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Tomb of the Mummy

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JayTomb of the MummyHere are a couple of devious point-and-click puzzle games by Alessandro Cima and available on the CandleLightStories website. The first was created as a Halloween treat, and now a second puzzle game in the series has been released. So far, according to the website, not a single person has solved it. This sounds like a challenge the JIG community can come together on and crack in no time.

Before jumping right into the unsolved mystery, however, puzzle solvers may first want to take a look at the original, Tomb of the Mummy, to get an idea of what kind of trickery the author is capable of.

In this puzzle, the objective is simply to release the mummy from its tomb. Not a simple task by any means since audible clues and timing are necessary to accomplish the goal. The puzzle also comes with a warning that it may not be suitable for younger children nor people with any health conditions that may be affected by a sudden scare. Yes, it ends with the mummy jumping out at you, but don't let that stop you from trying to solve the puzzle, as there is nothing scary about that and it is a well-designed puzzle. If you do scare easily, once the door is opened, simply look away from the screen.

Tomb of the MummySeveral of us banded together in our IRC chatroom earlier today and we were able to tackle the first one without too much trouble. The second puzzle, however, we have been unable to solve, so far. You are given this clue: You are cursed. You can move but one finger. To break free, make the golden bird. And then inside the game help continues: With bottles, words, and water from the Nile, make something dark. Set it boiling. Then find the emerald eye.

Analysis: High production values makes this series of puzzles excellent, with both audio visual elements being of commercial quality. We will have to keep watch of any other offerings to come from the CandleLightStories site. Unfortunately, these are not the most accessible of games, since at least the first puzzle mentions that listening to game audio is required to solve it, and there is one part that depends on color recognition as well. However, it may be possible to use only visual cues without audio, but there are important clues that are provided within the mummy's dialog as he pleads with you to free him. Perhaps someone will offer those up in the comments in a spoiler.

What I enjoyed most about these puzzles was the fact that they were unlike most point-and-click games I have played. They force you to think differently and to be very, very observant. Especially puzzle #2, a game that can be solved using two buttons only. Maddening, yes, but also brilliant and beautiful. An elegant mix of puzzle and panache.

When playing through these puzzles I couldn't help but think that these are exactly the kind of "simple puzzle game" we are looking for in our second Flash game design competition: Simple, beautiful, and elegantly designed. And devious. Did I mention that you will have to be very resourceful in your pursuit of the solution?

Play Tomb of the Mummy

Play Tomb of the Mummy 2

Cheers to William for suggesting the games. =)

Update: Thanks to a bunch of us all playing together in our IRC chatroom, both puzzles have been solved! Cheers to Thomas for getting us over the "1/3" hurdle of the first one, and for being the first from this site to solve it. And many thanks to NohWoman, Valarauka, W00tMa5ter, Vertigon, and Larry for pooling our collective room-jostling skills and helping to release the curse of the second puzzle! For the record, NohWoman was actually the first to solve that one.

However, at the very end, after the curse is released, you are given this clue:

"Behind this puzzle lies a single word. Can you guess what word it is?"

None of us could guess the word. Can you?

Update #2: Congratulations to SimJai for being first to decipher the word of the puzzle! =)

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Fuzzygrid, what the blue and red scarabs do is either too easy or too hard to explain. The easy explanation is "they shake the screen a bit". The hard could be on the lines of "red shakes it to the right, but not always, blue shakes it to the left, but not always", but that's as far as I can figure it out.

As for the walkthrough:

Align the sun and the round bottle to burn the paper. This will take about 536 random clicks on the beetles and some frustrating downtime until the sun comes again.

Click the blue beetle like an idiot gazillion times until the plant shows up on the screen. Align the plant so the leftmost leaf resides over the bottle. Wait for rain.

Again click the blue beetle like a retarted chipmonk until the shovel shows up on the right side of the screen. Wait for sandstorm, then click the blue scarab again at the exact moment sand starts puring down from the ceiling. Hopefully the shovel will hit the switch and the candle will come down. More realistically, you will fail and will have to keep trying until you succeed or die from malnutrition, whichever comes first.

Now you must nudge the candle to the right, which involves a camera and some extremely insightful clicking of the red scarab.

Now wait a few eons until the full moon arises. Watch what happens when the full moon passes near the bottle. Put the paper with an eye (only the paper) on the exact spot the green light shows up. About five thousand nudges of the screen will probably do it. Then wait for the full moon again (which will happen at about 2015).

Now type in the word that was already mentioned here. Then send the link for the game to your mother-in-law and go get some rehabilitation for your eyes and fingers.

There you go.


I agree.


I'm on the first one.

I've figured out that by pressing the different beetles you can make the round stone jump in one of the holes by the coal pyres. But what on earth does the mummy have to do with the solution?


I can't seem to make very much progress, and without progress, I just can't be kept interested. Even the teensiest little hint that I'm going in the right direction would help... Bleh.


Sorry for the double post.

Just as I posted that, I figured out how to get the second stone! Now to figure out how to use the coal pyres to my advantage.


This game is absolutely insane! I don't have any idea if anything I've done is right or not!

I ended up with a tree on the screen, which I have watered, but I don't know if I'm even supposed to do that!


i could use a little guidance!

i have

the round stone in the holder on the pyre but i am unsure what to do next...
i am guessing this is where the timing aspect comes into play? i was trying to time it with the mummy pounding on the door...


I've put the tree in a place where the rain runs down the leaves and onto the cork of the green bottle... but it's not going through, maybe there's a way to get the cork out?


toby - you have the right idea, but you won't get very far with what you have so far.

You need stones in both holders. Not sure where to get the other stone?

Have you checked the in-game hint? The answer lies in there.


I've managed to...

...knock down the pyres. Are you wondering how to do it? Then here's a hint:

Center of mass, maximum force and timing.

The solutions are pretty hermetic (yet innovative), heh?
I like it a lot, though it can get a little frustrating at times. Thanks Jay!


Why does the second puzzle feel like I'm playing the single player version of this game prototype? http://www.derekyu.com/?p=121


wendy - about getting the cork out:

Perhaps if you can somehow ignite the paper in the bottle, it might cause the cork to pop?

When one of the bottles is in just the right spot when the sun passes, the reflection through the bottle will shine onto the paper inside the bottle and it catches fire, thus popping out the cork


Cool! I've released the mummy!

Or should I say... frankenstein! :D

Excelent challenge! Now, off I go to the second one.


well, I've got the water, it lit up all funny for a bit, but I don't know what I did or how I did it. Was that the boiling part or did I miss something? I assume the emerald eye involves the full moon making that green spot on the carpet, but I don't know. Interesting game though!


Hmmmmm..... game looks like on my old favorites called "Curse of the Mummy". Some of you might remember it ;-)


Hahaha, Chad! =D

I was thinking the same thing when I first laid eyes on it. One of these days that game will rise again, I promise you! =)

undrcvrangl February 5, 2007 1:43 AM

Ok..I'm totally at a loss as to what what I'm supposed to do

I've gotten the first stone onto the holder on the Pyre on the left. I've also found the stone in the hint, but I don't know what to do with it, or if I CAN do anything with it for that matter. I feel like I've clicked everything!

Someone help me out!

PS. This is my first time posting but I've been going to this site for a while now. It's definately my number one gaming site and it's actually one of my custom links :) Definately love it!


Cheers, undrcvrangl! =)

You should take a closer look where you found the 2nd stone. Do you see anything out of the ordinary anywhere on the screen? The answer lies in front of you.


That's actually the thing I liked least about that one.

If it looks and acts like a hint page, then it should BE a hint page, ie a last resort. I shouldn't have to go there to solve the puzzle, as it exists 'outside the game,' as it were.


i relly need a tip on how to get past this swinging axe its relly anoying all these coulr codes that seem to do nothing


I could really use some help on the first one, I've gotten both stones in the pyres but have no clue what to do now.


SOMEONE PLEASE tell me how to release that mummy, the axe is really annoying me.


omg omg ok i better stop posting now but he says

he says "at the end of time when the death wind howls strike the final blow" at some time you here i wind howling and the BAM instead off about 5 hits he only hits once

dose it mean somthing...... no probably not lol


um i think i killed the mummy he stoped talking LOL HAHAHA


"Behind this puzzle lies a single word. Can you guess what word it is?"

I got it. The answer was right there under our noses from the very beginning! Read the instructions again... ;-)


To break free, make the golden bird. Attempts to create gold from other elements was a form of ancient science...

...and thus the word is:


baba44713 February 5, 2007 7:10 AM

Well this looked promising until

I realized that the second stone was in the hint page. That wasn't really what angered me, but the fact that I couldn't find the way to use that stone because it kept disappearing when I returned back to the main screen. When the game forces me to try a miriad of ways to "cheat the interface" instead of presenting me with a true puzzle, I find it irritating and unnecessary.
I mean what's next? Why doesn't someone make a puzzle that requires you to restart the computer before progressing? Oh yeah, Bill Gates already then that.


have you actuely tested that in some way or is it DEFINATLY right cas you say so. it is true what you say but unless you acturly proved it i dont hink its enogh evidence. where do you think that the BIRD comes into this yeah sure mabey its like a bird statue but the way it says make "THE" golden bird makes me doughtful


oh and sorry jay has that thing about the IM-speak been there all the time. i just automaticaly do that sometimes i say it in my head in english but when i type it comes out as eg. OMG haha i am embaressed to say that sometimes i say such words as "lol" out loud when i do that makes me feel rely nerdy ....... almost typed it again i have a nasty habbit of ending my sentances that way ..... must not say LOL


Nice work on deciphering the word, SiamJai! I can't be bothered to go through all that hassle again, so I'll just take your word for it. :D


Wait....why would I wanna release a Mummy? Maybe I trapped it there in the first place.
Should I release the Wolfman & Dracula too?

I tried both games a while & after reading an early hint I was able to [spoiler]get the stone in the right torch. I tried sync-pounding with the Mummy but no go. I also read in a hint of another stone. I was wondering if the other stone was on top of the torch rolling back & forth.[/spoiler] And then I went to bed.

But not before trying the 2nd game which is more interesting. All I can gather so far is [spoiler]I gotta get the round glass to line up in the center when the sun goes by. A little tricky since the wind has a habit of blowing during that time.[/spoiler]


I am completely and totally stuck! D:

I can't seem to get the pyre to fall over.
I read Stefano's hint, I've tried to do it at all
different places, at all different times. I know/think
I have to do it when he knocks on the door. I feel
ridiculous...Hints, please? :]

baba44713 February 5, 2007 9:41 AM

Update: Finally finished the door puzzle. Final verdict: awful. This is an extremely hard puzzle, yet not "hard" as in "clever and satisfying", but "hard" as in "stupid and frustrating". Reasons in the spoiler.

For me the puzzle to work it has to be logical. This one is anything but. Finding the stone in the help page is a nice try of "thinking-outside-the-box", but ultimately a flawed one since it reinforces the feeling that the puzzle designer is toying with you instead of trying to challenge you.
After the stones it goes downhill. You have basically three timed puzzles, both practically without any feedback if you're doing anything right, and seemingly both very FPS-dependant. The ultimate result is that when you finally solve them, you don't feel pleased but rather exasperated.
Give me that car-escaping instead of this any day.


Thanks Valaruka. :-)

Motzo: sorry, I didn't take any screenshots. If you feel that it's necessary, feel free to solve the puzzle again so you can answer the final riddle. Click on "Submit my Word"; if you used the word I gave you here, a confirmation message will pop up, saying something like "Yes! ******* You are very perceptive!"

Otherwise: belief or disbelief rests with you. ;-)


I solved the first one with help from my girlfriend. There's not much rhyme or reason to parts, and we only figured it out on accident with some rabid clicking.

The second is frustrating because there's again no real pattern to the scarabs.

And above all, thanks to the person who liked to Derek Yu's website!!! I've been looking to see where Blackeye Software went for literally YEARS.


I can't seem to make the pyres fall down. I've been shifting the little rocks inside of them over and over but the pyres won't fall down. Any help?


i have the two stones now WHAT?


For those still stuck on the first puzzle:

  • Have you both stones? If not, check the hint. For those that do:

  • Have you both stones in place? If not, get them there. For those that do:

  • You can manipulate the small black stones on the torches. Move them into place. The mummy gives you a clue on where to place them. Read on for where to put them:

  • Move both stones to the inside corners. Still don't have the pyres tipped over yet?

  • You need to bounce the stones when the mummy is pounding on the door. The visual clue of the pyres shaking when the mummy is pounding should have clued you into this.

To those saying there is no logic to these puzzles: I am sorry but I disagree. Perhaps you're sore that you didn't figure it out on your own?

Granted, they were indeed frustrating, but the answers were right there in front of you, just as SiamJai had said.

What I enjoyed most about of these puzzles was the fact that they were unlike most point-and-click games I have ever played. They forced you to think differently and be very, very observant. Especially puzzle #2, a game that can be solved using two buttons only. Maddening, yes, but also brilliant and beautiful. An elegant mix of puzzle and panache.


where is the hint page and where is the rock on the hint page?????????????????????????????????????????????


alright found the rock how do i get it onto the other screen it keeps disapearing


thank gosh i found it


is there anybody here,


I'm here. Congratulations on finding it. :)


what do i do with the axe bit after the [censored] stones

[Edit: Do not swear on my site, please. Thank you. -Jay]


Okay -- seriously. The axe? Swinging? Very close to driving me to a Tell-Tale Heart state.

I don't know how or in what order to press the scarabs -- if I'm even supposed to press the scarabs. And if I am supposed to press the scarabs, and I press them in the wrong order, do I have to "reset"? Or can I start over immediately by pressing them in the right order.

This game is like playing Calvinball -- only without the whimsy, fun, or humor of Bill Waterson and Calvin & Hobbes.



Mike - the mummy tells you what to do combined with the new information showing once you get the axe swinging.

"When the wind howls, strike the final blow."

That is referring to the sequence you need to press the scarabs in, with the final one being timed with the "whoosh" of the axe. The game appears to remember the last sequence of clicks regardless of how many times you've tried.


I know there's logic in there, but I can't seem to find it: with no instructions, hints (aside from the odd clue which may or may not be one big red herring), or even a helpful *ding*/incorrect *buzz*, I'm forced to either think exactly as the game designer had, or come across the right answer by complete serendipity. The addition of sound and timing-related puzzles makes it even harder to find the answer that's "staring you in the face", much less decipher it.

For example:

The blue scarab makes a louder shake, and causes dust or ash to fall from the ceiling. Is this important? Does a button have to be pushed when the axe swings left, right, hits dead center, or when it makes the "woosh"ing noise?

At least Hapland and Warbears showed what happened when you did anything, and was cute as well.

I guess the curse stops him from out-and-out telling you what you have to do, too. I mean, anyone who'd been stuck in a tomb for thousands of years would want to get out, if only for revenge against the living.


For everyone at the axe:

All you need to do is click the scarabs in the sequence shown by the revealed glyphs, from left to right. The final timing clue is given by the mummy himself: "When the death wind howls, strike the final blow." - it's fairly obvious that the howl is the 'whoosh' sound of the axe swing, so all you need to do is time the final button press with that sound.

I know they're difficult puzzles; each one took several of us working together in the chatroom a few hours to solve. However, I firmly agree with jay that they are logical, and can be solved with good observation skills and some patience. We worked out all the actions required ourselves with no outside help; in the second game two of us even managed to do one step without realizing how we did it - but we went back and tried to repeat it, and sure enough figured it out after a little while.

All in all, I thought they were both excellent games - simple interface yet fiendishly difficult, frustrating at times but ultimately rewarding.



Thank you for your entry about Tomb of the Mummy. I have been reading through the posts on this page and it is clear that you have some extraordinarily smart people here. Most of the blogs I find are not nearly so thorough as this one. I really enjoy the way you are paying attention the kind of thinking that the puzzles require.

I find that when one tries to design a game that has very few controls and presents a more or less static image to the player, one gets into a very tight bind with the element of random luck creeping into the puzzle. In other words, how do you design a puzzle that utilizes apparently random motion and at the same time minimize the possibility of the lucky player stumbling across the solution? I am always looking for new solutions to this question. The puzzles are my sometimes effective and sometimes less effective attempts at solving this puzzle of puzzle design.

By the way, do you mind if I quote your article and link back to you from the Candlelight Stories site?

Best regards,


Hi Alessandro!

Thanks for adding your input, and I wouldn't mind at all you quoting the review or linking from your site. I would be grateful if you did.

And very nice job with the puzzles. I especially like the direction you've taken with the 2nd one (more so than the first). Looking forward to your next game! =)


So... at the end of the first game...

It gives a message: "Close the door before you leave..."
Seriously? How do you close the door?


"Mike - the mummy tells you what to do combined with the new information showing once you get the axe swinging."

I...guess. Mostly, the mummy tells me he's phlegmy.

And as far as the sequence goes:

Here are the "colors" I see. I say "colors" because I don't see the colors so well; and in the case of this game, especially the yellow and green. Anyway, here goes: green, blue, blue, red, red, yellow (?), blue, red, green (?), blue.

Is that right? And if it's right, is there a pattern for the corresponding scarabs? A timing issue? Or is it only for the last

pink? Purple?

And as far as this, from Valarauka:

"it's fairly obvious that the howl is the 'whoosh' sound of the axe swing, so all you need to do is time the final button press with that sound."

There's a definite difference, in sound, between a


and a


. So no, it isn't "fairly obvious."


Jay, thanks for mentioning me in the review - what a nice surprise! :-)

Alessandro, kudos for making such a great game! It's nice to know the philosophy behind the game I'm playing. I like how you solved the dilemma of creating the feeling of random gameflow while minimizing the chance of random luck. :-)


In the second game what do you need to do after filling the bottle with water? The game hints page says to boil it, but i can't think how.

I quite like these games, they are horribly difficult when you first start and have no idea what to do, though that means whenever you do accomplish something it's very rewarding.

anyway thanks


You solvers out there, I'd like a nudge on II.

Have burnt the note and popped the cork, then watered the bottle. Don't know what to do next. I've notice a sprinkle of something falling near the light switch, but don't know when this occurs and don't know how to take advantage of it.



cutem (and danr, as you're at the same step of the puzzle) -

You need to boil the water. To do so you'll need something hot. Solving this is arguably the most difficult piece of the puzzle.

If only there was a way to get the candle down.

There is a way! And it involves the switch on the wall, the one with the wires broken.

But the wires are not always broken! Something happens during which they reconnect for a moment!

Perhaps if you could get something over to the switch to trip it at the right instant?


I played the first mummy a long time ago on lazylaces and they have the walkthrough but they don't have the second mummy yet! Can I get a walkthrough?


I can't get that switch to turn on...

I've tried 4 different times to get that shovel to hit the switch on the wall just after that sand hits the wire to temporarily connect it. And it's never worked. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it has nothing to do with the shovel at all, but I doubt it. HELP!


Thanks for the hint jay. I think I know what I need, but please take a look and let me know if I'm correct. The appropriate configuration comes about only once every so often, so it seems I have very little room for experimentation.

shovel + wind when sprinkles fall


danr and Labyrinth - you're both on the right track. The trouble is, so many elements of this game are randomized and therefore your attempts may be unsuccessful at first.

As they say, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. ;)


If this were real life, you would die of dehydration before got this golden bird created. I'd be trying to break the chair so I could haul tail out that window to freedom.

I'm just sayin...


i can't make any inroads into number 2. Any help with how to move the correct glass into the path of the sun?


anyone have just a walkthrough


This site is great.
I am a big fan of point'n'click type of games and there is so much in this site, I am going nuts. But anyway...
I need some help on Part 2 of the game...

I figured after some time that I have to pop the cork burning the fire with some kind of magnifier, and tried the bottles but got no results. After that, I read a post about the right position and the right bottle, but I can't manage to find the combination.

help :(


Playing tomb of the mummy 2 reminds me of trying to get E.T. out of the well on Atari 2600.



Put the tall round bottle (no cork) just to the left of center. When it's in the right spot, it will glow as the sun passes it. You'll know you've done right when a ray of light shoots from the bottle to the paper.


Do you actually have to "close the door before you leave" in the first game. If so how do you do this?


Perhaps some are turned off the first puzzle because of frame rate. On my computer, there's a second of delay between pressing a scarab and hearing the "thud", which means things like "simultaneous" don't have a lot of meaning.

Even after reading the spoilers, I wasn't able to get past the last bit; it simply wasn't possible to do all I needed to in the time I had, or to correctly time my thuds. Sometimes, the scarabs didn't light up at all. It was like unwrapping Christmas presents with three pairs of mittens on

I'm also not a big fan of the long waits between mummy-thumps in the first bit. I got everything set up properly, then waited so long before he started pounding on the door again that I assumed I'd done something wrong. Puzzles shouldn't involve thirty seconds of staring at the screen, waiting for something to happen.
The art was gorgeous, but actually trying to solve it was extremely frustrating. Except for

finding the second stone

, it was always clear to me what I was supposed to do (or, at least, the actual solution was always one of the things I'd tried); I was just unable to test my hypotheses due to framerate problems.


jere7my - you bring up a very good and valid point. Flash can easily consume a significant amount of processing power from your computer rendering some games unplayable that rely on precise timing.

Fortunately, I have a slightly faster PC (than my G4 Powerbook laptop) to test games that perform poorly on my Mac. I used the PC for both mummy games and had no trouble at all.

So I went back through today using my Mac to see if it would be able to cut it, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it could. The timing of the pounds did not have to be precise, but I will admit that it took me a few more tries to get it right than using my PC. For the final blow, all I needed to do was anticipate it by clicking a bit before the "whoosh" sound.


Ugh, still stuck on this.

For anyone that's solved 1:

I'm at the axe bit. Are we supposed to treat each brick of colored symbols as a separate "blow", and in that case are you supposed to time the last color on each brick with the axe? Because my timing is highly incorrect (must be my computer), and I still can't get the mummy out.

As for 2, I am NOWHERE on it, so I'm not even gonna try and ask for hints on it.


you just press the last one (which i believe is pink)in time with the axe

Luis Henriques February 5, 2007 8:30 PM

To close the door after releasing the mummy:

click the left scarab when the axe disapears left
(you should hear a click)
click the right scarab when the axe disapears right
(you should hear a click)
after clicking a few times the door close :)


2nd game, 3rd part is killing me. I'm in the same boat with Labyrinth and Danr. I just can't figure out the timing. *sigh* And I have to leave in 20 minutes.

I think the worst part about these games is not the difficulty/cleverness, it's the interminable waiting.


About the second puzzle (the same spot where cutem and danr had problems... boiling.)

After I read these posts, I managed to see the tiny sprinkle falling from the roof and the microscopic wire re-connecting during the sand storm. And that's about it. I did hit the sitch with the shovel in such conditions and nothing happened... can I have one more hint? Is that the solution?



The power of posting... the procedure was correct but...

you need to hit the exact spot and sometimes the shovel start it's moving-off-screen cycle without even reaching the correct position. So, try and wait a lot. That's the answer...


Stefano - yes, you're on the right track. Trouble is, in this game, actions are highly randomized. So, even though you may be on the right track, it still may take you several tries to do it.

Sometimes the shovel hits the side of the switch, which will not trigger the action. The shovel needs to bounce in front of the switch, an action that doesn't happen every time.


Yeah, thanks Jay. I got it!
Now to the next bit:

Emerald Eyes. What I'm considering: the Egyptian god image on the furniture under the green bottle has green eyes. There's also the Eye of Horus picture with a hole in the middle and the magnifying glass over the table... am I on the right track?


Again, the power of posting! hahaha! Unbelivable.

the moon.. green bottle...


My impression of game 2: I'm having a long and pointless argument with somebody who is just a little bit more stubborn than I am, while we are continually being disrupted by other people - so that every time we get close to making progress, we find we have to go back to square one and explain ourselves all over again. I am very very frustrated.

Whereas I rather liked game 1- there was logic and a sense of control when pushing the scarabs. Here? ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I push one scarab and the objects bounce left- or do they want to bounce right this time? Do they want to jump a little or a lot? Nobody knows! Wait - I have everything where I want it, except for the WIND, the WIND. Somebody hold me.

Excuse me, I'm off to try it again.


at the end

there is a suprise ending



Stefano, I'm stuck with you. Does the paper or the magnifying glass, or both, have to be at the right spot at the right time?


For the "emerald eye" piece of the puzzle:

What color is emerald?

Green! Yes! And have you noticed anything green in the room, besides the obvious green bottle?

Take particular notice when the full-moon passes by the bottle at night

Did you see it?! Now have you noticed anything like an "eye" anywhere?

The Horus! The piece of paper with the eye looking thing on it! Yeah, but now what?

Move the paper to where the green glow shines when the full moon passes by the bottle at night.


On the second puzzle, is there any sort of directioning with scarabs?

All mine seem to do is make things randomly jump around...


Yes, that's exactly what I did...

only the full moon can cast the correct light and you don't have to use the magnifying glass on top of it at all. In fact, it'll keep you from completing the puzzle

Is it over?

After I create the golden bird and enter the correct word, the mummy shows up (at night) and when I click on the phone it says "You have broken the curse... go freeeeee... ha-ha-ha-ha". Is that the end of the game? Why does it keep running?

Nice one, Jay. Thanks again...

undrcvrangl February 6, 2007 12:46 AM

ok so..I finished the first one with a some help, but I really wish someone would have warned me that when the door opens:

The freaking mummy pops up in your screen and screams! I'm laying here in bed playing this and I hear the mummy kinda laughing, so I turn my volume up to see if he's saying something, and all of a sudden..BAM! haha Thankfully my parents (who are soundly sleeping in the next room) have their door closed tonight haha

On to the next one...


I've gotten the candle down, what do I do now?


SimJai : oh sorry i didnt know that it acturly told you if you were right i did not know that there was space for input i just predicted that it was a word they may help you in a futer game not somthing you have to type on the spot to win . i havent acturly commpleted that one as when i play i seem to have no real control of what happends when i press the buttons which anoys me lol no need for screen shots though :)

baba44713 February 6, 2007 5:17 AM

Don't want to be a grumpy old grandpa here but...

are we saying these puzzles are brilliant just because they

a) contain seemingly randomized interface,
b) involve split-second precise timing and
c) don't give any feedback if you do something right?

Because I fail to see any brilliance in that. I mean, kudos for graphics, atmosphere, trying something new and all that but seriously, if every point-and-click adventure started to implement this kind of obscure timing puzzles, I would've switched to FPSs years ago.

Or to put it bluntly, if I figure out WHAT to do, WHEN to do and HOW to do something and the game still doesn't let me progress, AND I have to wait a few minutes each time to try again, is it really a game or a cyber-exercise in masochism?

Ffirebrand February 6, 2007 8:32 AM

anybody there?? im stuck at the fact that i cant see these [censored] stones
am i blind? i must be no1 else has asked about them

i see the two beetle buttons on either side of the page and thats how you move things i got that and i did the cork but these gewals or stones everyones on about im blind and in need of a little hlep please FfireX


I thought there was a separate review already for Tomb I? It is confusing when people are writing comments on two games under same review :(

The Tomb II drives me crazy! I managed to

fill the bottle with rain water

and found out that

full moon makes a green light on the table

but that is all.

And if that Mummy try to say something, then it is really annoyingly faded under other sounds :(


How do I get the second stone from off the hint page? It just disappears and no one has said anything about how to get it!


Amor: you're doing well so far. The next step is probably the trickiest in the whole game - you need to

observe carefully during sandstorms.

Also - the mummy isn't trying to say anything in this one, so you can stop straining your ears. :)


AUGH! why the heck is it cheating me?! i do what the spoilers say, have both rocks, and the pyres don't fall even though i do exactly qwhat i'm supposed to. grrrrrrr...


2nd Puzzle: well I pressed the the red and blue scarabs for an hour now. I don't get anything. Do the do anything different? When do things move to the left, when to the right? Has it to do with the candle wind? Has it to do with the music? have you to press buttons longer or shorter. Or at a longer or shorter intervall???

I just don't get anything, sorry :(


Well i played now through the first instead, and must say. Well from puzzle quality i'm very midly enthused. After all, the puzzles, once you spot them are only midly challanging. The real challenges are to find to things, or the read the colors right. Well I am not colorblind, but failed long because i took one color wrong in the second part.

This game belongs to this category of puzzles, that make overall the genre of puzzle games bad! Yes I know it sounds harsch, but today people are not willing to think hours into a puzzle because they were disappointed too much. Back in the old textadventerure times there were real puzzles, they were totally logical, and you could count on that! (except the later level 9 adventures, that were just stupid) You could lie in you bed thinking over hours, and than have the idea! You stand up middle in the night to try it out, and have a smile to finally have solved it!

You cannot do this today, say you think 3 weeks about a puzzle, then totally forsaken you read the walkthrough and it says. "Goto to the help screen, and drag a 2nd stone from there out into the game" Then you think: Damm it! I will never try again invest so much into a game, this is not funny! If this solutions is [adjective missing], so next time you are going for hints faster and faster, since you get disappointed too often. puzzles should be INGAME real puzzles.

Yes discovery is a nice aspect, but I would really prefer puzzles that keep you thinking even if you are off-screen.


yeah, farrenkopf, I kinda did


Part of Walkthrough for Mummy 2: Hope it will help. It is my 1st walkthrough.

Bring tree near stand until bunch of leaves is over the green bottle (there are 6 leaves, 3 dark and 3 light ones together). The round bottle will be in the right place and the sunray will make the cork pop up. Then, click red beetle around 10 times, that will bring back the first light leave over the empty bottle. After 3 days (like u see the sun 3 times) and (same with the moon) it will rain and it will pour water in the bottle.


anyone ever notice we have NO walkthrough for 1? yeah..


walkthrough doesnt seem to work
the apparently random sandstorms screw up the bottle positioning


Just finished the game, loved the ending and yes, I know the word. It took me hours to complete The Tomb of Mummy 2, at first, it wasnt fun, but I felt good when I finished the game. Hope Mummy 3 is not too far away. If you need help dont hesitate to ask I will help you. Congrats for your site Jay, as usual, it fun to come here.


Now click on the white square paper, until the paper is on the left yellow corner, near the left red border. If you cannot find where, you will have to wait until the full moon will send a green light on that corner. Then, you will see a hole in that paper. You dont need it to continue, but, you have to do the hole.


Can anybody sharing "walkthrough" about puzzle 2, start with what the red and blue scarabs do?

baba44713 February 7, 2007 9:40 AM

Fuzzygrid, what the blue and red scarabs do is either too easy or too hard to explain. The easy explanation is "they shake the screen a bit". The hard could be on the lines of "red shakes it to the right, but not always, blue shakes it to the left, but not always", but that's as far as I can figure it out.

As for the walkthrough:

Align the sun and the round bottle to burn the paper. This will take about 536 random clicks on the beetles and some frustrating downtime until the sun comes again.

Click the blue beetle like an idiot gazillion times until the plant shows up on the screen. Align the plant so the leftmost leaf resides over the bottle. Wait for rain.

Again click the blue beetle like a retarted chipmonk until the shovel shows up on the right side of the screen. Wait for sandstorm, then click the blue scarab again at the exact moment sand starts puring down from the ceiling. Hopefully the shovel will hit the switch and the candle will come down. More realistically, you will fail and will have to keep trying until you succeed or die from malnutrition, whichever comes first.

Now you must nudge the candle to the right, which involves a camera and some extremely insightful clicking of the red scarab.

Now wait a few eons until the full moon arises. Watch what happens when the full moon passes near the bottle. Put the paper with an eye (only the paper) on the exact spot the green light shows up. About five thousand nudges of the screen will probably do it. Then wait for the full moon again (which will happen at about 2015).

Now type in the word that was already mentioned here. Then send the link for the game to your mother-in-law and go get some rehabilitation for your eyes and fingers.

There you go.


Mummy 2
These scarabs seem pretty random to me, please someone tell me I am wrong!


For Tomb of the Mummy II:
There is a lot of randomness injected into this game, but even within the chaos, there is order if you look for it. That's what makes this game both frustrating and so very cool, IMHO.

Red scarab makes things jostle (mostly) to the right.
Blue scarab makes things jostle (mostly) to the left.

Each phase of the puzzle involves only one piece that moves, so you'll never have to coordinate the seemingly random movements of two separate items at the same time. Use the scarabs to move the item of focus (ie., the bottle, the tree, the spade, the horus, etc) into place at the appropriate time. That's all there is to it.


Omg, I'm still stuck in I
I cant get those things to fall, not even with the hints here

What do I do now ;(


Kayleigh - if you have a slower computer, one in which there is a significant delay between when you click on a scarab and the resulting bounce of the earth, then it may take several attempts to get it right. However, persevere and you will succeed.

There is a timing window within which you must click the blue scarab when the mummy begins pounding on the door. It is also important that the dark stones on each torch be closest to the door as possible. You will notice that when the stones are in that position, you can click 5 times on the blue scarab without them moving.


Thanks Jay, this is what I was doing the whole time, but now it did work lol

_O_ For you


thx baba44713 and jay. Well I guess the random thing is just added, because without it, the game would be too easy. And this randomness just adds frust without adding anything to the puzzles themselves. Altough the graphics attracted me at first, i must say I don't like it :-(


I got the impression you do not like the game from your previous comment, fuzzygrid, and yet you still play and comment, why?

Not every game/puzzle/interactive experience posted to JIG will appeal to every player. That's ok. In fact, I expect that.

It's also ok, and encouraged, to provide constructive criticism on how you would make a game better. But if this game is not for you, please move onto something more enjoyable for you. Your negativity can be a bummer to those that are enjoying the experience.


Actually i like puzzles, so positive cricitc about creating good puzzle design: Don't make things unneccasery difficult when it doesnt actually add to the puzzle!
* why can things just hop always to the left or always to the right?
* dont move things into places what actually are not considered as part of the puzzle.
* dont let the player wait for events, when actually knows the solution already.

Like about the "move the bottle into the sun" bit. Well actually even when knowing this "solution to the puzzle", its tremendously difficult. Is this now an arcade game or what?


Question about the final part on Tomb 2:

I noticed the green light on the desk earlier, back before I succeeded with the shovel/switch, and assumed it was for the "emerald eye".
Now, though, I've waited five whole cycles (!) and the green light won't re-appear when the full moon passes.
Do I have to remove the candle/lamp from the green bottle for the full moon to shine through again?


Never mind... turns out that

I just didn't have the paper in the EXACT right spot.


um.. can we please never have multiple games on the same comment and hints page? with hints from tomb 1 and tome 2 getting mixed up i'm left totally confused if a comment even applies to the game..

so my question.. i know the second stone is on the hint page.. but no one has said how to get it to the main page and I cant figure it out.. any help?


Troy - do you have the first stone already in place? The 2nd one becomes available only after the first one is in its resting place.

Once the first one is set, don't you see anything odd about the hint page? Come on. Look harder, it's staring you in the face.


I am following the commenting here with great interest. Great players. Any puzzle designer would kill to get players this good. I'll offer a few simple side thoughts.

Why is a round thing with a question mark on it thought always to be a help button?

If a magician shows you his cards, would you never examine their backs?

In random events, can one find subtle patterns? Is anything ever random? It's very hard to make something random on a computer.

Is there anything a puzzle has to offer beside a solution? If you get angry and quit the puzzle, what have you gained? Anything? If someone shows you the way through, do you still get something?

In what way could a painting hanging on a wall be a puzzle?

I would never offer my answers to these, but it's fun asking!


undrcvrangl February 8, 2007 1:50 AM

AHHH!!! ok I'm seriously about to go crazy with the


thing. I've had everything in place MULTIPLE times (can't stress the multiple part enough) and when the "right moment" comes and I click the scarab, nothing ever happens! I know the general idea of what I'm supposed to do, but I just can't seem to actually do it! *pulls hair out* Can someone help me out a bit?

Please and Thank You!!


"""Is anything ever random? It's very hard to make something random on a computer."""

Well you can call rand() for instance. Any patterns rand() might do is clearly beyond the human-brain to notice.

Other than that, one way to meter the quality of a puzzle if you give up early and look up the solution. Then you have 2 possiblities, 1 way if you think: Damm, I'm quite sure I could have found that solution myself if I only thought harder. Then it was a good puzzle. If you think, oh my, you can only discover this by random, or this a 'mealy-mouthed joke' it was a bad puzzle.

Another rather personal oppinion, I think game-designers should not mix genres too much. Try to be good in one genre with one game. The arcade sequences in the Sierra games were not generally hated because of nothing. There are puzzle lovers, that hate beeing "arcaded", and the arcade players mostly won't come so far to get to the arcade sequence. Like with tomb 2, when you know you have to burn the paper with the bottle, it still can take you eons to get it right. What kind of genre game is that?

If you think you have to hide things somewhere hard to notice, or to complicate things by making the controlls difficult, etc. telling everything matters! for me its just to compensate you can't come up with good puzzles (sorry jay for beeing so negative :-) (Next time try to hard an element OUTSIDE of the flash on the html page, this is now possible, I'm sure players will loooooove it, (or not :-).

positive example: Rooms for instance to be found recently on jayisgames are good puzzles! You are quite sure you can solve it by just trying hard enough. There is nothing hidden, its just the good puzzle.

I know jay will hate me for beeing so negative :-), but look at the over 100 replies, did 1 player say it was fun? one? You got decent graphics and good sound! But in my humble opinion in gamedesign itself there is much room for improvement.


I don't hate you, grid, I just don't agree with you.

Why does everything have to fit into predefined, pretty little cardboard boxes? If game designers all confined themselves to already established genres, there would be very little innovation and we'd be playing the same old puzzles rehashed in more ways than anyone could possibly enjoy. By the way, that's already happening due to publishers playing it safe by sticking to genres that are certain to sell.

Puzzles like these that Alessandro has created are like a breath of fresh air to my brain. A brain that wants to tinker to figure out how something works. And in Tomb 2, when something did work it seemed magical, and it was highly rewarding.

Just because you don't like something doesn't make it a bad puzzle. That's the negativity that I dislike. Alessandro has created a puzzle with unique gameplay here, something I have not seen before. And while it may frustrate some to play it (what good and hard puzzle doesn't?!), I applaud him for venturing out on a path of his own to create something creative and new.


Hmmm, maybe I explained that with the genre wrong. Yes I also don't love the 100oo.. "me-too" implementation of something. What I wanted to express is people creating "new" by just mixing genres is also nothing extraordinary. If you can create a new thing, super! But concentrate on whats new, and concentrate on that experience. Its still if a game is about discovery, concentrate on discovery, if a game is about strategy concentrate on strategy. etc. there is plenty new possibilites in this, beside the yet another side-scroller "genre". What I would discorage of, having for example a game of discovery or strategy and then suddendly add an arcade element in the middle of it. Or as I explained by "westward" which is for me a negative example of this mixing, It has from everything mixed a bit, but isn't really good in anything of that dimensions itself. Some mixing is okay, but one should always consider the dangers of it.

Maybe what I'm missing is what the psychologists call "frustration tolerance" you and others here seem to have more of it, after clicking 2 hours on the scarabs and NOTHING happening, I was just too frustrated to go on. Nevertheless I still consider my frustration tolerance a bit higher than average :)

What makes a good puzzle or not, I added the "In my humble opinion" not for nothing in front of it. And I guess I explained it above far deeper than "I like it" or "I don't like it" meter.


I just thought about a better way to explain. Lets not call it "genre" but "concepts that induce fun". There are quite a handfull of concepts, I think one can figure out examples themselfs, and an unlimted number of using them to create games/genres. High kudos to people discovering a new concept, kudos to people using the concepts making something in a new way.

What I don't think is a good way, however is to randomly mix these concepts thinking it will all add up. They don't.

The only thing that IMHO a game can have beside the "implemntation of concepts that induce fun" is a message. The kings-disciplin ;)

baba44173 February 8, 2007 3:53 AM

I think noone here can say that Alessandro has no talent or that these puzzles aren't beautiful and creative - they are.

Still I find them unsatisfying, and I'll try to explain why.

It is obvious the author had three things in mind - the puzzle he will be design will be innovative, clever and hard.

Now I'd say on the innovative part, he did succeed in a certain manner. Thinking-outside-the-box is a great thing, and sorely needed in todays games. The interface that seemingly doesn't do anything except nudging the screen - again, nice work.

Let's take the cleverness part, well... I'm sorry to say there's nothing REALLY clever in these puzzles apart from the interface (which again falls more into "innovative" then "clever" category). If the game was standard point-and-click fare - like Submarine for example - one would solve all those puzzles in an instant. But I can't say the puzzles are stupid too.. they are..well..no too logical but adequate at best.

The final feature is - hardness. These puzzles are custom-designed to be hard and frustrating. I appreciate that, but only up to certain level. Think just a little where the difficulty mostly comes from: it's the seemingly random interface effects combined with precise timing puzzles that involve a great deal of waiting between tries and aren't guaranteed to work even if you did everything right. THAT is what I find a bit botchy.

The shovel part is the best example. Let's say two players simultaneously come up with the solution. One will try, succeed and be rewarded. The other - because of obscure timing preciseness and randomness - will fail and fail and fail again until he incorrectly deduces that this was not the solution after all and gives up. Now the first player will undoubtedly find the game to be a pleasant experience, but the other poor guy who stared at the screen for an hour and a half and the game wouldn't let him progress - will he dislike the game? Yes, I think so. Rightfully? I'm afraid so.

But anyway I can't wait for Alessandro's next game. If anything, they make for a great discussion.


grid - And in what way do you see this "mixing of concepts" in the games we're discussing here?

baba44713 - excellent assessment and constructive criticism! This is exactly the kind of discussion I love to see here.

I understand and appreciate all the points you made; in fact, we experienced a similar scenario with about 5 of us all playing separately the other evening while chatting in our IRC channel. I was the last person to get the shovel to work, but it was because I was certain the tree was the force behind getting the candle down.

Without 5 of us all working together on it, there is no doubt in my mind that it would have taken any one of us much longer to solve it.

Do some people give up on a puzzle or resort to a walkthrough because they give up on solving it themselves? All the time. Does it make these puzzles bad? Not necessarily.


"Do some people give up on a puzzle or resort to a walkthrough because they give up on solving it themselves? All the time. Does it make these puzzles bad? Not necessarily."

As I explained, the feature is not if people give up and look at the walkthrough. For me the quality of the puzzle shows on your reaction of the seeing the walkthrough solution. If you think, stupid me, I could have easily discovered this myself, if I only would have tried a little harder. Next time I will try longer until resorting to a hint/walkthrough. Then it is a good puzzle!

If you think, thats the solution? stupid, luckly i looked it up before getting frustrated even more. Next time I will try shorter until resorting to a hint/walktrough. Then it is a bad puzzle!

"grid - And in what way do you see this "mixing of concepts" in the games we're discussing here?"

Puzzle, Discovery, Random luck.

Yes im just unqualified at giving game design rules. But I think most would benefit, when they at least at mid-stage development lean back, and think: What is my concept of inducing fun? Then concentrate on that!

Maybe it is as you descriped a new concept making puzzles so extremely hard(and random) that one alone cannot solve it, so you need a corporation for it. Then the concept is the feeling of beeing a group working together on something. Then it is not surprisingly that solo-players fail on this concept by design.

But I'm not quite sure what allessandros concept is. The games score high on the theme experience: graphics sound. Otherwise I agree 100% with baba44173! Couldn't have said it better.

frustrated February 8, 2007 8:53 AM

stupid! I HATE Tomb of the Mummy II it's ridiculously random ugh! I give up!



I'm generally pretty smart(no, really...stop snickering!) but I CAN NOT get the axe to open the door. That is, I can't seem to time the scarab-clicks in time to get the door open. Yes, I'm following the top colours (I've tried it with 7 clicks - using only the first icon on each block - and with the whole series of 10); yes, I'm timing each "click release" with a "whoosh", but.....DANG!!!

Hm. Could it have something to do with my system? I'm using a plain old Logitech mouse, so that can't be it. My keyboard isn't game-friendly (Microsoft Ergonomic split-keyboard), but this is mouse-based so THAT can't be it....can it?


And my own 2 shekels: do I believe "resorting" to a walkthrough makes for a "bad" game? Absolutely not. What's the function of a game or puzzle, if not to both make you think AND entertain you? If you reach the point where the entertainment value is nil, then why bother? A walkthrough can still give you the pleasure of a game's graphic/technical aspects. And PARTIAL walkthroughts (or "just hints", as I call them) can move one forward just enough to make the game/puzzle enjoyable again, rather than an exercise in frustration.


Miz Merricat


Baba touched on what frustrated me about the first game. It is one thing to get stuck, find a hint, and then smack yourself in the forehead for missing it. That happened to me with the second stone-it was a really clever, outside-the-box solution, and I just happened to miss it. It's another thing to give up and seek a hint only to realize that you were doing exactly the right thing on your second and eighth and thirty-first attempts, but because your timing was slightly off and you got no feedback from the game your solution didn't work.

In your response to me, Jay, you said the solution worked fine on your slower computer-but you attempted it knowing the full solution already. If you had been puzzling through it for the first time on a slower computer, the joy of exploration might have been compromised by the timing issues. Finding the solution is only fun if you can be confident that the game will tell you once you've found it; if your long sequence of scarab-presses, each of which is like pulling a boot out of the mud, is correct, but you think it's wrong because your timing was slightly off and the game didn't register it, you don't have a lot of incentive to try the same thing again.

If the game were more responsive (or if I had a faster computer), I might be willing to try a few dozen minor variations on timing until I got it right, but the sluggish interface limits the amount of time I'm willing to invest. The same is true of waiting for the pounding; if I have a minute to wait between trials, I'm not going to make too many attempts.


Merricat - only the "final blow" needs to be timed correctly. There's a slight delay on my Mac between when I click and when I see and hear the result of clicking the scarab, so I had to time the final blow a bit before the axe reached bottom for both the resulting action and the "whoosh" to be in sync. That's all it took. And there are 10 clicks total, 9 that do not need to be in sync, and 1, the last one, that does.

jere7my - I agree wholeheartedly. I did not care for the synchro-pounding requirement of the first puzzle for the very same reason you mentioned. Performance can cause the same game to create very different experiences for each player that tries it. I feel a good design seeks to minimize this variable.

There is a synchronizing window in the 2nd game, but it is a lot more forgiving than the one in the 1st.


Thanks, Jay. I didn't know what you meant by 10 clicks until I fiddled with the colour on my screen a bit. The last icon is NOT a blue feather after all. That, combined with your help, let me finally open that door.

And, may I add:


*You'd think after Exmortis I'd be better prepared for this sort of thing!*

Toujours gai,
- Merri

undrcvrangl February 9, 2007 12:36 AM

ok..so..funny story

alright..so you wanna know how I solved the


Ok..basically I had tried a million times and failed a million and one times, so I was like, whatever I'm going to bed. So I minimized it so I could start where I left off next time that I had time. Well, today my friend came over to give me a ride to work, and while I was in the bathroom getting ready, she went in my room and got on my computer. A few minutes later I hear her ask, "What's this mummy thing?" and I told her what it was and how I was about to shoot myself trying to beat it haha. So I was 2 seconds from telling her to just close out of it when I went into my room and looked at the screen and I see

the candle on top of the bottle

I was like, "Oh my God! How did you do that?!?!" And she was like, "Huh? Do what?" and I told her that I had tried to do that a million times. Then she told me that she had just clicked the red scarab one time and it did that. I was like, you have got to be kidding me!! Talk about getting lucky!! It just happened to all be in the right place at the right time, and my friend, not even knowing what she was doing, clicks the scarab one time and it does the trick! I was just so baffled! hahaha..too funny..I then finished the game like 5 minutes later.

I just thought I would share that with you guys in hopes of making you laugh a little :) So crazy.


Hi William here.

Gosh jay I'm impressed, you post the link and in a matter of days it's solved. I couldn't get a single thing right.Hopefully I can solve it thanks to you people.


The game pretty much took me piecing all your hints together, but....

oh god, that scared the poop out of me.


From reading several of the recent posts, I think that a slight technical adjustment may be needed on the first puzzle having to do with that timing forgiveness issue for slower computers.

I am going to play with that a bit and try to come up with a compromise on timing it.

You guys are like a fine-toothed comb!

And for undrcvrangl, that is very funny about your friend clicking the button at just the right moment! I try so hard to avoid that kind of lucky strike, but you just never know when it'll happen. But look at it this way: you were probably so close to solving it that you had it set up to the point where that last click at the right moment did it.

I think I'll make III harder.



harder must not mean smarter.

I think that point has been explained enough already.
If you make the controls further harder, just to prevent random luck, it will not enhance the game.


Okay, puzzle 1 should now be a little bit less stringent on a particular timing issue for slower computers. There's no good reason for it to have been so tight. If the player has figured out what to do at that point, he/she should not be penalized for a slower computer. I hope this evens everyone's chances without making it too easy for an accidental advancement through the puzzle.

fuzzygrid, you're tough, but good. Excellent.


I cant even begin to figure out any part of the first puzzle. When I click on the scarabs a rock just jumps around. I dont know what to do!


Thank god.....Once i was able to get onto a fast computer..I was able to do the first one quickly.....

Now for the absoloute nightmare now eh?


Jay, do you know the percentage of the players who solved this game ? ( Tomb of the Mummy 2).



Can someone tell me how do I take the lid of the green bottle off! please.
And what do I do with the paper inside.


You need to find a way to

burn the paper inside the bottle in order to blow out the stopper


Can somone tell me the mummy 1, when I have the two litle stones on the statues next to the doors. What do I have to do more? I don't know the order of the scarabs!! Can somone help me.


On part 1, I am at the axe. I have a few questions...

1. What do you do if there are multiple colors in one stone in the pattern?

2. Do you have to press ALL the stones, one at a time, with the normal "whoosh" pattern, or just the final one?

3. How do you get the door open after you have the right pattern?


Nevermind, I got the door opened. What an unpleasant scream! I closed the door. What do I do now, just wait? Click on the little X in the top right hand corner?


I considered attempting this game, but after reading a couple of the comments I've decided I am WAY too intimidated to begin.

:( ..and that makes me sad. Someone push me into doing it! Is starting the game and finally finishing it worth it? Or should I save myself the frustration?


OK. Here ya go.
C'mon. You can do it. The first one was sooo frustrating, just because its so different, which also means that it ends up being a good training ground for the second one. Give it a go. Test your patience and your clicking finger.


jan.jan: THANKS! I actually did give it a go after your encouragement. Talk about frustrating... ARGH! Pretty awesome game, I do love that it's different to any of the other games I've played. So thanks :)


You're welcome. Sooooooo, are you gonna do the second one?


jan.jan - I JUST finished it, I have about 1 hair left on my head from the amount of hair I've pulled out from frustration. I like that these games are different, but I really really don't want to do any more! haha


I hear ya ;o)

furgitful March 17, 2007 1:04 PM

could someone just please put up a complete game guide :-)


I'm not too good at walkthroughs, however, I will help you out if I can. How far have you got?


I've been on this game for two days now. I've managed to discover the golden bird but the word escapes me! The Word! The Word! Any hints?



The word you need describes making gold out of other substances.


Thanks jan.jan Of course! Doh! Ta!


I'm the first Tomb of the Mummy in the beginning and I'm stuck, lame I know, where do I find the sun and the bottle?


K - The sun and the bottle are in the 2nd Tomb of the Mummy game.


I want to thank the creator of the two games for doing something as visually and aurally attractive as these two games. The playing experience is just to frustrating for me. I played through the first one after nearly quitting countless times.

The logic of pressing the 10-color sequence is in order made sense. I just don't understand why mashing the pink scarab repeatedly after entering the sequence opens the door. It's not intuitive at all. Unless you stutter at the ends of your sentences I suppose.
I tried part II for a while, but the pent up frustration of getting the bottle lined up with the sun and knocking the disobedient ficus around the room has left me with no patience to wrestle with a shovel and wait for a sandstorm, which ironically only come every third cycle of the sun at this point. I dug trenches for years in real life; I don't need to take abuse from hand tools any more.

Again, I really appreciate the polished presentation of these games, but they are either too frustrating in general, or made for a different kind of gamer than I am.


I was just wondering, what do I do once I got the rock on the hooky thing? Is there a pattern I should follow? Do I have to press a button like a wild mad man?!


You need to have a rock in each hooky thing.


OK. I got the rock on the first hooky thing. Where do I get my other rock from? Somebody, give me the answers! :( I need extreme help



Click on the "?" at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. You will notice that there is a small stone at each corner of this screen, except for the top right-hand corner. Click and drag the stone from just above the bug at the bottom of that screen onto the space where there should be a stone, as previously mentioned.



thanks jan.jan but I cant exactly get it to were it belongs. If i do, what do I do next? (this is a q to anybody)

Rihanna May 19, 2007 2:24 PM

Ok. Im where Kat is. Btw I got the stone where it belongs. What do I do now?

I also got both the rocks in the hooks. I really think something should happen. The mummy is knocking. I tried the patern that is on the wall. No luck whatsoever. Oh and by the way. When should the door begin to open and I should look away? Should I look away? What does the mummy jumping look like lol


Kat and Rihanna
Once you've got both rocks in the hooky things

you need to make the pillars fall over (inwards). You need to have the rocks in the top of the pillars on the very inside of the top of the pillars. You have to rock the pillars, using the bugs, when you hear several loud knocks in a row. Try to time it so all these things happen at the same time (yeah, right). It may take quite a few goes. Oh, and, don't worry about the mummy. He's just a big ole' pussycat.

Rihanna May 19, 2007 9:27 PM

OK I dont get it. What are the pillars? Im totally confused. But thanx. What bugs should I press? And what does the mummy look like? Can you link me to a pic, if not that is fine too.


The pillars are the statue things either side of the door that the hooky things are part of. If you take a look at the top of this page you will see where the pillars have been knocked over. That's what you need to do.

Rihanna May 20, 2007 1:55 PM

OK Jan.Jan. Thanks. Im going to try and use a couple of bugs to do this. Thx for the tips. I just might need some assistance getting them to fall but other than that YOU'VE SAVED MY LIFE. Kat what about you lol


Good as gold hun.


ok...i dont get this...i got both rocks in the hook thingys, both of the rock on top of the pillars are in perfect sequence...but what am i supposed to do now??? im clicking the blue scarab like theres no tomarrow praying that the pillars fall but so far...nada...im lost, im stuck...PLEASE help...and ty in advance



The pillars will only fall over when you click on the blue scarab in time with the 4-5 knocks on the door, so long as everything else is in place as well.


What sequence should the rocks be in?

Jan Jan I'm working with Kat so if you could help that'd be great


Sequence? Rocks?


rocks on the pillars



The rocks both need to be on the inside of the top of the pillars when you rock them in time with the knocking.


You might want to take a look at Jay's comment on February 7, 2007 at 1:22pm. Jay explains this part of the puzzle way better than I ever could.


Alessandro, all we ask of you is that in III, the correct solution should work when it is entered.

Having to wait a while between tries is okay, but having the success of the correct solution depend on a random reaction is a completely artificial challenge and contributes nothing to the puzzle whatsoever.

Apart from that it's a good game, and I definitely look forward to the next one.


Hmm, has anyone else noticed that in II, just when you have the round bottle where the sun should be, along comes a little 2-second sandstorm to push it away, but then the instant you've already burned the paper and no longer need the bottle in the right place, suddenly those little 2-second sandstorms don't come anymore?

That's just plain cruel.

Wait, is there some connection between the precipitation and the scarab colors? When you've just clicked on the red scarab 300 times, sandstorms come more frequently, but when you click on the blue scarab enough times, suddenly rain starts coming down more often?


Okay, I finally dropped the candle, nudged it, set it boiling, and moved the paper into the right spot. At least I think I got it in the right spot, but I can't tell, since I've been waiting forever for the moon to show up to test it, and two full moons in a row, a sandstorm has sprung up just as it's approached, so the moon doesn't make the green light on the desk at all because the sandstorm is obscuring it. That's TWO FULL MOONS IN A ROW.


I've found that there is a little more control of movement if you click on the scarabs legs, has any one else tried that?

Cronenbergfan October 19, 2007 9:31 AM

Can someone please tell me if there is a "trick" or something to the sequence of getting that darned shovel to hit the switch that the point when sand comes down?
is there any trick or time frame to use? I click the blue scarab the nanosecond I see the sand and to no avail!!


I think Alessandro Cima has responded to pressure from his fans and tweaked the physics of the game to make it more likely that the event randomizer will allow you to continue.

Note, cronenbergfan,

that you shouldn't press the blue scarab the instant you see the sand fall, you should wait a moment for it to connect the wire as it falls.

Hmm, that brings to mind (although I'm not quite sure how) something that I've been wondering. Ever since I started playing Lux (see sillysoft.net for more on Lux), I've been in love with level editors and have been thinking about ways to apply them to pretty much every level-based game I've seen on jayisgames. Most of them don't really have the kind of actions that lend themselves well to that, but I wonder if Alessandro Cima would let us design our own tombs puzzles, where he would give us some puzzle elements to work with and we'd be able to set them up in a given order ("dressing them up" by disguising them in the forms of various objects) and lay out options for obstacles. This will probably sound like a horrible idea once I finally get some sleep tonight (it's 1:30 AM here) and am feeling slightly less malicious, but it could be really fun.


okay, I am really confused and getting rather annoyed, I'm playing the first Tomb of the Mummy and I've gotten the first rock in place, but how do I get te last one in place to open the door?


#1 walkthrough? please?


Can someone please tell me what to do? The pyres fell and I don't know what to do with the axe swinging around.


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