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elleAlthough the situation you're in—locked in a room with apparently no one on the other side to hear your shouts and let you out—is quite typical, unReal by Factory.112 is not your usual escape game as far as puzzles go. And that's about as much as I can tell you because describing this nearly monochromatic room in too much detail will spoil the challenge involved. Let's just say it has a few devices and furnishing that are much more than they first appear and, no, it's not a glitch if you can't seem to get any of them to work properly. Using deductive reasoning, some lateral thinking, a lot of trial-and-error exploration and the point-and-click method to navigate, examine objects and interact with elements until you finally find and obtain the key to the door. Wordless and silent, unReal offers no other help than a changing cursor, so make the most of it. It's actually quite logical but, until you discover the method behind the disfunction of this room, your frustration might be a little more than unreal.

Play unReal

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

This Walkthrough is unReal!

Just Skip to the Chase. What Do Those Buttons Do?
If you want help without reading the whole walkthrough...

What do these buttons do? Well, the whole answer largely spoils the challenge because, once you figure out the button system, the rest is cake. Skip this section unless you're absolutely frustrated and can't get anywhere.

  • The Four Buttons on the Big Box:

  • This machine is the control panel which operates all the other devices in the room. Depending on which button you push, the other buttons in the room will work. Each button in the room has dual functions...but more about that later.

  • Operating the Clock

  • For the button under the clock to work, the second button on the control box must be depressed.

  • Turning on the Water

  • Press the third button (from the left) on the control box to make the water button work.

  • Drawer Behind the Wall Panel

  • The drawer's button will function when the fourth button (from the left) on the control box is depressed.

  • Tube by the Plant

  • To get the button on the tube, by the plant, to work, depress the first button on the control box.

  • Code to the Key

  • When it's not turned "on" at the control box, any button around the room has a second function: it changes one digit on the control box's 4-digit code.

    In order to enter the final code and get the door key, just de-select a device's button on the control box, then click its button.

    So, to input the final code:

    • First Digit = Make sure the 1st button on the control box is up (the "off" position), then go over to the tube by the plant and push its button the requisite number of times.

    • Second Digit = The 2nd button on the control box must be "off" then use the button under the clock.

    • Third Digit = The 3rd button on the control box must be "off" then use the water dispenser's button.

    • Fourth Digit = The 4th button on the control box must be "off" then use the button above the wall drawer.

Starting Out and Exploration

  1. Start the game by clicking anywhere on the "unReal" scene.

  2. You're facing a door. It's locked. Let's look under the doormat for a key (click twice on the rug by the door).

    • No key here, only a hatch.

    • Click to zoom in closer and see it requires a 3-digit number to unlock.

    • Back up twice.

  3. Maybe the key is hidden in the plant? Zoom in for a better look.

    • Moving the plant aside, you see a round metal plate.

    • Examine the round metal plate and note its details—it has a particular grove around its edge plus four hexagonal bolts. You'll need to find some way to open it.

    • Back up twice.

  4. Wow! You might really be trapped in this crazy place. All your yelling is coming to no fruition. There's a water dispenser next to the door...

    • Zoom in on the water dispenser and press the button.

    • Nothing happens. No water!

    • Back up.

  5. Turn left and observe the clock on the wall. Noon already? Have a look at the little shelf under the clock.

    • Just a random button it appears.

      • Give it a click. Just a single click...

    • Back up. How time flies! A quarter after 8 already.*

    • *What, the time didn't change? It means you pushed too many buttons. Go back and set everything the way it was when you first entered the room. Then, push the button until the clock one more time.

  6. Turn left again. A little rectangle of daylight filters through the window above, too small to crawl through. Under the window some oddball copy machine-looking thing:

    • The top of the machine has four buttons. Currently, the second button is depressed. You can press all the other buttons but nothing seems to happen outside of a clicking noise.

    • There is also a panel on the top of the machine; it's secured by four hexagonal bolts.

    • Back up and look at the front panel of the machine: a key is needed to unlock and open this door.

    • Back up so you can see the whole wall again.

  7. In the corner is a little table with something on it.

    • It's an EMPTY WATER BOTTLE. Useful, if you can find some water.

    • Pick it up and back out of the corner.

  8. Turn left again and you'll see a panel inset in a bare wall. Look closer at it:

    • The round metal plate in the center of this panel has a similarly-shaped grove as the plate in the floor under the plant.

    • That's all you know for now, with no clue what's behind the panel or how to open it yet.

    • Back up.

You've seen enough so far...time to open that panel under the rug!

Code Under the Doormat and the L-Wrench

  1. Turn to face the door, then move aside the rug and zoom in on the small latch. Enter the correct 3-digit code to open it.

    • The answer to this is the time. But do you have the right time? 12 o'clock isn't it.

    • The button under the clock will change the time—or change it back to 12 again—but only if you have something else in the rest of the room in the correct setting.


    For the button under the clock to work, the second button (counting from the left) on the control box (big machine under the window) must be depressed.

    Then, click the button under the clock to change the time to 8:15.

    Enter 8 1 5 into the latch under the doormat by pressing the buttons under each number display. Then, lift the latch to see what's inside.

  2. When you get it open, take the L-WRENCH from the space under the hatch.

  3. Back up.

Water and the Cabinet Door

  1. After getting the L-WRENCH, get some water.

    • If you haven't already, pick up the water bottle from the little table in the corner.

  2. There's a WATER dispenser by the door, but the button to turn it on won't work until you do something else...


    The third button (from the left) on the control box (under the window) must be down (the "ON" position) to make the water button work.

  4. Once you get the water button to work, place the EMPTY BOTTLE under the dispenser then push the button and get:


  5. Back up and zoom in on the corner by the plant:

    • Use the L-WRENCH to remove the circular plate.

    • Pour the WATER into the hole.

    • Take the BALL that comes up from the hole.

      • Examine the ball in your inventory.

      • Open the ball to get a small CABINET KEY.

  6. Back up, turn left twice, and zoom in on the front of the machine:

    • Use the CABINET KEY to unlock the door.

    • Get the ROUND RED HANDLE from inside.

    • Before backing up from the machine, take note of the 4x4 grid of buttons here.

  7. Back up then examine the top of the machine/box.

    • Using your L-WRENCH, unscrew and remove the top's METAL PLATE.

    • Now you can see a key secured behind some glass.

    • There are also four blank squares here that seem unaffected by the buttons.

  8. Back up again, the metal plate in your possession.

The Drawer in the Wall

  1. Turn left from the box under the window to face the wall panel with the circle in its middle.

    • Zoom in on the panel and use the ROUND RED HANDLE to remove the panel from the wall.

    • It may be best to keep that ROUND RED HANDLE—bend down and take it back!

  2. Stand back up. Now you see another button and a drawer. Open the drawer to see that something thin and rectangular can fit here:

    • Put the METAL PLATE (from the machine top) here.

    • Back up and push the button.

    • What happened? Is the button working?


    If nothing changed on the metal plate after you put it in the drawer and pressed the button above it, try changing the buttons on the machine...

    • The fourth button of the control box turns the drawer "ON." So press it.

    • Then, with the metal plate in the drawer, press the button above it.

    • Open the drawer to see a pattern stamped on the metal plate:

    • X X - X
      - X - X
      X - X X
      X - X -

  3. Now you can take back the plate and hold on to it for future reference.

Getting the Exit Key

  1. After making the drawer work as intended, turn back to the control box under the window.

  2. Zoom in on the front of the box and open the cabinet door:

    • Using the clue from the metal plate, input the correct pattern on the 4x4 grid.

    • 4x4 GRID SOLUTION:

      The marks on the metal plate are where you should press on the 4x4 grid (represented by "X" below). The square will turn white when pressed...

      X X - X
      - X - X
      X - X X
      X - X -

    • When done correctly, the whole grid will turn green, indicating that the machine is turned "ON".

  3. Back up and look at the top of the control box:

    • Now you can see the four blank squares are actually four number boxes.

    • Apparently you need a 4-digit code to get the key, but pressing the buttons above do nothing. Here is where some lateral thinking is needed...

    • If pressing the buttons on this box turned the various devices around the room "ON." Then what happens when those buttons are turned "OFF"?

      When it's not turned "on" at the control box, any button around the room has a second function: it changes one digit on the control box's 4-digit code.

      So, in order to enter the final code and get the door key, just de-select a device's button on the control box, then use its button to change a digit on the box.

      • First Digit = Make sure the 1st button on the control box is up (the "off" position), then go over to the tube by the plant and push its button the requisite number of times.

      • Second Digit = The 2nd button on the control box must be "off" then use the button under the clock.

      • Third Digit = The 3rd button on the control box must be "off" then use the water dispenser's button.

      • Fourth Digit = The 4th button on the control box must be "off" then use the button above the wall drawer.

  4. It's great to figure out how to enter the numbers on the control box/machine, but what code should you enter?

    • Remember, you still have the ROUND RED HANDLE.

    • Also, is there a button somewhere around the room that you haven't used yet? After all, four buttons on the machine should equal four devices around the room.


    1. Since you haven't turned the first button "ON" yet, press the first button by the machine.

    2. Turn around to face the door then zoom in on the hole by the plant.

    3. Use the ROUND RED HANDLE to pull a tube out of the floor.

    4. Press the button on the front of the tube.

    5. Take the ROUND RED HANDLE off the top of the tube.

    6. Look in the water in the top of the tube to find your answer: 7 1 2 6.

  5. Now that you have the requisite code, enter it into the control box/machine (as explained in the spoiler below).

  6. Start with the first digit:

    • Press another button on the control box so that the first button is up, in the "off" position.

    • Go back to the tube by the plant and press its button 7 times (or however many more are needed to change the 1st digit to 7).

    • Return to the control box and check your work: a 7 should be the first digit.

    • Then, press down the first button (since you won't need it "off" any longer.

    Then, do the second, third and fourth digits:

    • With the first button pressed down in the "ON" position, all the other devices are off so you can use their buttons to change the other digits on the machine.

    • Go to the button under the clock and press it 1 time (or however many is needed to change its corresponding digit to 1).

    • Turn right to face the door. Then, use the button on the water dispenser to change the third digit to 2.

    • Turn right again and use the button over the wall drawer to change the last digit to 6.

    • With the correct number entered, the key's slot opens and you can access the exit key.

  7. Take the EXIT KEY and turn around. Use it on the door lock. Click the doorknob to open the door. Voila!



For the last puzzle...

I need to put in a four digit code to access the key. I've figured out how to do that by pressing the four buttons around the room but I can't see what number I'm supposed to use. I thought maybe 0815 or 1200 from the clock but no luck. Help me power of the post, you're my only hope!



Some items are activated by more than one of the four buttons above the numbers.

If you haven't taken the red magnetic opener off the plate from the wall, you should do that. It opens something else.


I have the 4-digit code, but cannot get the number panel activated.


I am in the same position as Dandy - I can use the buttons on the number panel and I have changed the numbers to 0000 but I have no idea what the code should be


Got it!

The button on the pillar makes something come out of the water when activated


Regarding the final puzzle

The code is revealed by pressing the 1st button on the keypad and then the button on the bottom of the pillar and then looking at the top of the pillar

The buttons around the room

are activated by the buttons on the keypad:
1st button - pillar; 2nd button - clock; 3rd button - water dispenser; 4th button - drawer

When inputting the code

The buttons around the room will change the numbers except when their keypad numbers are depressed as follows:
Drawer button changes 4th digit (except when the 4th keypad button is depressed), water button changes 3rd digit, pillar button changes 1st digit, clock button changes 2nd digit


Wow, managed to squeak through without a hint or walkthrough. For some reason I kept expecting to have to do something with the window, or that when I opened the door it would turn out to be another puzzle and I'd ultimately have to leave through the window.


This is the second game I've played on JIG where the frame hasn't been big enough for the game I'm playing, is anyone else getting this problem, or do I have something wrong with my Chrome?

LightWarriorK February 25, 2013 4:04 PM

This was a good one! I also got out with no hints or walkthroughs, which is rare for me. Good logic, good progression, and most importantly, when I got stuck, I was able to work out where I had to go to get UNstuck. There weren't any random bits that I just happened to miss to get me completely lost.


That was slick little game!

inheritance.fan February 25, 2013 5:08 PM

I used the round red handle for the wall slot, and now can't use it on the thing by the plant.


Fun! This was perfectly balanced for me -- the puzzles were just frustrating enough that I felt great when I solved them. The final puzzle was an especially nice combination of using genre conventions and subverting them.


Out !

Had to peek at a hint in the beginning, but went smooth all the way afterwards...
Tricky and interesting...

Paris : getting sweeter

Endboard April 17, 2013 5:12 PM

First time without a walkthrough. Good game.


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