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Weekday Escape N°126

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Weekday Escape

Here are three escape games to help cool you off if you've been dealing with a heat wave or just need some refreshment!

Rainy SeasonRainy Season It's raining and Mama won't let you leave until you have your rain gear. I thought putting your coat back in the closet was supposed to make it easier to find, but there's all these puzzles in the way. It's your typical Vitamin Hana, but there's nothing wrong there.

DreamDream - No, you're not dreaming. This escape game does have two endings, one bad end, and some short cutscenes. A puzzle near the end of the game, in my opinion, was rather confusing, not like how dreams can be confusing but like the puzzle needed something else for it to make more sense.

Room 15Room 15 - At first glance, this may appear to be one of the easiest escape games you've ever played but just when you think you're out, the real fun begins. The cursor doesn't change but there's no pixel hunting. It reminds me of Lo.Nyan's escapes but this feels a little shorter.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


WOW! A new Weekday Escape. Wonderful!

Rainy Season was fun!


You find yourself in a room (surprise!) and it's raining. Because of your Grandma, you can't leave without an umbrella, rainboots and a jacket.

1. White closet - left side

You've seen this letters before...

on the calendar


2. Brown closet - right side

You have to open the left side of the white closet

come on!

3. Table drawer

You need the bucket from the brown closet

Empty bucket and it's raining...

Open the window...

Fill the bucket and combine the 2 "TicTacToes"

from the white closet and the bucket

triangle - circle - X

4. White closet - right side

You need the pen from the table drawer

where could you use the pen?

the calender seems to need some writing ;)

take the "sunny days" from left to right


5. Brown closet - left side

You need the jacket from the white closet (right side)

look at the buttons

up to down -> left to right

blue green pink yellow

colorblind: 5 4 1 2 clicks

6. Umbrella

The Umbrella is broken, maybe you can fix it

you need the needle and the yarn

combine the needle with the yarn, than the umbrella

7. Door

Where have you seen those numbers before?

watch the calendar


Enjoy and excuse my english. It's not my common language...

ginganinja63 June 23, 2016 3:19 PM

Having trouble with room 19... anyone out there?

ginganinja63 June 23, 2016 3:23 PM

and by 19, I mean 15 XD

horriblesanity June 23, 2016 3:24 PM replied to ginganinja63

What's the trouble?

ginganinja63 June 23, 2016 3:34 PM

Im stuck. I have

a table - placed, a chair, a tear drop - placed and a used key.

I don't know what to do next.

ginganinja63 June 23, 2016 3:40 PM

just figured out the


ginganinja63 June 23, 2016 3:44 PM

Well that just changes everything doesn't it. POP


Is there only one ending to Room 15? I never opened one of the drawers.

And I'm stuck on the coffee code in Dream. I think I'm on the right track:

But I can't figure out a rule to get from 4114 to ??? to 77.


Wow...so...you were totally on the right track for the coffee puzzle! But I couldn't figure it out either and so I resorted to trying every combo and


worked. So for a hint:

You need to add together each pair of numbers that are next to each other. I.e.

4+1, 1+1, 1+4

Also, just a fun thing, if you don't put on the fish head in time,

You get a "bad dream" end where you wake up in bed with a cat on your face :3


Also, the Japanese text above Room 15 says there's only one ending, so I guess that drawer really was stuck. Perhaps to be returned to in the next game? Below is the best I could make of the in-game text..


It seems like I was asleep ..
I dreamed of very simple escape game.
Is this where it was?
Why do I have two items ......


Outside it's raining steadily...
It's good I have this umbrella and boots.
No way, was the item in the next room also...
My God, it's not...

Kind of a cliffhanger. Who knows.


Nice, finished all 3 games. Have to do "Dream" again for the second ending... While doing this I could write a


First Room - "Chapel"

The "YOUDREAM"-safe

You need the locked box with the letters on it.

Look at the paper on the desk.

Maybe the "Y" should tell us something.

Maybe we should use the letters on the box.


The safe near the door

Look at the windows.

Some of them seem to have "symbols" on them.

The symbols are numbers.

It's the sequence for the buttons of the safe.


The safe near the door - again

Oh no. A second door!

Have you seen these symbols somewhere?

You need the 'telescope'.

It's not a telescope, it's a caleidoscope.

Maybe the numbers would tell you something.


The chest

You need the lightbulb.

Use the lightbuld (at the desk).

Look at the shadow.

Take the key and open the chest.

The door

After you finished all the riddles you can open the door.

For the next room you would wear the fishhead.

Look at it in your inventory.

Second Room - Aquarius

The white box

The "M" in the middle of the box is a hint.

There are letters written on the wall.

Use the closed box.


The colored lock

You need the camera from the white box.

There are some dark places.

Look for the crabs.

Behind the closet, under the couch in the vase.

Take pictures of the dark places.

Watch them.


The math riddle

You need the seahorse, the shell, the starfish and the game stone.

From the closet after opening the colored lock, from the table with the 2 fishes, behind the vase and from the teddybears pocket.

Solve the math. ;)

You already have the fish in one glas, so you can solve the other symbols in relation to the fish.



Put them in the glasses and take the cookie!

The door

The fishes have finished the game.

One game stone is missing. Maybe you have something for them.

The cookie!

Take the butter and leave!

Third Room - Kitchen

The box in the fridge

Use the butter on the pancakes.

Letters again...

Use the closed box.

Cherry, Banana, Lemon

You've seen the symbols on the fridge?


The coffee riddle

Maybe the most complicated riddle, but if you write the numbers as you see them, you might find the answer.

You need the binoculars.

Look out the window.

The animals are connected to some items in the kitchen.

cow/milk - chicken/eggs - bee/honey

There are numbers on the items.

Write the numbers as you see them through the binoculars: from bottom to top 5 - 14 - 77 - XXX (coffee) - 4114

5=1+4 - 14=7+7 - follow this logic.

5=1+4 - 14=7+7 - 7=5+2/7=2+5 - 5=4+1/2=1+1/5=1+4


The door

You need the key from the coffee riddle.

You still have the closed box in your inventory.

The button at the door blinks!

Use the siccors to cut one wire!

BLUE = normale morning - RED = sunday morning


Rgandum June 25, 2016 9:48 AM

Any hint for the "shapes" in Room 15?


Which shapes do you mean?

if you mean the pink box, watch the wooden play stones.

you have to destroy the tower

it's the color of the carpet, not the stones

green - red - purple

if you mean the rectangles behind the white circle

you need a note with a sentence and you should look at the wall unit

just look at the first letter of each word and the wall unit

T-r-s-i-J-s-i-J - you should see these letters in the boxes of the wall unit. press the corresponding shapes


can someone write a walkthrough for Room 15? Also on Dreams:

when I enter the second room, i'm to put on the fish head I got. I put it on but I drown. whats up with this?



I had no problems with the fishhead - you can put it one before you enter room 2. Have you tried this?

For Room15

Only one spoiler and all hints in here

First room:
Take the commode and the chair. At the blue sign you get a key. Leave the room.

Second room:
Tear 1 - Sticks:
There are some "sticks" hidden in the room. You have to find them all and look at them (click several times until you see them near). On the table with room 1 there is a box (65 sticks) and a smell-thing (?) (6 sticks). Under the book picture there are pencils (4) and on the couch is another box (50 sticks).
Under one of the pillows on the couch is a locked box where you have to enter the number of sticks (125) and you get a tear.

Pink box:
as written before, you have to use the wooden play stones. after you have destroyed the tower. Watch the colors of the carpet under the stones. Green - Red - Purple

The "Rain safe":
On the cup you get from the Pink box there is the word "Rilakkun". On the picture above the couch stands "Rain". Count the position of the letters R-a-i-n in the word "Rilakkun". 1428. You get a key.

Second tear - White wall:
Whit the key open the blue box and use the chair. The doors open and you see a wall unit. Take the rain boots. Have a look at the books. It's the code for the book picture (Up - Down -U-U-D-U-D-U). U get a note with a sentence. You only need the first letter of each sentence - T-r-s-i-J-s-i-J.
You see these letters in the boxes of the wall unit. You need the corresponding shapes (square - vertical - big - horizontal - square - big - horizontal - square).
Near the door you'll find a deepening in the white wall. Use the commode in the spot with the 4 black points. Now you see 4 buttons like the boxes of the wall unit. Use the code from the sentence (top right - bottom right - bottom left - top left - tr - bl - tl - tr) and push the commode.

Third tear:
On the right side of the blue umbrella/boots box in the wall unit, there is a swicht. Push it and the lights on the other side of the room move. They show you in which order you have to push the buttons of the box between the letters i and TJ in the wall unit. Down - Middle - Down - Up - Middle - Up - Orange button. Open the box. Third tear.

Put the three tears in the wooden box under the plant. You get a key. Open the big box in the wall unit and take the umbrella (and the boots if you didn't take them before). Now you can click the button on the blue sign and get the key. Use the key on the door and you're out.


Yay! I never thought I'd see a Weekday Escape again ...

That being said, I'm so out of practice, I couldn't solve any of these on the first try. Back to try again soon!

Patreon Donator Paul R June 26, 2016 11:03 PM replied to Joy Becker

I think it's possible the ending for Room 15 is referring to an "OH NO, NOT AGAIN!" scenario.

In the first room you collect two items, get a key to exi and find out "What??? I came out of a really small room? My items are now really small as well..."

In the second room you collect two items and...

Patreon Donator Paul R June 27, 2016 12:37 AM replied to Joy Becker

Best part of Dream was...

Fish playing Go = Go Fish!


I think I over-thought the maths puzzle in Dream far too much.

I tried to use simultaneous equations to solve the 4 equations I had - the 3 on the plaque under the jars, plus the star = the checker game piece.

I gave up about the time I figured that the fish was equal to a star and a checker piece, then brute-forced that the other two go in the other jar.

Surely there was an easier way!


About that maths puzzle:

There are many ways to solve simultaneous equations, but the easiest to do in this situation is to find a ratio of two variables and then use that to solve for the others:

From the first and third equation you know that two stars is a fish. So set Star=1, Fish=2, and solve for Shell=1.5, Seahorse=0.5.

You could brute force right from the start, and with the right assumptions about how many objects can be in each jar, you have a pretty good chance of getting it correct:

Try a little less-numerical reasoning. Assume that those values are weights, and therefore positive.

Shell weighs more than Star and Seahorse, and so it weighs less than Fish. So each jar must have at least two objects, and we have four objects, just enough for two in each jar.

In order to make equality, the heaviest object (Shell) must go with the lightest. Since two of the remaining objects have the same weight, they can't be lightest. (Actually they can, but you won't get equality out of it.) So Shell goes with Seahorse, and the other two objects are in the other jar.

Now I'm really overthinking it.


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