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Tsuregemu 6

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Rating: 4.5/5 (90 votes)
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Tsuregemu 6

SonicLoverWhat's in the box? While there are many different references I could tie that line to, what matters about this particular white box is that it's the centerpiece of Tsuregemu 6, the newest escape game from Paradise Kung Fu and the direct successor of Tsure Game 5.2. (Whether it's "Tsuregemu" or "Tsure Game" seems to depend on your translator.) The goal's the same: point and click your way around the box, click the navigation arrows when they appear to change what you're looking at, use and examine inventory items, and eventually unlock the box's final secret: your key to freedom. However, this box is a huge step up in depth from its predecessor, with many more puzzles and secrets hidden inside it than originally meets the eye.

It's easy to see the jump in complexity when playing this side by side with the 5.x games; there's more to look at on this peculiar white box even before you start to solve anything, and the previous games didn't have or need "Teleport" buttons to skip over otherwise tedious segments of navigation. Yet despite this, this shouldn't be considered an intimidating box; there's no pixel-hunting as long as you know where you want to look (which, admittedly, isn't always the case), the progression from puzzle to puzzle is clear and enjoyable, and every puzzle is just clever enough without being too obscure. Overall, it's clear that the developer has taken a proven formula and expanded delightfully on it, resulting in a game that'll definitely be fifteen minutes well spent, give or take a few.

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Made it pretty far thru this one, but stumped on

the 4-digit code needed for the box on 2F.

Also can't figure out

where to enter the password on 3F.

Hints, anyone?

DarkSeth666 July 14, 2015 12:55 PM


There is something hidden

behind the elevator

on the

1st floor

DarkSeth666 July 14, 2015 12:59 PM


chelseamorning July 14, 2015 1:04 PM

I am in the same spot with

the binoculars

However, I cannot get the two clues to reconcile

from the sign on 2F and the sign through the binoculars.

I want to slide down the slide so badly!

chelseamorning July 14, 2015 1:06 PM

Aaaand it just clicked. Nevermind!


For those stumped on the 3rd floor code:

Find the binoculars which are behind the 1st floor elevator (when looking at the elevator, to the right).

Go to the 2nd floor and read the note outside the elevator. It shows what the elevator buttons relate to. Animal is 3F, Fruit is 2F, Symbol is 1F, and Open and Close.

Go to the 3rd floor and use the binoculars on the door - you see the code:


Make sure the panel on 3F reads LOCKED. Then push the buttons in the following order:

O (the Open button)
3F (the Animal button)
1F (the Symbol button)
2F (the Fruit button)
C (the Close button)

3F is now open to you.

Kaykayenne July 14, 2015 3:07 PM

It took me a few rides before I could read it, so here is the code written in

the slide: 8427

thegreatescaper July 14, 2015 10:51 PM

Nice one! It continually surprised me, and the way they incorporated the different parts of the box was quite fun.
Being a Japanese speaker I can safely say it's 'Tsure Game'. The characters are katakana, meaning they sound out a foreign word, which would naturally be 'Game'. The mystery now is what word 'tsure' is meant to be...


will a walkthrough be available soon?

expired July 17, 2015 5:48 AM

I am absolutely stumped, I haven't been able to do or solve anything

expired July 17, 2015 6:15 AM

Ahh ok, figured out the face puzzle and was able to make some progress

I didn't originally think of using certain features from each face according to the clue


guess not huh?


That was an interesting little game.

The parts you might get stuck on:

Clown face puzzle

There are TWO clown faces. The back of a poster will tell you the combination of features you will need to use.

When you're big

You can see higher up, and further away. You may need to make notes if you're not good at remembering parts you've opened or 'discovered' in a different size, e.g.

Noticing the keyhole higher up on the wall above the small clown when you're small, but needing to be big to reach it

The binoculars

are used when looking through the closed third floor elevator door. Using this clue along with the clue on the pole on the second floor on the elevator controls should be fairly straightforward.

fakealake July 26, 2015 12:49 AM replied to Kaykayenne

No need to re-ride the slide to read the code.

When you're at the place where you enter the code...

The screen above the code turns on after going down the slide once. It has two buttons, one lets you re-watch the slide without having to actually go down it again, and the other lets you forward the view one frame at a time, so you can see a still frame of the code.

Not much of a spoiler, but some people are real purists.



Clown face puzzle

Start by going to the bottom of the side with the “small” entrance. In the left corner, you’ll find a small poster. Click on the small rectangle on the ground and pull out the magnifying glass. On the back side of the poster there are markings with the letters “S” and “B”. This is the pattern for the clown face puzzle with “S” being the small clown and “B”, the big one. Put together, the solution should look like this:

left eye - ☆; right eye - + ; nose – blue; mouth – two-lipped smiley face

4 Digit Lock (outside)

Once you’ve solved the clown face puzzle, examine the coffee cup. On its bottom side, you’ll find the 4 digit code for the round lock. Keep in mind that the cup is upside down, so the correct code will be


Color Puzzle

Now that access to the roundabout is granted, place the cup in the empty spot and for the handyman to prepare it. Notice the colors of each cup and how it is positioned according to the “Coffee Cup” sign. To complete the color puzzle at the big door, put the colors in the same order, with the yellow dot being the “Coffee Cup” sign. Final result should be

top – blue; left – yellow; right – red; bot – green.

Getting the key and card key

Go through the big door to become small. Enter “Coffee Cup” and get inside the cup. When the ride is over, grab the little staff man and turn big. Put him on top of the slide and get the ball he’s carrying on his way down. Examine the ball and click on it to find the pattern for the fish puzzle under the pool or

top left – red; top right – red; middle – red; bottom left – red.

Turn small again, put on the staff suit and go inside to push the key. Now the key is reachable from the outside. Turn big and use the key on the small lock above. Use the ball on the scissors and get the key card out.

Getting to the 3rd floor

On the second floor, look at the sign outside the elevator. The top two are the open and close buttons of the elevator and the rest are the floor buttons. Thus, animals mean “3”, fruits mean “2” and symbol means “1”.
Go to the 3rd floor and use the binoculars (from the first floor) to see the sign. The “O” and “C” mean Open and Close respectively. The animal would be 3, the = is 1 and the tomato is 2. Put them together from left to right and you get

Open – 3 – 1 – 2 – Close.

Box on the second floor

Slide down from the third floor and go to the box. Above the 4 digit lock you’ll find a small screen where you can watch the replay from inside the slide and see the number

8427 clearly


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