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Weekday Escape N°119

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Weekday Escape

DoraFor some people, the middle of the week is the worst. It's like the last hour of school or your shift at work... it's so close to being "almost the weekend" that it seems to take approximately ten times as long as any other day. Luckily for those of us on the interwebs, we've got a secret to make our Wednesdays just a liiiiiittle more palatable... Weekday Escape! This week! Vitamin Hana may not know proper safety procedures, but they do know all about puzzles. Ichima's given you a bed, but also a lot of tricks and contraptions, so there's no time for snoozing! And MayMay knows the importance of a good breakfast... but who's to say you can't give your brain a meal too?

Prepare Your BreakfastPrepare Your Breakfast - Clearly MayMay did not make this game with me in mind, because if it were about my morning routine, the game would end when you forced yourself to eat a bagel and realized you were out of coffee creamer. Luckily, it's a little more interested than yours truly's bleary-eyed routine, though solving complicated puzzle locks on cabinets is probably a lot to expect out of most of us before 10AM.

Room 13 - ChoiceRoom 13 - Choice - At first glance, the place you're trapped in may look a little spartan, but click around the area and you'll find Ichima has planted all sorts of mystifying mechanisms about the place. While the text is in Japanese only, all you really need to find your way out is some D E T E R M I N A T I O N, an eye for clues, and the cleverness to combine them.

Science LabScience Lab - I hope you've got your smarty-pants on, or are at least prepared to fake it like me, because Vitamin Hana has you locked up somewhere, presumably after they blinded you with science. You'd think you'd at least be given a nice lab coat to look professional like a Made For Tv SyFy movie star, or some safety goggles, but all you've got is your wits, which I'm sure are great protection against chemical burns.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Room 13 took many times to load, keep reloading the page.


I have no idea how I was supposed to figure out the final combination for Breakfast, but it wasn't hard to brute force.

Daibhid C March 16, 2016 10:22 AM replied to Chris Ingersoll

@ Chris Ingersoll

There's a loose board on the table.


MayMay obviously doesn't cook. I mean, who ever heard of

buttering the bread *before* putting it in the toaster? You'll stink up the whole house, and possibly even cause a grease fire!

The game has an error/bug/thing you can't recover from: it'll let you

refill the teacup from the water cooler after you've filled the water kettle, but then you can't get rid of the water anywhere, and you can't make tea.

(It is possible to brute force the puzzle and move on, but it's tedious.)

Oh, and another bit where knowledge of how things actually work in a kitchen is a hindrance: this coffeemaker is apparently a

magical device that only requires an empty carafe and some privacy to produce coffee.

Daibhid C March 16, 2016 12:06 PM

Walkthrough for Prepare Your Breakfast


In front of you is a counter with a fern, a drawer and two cupboards.
The drawer requires a 3-digit code.
The left cupboard requires a 3-symbol code. The symbols are patterns of three squiggles.
The right drawer requires a 4-digit code.

Turn (left or right, there's only two views)

In front of you is a door and a cabinet with four cupboards, a coffee-maker and a toaster.
The door requires a 3-symbol code. The symbols are different lines.
The upper-left cupboard requires a 3-symbol code. The symbols are shapes.
The upper-right drawer requires a 4-letter code. Cycling through the letters reveals there are only five (B, D, R, C, S) The backgrounds are colour coded (orange, purple, red, yellow).
The lower-right drawer requires a 3-letter code. Cycling through the letters reveals there are only three (A, E, T) but they come in three colours (orange, blue, green).
The lower left drawer requires a 3-symbol code. The symbols are punctuation marks.

Turn again.

Time to start solving things!

The left counter cupboard.

Examine the fern.

If you fold down the leaves, you find a code.


There's only one lock that needs a four-digit code, and it's also green, so enter it into the left counter cupboard.

Take the teabag.

The lower left cabinet cupboard.

Examine the teabag.

If you unfold the tag you find three punctuation marks.


Punctuation marks means the lower left of the cabinet, so enter the code there.

Take the teacup.

The counter drawer.

Examine the teacup.

In addition to the word "TEA", it has the number 7 on it.

Turning it round reveals that this is actually part of a sum. 7+100.
That makes a three digit code, so enter it in the drawer.


Take the knife.

Opening the door (yes, already).

Examine the knife.

There's a close up of three serrations. The first has curves going to points at the bottom, the second has curves with points at the top, and the third is zigzagged or sawtoothed.

Enter these three patterns on the door.

Go through the door.

Exploring the second room.

In front of you is a water dispenser, a table with a kettle and a plate of food, which you can take, and a door with a screwed on panel.
There is a cupboard in the table with a picture of a tall cup, a plate and another tall cup. Beneath it are two buttons, one showing a round face facing left, the other an oval face facing right.

If you examine the table, one of the boards is sticking out slightly.

Making tea and the lower-right cabinet drawer.

Click on the water dispenser.

Use the teacup on the water dispenser to fill the cup with water. (You need to click exactly on the nozzle. If you see water pouring down the drain, it hasn't worked.)
Back up and use the teacup on the kettle to fill it.
Wait. No, seriously. Go back to the other room, turn round it a couple of times, come back. If the red light at the bottom of the kettle has gone out, it's boiled. If not, do it again.
Take the kettle.
Use the kettle on the teacup to add the hot water. (Even if, like me, you're British and the thought of not putting the teabag in first hurts your soul.)
Use the teabag on the teacup.

Examine the teacup.

The word TEA has now changed colours (orange, blue green), and an orange horizontal curve has appeared below it. That comes up later.

Back up to the first room and enter the code into the lower-left drawer.

Colour-blind help: First T, third E, second A.

Take the coffee cup.

The table cupboard.

Return to the second room.
Examine the coffee cup.

It has the word COFFEE written on it. But the Es are smiley faces, just like the ones on the right cupboard button.

Examine the plate.

If you lift the egg, you can see more smiley faces. One more on the right

The code above the cupboard is coffee cup, plate, coffee cup.

So right, right, right, left, left, right, right.

Take the coffee jug.

Making coffee and the left counter cabinet.

Examine the coffee jug.

The measuring indicators have the same symbols as the left counter cabinet. Unfortunately, it has all five of them, so we still don't know which three we need.

In the meantime, we can use it to make coffee.

Back up to the first room and use the jug on the coffee maker in the cabinet.
Cycle the room again while you wait for it to make coffee.
When there's coffee in the jug, take it and use it on the coffee cup to pour the coffee.

Examine the coffee cup.

If you look at the back of it now it says 500, 300, 200.
Matching that against the jug gives you the code.

The symbol that looks like a close bracket, the one that looks a bit like a question mark and the one that's just a curvy line.

Turn and enter the code in the cupboard.

Take the butter.

The upper-right cabinet cupboard.

Examine the butter.

If you turn it round, you can find the nutritional information. Apparently it's sweet, delicious, creamy and best and isn't sour, dirty, real or bad.
More to the point, all the descriptors are matched with a colour, and the four checked ones match the colours on the upper-right cabinet. Enter the letters to the correct colour.


Take the bread.

Making toast and the uppet-left cabinet cupboard.

Use the knife on the butter and then on the bread.
Put the bread in the toaster. (Even if, like me, you attempted to toast buttered bread once as a child, and your parents had to buy a new toaster.)
Another wander round the room until the toast's done.
Take the toast from the toaster.

There's now a D in darker butter. That comes up later as well. Turning it over reveals three shapes toasted into it.

circle, square, triangle

Enter the code into the upper-left cabinet cupboard.

Take the screwdriver.

The final code is an essential part of this nutritious breakfast.

Back to the second room.
Unscrew the door panel, to reveal another 3-symbol lock.

Three of the six symbols are on parts of our breakfast, but what order do they go in?

Remember that sticking-out board on the table?

Prise it out with the screwdriver to reveal the order: coffee, tea, bread.

Enter the code on the door

Right-facing faces, horizontal curve, D

Enjoy your meal!

ginganinja63 March 16, 2016 2:54 PM

Am I seriously the only one who needs help with choice? Can't figure out anything! I have

a jug, extendable rod and a toothbrush


You should also have

The code for the desk with the "cup" bottle on it.

Check where you got the extendable rod.

Do the colors on that door look familiar?

The spaces on the door form numbers, which is the combination.

6 0 2


Regarding Room 13 - Choice:

I picked the center and got...

What looks like a salad with lotus root slices in a star shaped box.

What were the other two things?

Coffeeteamix March 16, 2016 10:30 PM replied to WillYum


I picked the same thing as you, so I don't know the details, but the words say:

left: Japanese sweets (you can google wagashi)
middle: lunch box (obento)
right: beverage (nomi mono)

baileydonk March 16, 2016 11:35 PM

I'm so stuck on the Vitamin Hana game. Right now all I've got in my inventory is a screwdriver. I've managed to open two doors, and one of those was just a total guess. I'm so lost! I'm not seeing any clues that I don't know how to use - I am, literally, clueless.

jazzfestus March 17, 2016 12:07 AM replied to baileydonk

use the screwdriver somewhere else


I am embarrassingly stuck on Science Lab. I haven't found or solved anything. Am I missing a hotspot or something?

baileydonk March 17, 2016 1:00 AM

I've used the screwdriver in two places... opened something I then can't do anything with, and sort of changed something that didn't seem to do any good... ?

Xelia March 17, 2016 1:01 AM replied to Xelia

*facepalm* And PoP strikes again.

The center block of squares on the poster from the first screen is the code for the door next to the huge rolling door thing.

Coffeeteamix March 17, 2016 1:05 AM replied to Xelia


I was in the same place as you for the longest time, haha.
Here's a few possible clues to help you. Choose which one you want to read.

The nature of the first clue:

not every bit of information on the clue is useful.

Only the bit that looks like the puzzle.

The first clue is:

The "elements table"

The first puzzle to be solved is:

The 3x3 grid

baileydonk March 17, 2016 1:14 AM

Xelia - On my monitor, at least, it's extremely hard to see where the puzzles even ARE in the science lab game. There is a puzzle on the door, and once you find that, the clue is in plain sight in the room. I think that's the first puzzle I solved... not that it helped me really get much further.

baileydonk March 17, 2016 1:17 AM

Oh! In addition to the screwdriver, I have another item: I think it's a q-tip? I didn't see it, because (as with everything else in this game) it's very pale and hard to see. Haven't managed to do anything with it yet.


Laughing so hard at all of the comments. So often I stare at the posts and am clearly far behind everyone, I love hearing that others are scratching their heads.

Especially laughing at Juli's comments on Breakfast. I'm no cook, but I did notice that, despite needing a combination for EVERY drawer and cabinet in the entire kitchen (which is actually fun), I was amazed to find - in plain view - a fully prepared plate of various breakfast foods! (Not sure if those were prepared by a considerate spouse, roommate, or maybe elves during the night?)

I tried SO hard to force

water into the carafe

... and was getting almost as frustrated as if I was trying to make *actual* morning coffee.

Breakfast looked like a "piece of cake" but it's really quite tricky. Thanks for the walkthrough, Daibhid! I'm about to resort to it.


vitamin hana walkthrough

color-blind friendly!!

first view facing the lab equipment will be called view 1, view to the right of that with the cabinets is view 2, right of that with the garage door is view 3.

general hints: there are a few times you're required to reuse items and revisit hints, so don't be afraid to try that!

keypad door - view 3

you wouldn't expect the door of an escape game to be the first thing you open, but in this game it's the first solvable puzzle

there's a poster with squares in view 1

combination is the middle 3x3 grid

colorblind solution:
2 1 1
2 2 3
4 2 3

you open it and -- ah, it's barred. collect the poster.

letter keypad - view 2 - right door of the left-hand cabinet

the sequence is on the poster you just picked up

sequence is N-I-C-E-S-C-I-E-N-T-I-S-T

collect the screwdriver.

the most obvious use of the screwdriver:

there's a little box on the wall in view 3

unscrew it

number combination - view 2 - top combination on the right-hand cabinets

remember that lightbulb in view 2?

you can't turn it on with just your hand, but

you can use the screwdriver on it

input the combination

combination is 3-6-8

unlocked! don't forget you can

open both sides of the cabinet. collect the matches and the button.

shape combination - view 1 - drawer

so, if you compare the items on the counter to the shapes on the lock

you can tell there's a correlation to the red, blue, and yellow flasks. however,

if you input the current arrangement it doesn't work.

so we need another clue.

look around view 1. what item that you haven't used can be used here?

use the matches to

light the bunsen burner
as with all vitamin hana games, you must spin in a circle for any changes to appear, so quickly click through the other views.

now the flask above the bunsen burner shows the proper color order. combine that with the flasks' shapes to get the combination

combination is upward triangle, circle, horizontal oval

collect the q-tip.

dice combination - view 2 - left door of the left-hand cabinet

zoom in on the flask above the bunsen burner in view 1

dip the q-tip in the flask

swipe the q-tip on the stage of the microscope

look in microscope to get combination

combination is 4-2-5

collect the yellow tube.

color combination - view 2 - bottom combination on the right-hand cabinets

your clue obviously has something to do with colors. look at view 1

it's the flasks, but

you have to change the colors

add the yellow tube to them

combination is orange, green, yellow

OR click on the respective squares this many times: 1, 5, 3 (don't worry if you messed up, if you exit the input screen it'll reset)

collect the cables.

exit - view 3

select the button and click "about item". combine it with

the cables

zoom in on the box on the wall and attach the button with cables

zoom out and press the button. the garage door is open and...



My inventory is full in choice and I picked the left thing and now I'm lost, still don't know what's going on in front of the lift or the little panel downstairs.



There's a circular thing on the top of the balcony with a red-topped lever. Try there


Corky, the thing you can see with that thing you're calling the lift (which seems as good a term as any)

is part of the clue for the panel downstairs. The other part of the clue is

in the bathroom.


Thanks guys! I was not combining the two!!!

houseworkisevil March 19, 2016 7:39 PM

I have had odd combinations of items for breakfast before, but salad and eggs? Coffee AND tea?! ;)


For Room 13 Choice, I have solved every puzzle except one, the 3-letter puzzle that is

on the corner cabinet in the bathroom with the bottles on shelves above.

My inventory is empty, and I am clueless. I thought it might have something to do with the words on the bottles scattered about the room, but

the letters only go up to K, and some of the words on the bottles start with letters past K.

Was so proud of myself for solving the other two games with no help, but this one last puzzle is driving me batty.


Yeah that puzzle stumped me for a long time.

Then I found/remembered the fourth bottle. The one that actually matches the one on the bathroom shelf.

Look at the head of the bed. Should be a white bottle there.


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