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joyeTransylvaniaTransylvania is without a doubt the best point-and-click game about a sleepwalking potato who accidentally drives his car into the depths of hell that I have ever played. The bar has definitely been raised for that particular niche. But be warned: the dangers in this place aren't just of being scared, nor even of being trapped there forever. No, you can expect to die many, many times on your quest to escape back to Miss Potato, often in extremely unfair (but hilarious!) ways.

In each level, you'll be presented with a scene involving at least one obstacle preventing Mr Potato from leaving, from a simple closed gate to an elaborate bomb. Use your mouse to try clicking on various areas of the screen and interact with them. Clicking on the gate to open it will be pretty easy, but you'll have to have sharp eyes, quick wits, and a little luck to make the right choice when it comes to escaping a murderous tree or a piano playing demon. If... well, let's be realistic, when you die, you can click to try again from the beginning of that level, and levels are all quite short, so you never lose much progress. There is no pause button, but the game can be muted in the upper right.

The game is reminiscent in many ways of early silent films, especially in the grainy opening cut-scene. Mr Potato's jaunty hat and old-fashioned car seem to set him up as a hapless Chaplin type. But I don't think that those silent films featured their protagonists getting smashed by spikes, swallowed whole, or crushed by boulders. While the scene generally cuts away just before showing the actual carnage, this is not one for the kids. For gamers who enjoy a little macabre whimsy, however, this is perfect.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Transylvania Walkthrough

Level 1

Click the door to open it and click on yourself to walk through the door.

Level 2

Click on the key to open the door.
Click the door to open it and click on yourself to walk through the door.

Level 3

Click on the cage to open it.
Click on the creature inside to set it free.
Click on the demon to chase after the creature.
Click on the right and then the left parts of the trapdoor.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 4

Click on the third and then the first wheel controls. The other controls will kill you.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 5

Click on the apple.
Click on the creature.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 6

Click on the winged creature on the upper left to see the pattern.
Follow the pattern on the creature on the right (click its left wing, right wing, and then center).
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 7

Click on the center door.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 8

Click on the flashing point in the upper left to get a key, and click on the key.
Click on the now unlocked gate at the bottom.
Click on the hanging levers in this order: 2, 4, 1, 3. Don't click on 5.
Click on the key and click on the gate to open it.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 9

Click the left mirror and then the bottom mirror.
Click on the demon.
Click on the trapdoor above to drop the rocks on the demon.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 10

Click on the rock to roll it off the elevator.
Click the up control to bring the elevator to you.
Click on yourself to get in, and click on the down control.
Click on the minecart control to get trapped!

Level 11

Click on the upper middle cell to release the creature.
Click on the demon to make it chase after.
Click on the lid of the box to open it, and then the key within to unlock the gate.
Click on the gate to open it and on yourself to walk out.

Level 12

Click on the two rocks at the bottom to stop the lava geyser.
Click on the broken cord to mend it.
Click on the lever to blow up the rocks.

Level 13

Click on the right hand lever.
Click on yourself to enter the cage.
Click on the right hand lever.

Level 14

Click on the creature in the cage to let it escape.
Click on the wagon with the sleeping demon to send it down the trapdoor.
Click on the left and then right trapdoors to close it.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 15

Click on the upper left key to unlock a gate and then open it.
Click on the key behind the gate to unlock another gate, then open it.
Click on the lever behind that gate.
Click on the ladder slat lying in the center to fix the ladder.
Click on yourself to walk out. This all has to be done fast.

Level 16

Click on the prominent brick to reveal a key, then click on it.
Open the box and click on the bottle within twice to scare off the executioner.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 17

Click on the minecart to send it away.
Click on the top most button next to you.
Click on the gate in the lower left.
Click on the platform behind the cart to bring out a creature in a cage.
Click on the dinosaur to have it start walking on the treadmill.
Click on the wheel above you to have it attach to the treadmill wheel and bring up the bridge.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 18

Click on the bubbles in this order: 5, 2, 1, 3, 4.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 19

Click on the little peg next to the key to push it in.
Click on the bell to drop it.
Click on the key to free the creature and open the door.
Click on the creature to set it free.
Click on the door to open it.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 20

Click on the trapdoor just next to you to reveal an underground area.
Click on the small wheel in the generator to stop the fog.
Click on the lever to stop the large wheel.
Click to the bottle attached to the fan to free the ghost.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 21

After the cutscene, click on the peg locking down the alarm clock to take it out, then open the box that has the alarm clock in it and pull up the bell.
Detach the cord attached to the clock.
Click on the key to unlock the gate.
Click on the gate.
Click on yourself to walk out.

Level 22

Click on the creature for a cutscene. You win!


Fun little game :) Most of the levels were very simple, but some of them took process of elimination or plain good luck to get right the first time.

mezzanote April 18, 2011 8:34 PM

But from that time on, poor Mr. Potato, not having a car, had to take mass transit whenever he had to go anywhere. And then he began to look back on his time in the underworld with great fondness...

Azrael H April 18, 2011 9:22 PM

That was a cute game :)

breakstress April 19, 2011 12:15 AM

This game was so much fun and so full of atmosphere. Reminded me of Nightmare Before Christmas for some reason.

Still, never have I felt so much sympathy for such a hapless potato...I really wanted him to have a happy ending...

nerdypants April 19, 2011 1:23 AM

Cute game. My only complaint is that some levels I could beat only with blind guesses. For example

the level with the three doors. How was I supposed to know which one to click? Was there some sort of hint that I missed?

Other than that, it was a really good game.


Sign of an enjoyable game: When losing not only isn't frustrating, but is actually amusing.

The first example I can recall was the old 2600 game, Circus Atari. I had a difficult time getting the trapeze artists up into the bricks to play it properly, but i could entertain myself for hours watching them go SPLAT on the floor.

This game entertains me in much the same way, just with the addition of that little burp.

littlefish April 19, 2011 5:25 AM

Silly but adorably cute.
Another proof that the idea and story is more important than the graphics.


That was fun! :)


Loved the music. ditto, littlefish, story and idea were delightful. Absolutely loved the graphics and way this played. More please!

JIGuest15 May 1, 2011 5:25 PM

Took a long time to load, but was so worth the wait! So cute, yet somewhat macabre.

lycyfyrsam July 2, 2012 8:42 AM

top of the everlovin line game game.
one question: who made it?


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