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Weekday Escape N°140

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Weekday EscapeOkay. Deep breaths. You've made it halfway through the week. You survived another April Fool's Day without anyone covering your toilet bowl in cling wrap or filling your office with Styrofoam packing peanuts. It's a solid week so far - let's continue the magic with some quality escaping!

As luck would have it, we start out already free! But Vitamin Hana wants us to help someone else escape instead. After that piece of hard work, we take a break in a gorgeous ryokan designed by Funkyland. And once we're out of that mess, Primera... well, Primera wants you to do some laundry.

Free the Birds #4Free the Birds #4

What a lovely day! It's a shame that those poor little green parrots can't enjoy this gorgeous summer day, isn't it? Luckily, you have the tools to free them from their glass prison... but you'll need to find and assemble them first!

Escape an Ocean View RyokanEscape an Ocean View Ryokan

I'm not exactly sure why you would want to escape from this beautiful ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn for travellers). I mean, what a view! But unfortunately, you have places to be and people to see. You don't have time to waste enjoying the view... or the comfy beds... or the tasty Japanese tea...

Come on, do we really HAVE to escape?


I know exactly what you were thinking when you woke up this morning. "You know what would make my Wednesday AMAZING? Washing a stranger's filthy jeans!" Thankfully, Primera's locked you in their laundry to do just that. But before you can do that, you've got to locate all of the ingredients for washing, as well as the dirty jeans themselves. Don't just stand there, get to it!

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Fun stuff! I'm pretty far in Escape an Ocean View Ryokan, but stuck I is. I've used every slot in my inventory, but haven't found a use yet for the

basket of rubber ducks

Clues in the room I haven't used yet:

The dice clue
The scale in the towel room
The "H M" device, which I have in its place on the bedstand
The panel next to the locked door in the closet (the panel with two rectangles, one a slightly pink color)
The poster in the safe, which appears to suggest a connection between the rubber ducks and the TV

I'm sad to be stuck -- it's been a fun game!


Ooh, OK, I solved the

H M puzzle, which allowed me to enter the bath area and throw in the ducks. I can now put either red or white ducks on the scale, but I'm not sure what that does.

Still working... :-)


And now I

used the grabby arm tool to get a key card that was outside the bath window. Now I need to put a code into the TV.

I think this might be the last puzzle...


can't wait for the walkthroughs :)


Free the Birds 4

Once again, it's time to fill the world with these exotic green parrots.

Exploration 1

You start off facing a large glass cage with six parrots trapped inside, with a sign beside it reading BIRDS. The parrots all seem to be facing either left or right.

In the trees next to the sign, there's a blue-roofed birdhouse with a circular window and left and right buttons (and an OK button).

Turn around. The trees here have two birdhouses, a green-roofed one with a square window and three buttons labeled ID, II and DI (and an OK button), and a red-roofed one with a diamond-shaped window and three buttons forming a three-letter code (and an OK button).

The shed to the right of it has a locked door.

Blue birdhouse

Use the parrots to figure out the sequence of left and right buttons to press.

The parrots face left, right, right on the top row and left, left, right on the bottom.

Press the LRRLLR buttons, then open up the birdhouse and take the crumpled note.

Green birdhouse

Unfold the note. It says ID DI II DI.

Press the 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd buttons on the birdhouse. Open it up and take the green key.

Use the key to unlock the shed.

Exploration 2

After unlocking the shed door and going inside, you see a rather plain room with a large picture and two cupboards. The picture shows three (empty) birdcages, in the colors red, blue and green.

The cupboard below the picture has two doors. The left compartment is open and contains a hammer, while the right compartment is locked with a shape code.

The cupboard on the right side of the room seems to be missing two buttons. But those buttons are nowhere to be found.

Shape lock

Match the colors from the picture to those on the birdhouses to get the code.

Red Blue Green = Diamond Circle Square (4, 2, 1 clicks)

Open the door and take the handsaw.


Use the saw on the BIRDS sign outside to take it, then use the saw again to separate it into planks. Click on the planks to separate the unlabeled planks from the BIRDS plank.

Use the saw on the BIRDS plank to cut out the I and D letters. Click on each of them to pull out I and D buttons from the plank.

Right cupboard

Place the I and D buttons on the lock, then use the code from the note (again) to open it.

Press the IDDIIIDI buttons, then open the cupboard to take the ladder, missing a few steps.

Red birdhouse

You still have the BIRDS plank, now missing the I and D. This gives the code for the red birdhouse.

Use the code BRS (1, 6, 7 clicks) to open up the birdhouse. Take the nails.


Use the three planks on the broken ladder, then the nails, then the hammer.

Now you have a working ladder!

Freeing the birds

Zoom in on the glass house and use the ladder on it, then zoom out, zoom in on its roof, and use the saw on it to cut an opening.

Click on the roof again twice to end the game.


Thanks for the walkthrough KK. can't wait for the others :)


Funkyland, continuing the tradition of giving you a reason to leave rooms you have more reasons not to.

Escape an Ocean View Ryokan

It's a ryokan with an amazing ocean view! (Not much of that view in this game, though.) You've enjoyed your ocean view and your hot spring bath, and now it's time for dinner. But first, you have to decide what to eat, and you also need to find a way out of this room.

Exploration 1

Main room

You start off facing a kotatsu in front of the television. There's two empty teacups with blue butterflies and red flowers on them. On the right side next to the red flowers, the seat has a remote control in its armrest. The remote has no batteries though.

There's also a box of wagashi (sweets) on the kotatsu, which seems to be locked. There's two dark silhouettes carved on the top, one curved and the other squarish, and there's a crescent-shaped OK button in the middle. On the side, there's a button with a picture on each of the two layers. Clicking each button cycles it through a few pictures, which I have no idea how to describe.

The TV is off, and the box next to it seems to be missing a card of some sort.

Turn right, and there's a doorway to the bedroom. But we're not done here, so turn right. There's a calligraphic scroll in this corner, filled with 春夏秋冬 characters in three (vertical) rows of six. You can push it aside to see a smalleer clue behind, which is a grid with the same number of rows and columns.

Turn right to see the entry doorway, then turn right again to see the bathroom door and a single paper lamp in the corner. The lamp, and the paper covering it, is split vertically into four sections, with dice faces 1-6 printed on different sections. Click to the right of it to find a button which lights up the lamp and turns the dice faces into squares containing the letters M and H.

Turn right twice and enter the bedroom.


There's two large beds in the center of this room. You can click on the left or right to view the left side.

On the left, the door to the yard is open, but there's nothing you can do over there. The table to the left of the bed has a weird box device on it with a translucent upright green screen. If you squint, you can see a key in the compartment of the box. But of course, that compartment is locked.

To the right, there are two doors. The left door is plain and opens to a wardrobe with a single safe in it. The safe takes a four-digit code and has the butterfly and flower symbols from before on top of each pair of two digits.

The right door has a fancy lock where six columns of different colors have to be adjusted between four different heights to open the door. The columns are colored yellow, cyan, green, pink, red, blue.


To the left, there's a door which opens up into a storage area which has a circular object (and protruding rod) attached to one of the shelves. It's not clear what to do here, so leave that alone.

Back out and zoom in on the main entry door. It's locked (of course), and appears to have a keycard box next to it.

Back out again and click on the right side, which is a pantry stocked with loads of stuff. In particular, there's an empty kettle and a teapot with matcha powder on the counter. The drawer under the kettle contains a battery in one of the saucers. The cupboard under the sink is locked, but the lock looks like it has a slot for a card too.


The door leading to the actual baths is locked, and there's not much in this room: a weighing scale which doesn't work (yet), and a box of "bath amenities" with four buttons labeled 春 夏 秋 冬.

Sweet box

Match the picture buttons to the sillhouettes. (Press the top button thrice and the bottom one twice.)

Press the OK button on the top to open up the box. The top layer is filled with confectionery, but the bottom layer contains a battery.


Place the batteries from the sweet box and the pantry drawer into the remote, and use it to turn the TV on.

The TV only has three channels, and they all show test signals.

Hang on, the test signals aren't identical. Some bars are brighter on each channel, and they have different heights.

1ch: Yellow 2, Cyan 1
2ch: Green 4, Pink 3
3ch Red 2, Blue 3

It's still horribly boring. Perhaps you'll lodge a complaint once you get out.

Colorful door

Use the heights of the test pattern bars to open the door on the right of the bedroom.

2 1 4 3 2 3 heights = 2 3 0 1 2 1 clicks.

Open the door and enter the dressing room.

Exploration: Dressing room

There's a table with a mirror, again with lots of stuff on the sides. One of the compartments on the right seems to be closed with a shutter that doesn't have a handle. The matching compartment on the left has a shutter (with a handle) that you can pull up. But it has only the word OPEN and a right arrow on it, and it drops down once you let go. There's also a small square block attached to the shelf above.

Open the door on the left to enter the toilet. It's simple and uninteresting, except for that one green valve handle in the corner.


Use the valve handle on the rod thing, and click on it to rotate it.

The stack of futons shifts aside. Take the spray bottle. It's not clear from the image, but that bottle is already filled and ready to go!


Shift the calligraphy scroll aside again, and spray the grid clue with your spray bottle.

A circle appears on the middle, left, left, middle, right, middle boxes.

That's the 秋 春 春 冬 冬 夏 characters, which are the LL UL UL LR LR UR buttons on the bath amenities box.

So click the ⌞⌜⌜⌟⌟⌝ buttons, and open that box. Take the device with H and M buttons, and then click on the box again to remove that layer and take the scrunchie from underneath.

The scrunchie

Go back to the dressing room, and use the scrunchie on the left shutter to attach it to the square block and hold it up. Now the right shutter stays down, and you can take the wooden tile with notches from inside.

The tile reads 冷 (cold), which might help you figure out where it goes.


Use the tile to unlock the cupboard under the pantry sink.

There's a fridge in there which you can open up. Take some bottled water from the fridge.


Pour the water into the kettle, then press the button and wait until it beeps.

Take the hot water kettle.

Open the teapot and pour the hot water in, then take the pot of tea.

Serve the tea into the two teacups on the first screen, revealing the numbers 83 and 37.

Bedroom safe

Use the numbers from the teacups to unlock the safe in the wardrobe of the bedroom.

Enter 8337, and open the safe.

Take the bucket of rubber ducks, and read the paper beneath. Your dinner will be a choice of either crab (red) or beef (white).

Turn the paper over, and there's instructions to put either red ducks or white ducks into the TV. Huh?


Place the H/M device on the green-screened device in the left corner of the bedroom. Now you just need a sequence of six H's and M's.

The six dice faces on the lamp turn into H and M letters when it's turned on. Which numbers become which letters?

123456 = MMHMHH.

Press those buttons to open the compartment. Take the bath key, and use it to open the door to the bath.

Exploration: Bath

The bathtub is filled with clear water, and to its left, there's a window that opens to an ocean view (finally!). There's a small pillar (lamp?) that has something sparkling on it, but you can't reach it yet.

There's also a shower on the right side of the room, with a grabber leaning on the counter.


Use the grabber to take the shiny object from outside the bath window. It's a card that will let you order your dinner. (Why is it all the way out there?)


Use the rubber ducks on the bathtub. They spread out and turn red and white.

Use the bucket on either the red or white ducks to pick them up. You can put them back later and take the other color.

Weighing scale

Place your bucket of ducks on the scale, and read out their weight, which is upside-down.

Red: 3.85
White: 4.29


Use the card on the box next to the TV, and save your game.

Enter a three-digit code to order your food.

The three-digit code is the weight of the ducks, with decimal point ignored.

Seafood (red): 385
Steak (white): 429

Click OK and wait, then click Next and wait. The TV informs you that a key has been delivered.


Open the box next to the door, take the key box from inside, and open it up to get the door key.

Use the door key to open the door and escape! (And if you change your mind, you can quit from the menu and load your game from the title screen.)


Thanks again KK. can't wait for the last one :)


And now you don't have to wait for the last one!


Exploration 1

Okay, that left cupboard has a lot of locked doors.

Left side, top: three circular buttons with diagrams, with thick dots linked by thick lines. In order: pentagon, cross, triangle, diagonal down, vertical, diagonal up.
Left side, bottom: five buttons with letters: dbafhiceo
Right side, top: three buttons with socks, left/right in gray, red and blue.
Right side, middle: four buttons with digits
Right side, bottom: five petal buttons which change color when pressed: white, red, blue, yellow.

There's an empty clothesrack and roller blinds covering the window above it. Raising the blinds makes the digits 6429 appear, in case you hadn't already guessed that code when the blinds were down.

The door on the right is locked, and has three green buttons that cycle through pictures of a skirt, pair of shorts and T-shirt. The colors cycle through yellow, lilac, magenta, pink, red, blue. I'm bad at naming colors.

Four-digit code

Use the numbers from the window blinds to unlock the right-middle door of the cupboard.

Enter 6429, open the door, and take the detergent powder.

Different clothes

Use the clue from the detergent powder (zoom in on it) to unlock the door.

Blue shirt, pink skirt, lilac shorts.

Click the buttons 5, 3, 1 times, then open the door and go through.

Exploration 2

There's another locked door on the left, and a washing machine in the middle. There are three (unpaired) socks in the washing machine.

There's another cupboard above the washing machine, with two locked doors. The left one takes a three-letter code and the right one takes a three-color code.


Use the socks as a clue to unlock the top right door on the first cupboard.

Blue left, gray right, red left.

Press the buttons 4, 1, 2 times, and open the door. Take the spool of thread. Three colors on one spool!

Three-color code

Use the colors on the spool to open the right door of the second cupboard.

Red, Blue, Yellow = 3, 1, 5 clicks.

Take the color-safe bleach. But if you examine the letters printed on this tropical scene, you realize it doesn't just say bleach.

Five-letter code

Use the bleach as a clue to unlock the lower-left door of the first cupboard.

bleach-l = beach

Click the buttons 1, 7, 2, 6, 4 times. Open the door and take the scissors and hanger.

Symbol code

Use the buttons on the hanger to unlock the top-left door of the first cupboard.

The holes in the buttons on the hanger match the dots in the symbols: cross, diagonal down, triangle.

Press the buttons on the door 1, 3, 2 times. Open the door and take the jeans, which seem to be in very bad shape.


The jeans will go into the washing machine with the bleach and detergent, but in what order?

Uncap the bottle of bleach and use the bottle on the cap to pour the bleach out. Then use the full cap on the jeans.

Open the washing machine door, and place the jeans in the washing machine.

Cut the bag of detergent with the scissors and use the cut bag on the washing machine.

Close the door and press the red button to start the machine. Wait a while, then open the door and take the wet jeans.

Three-letter code

Use the text printed on the jeans to unlock the left door of the second cupboard.

The text reads "OLD fashion", so enter the code OLD (5, 2, 1 clicks).

Open the door and take a toma... no, take the needle from the tomato.


Use the jeans on the hanger, then use the hanger on the clothes rack.

Go to the next room and come back, and the jeans are dry. (The blinds don't even have to be open for this part!)

Now that the jeans are a lighter shade, it's clear how to improve the design.


Use the thread on the needle, then use the scissors on needle and thread, then use the needle and thread on the petal outline on the jeans.

The five petal shapes are now outlined in different colors.

Petal code

Use the colors of the petals on the jeans to unlock the bottom-right door of the first cupboard.

Clockwise from top: Red, red, blue, blue, yellow.

Press the buttons 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 times. Open the door to get a heart-shaped key.

Use the key on the door, and you're out!


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