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Titanium Chef

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Rating: 4.4/5 (74 votes)
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GrinnypOh to be a robot with a dream. A dream of becoming more than he was, more than he is, more than he could be... a dream, dare we say, of becoming the best chef in the galaxy! Because even a lowly robot needs to feel good about himself. Needs to strive for a goal, needs to become a master of his craft, needs to point-and-click his way to become... Titanium Chef!

titaniumchef_arena.jpgDesigned by mod7 for the British Columbia Dairy Foundation (BCDF), Titanium Chef is a point-and-click adventure in four parts. You play a lowly chef-bot who, along with his best friend Moxie (a floating pink ball of fur), escapes his humdrum job and ventures out to become the best chef-bot in the galaxy. Unfortunately, the galaxy is filled with more dangers than the poor chef-bot was counting on. To understand why you need a little history lesson.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... er, anyway, a while ago, an evil ruler by the name of Rogulus swept across the galaxy with his evil troops, leaving in their wake a massive swath of destruction, fast food cartons, and puppies (apparently it can be difficult to supply evil troops with food and cuddles when one is bent on subduing the galaxy). Rogulus was the enemy of all that was good and wholesome and apparently nutritious. But due to the efforts of a few heroes, Rogulus was beaten back and peace reigned in the galaxy once more. But as our hero discovers as he makes his way from a backwater planet on his quest to become Titanium Chef, something is amiss. Evil forces are at work once again, and suspicious things are happening that evoke the dark days of Rogulus' reign.

titaniumchef_planet.jpgNo matter. The lowly chef-bot discovers hints and clues to the bigger picture while working his way towards several cooking competitions, learning about food groups, portion sizes, and balanced nutrition, all the better to help him win and eventually become the best chef-bot of them all.

Yes, as you might guess, this is indeed an educational game. Created by the BCDF as an interactive way for kids aged 10-13 to learn about nutrition, Titanium Chef is still, on its own, a beautiful, involved, informative point-and-click adventure. Each chapter has two or three segments, designed to be played in 30 to 40 minutes, the length of a single class period. Taken all together the final game will have at least six complete hours of gameplay.

Analysis: Forget the educational aspect for a moment and inspect Titanium Chef as a pure game. The graphics are beautifully rendered in 3D, the movement through the scenes easy and smooth. The chef-bot can scan items, manipulate things, talk to people, and generally interact with his environment, everything accomplished by a simple click of the mouse. An on-screen inventory keeps track of the chef-bot's increasing supply of food information cards, recipes, cooking equipment, miscellaneous items, and clues towards the unfolding story. Taken just as entertainment, Titanium Chef has to be one of the best-designed, best-looking flash games out there today. And frankly, we could all use some education when it comes to eating right.

titaniumchef_bar.jpgParts I and II of Titanium Chef are available now, with part III due on October 6, and part IV due 2 weeks after that. The game itself can be played in English or French, a nod to its Canadian origin. You can save your game at any point and come back to it later, but for the feature to work you indeed have to register at the site. Registration is quick and easy so you can quickly get to the cooking action.

Within the game (and really, the purpose of the game) are three nutrition mini-games: a sorting game (where the player sorts foods into their food groups), a menu game (where the player solves the nutritional value of meals or snacks to unlock their recipes), and the ultimate, the cooking game (where the player designs a whole meal plan, whether for a suspicious alien in a seedy bar or a judge in one of the stadium cooking competitions).

Setting aside the education aspect, this is one amazing, fun point-and-click adventure with a snarky sense of humor. Adults can enjoy it as a pure adventure, and frankly parents should encourage their kids to play as well. This is something that everyone should experience — proper, balanced nutritional information disguised as casual gameplay. And for us older folks, well, we could stand to learn a thing or too as well. So gear up, put on your chef's hat, and battle the evil forces of bad nutrition!

Special thanks to Sharlene Sobrepena of mod7 for patiently answering all our questions.

Play Titanium Chef


lovely artworks! Wish I could make something like those :( ...


I think JIG broke their server, lol. I was trying to register so I can save my progress, it seemed to freeze and then now I'm getting a pageload error.

Terran Nytefyer September 28, 2009 7:55 PM

I believe you may be right, smjjames - I'm getting a page load error, myself. lol

SmileyRiley September 28, 2009 7:56 PM

I'm getting a "broken link" message...shame! Looks good too .
Ah well, time I was in bed anyway, this side of the pond...


Getting a "the server was reset" message. Boo.


It's working now. :)


I really like this game :) Awesome atmosphere and production values!


I really like this game :) Awesome atmosphere and production values!


This game is great! But it's not lying when it says it doesn't save if you're a guest. Don't be dumb like me and play halfway through and THEN decide to register! Oh the wasted time...


help! what do i do to find the FI cards for Grr?



They're in the blinking crates just like before

there is a somewhat hidden one behind the waterfall

I played through the first 2 chapters (only lost 45 minutes of my life by not registering), but I only found one of the Randoseeds and never found the sweet potato card. Are they in these chapters?


This is a really fun game but the downside is the slow loading speeds even though I'm using a really fast connection.


Just a quick comment: The hens outside the initial area are named Taylor and Rihanna. And this is a British educational game. Interesting...


...And more hens - Britney, Hilary, and Miley.


More interesting things: A reference to Snow Leopard, and the entry for "Peaches" says they were "probably named after a famous Princess that kept getting kidnapped."


seems like the server is down again :S


I really was enjoying this game and the humor in it, but the server didn't stay up for very long. I hope they fix that so that I can continue to play.


V2blast: The site is down, so I can't double check, but I'm 99% sure it's british colombian, not british.

Also: I only lost about 20 minutes.


yes, i agree those were very nice artistry in that.
:D - a great game, very fun


Re: Sisyphus:

British Columbia is a province in the country of Canada. Being Canadian, we've heard of Rihanna and Taylor Swift here.


What? No walkthrough? Help us out grinny. Your walkthroughs rock! :)


Stuck on giving Jom his right portions of foods, which does he like?


We've actually heard of those girls all the way in Europe as well. But anyway:

I think I missed a vital step somewhere. What the heck are Joms food requirements? And how can I meet them?


After sorting the foods for Rob you...

leave and go downstairs, but what then? There are only a few locked doors, and one that I can't go through cause I have to bribe someone...

Help? x


Actually never mind. I figured it out. To get past Jom:

Replace the chocolate desert and the chocolate bar by two of your fruity snacks (Fresh fruit cocktail and yoghurt and fruit). I missed that he couldn't eat chocolate


I just want to say, this is the first educational game that actually had an impact on me. It really reminded me to start eating better again, since I've gotten lazy since soccer season started. Canada 1, USA 0


Wait, doesn't the US get a point, too, since, you know, JIG reviewed the game? :)


I got stuck on the part where you're talk to Dusty. I couldn't feed him, or talk to anybody. And I couldn't go down into the waterwell area.
And then my computer froze. So it's not been the best playing experience.
I guess I'll try again tomorrow, after work (bleh).


Buggy, i tried to use the elevator on the 2nd planet after I'd already checked the crates so i cant use it at all...


Very nicely done game, I enjoyed it.
Sometimes it was a bit confusing to me, but nonetheless I managed to finish it. :)

At one point there was a small bug, so that I could "leave" the game world through the jungle, and get to its black edge, but I couldn't reproduce it after that to create a proper bug report. However, fortunately I've been able to find my way back to the game world after this involuntary excursion.

The load loading times and the rather high CPU usage were not a problem for me, but for those with slow internet connections or old computers, it may be a real problem.


What Zouk eat?


great game!


I'm stuck trying to cross the bridge, too. Found the shovel, but it doesn't show up in my inventory. There are no more unopened crates, there is no one left to talk to... what's next?

Nevermind... I'm an idiot. If you are having trouble:

the third crate is next to the waterfall, the the far right of the stage, above the bridge.


Can't get past this vegie guy in the stadium tried all meal combos vegie help!! :(


Love this game! But I've been waiting for this level to load for 15 minutes now..


great game! i hope the third episode comes soon! :)

and for the bridge thing

just go back to where the 2 octopus are. scan the puddle there


What does Taka like to eat?

peasnquiet October 1, 2009 1:51 AM

This game was actually quite easy (beyond not getting the sweet potato food card) and very intuitive. However, I keep being unable to register for an account. Does anyone else get that?


Rant warning
Great game, but someone needs to say it. DAIRY IS NOT A FOOD GROUP! Milk is delicious... a good source of flavour and fat. Cheese is amazing, yogurt and keifer are great, but they sure don't need their own group. The Diary lobby is ridiculously strong in Canada (where I live).
A more sensible food grouping is into

1. Fibre
2. Starch
3. Protien
4. Fat

Eat lots from the top of the list, less from the bottom, and then eat some fresh and brightly coloured things for good luck.


Cannot get past the thirsty guy with the headphones, the cow does not like me.


Help! I cant feed helix because it wont let me serve him meals with dark green veggies! Help!


and yes, i do have meals with dark green veggies before anyone asks.


At least if broccoli counts as a dark green veggie. Or bok choy. Or any other ingredient other than sweet potato.

[Edit ~ Kayleigh]


Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you, word is spreading about our game! We're sorry about the situation with our servers and we're currently working on upgrading. We should be back up in a couple of hours. We've also set up a twitter account if you'd like to follow the latest developments: http://twitter.com/titaniumgame.

Thanks again for your support!


(on behalf of the mod7 team)


Hey, is anyone else having trouble registering? The security word image refuses to show up anywhere. not a broken picture or anything...

Robynthegeek October 2, 2009 11:41 PM

Looks like the captcha is borked. Guess I can't register 'til it's fixed then =(


Captcha seems to be working now. Love the artwork!

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 3, 2009 1:58 AM

I agree that the long loadings were irritating but not off-putting. Quite a fun game, and kinda fun learning about food stuff as well.


I'm having trouble on planet Vestalia after I had logged back on to my game. My game was saved after I finished sorting food for the reclining stone statue. When I logged back on, I talked to the Vestalian (octopus) and I hadn't found the shovel yet, so I had to go back across the bridge to get it. As I got to the end of the bridge, a caption came up that said, "The idol head glares fiercely at you." Later, when I tried to cross the bridge to get back to the Vestalian, I couldn't cross and a caption would come up about the head glaring at me. When I talk to the idol head, it says, "Beyond this bridge are holy grounds." My response option was "OK" and after I clicked it, I still couldn't cross the bridge. Can someone help me?

Robynthegeek October 6, 2009 11:20 PM

Just finished the final challenge and it was tough! I know some of you will need a walkthrough, unless you have a lot of time for trial and error.

Here is a walkthrough of the last 5 meal plans needed (assuming they are the same for each player).

First, a few hints:

The four characters on the 2nd level of the titanium stadium all need to be fed. If you make a mistake with a meal plan, all meal plans will need to be redone.

remember, keep the numbers 6632 for boys and 6631 for girls, Going .75 of a serving over does not seem to matter, going under does!

You can use the same food twice to bump your numbers up a bit, especially useful with snacks.

Now for the meal plan walkthrough:

I've written down what each character asks for since the clues can be cryptic, and what foods will make them happy.

What Lex wants:

Wants one meat and one vegetarian meal, balanced numbers

What to feed Lex:

ignore breakfast, add Pudding, Steak, veggies with dip, stir fry, muffin

What Kewlio wants:

Wants no carrots or brocoli, balanced numbers

What to feed Kewlio:

Only 2 things want changing, change the lunch to a burger and the snack after to celery

What Rose wants:

Wants at least half whole grains, balanced numbers

What to feed Rose:

Give her: peaches, muffin, burger, fruit, stir fry, and another muffin

What Ning wants:

Wants Orange vegetables at each meal, balanced numbers

What to feed Ning:

A muffin, fruit, soup, fruit again, stir fy, and another muffin

What Sargana (or something like that) wants:

Wants all the tips from the guidelines followed, balanced numbers

What to feed Sargana:

eggs with toast, fruit, pizza, water, stir fry and a muffin


Thanks Robynthegeek :o) , that part was really annoying without the walkthrough


can you post walkthrough from the begining to end? and post walkthrough to answer some of these question.


I'm confused. whenever i try to create new game and then says new game created, nothing happens. any tips??


Here I am on the planet Vestalia, and have no idea what to do next. The site says that the third episode has been released, so it should be possible to get off the planet, but how?

I have an aquatic upgrade and thought that might let me enter the water, but neither the waterfall, nor the river or the small pond where the Vestalians I fed were before they disappeared will let me enter. I should apparently find some teleport signals, but none of the areas I can get to contains anything at all that I haven't already interacted with.




Scan the pond where the vestilans you feeded disappeared. Then use the pond, and you will get 2 choiches. Select the choice to jump in and go.

If you cannot do this, you haven't talked to all people, and you haven't probably digged up the tools in the after-bridge section.

After you digged up the tools, the monster at the beginning of the after-bridge section must disappear, talk with him.

If scan stills says about your reflection, you need to go back to ship and talk to both there, maybe you havent got the aquatic upgrade.

You might need to scan the pond multiple times.


The leaderboards are up now, and I'm confused. You only get a higher number of meals served if you mess up someone's plan. But the leaderboards are listed in descending order. So the people who played through without any mistakes are at the bottom of the leaderboard.

I guess if you want a high score, mess up a lot?

I don't really care about leaderboards, I just thought it was kind of weird.


I found the Sweet Potato! :)

It's in the area with Professor Klunk, by one of the computers.

This is a fun game, very pretty graphics and lots of fun to play!


help! what to feed Zaculax? I figured out how to view more meals, but I cant give him enough Meat without giving him too much Vegetables!


Never mind, I got it. *smiles happily* :-)

happyhappyjoyjoy October 25, 2009 3:42 PM

I don't know what to feed helix. I give him no meat, not too high or low servings, and dark green vegetables, yet he says no. :-( Help?


I feel really stupid, but I can't pass the bridge in the first episode. What is the answer to the pudding question? I tried both but the idol just says 'you have chosen poorly.'


erm...could possibly be a glitch?


Pretty sure I'm the only one still playing this, evidenced by the fact that I'm now ranked 5th in the world (*gasp* the WHOLE WORLD?!? Ha)

Anyway the bonus levels came out today, or one of them did at any rate seeing as there's a post in the news that they're going to be released monthly now. If anyone else has picked the game up again, did you find anything else to do other than a ton of meal plans? I found two more RandoRoot seeds and got a quest, but I can't really do anything with it because there's hardly anywhere to go!

I'm a little disappointed by this "update." The developers could have put a little more plot and locations in since they made us wait all this time, instead of making up second meal plans for all the characters that require ingredients they haven't even released yet.


Tigrita, have you considered going through any walls of vines you find on Vestallia? I've already found Impp's secret diary and given it to Zap.


Hrm... I've gathered the two seeds, done the dirty diary deed, and fed everyone at least once (due to a lack of raw ingredients, oddly).

Unless I'm missing something glaringly obvious, this update seems more like a teaser to keep us interested than anything else.


Thanks Jon! Sneaky vines...


Can you post a walkthrough on bonus please.


I found the secret hideout, but I'm stuck.

I searched the desk and it said the diary was 'beneath my feet', but I don't know how or where to find it? How do I dig?



Okay, nevermind, I found it.

You have to walk around the area again after reading the note left by Impp.

fruitysheep November 18, 2009 5:28 PM

I can't seem to get the Locations menu for the bonus level. I talked to Zap, got the coordinates, but there's no Locations on the left. How do I leave for the new quest?

fruitysheep November 18, 2009 5:45 PM

Just noticed, my right side menu is missing too. No save, exit, etc.

Is it a Mac issue?


I've had the same problem for a few days now. As soon as I got to the bonus level, the buttons on the right all disappeared. I also didn't get the locations menu option.


Does anyone know what i have to do to update my receipe book and what to feed Commander Zap?


Jdub, it seems we can't update our recipe book just yet, as we don't have all the ingredients for pancakes or lassi (the two foods most characters seem to be asking for in their second meals). Same goes for whole grain.

As for Zap... I think we'll be able to feed him in the next update or two. Unless he can be fed in the most recent update, of course... my memory's a bit rusty.


Has anyone been able to find all the randoroots? I'm missing #6 and #9. I know you can find them all because it says so in the description of the level. I don't know if you have to make everyone happy to do so, because certain people ask for foods we don't know yet.

That was really badly worded...


Alabaster, do you by any chance remember where you found Seed #5? I have all the rest of them. Unfortunately I don't remember where I found them but at least I can tell you they are definitiely included in this update.


Seed #5:

On Xaraxx, in the crate next to Grr.


Thanks! Didn't see there was another room on that planet.


Hi everyone!

We'd like to share a fun, holiday edition game with you here.

Have a good one!

The Titanium Chef Team


Hi everyone!

We'd like to share a fun, holiday edition game with you here.

Have a good one!

The Titanium Chef Team


Has anyone else been thinking that to get all the randoroots you need to please everyone with their meal plan? Except you don't have the right food cards to make everyone happy. I'm guessing you're going to get new ones from the farmer. GAH this is confusing. I'll just keep searching and feeding!

Also the Holiday edition was fun xD


Sorry for double posting, but has anyone figured anything out about the robocat on Folassa? I can't help but think it has something to do with randoroots...


umm.. I'm just curious,... am I the only one playing before im the titanium chef?


woo hoo im caught up lol..... now im gonna check out the galaxy now that im the Titanuim Chef.


does anyone have any idea who the person that zap says is looking for you is?


No you supposedly find out who's looking for after you complete all the missions, i.e., finding all the randoroots. Which is what we're all stuck on right now...


I've found nine randoroot seeds. Has anybody found 2 randoroot seeds in Questalia? (I think there are 2 seeds per planet)


Never mind what I said earlier. I had already gotten two seeds from Quarus.


The cat doesn't have to do with the randroot seeds, but the chicken in front of it does. Click on it and click "Use".

I don't think the cat has any use.

By the way, could someone tell me what is in the box right before you enter the Titanium Stadium? Whenever I tried to open it, the game would mess up and I ended up having to skip the box.


Yes I already did the chicken part. I was just curious about the cat. It seemed like you could have stopped it? Oh well. Thanks for the tip about 2 seeds being on each planet! Now if I can just remember where I got all my seeds... It would be so handy if when you looked in your inventory the seeds had a helpful little "Found in ____!". Oh well.

Also, I don't know what box you're talking about Ari. I wasn't aware you could venture back into the Stadium. Or did this happen after you returned all the seeds to the farmer?

If so I'll keep searching and see if I can help you.


Also (double posting AGAIN), that water patch on Vestallia looks mighty suspicious. The one with the "too-strong current". Anyone know anything?


FINALLY found seed #6, for anyone who's missing it:

On MegaStation Titanium, in the Planet-garden-whatever-it-is, "Use" the frog next to the robot.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think many/most of the seeds were obtained using that same verb... I just don't remember where they all are at. :P


Yes all the seeds have something to do with


There are two on each planet. Just look for

weird animals or robots and "use" them

Also, now that I've completed everything, I still have no idea who's looking for me..


Finally found the person who was looking for me! Oh to miss what was right in front of my eyes..After that, is there anything to do? I've been going around trying to get everyone to a :) face. But some people won't display a face, even when I've satisfied their requirements. Also, anyone still playing?


Is someone still playing this? And even more important, who knows where RandoRoot 4 is? :D

digitalis March 16, 2010 4:23 PM

Hello! I repeat the above question, I have all but seeds 2 and I guess 10...anyone know where these are? And are we still waiting for more ingredients, or are they available? I still have half my recipes in ???.

digitalis March 17, 2010 11:06 AM

Ah, nevermind. I forget the talk to absolutely everyone rule all the time.


Hello, I am still playing this! Once you find the new person, can you tell me if something else happens?

Also, have you been making sure everyone is happy when feeding them? I tried to...got a bit lazy...^^;

Anonymous June 13, 2010 5:20 AM

Does anybody know where i can find root number 10???



I don't know what chapter I am on but I have just completed the following quests:

Found 10 randoroot seeds
Found necklace
Found leaves
Found diary
Found new music

Also, Moxie is now with brother.

I don't know what I am to do now. Please help.


Hi David,

You're done! Congrats! You can feed more people if you want...

TC Team


What do you serve Taka? I can't figure it out, help!

Anonymous February 8, 2011 3:38 AM

root #10 is in Folossa, use the chicken and it will give you the seed. (ps the chicken is with the cat)

Anonymous June 22, 2011 3:06 AM

Randoroot #4 is on Quarus.


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