines into five sections. Other than the middle one with the TV, each section has some objects on top of a safe. Quite notably, the left two sections have flower decorations with pink butterflies only on one side of each stem, forming a code.

The left safe is locked, and takes a four-letter code. The second safe is locked and takes a sequence of left or right pink buttons. The third safe is locked and takes a code with four apple/lamp/book/coffee symbols. The last safe is locked and needs some squares on a grid to be turned from green to yellow to unlock.

Turn right.


The exit door is locked, of course, but the corridor leading to it has safes on both sides. On the left, a picture (of flowers) with tilting corners, and on the right, another grid of squares with three of the squares already filled in in pink. This grid has a small rectangular box on its bottom-right corner.

Back out from the corridor and zoom in on the wall on the right, which has a small wardrobe to the left of the mirror, locked with yet another 4x4 grid. The buttons on this grid cycle through the colors purple, red, blue, green before returning to white.


Two button safe

Follow the butterfly patterns on the wall to unlock the second safe from the left under the TV.

The butterflies appear on the left, right, right, left, right, left stem.

So press the LRRLRL buttons and open the safe, which contains a TV remote, a pink square (#7), a lamp you can't pick up and four pictures of differently colored flowers arranged in a grid in the upper-right corner.


Use the remote on the TV to turn it on. There's only one screen and it shows a nice photo (of flowers) and the indigo-colored text "HoteL AmajetO" on two lines.

All these escape hotels have really boring TV.

Four letter safe

Use the clue from the table left of the sofa with that on the TV to get the four-letter code for the safe on the left.

The purple cylinders represent letters, large ones represent capital letters, so the arrow passes through cylinders representing HALO.

Enter HALO into the safe, and open it to get a silver key, a pink square (#8), and the same grid as the previous safe, except the whole grid is mirrored and aligned to the upper-left.

Symbol safe

Match the symbols on the second safe from the right under the TV to the objects in the room to determine the order to press them in.

Apple: two of them on the plate
Lamp: one on either side of the sofa and one in the two-button safe, total three.
Book: stack of four under the TV
Coffee: one cup on the right of sofa

The least common object is the coffee cup, followed by apple, lamp and book.

So enter those symbols (3, 0, 1, 2), open the safe, take the pink square (#9) and observe the same grid as the previous, but reflected again so it's aligned to the bottom-left.


Time to take a break and have some fresh air. Use the key on the balcony door, and walk outside.

The only thing interesting here is the table with a pink square (#10) and flower vase covering its yellow and green tetromino pattern.

The view here isn't that great, so it's time to go back inside and look at more flowers.

Green grid safe

Use the pattern on the balcony table to open the rightmost safe under the TV.

Draw an L starting from the upper left corner and a 7 ending in the right:

Press those eight buttons and open the safe, take another pink square (#11) and look at the picture grid, which is same as previous, reflected again and aligned to the bottom-right.

This particular safe has a sequence of colored squares on its door edge: Red Blue Blue Green Purple.

Tilty Picture

Use the clues from the green grid safe to determine the order of corners to click.

The red, blue, blue, green, purple flower pictures appear on the upper-left, upper-right (x2), lower-left and lower-right corners of the grid.

So click the ⌜⌝⌝ ⌞⌟ corners, causing the picture to drop and reveal a hidden compartment with a pink square (#12) inside.


Combine the grids of flower pictures from all four safes to unlock the wardrobe door.


So click each of the corners once, each of the center squares twice, each of the middle squares on the left and right edges thrice and each of the middle squares on the top and bottom edges four times.

Open the door and take the last pink square (#13).


You should now have all 13 pink squares:

Order collected in this walkthrough:

  1. On left table

  2. On sofa

  3. On right table

  4. From wall puzzle (rotating tiles)

  5. On box under TV

  6. Next to apples

  7. In two-button safe

  8. In four-letter safe

  9. In four-symbol safe

  10. On balcony table

  11. In green grid safe

  12. Behind tilty picture

  13. In wardrobe

Use them on the grid of squares by the exit door.

Swap the tiles until they form a picture. (This is also randomized per playthrough, but as a hint: assemble the table first (four bottom squares), then assemble the white tiles (upper-left corner), and then try to get the flowers in place.)

The box next to the grid opens up. Take the gold key and use it on the door to exit the room!


Picture links to WE 133.


Room with Toothbrushes

If you still remember Room with Pedals from Weekday Escape 138, you know how this works: collect key pieces from blue-and-white capsules to assemble the key and exit. You can collect multiple toothbrushes but only one of them is a usable item. The game counts how many you have upon exiting, but there's no bonus for getting all of them.


You start facing a desk by a window. Zoom in on the desk, which has three locked drawers. There's a three-digit lock with black digits, a three-digit lock with black digits and a three-color lock. Take the toothbrush (item) from the windowsill, then click the left edge of the screen to check the left side of the table. Pick up the bottom-right key piece from the ground. Back out and look at the potted plant, which has a toothbrush stuck in the soil.

Turn right. There's another window here next to the door. Zoom in on the window to find an oval region roughly blacked out. Zoom in on the wall under the window to find a scratch card resting on a toothbrush stuck in a hole in the wall.

Turn right. There's a large orb with a face painted on it, resting on a white box with a display and a toothbrush-shaped flap in the front. Click the brown box on the wall, which has a knob with a rectangular indentation and white rectangular markings on its sides. From top to bottom, the markings are on the right, left, left, left, right sides.

Turn right and zoom in on the picture on the wall. There's a (different) face in a circle colored with stripes. From top to bottom, the stripes are green, orange, red. There are also two rows of green, orange and red squares above and below the circle, each displaying the same sequence of colors: GOGRGOG. Take the toothbrush on the top-left corner of the picture frame, then back out and examine the blue bin. It's empty, but there's a key piece to the left of it, the bottom-middle piece.

Click the right side of the screen and enter the toilet. Sit down. Look right. Look up. Look left. It's not just a drawing! Is... is she offering us a coin?

Puzzles 1: Getting codes

Scratch card

Use the scratch card on the coin protruding from the wall. You didn't win anything, but there are three squares on the card, colored green, blue and yellow.

Dirty window

Use the toothbrush on the window, scratching most of the black stuff off to reveal a three-digit code in black: 118.

Face ball

Brush the different parts of the face according to the clues in the picture.

Top/Middle/Bottom: TMTBTMT

So brush its forehead, nose, forehead, teeth, forehead, nose, forehead.

The digits 264 appear on the display in green.

Puzzles 2: Getting key pieces

Wall box

Use the toothbrush on the box, giving the knob a handle. Click the arrows on both sides of the knob to rotate it according to the white markings on it.

Right Left Left Left Right.

The front of the box slides aside to the right. Take the bottom-left key piece.

Top drawer

Unlock the top drawer with the code on the dirty window.

The code is 118. Open the drawer and take the top-left key piece.

Middle drawer

Unlock the middle drawer with the code from the face ball.

The code is 264. Open the drawer and take the top-middle key piece and a toothbrush.

Bottom drawer

Unlock the bottom drawer with the code from the scratch card.

The code is GBY (4, 2, 1 clicks). Open the drawer and take the top-right key piece and a toothbrush.

You should now have the whole key and can leave, but you might still want some more toothbrushes. Read on!

Puzzles 3: 100%

Another face

Look at the picture again. The colors on the circle seem to have blurred. Use the toothbrush on it again, and now the green and orange stripes have swapped.

Brush the face ball again with the new code.

MTMBMTM, which is nose, forehead, nose, teeth, nose, forehead, nose.

The panel in front opens up, allowing you to take another toothbrush.

Another clue

Click on the exit door once but don't leave. There's another code on the inside of the exit door, printed in thin red rectangles: Left Left Right Left Left.

Back up (make sure you're clicking on a cyan rectangle), then unlock the wall box again with this new code.

This time, the front of the box slides to the left, and you get a toothbrush.

You should now have all 8 toothbrushes, so click on the door and leave!

Item guide

One scratch card:

Under the window next to the door.

Six key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in middle drawer
Top right: in bottom drawer
Bottom left: in wall box
Bottom middle: to left of blue bin
Bottom right: to left of desk

Eight toothbrushes:

(Usable) On windowsill above desk
In plant pot
Under window next to door
On picture frame
In middle drawer
In bottom drawer
From face ball (second code)
From wall box (second code)

Cyberjar88 April 20, 2017 8:26 PM replied to kktkkr

Have you never seen Mulan?


i liked the vitamin hana theme this time around >w


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