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The Soul Stone Escape

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Rating: 4.1/5 (113 votes)
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The Soul Stone EscapeSo often a journey begins with a story. A few simple words can carry you on an adventure as great as any begun with a single step. This fact is the starting point of Esklavos' new game The Soul Stone Escape. In his characteristic style, the artwork flows with the somewhat dreamlike quality of the story. There may be ogres and snakes and pits but there is never a sense of danger, only of wonder. This game, and the story it contains embraces the idea of magic as we knew it in childhood.

None of that should imply that there are not puzzles to solve or clues to be found. There are several scenes and to advance from one to another requires completing certain puzzles and collecting particular items. In the past, many Esklavos games have featured a sort of map which opened various areas to the player. There is no map in Soul Stone. In fact there are fewer scenes (four) than you may be accustomed to seeing but each one is rich in content. Also by taking away the ability to jump from one location to another the space has a more linear quality, everything feels more connected.

This game falls squarely in the point and click genre. Simple to navigate and control with everything right there on the screen. There's really nothing to get in the way of just enjoying playing.

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There is a stray html tag at the end of the URL, which breaks the link to the game in the orange button.


Thank you Linnea for pointing it. I've fixed it. Need a few time to be updated.


How do you get the batteries into the remote control?

RamblinRob August 1, 2016 9:58 AM

@Colleen Werthmann You

use the screwdriver from the top shelf on the side of the remote

I know - what kind of remote

needs to be unscrewed?? :P

RamblinRob August 1, 2016 10:04 AM

The Soul Stone Escape

You start out in a room with a grandfather reading to a child. Start by collecting
the rock on the top shelf, then grab the screwdriver on top of the shelf. Pick up the
broom to the left of it and use the broom to sweep up a remote control from under the

Next: collect the book on the left of the middle shelf. There is a hint we need for
this on the poster above the boy's bed so click that to check it out first. Then open
the book. Once open you will see some numbers and lines as well as the symbols from
the poster. Note that you can click and drag here. Drag the numbers to the order they
were in on the poster.

Grab the chalk. If you click on the grandpa he says "And suddenly he drew a
door in the wall." Go ahead and do just that. Before we enter the door however, there
is one last thing we can do here. Use the rock on the dresser the lamp is standing on
and take the batteries from inside. These will go inside the remote which you will have
to open with the screwdriver we found earlier.

Now you can control the helicopter. Before you start flying around though, you
will need to release the fly from the vase on the bottom of the shelf. Now fly it over
to the rabbit to knock a key down. Finally, we can go through the door. Here you will
encounter a goblin guarding a bridge as well as a pot and a treasure chest. Note the
bird perched on top the bridge as well. There is a worm you can get stuck in the cliff
face so go ahead and grab that then feed it to the bird.

The bird will drop a feather. Go back in the room we came from. There is a
feathered warrior missing his feather on the middle shelf. Give it back to him. He will
drop a key for you. Next, click the box on the bottom shelf to see a block pop up. This
is a hint for something we need on the bridge. Speaking of which - go back there right now.

Use the key on the treasure chest and click it to get a wand. Then click on the paper to see a box that looks suspiciously familiar. Click the circles in the order from the box in the child's room to charge the paper with magic energy. Then use your wand on it to charge it up. Lastly, click on the goblin with your wand to get rid of it. Now we can cross to the other side.

Here you will meet a crazy old man(ignore him) and see a tent on the other side. Take the knife from inside and use it to cut the rope at the bottom-left. There were two more posts just like it in the previous screens so go cut those to get the rest of the rope and come back here. Tie the rope to the big boulder next to the wacko and take the stick next to it. Before going down the mountain, click the rock in the bottom-left of the screen for a series of numbers which will help us later.


Climb down the rope and grab the shovel from the cave. There are gloves on the left rock so get those also. Now go back to the bridge scene and use the gloves on the pot. You will find a ring which you can insert in the book we found from the sleeping child's room. Just click the right arrow to see Chapter 5 "The Kingdom". Insert your ring in here. Use the shovel on the mound here to find a lever. Head across the bridge and use the same shovel on another mound to get a dagger. Insert the dagger in the book. Go back to the cave and click on the hooded statue. Enter the number combination we found on the rock earlier.


Light the stick you found on the flame that comes out to turn it into a torch. Use the lever on the rock with he hole in it and pull the lever to reveal some spiders blocking your way. Use the torch to scare them and recieve a goblet. You know what to do. Place the goblet in the book and you will be able to retrieve a soul stone. Head all the way back to the kid's room and click on the purple totem on the top shelf.

You are trapped in there(surprise) and need a soul stone to get out. Hey, we just so happen to have one of those. Place it in the indentation to get anotehr piece of chalk.

Now go alll the way back to the cave and draw a door on the wall. Click on the door to escape. Congratulations! You have beat the game.


Thanks for the walkthrough, RamblinRob. If only I had found those numbers

on the rock in the second scene

and if only I had noticed that the picture with the eight signs

was actually a puzzle with moving parts

I would have solved an Esclavos without help for the first time. Next time maybe ...


I was extremely eager when I saw this, expecting a great game like Aurora or The Trader of Stories. What I got was a huge disappointment...The music is simple, fades out and never plays again unless you mute/unmute it. No sound effects, minor interactive scripting/hints, extremely short gameplay with little to no story, and the items in your inventory stay, even when you've used them as much as you are going to (very misleading). Just an all around disappointment, aside from the pretty scenes, but that's honestly all I feel this game has going for it.

Gobsmacked August 22, 2016 8:57 PM

Well, if the

diggable dirt mounds

were remotely visible in any way shape or form, and if the

numbers on the rock weren't miniscule beyond all hope of legibility

... then maybe this would be solvable without a walkthrough. As it is, unfortunately, it is not. At least, unless you have 20/20 eyesight. Pixel hunts are no fun, so why do people keep making them?


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