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Trapped: Wayne's chamber

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TrappedHave you ever played one of those real-life scenarios where you were placed in a room and given a certain amount of time to escape? In one of their newest adventures, Carmel Games gives you, the main character, a one-room escape challenge. Follow Mike along in his visit and search for the evidence needed to convict a serial killer! You'll need to solve several puzzles and mysteries, including the killer's...dentist appointment? There's also a stranger you will encounter, despite that there is no mention of it by the clerk who let you in. What could he be doing there?

Like Carmel Games' other creations, in Trapped you navigate using solely the mouse. The cursor changes to illustrate when there is something to click on. In several of the puzzles you can click through options to select a combination to advance. Your inventory is displayed in the form of items at the bottom, and you will need to use these to interact at certain points as well. Good luck...you'll need it against Wayne!

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With all the knives and blood and bullet holes, you can almost taste the murder in this room.


As you walk in, a bright red digital clock on the ceiling counts down your 60 minutes.

On the left side of the room, a fishtank rests on a shelf over the door, but that's not a fish in there! There's a calendar on the wall with several interesting dates in August written on in maroon. Below that, several murder-friendly books have red stripes on them. A "souvenir chest" is locked with a four-digit lock.

In the middle of the room, a locked closet faces a bloodstained carpet, which you can click to find a note written on Psychocon stationery.

On the right side of the room, a TV turns on to show static. Take a knife from the box nearby, and read the note on top which has a clue with symbols written beside the alphabet. The other box on the floor is screwed shut. Checking the board on the wall, you find a to-kill list which includes you!

Worried about that timer? Even if you exceed the time limit, the timer just stays at 00:00 and nobody comes in for you.

Mark the date

Use the clues from the Psychocon note and the calendar to unlock the four-digit chest.

The note tells you that the combination is two days before a dentist appointment.

That would be August 18.

0818 doesn't work, so enter 1808 instead.

Then click on the unlocked chest to pull out a silver ball.

Play ball

The silver ball is heavy and useless, so try throwing it at the fishtank.

It floats up right next to the fishtank and smashes it. Pick up the key from the floor.


Use the key to unlock the closet, click the closet to release an actor.

He introduces himself as Jack, who you recognize from the to-kill list.

Deathly letters

Use the clue from the alphabet note to unlock the closet.

The letters J, A, C, K appear in the rows marked with the star, square, square, star symbols.

So click the buttons 2, 1, 1, 2 times, then open up the closet.


Clicking on Jack, you remember that the rope needs to be cut.

So use the knife to slice the rope into shreds.

Now free, Jack tells you that Wayne is real and dangerous, and he gives you a VHS casette and a cookie.


Use the VHS tape on the TV to view a clue with white bars on a blue background.

Then use that clue to rearrange the murder books.

Click a pair of books to swap them, and repeat until their stripes match the TV clue. From left to right, the books should be:
Love Too, No Body, Own Grave, Cooking, Intestines, Sleep Forever, Dressed Up.

The skull box under the books opens up so you can take Wayne's journal and a screwdriver. The journal contains lots of incriminating evidence and a hint of a way out.


Use the screwdriver to open up the box in the bottom-right.

Inside, there's another four-digit safe.

The Way Out

Use the clue from the journal to unlock this four-digit safe.

The shapes in the clue show circles divided into 2, 4, 6, 3 parts.

So enter that in the safe and push the button. The door to the room opens.


After leaving with your delicious cookie, you get a cutscene with a plot twist.

The poisoned cookie was given to you by Wayne in a Jack mask. It was a trap all along.

Dabsydoodle October 30, 2017 3:12 PM

Well that was quite a plot twist! I actually did not expect that! Another fun little diversion from Carmel Games :)


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