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Weekday Escape N°129

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Weekday EscapeVacaaaationnnnns!!!! Another weekday escape means 4 more escape games selections lined up for you to enjoy, already sorted out so you only get the best. Here you'll get games from Escape-Cafe, MayMay, TomoLaSiDo and Vitamin Hana.

Ozomatsu EscapeOzomatsu Escape - A short but fun little game about getting everyone what they want.. The artwork is clever and fun and it's a nice light way to spend a little time. The guys, like guys will, have left their stuff all over the place. It's up to you to lend them a hand, get everything back where it belongs and you'll have what you need to unlock the door.

Escape Challenge 11Escape Challenge 11 - This is an escape the room type game though artfully done. It isn't something you'll need a great deal of time over although there are a couple of tricky spots. Assemble the key and find all the markers so you can open the door.

Going to a FriendGoing to a Friend - Vitamin Hana can always be depended on for something fun. This time we're off to visit a friend but not without something to carry along. Who doesn't love getting a text that says "Bring a lasagna" when you're on your way out?

A Great Pink DayA Great Pink Day - Is there any other color than pink? Not in this fun little escape from MayMay. Where else are high heeled shoes and basketball nets all wrapped up in the same game? Bright colors and fun images combine into something that just makes you smile. Also, I want those shoes.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Can't be that I am first!!!
Guess everyone is on vacation from games, too. :)
Enjoyed Escape Challenge 11 - Liking tomoLaSiDo games more and more.


Hint for Escape Challenge 11 by tomoLaSiDo. The guys on TV are spelling out three numbers


Akarroa July 28, 2016 8:02 PM

Thank goodness for Osomatsu escape, tonight will also be awesome! Just don't be a nuisance!


To finish Ozomatsu Escape,

You can place the pictures on the window at any time.

The baseball bat isn't needed any more.


A Walkthrough For Osomatsu-san Escape

Alright let's go, tonight will also be awesome! SHAKE! SHAKE!
First off, let's look around. Todomatsu, Jyushimatsu and Osomatsu are hanging out in front of us. When we turn around, there's Choromatsu, Karamatsu, and Ichimatsu.
From this screen, open up the bottom cabinet to find a pint of beer (All-Free, maybe?) that one of the boys stashed away. Let's give it to the red one, Osomatsu, he loves it. He's given us a piece of paper with a code on it!
Use the code on the screen door behind him. What was ESPer Nyanko doing in the closet? Well, let's give him to Ichimatsu in the purple.
He gives us a token...with Chibita's face? That's alright, let's turn around and look under the table.
It's Choromatsu's Nyaa-chan poster! Probably hidden by his brothers.
Give it back to him, poor thing, he's the one in green. He'll give us Karamatsu's Perfect Fashion Sunglasses™.
Karamatsu is the one in blue next to Choro, so give him back the stolen glasses. He gives a coin. This coin has Dekapan on it!
Let's turn around once more and look in the trash bin behind Oso. It's a baseball, Jyushimatsu would kill for this!
Give Jyushi, in yellow, the baseball to get his treasured bat. HOMERUN!
Turn around, summon up some HUSTLE HUSTLE MUSCLE MUSCLE and smash the piggy bank with the bat. There's a key for the cabinet below in it. There's a coffee cup from Sutabaa, where Todomatsu used to work.
He'd like the cup back, so turn around to the one in pink and give Totty his coffee. He'll give up the last coin, perplexingly with Hatabou on it.
Look on the back of the paper Oso gave us. It looks like the window, with a flag, pants, and oden symbols drawn on it.
Face the screen with Choro, Kara, and Ichi. The top symbol is a flag, like the one Hatabou wears, so put his coin in that slot on the door.
The next symbol looks like Dekapan's pants so put his coin there.
The last one looks like a skewer of oden, and Chibita loves oden so much he makes it for a living! Put his coin in the last spot and click the door.
We're out and Iyami has the amount of time it took for us! SHEEEEEH!
Come back and visit these lonely NEETs again some time, okay?


Might be a glitch on Vitamin Hana - there's a nine-square pad by the door that's tucked up next to the scene-change arrow. I can't figure out how to access the 'lock' instead of turning right.


Re: Vitamin Hana

The panel becomes available when you actually need it.

But who makes lasagna

without cheese in a microwave? O_O

RamblinRob July 30, 2016 6:17 AM

This is really off-topic but... what does the N° in every weekday escape title mean?

Patreon Crew Jeff July 30, 2016 6:58 AM replied to RamblinRob

Well nothing more than incrementing it everytime we publish a new one.


N° is an abbreviation of the word number. So this is Weekday Escape number 129.

Patreon Donator talanpoe July 30, 2016 7:00 PM

For Escape Game 11, if I could leave does that mean I found all of the markers? (I didn't see anything to tell me how many there are.)

Jamilworm July 30, 2016 7:58 PM

@talanpoe I believe at the end it showed me 6/6 markers, where one of them was the one used in teh game and the others were 5 that tallied up in the other slot.

RamblinRob July 31, 2016 7:24 AM

Escape Challenge 11

Click the tree in the corner and gather the ball which contains part of the
key and the remote on the floor.

Click the right side of the screen until you see a blue bar to turn right. Once
you are on a new screen, click the blue trash can next to the couch where you
can collect another piece of the key and a pen(on the armrest).

Move to the right one more time and click on the dresser in front of
you. Take the ball for another part to the key. As you can see there are three
locked drawers; however we do not have the hints to open them yet.

Click down to exit the screen with the drawer and then go to the right.
Go in the hallway in the left and enter the door. Click on the light on the
wall to reveal a pen you can use. You can then click on the toilet and follow
the arrows for a fun message.

Leave the bathroom and head back right again. Head left and click on the small
square table with the decoration on it. Insert the usable pen you retrieved
from the bathroom(not the one that has a number over it) into the decoration.
It will begin flashing colors. Take note of this: We'll need to use it later.
Note there is another collectible pen on the right windowsill so grab it.

Now you will want to back out of the lamp table and head left to the TV. Examine
the remote we picked up earlier and enter the color combination we saw from the
lamp. (Red,Yellow,Blue,Red,Blue,Red,Yellow). Now click on the TV twice to close
up on it and turn it on. Be sure to grab the pen sitting on top as well.

What we see on the TV are two stick figures swinging what looks like glowsticks. They're really not just partying though, they are spelling out a number which we can use to open one of those drawers from earlier. If you can't figure it out the number is


Now head back to the drawers from earlier.

Click the middle drawer - the one with pink numbers on it - and enter the code 211
The drawer will open revealing another ball with another piece of the key. By now
we should only need two left! We're almost out! Now for the code on the top drawer
back out of the closeup of the dresser and click on the clock on the wall. Use your
usable pen on the face to create an hour hand and notice the numbers being circled.
You will need to enter those in the order they showed up. The number is


Once the drawer is open you will find another piece to the key and one more pen. Pick both up. For the last code - the color code - you will need to go back into the left to be facing the couch. Notice the picture on the wall? Click on it and then use your pen to fill it in. Ohhhh! It's an open mouth! :) More importantly though, notice the colors at the bottom. They go green, blue, yellow from left to right. Enter that code in the bottom drawer right now.

Hey, guess what? That ball contained the last piece of the key and we can get out of here!

Close the drawer and head to the door to open it.

Free at last!


RamblinRob July 31, 2016 7:28 AM


You can leave without getting all the markers. Although Jamilworm is right in what they are saying too. You should have a total of 5 markers with the numbers over them if you got them all.


i'm totally stuck on vitamin hana's :c

i have

the ice cube tray, the meat sauce, and the recipe sheet.

i need to open wither the pasta lock or the symbol lock on the cabinet above the microwave, but i can't find any hints or clues! i've tried combining all my items, putting them in the microwave, putting them in the fridge and meat grinder, putting them under the water... nothing.



the ice cube tray decided to fill with water this time... ok


uhh so I transcribed the in-game text (as is my hobby) for ozomatsu, but google translate basically had no idea what to do with it lol. Japanese text below:

pink: どど松ザンス。ドッティとも呼ばれてるザンス! (also called Dotty)
yellow: じゅうじ松ザンス。アホヅラざんしょ!
red: おぞ松ザンス。ニートホザンス!

green: ぢょろ松ザンス。ただのアイルオタクザンス! (he's an otaku)
blue: から松ザンス。色々と痛奴ザンス!
purple: いぢ松ザンス。辛気臭い奴ザンスね!

Akarroa August 11, 2016 4:21 PM replied to Joy Becker

I tried my best to add explanations/translations in my walkthrough. It's all based on the show/comic Osomatsu-san, a continuation of the famed show/manga Osomatsu-kun by Fujio Akatsuka, about identical sextuplets. I added all the character names and traits there as well. Part of the reason google translate doesn't understand is the narrator, Iyami, has a verbal tic where he inserts the word "zansu" every so often. Also their names all wind up translated as well, becoming Jyushimatsu= 14 pine, Karamatsu= empty pine, etc.


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