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Tiny King

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Rating: 4.4/5 (132 votes)
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Tiny King

DoraPegas Games' Tiny King is short on stature but big on d'awwwww in this point-and-click puzzle game where our miniscule monarch cruelly awakens from a snuggly dream to find his cake has been stolen. As he travels in search of it, through a magical fanged blue door because reasons, you have to figure out what to click or otherwise manipulate in each level in order to proceed, usually by finding the key and dragging it to open the door's maw. Of course, just because you can see the key doesn't always mean you can get to it, so you'll have to click around and experiment with everything in each stage, be it sentient bookshelf, pile of worms, cow shelf... whatever. Don't expect it to make sense, just expect it to be cute and weird. Each level, apart from the first, also has a secret golden piece hidden in it, and if you want to find out what's behind that door on the stage select screen, you should probably track them down!

Tiny KingThese sorts of "click the thing in order to go to the thing" puzzles aren't exactly uncommon, but Tiny King shines just because of how happily weird and surreal it is. In any given level there are piles of things to be clicked on, and while most of them will only play a short animation, it still gives the game a great sense of silly discovery and experimentation. The problem, aside from some slightly finicky physics and small, fiddly hot spots for interaction, is that the deliberately surreal design can make it hard for you to tell what you're looking at, and thus make it difficult to proceed. Unlocking the final door is more than a little anticlimactic, but Tiny King is so cute and full of charm and creativity that it's forgiven. Strange is a good thing, sometimes, and hopefully this is just the start of Tiny King's adventures.

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lol, Ice Bucket challenge level 2. Too Funny.
Great find, I like the polished graphics and levels are fun to play.


Oh gosh so cute.


On level 7:

When I press 5 o'clock after putting the track down nothing happens! I was so stumped I watched the walkthrough video and I know a train is supposed to come, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!


Figured it out!

The train doesn't come unless you have the sound on for some reason.


Level 7 does seem a little bit... breakable. Very cute game regardless. The levels were surprisingly intuitive given the setting.


Is this also a webtoy?
Reminds me a bit of windows. Well I think the game was called Windows or window box. I cannot find it to confirm. The game was played in a sort of window and you had to do something to either change the scenery or to move onto the next window box. The images were very blocky, almost like cut outs, very flat, little to no shading; basic colors. I wish I coudl remember what it was called.

Patreon Contributor Questioner October 23, 2014 9:35 AM replied to SHA

Are you talking about Windosill?

Shudog October 23, 2014 10:33 AM replied to SHA

I agree, this has a lot of webtoy elements that have nothing to do with the solution.


can't wait for the walkthrough :)

Leopardmask October 23, 2014 3:21 PM

A cute little diversion, but still fairly challenging, which is nice.


Absolutely loved this game. It was fun clicking on everything just to see what happened.


Super easy, but cute and weird and lovely anyway. :)


Windosill, yea that is it, I couldn't remember the name of it.

Thanks for figuring it out.


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