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The Silent Age: Episode Two

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The Silent Age Episode Two

KimberlyNote: At this time, Episode Two is available only as an in-app purchase after installing Episode One, which is free.

One of our favorite average Joe heroes is back in House on Fire's point-and-click adventure The Silent Age: Episode Two for iOS and Android. If you're like me you might need a little memory jog on what happened in Episode One, so let me sum it up. Joe is just your average guy working as a janitor in a government facility until he's tasked by a dying man to use a time traveling device to save humanity from extinction. When last we left Joe, he was on his way to find this time traveler as a young man, hopefully to get some answers, and Episode Two picks up right where we left off. Swipe your finger around the screen to see what you can interact with, then tap on the object you'd like to learn more about. Tap to make Joe walk, or double tap to make him run. Your inventory runs along the bottom of the screen, just tap an item once to pick up, and tap again to make the object interact with any item on the screen. And, when available, tap the time machine to travel in time, a fun mechanic which is again integral to the story line as well as to solving puzzles.

The Silent Age Episode TwoOnce again, The Silent Age manages to draw you in with top notch storytelling and the same gorgeous atmosphere. The game is excellent at creating a sense of urgency as you play, as if the fate of humanity really is up to you. Which caused me a little bit of a problem as far as how the text works. When there's dialog between characters, you are in control of tapping to progress when you're done reading. However, when it's just Joe's internal dialog or learning about things in a room, you have to wait for the words to scroll themselves, and I often couldn't tell if he was finished before frantically trying my next move, and which may make you a couple of things along the way. Many of the inventory puzzles are straightforward, while others take a bit of creative thinking, and all serve to move the narrative along at a good pace. With great writing and sound design, Episode Two wraps things up nicely, with a satisfying ending which will also leave you ruminating about the ramifications of advanced technology in imperfect human hands.

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Walkthrough Guide

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The Silent Age: Episode 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 6: The Island

At the Lake:

  • Tap the cardboard box to open it. Tap again to get the TROPHY.

  • Tap the back door of the ambulance to open it. Tap again to take the JACK, then again to get the EMPTY ENEMA PUMP.

  • Tap the fuel cap to the right of the back ambulance door to take it off. Use the EMPTY ENEMA PUMP on fuel tank to fill it with gas.

  • Walk to the right until you find the boat. It's flooded so use the TROPHY on the flooded boat to bail it out.

  • There's no gas in the motor! Use the ENEMA PUMP on the motor to fill it with gas. Tap the boat to travel to Lambert's property.

Lambert's Yard:

  • Walk to the right until you find the gate. Use the JACK on the fence to make a hole to squeeze through.

  • Pick up the garden SHEARS laying near the flowers. Continue to the right and note the Crocodile!

  • Use the SHEARS on the chain link fence. They're ruined, but at least you can go through the hole.

  • Tap on the camper door to open it, then go in.

  • Hit the light switch to the right of the door.

  • There's a SMALL KEY with a red top hanging under the window. Pick it up, and note the still.

  • Exit the camper and head to the right. Use the SMALL KEY on the junction box to open it.

  • There's a fish in the pond, but you can't catch it while it's alive. Tap the junction box to turn on the power. This will fry the fish.

  • Continue to the right and tap on the grill. Tap again to take the TONGS.

  • Use the TONGS on the fish to pick it up, and return to where you found the crocodile.

  • Use the fish on the Crocodile and it'll slink away to eat it's treat. Keep walking to the right and pick up the CHAINSAW.

  • Darn, the tank is empty, but I bet a little moonshine will do the trick. Return to the camper and use the CHAINSAW on the still.

  • Return to the front door of the house and use the CHAINSAW on the door to get inside the house.

CHAPTER 7: The House

Lambert's House:

  • Open the drawer to the right and tap to get MATCHES. Note the lamp, then go through the door to the left.

  • There's a WINE OPENER on the small bookshelf. Take it and continue to the left.

  • The bookshelf to the right of the fireplace has a row of blue BOOKS. Tap to take a few.

  • Use BOOKS with the fireplace.

  • Light the books on fire with your MATCHES, then continue to the left.

  • Examine the zebra rug to find a trapdoor.

  • Use the WINE OPENER on the trapdoor to open it. Climb down the ladder.

  • Exit to the right and take the TANNING BULB off the shelf on the right, then head back upstairs.

  • Go all the way right til you get back to the lamp. Use the TANNING BULB on the lamp. Hey, that's bright enough to power up your time machine!

  • Return to the basement and use the time machine. Pick up the FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Return to the present and go upstairs.

  • Walk toward the piano then use the time machine. Pick up the TWIG from the table then go back to the room with the time machine.

  • Use the time machine, and tap the oil drum to open it. Use the TWIG on the oil drum.

  • Use the time machine and head back to the main floor.

  • Use the TWIG on the fire, then use the time machine.

  • Use the FIRE EXTINGUISHER on the water barrel to the right to fill it. Use the time machine and exit to the right.

  • Use the time machine. Use the BURNING TWIG to light the vines on fire, then the FIRE EXTINGUISHER to put out the flames.

  • Take the AXE, then use the time machine so you can exit to the left.

  • Head to the basement and use the AXE on the door by the ladder. Go in.

  • Take the LAVA LAMP, then use the time machine.

  • Plug the LAVA LAMP into the socket on the right. Take the WINE BOTTLE.

  • Use the time machine so you can exit the bedroom. Use the WINE BOTTLE on the shelf with the missing bottle. Enter the secret passage.

Chapter 8: Outside Archon

  • Go forward in time and tap on the leftmost parking meter to get a QUARTER (1/4).

  • Use the time machine and enter the night club, then use it again and take the brown CABLE hanging from the ceiling. Note that the club is full of water.

  • Use the time machine. Talk to the bartender to find out drinks are $1.00. Tap the table to get a QUARTER (2/4). Exit the club.

  • Return to your car. Use the time machine, then use the CABLE on the parking meter. Tap the hole to enter the subway.

  • Walk to the left. Tap on the hat on the ground to find a QUARTER (3/4).

  • Return to the present. Walk all the way to the right and tap the phone to find a QUARTER (4/4). Return to the night club.

  • Use your QUARTERS with the bartender. While he's making your drink, push the red button on the wall, then take the DISCO BALL. Exit the club.

  • Use the time machine so you can get back to the subway station. After you climb down, use the time machine again and enter the car with the welder.

  • Use the time machine, then use the DISCO BALL in the light beam to discover a SCREWDRIVER. Return to the present and exit the car.

  • Walk all the way to the left until you find the vent on the wall. Use the time machine to rust it up, then use the SCREWDRIVER to pry it off the wall. Go in the vent.

  • Tap to turn the valve. You'll hear some gushing water. Exit and return to the present day night club.

  • Use the time machine to go forward in time. The floor has drained. Look at the corpse and take the REVOLVER from its hand.

  • Return to the present and exit the club. Time warp again and head to the vent in the subway.

  • Once in the vent, use the time machine. Use the REVOLVER to shoot the fan control box.

  • Walk to the left and hit the button on the other fan control box. Continue til you find the toolbox, and tap to take the WIRE CUTTER. Note the grating, then return to the present time subway station.

  • Use the WIRE CUTTER on the orange cable on the right. Enter the subway car and take the WRENCH. Return to the grating inside the vent.

  • Use the time machine to go to the future. Tap the grating to remove it from the wall. Go in.

  • Return to the present and use the WRENCH on the elevator hatch, and you're in.

Chapter 9: Inside Archon

  • Tap the elevator control panel to open the door. Exit the elevator.

  • Use the time machine. Head all the way down to the right, swiping the GREEN ACESS CARD from the corpse along the way. Enter the rightmost door.

  • Return to the present and notice the sign on the super computer. Go through the round door. Pick up the INSTANT CAMERA off the floor. Return to the main hall.

  • Return to the present and use the GREEN ACCESS CARD on the left door's card reader. Enter the lab.

  • Walk to the right and find the creepy frozen guy that has his eyes open. Take a picture of him with the INSTANT CAMERA to get the PHOTOGRAPH OF EYES. Continue through the door on the right.

  • In the office, use the PHOTOGRAPH OF EYES on the retinal scanner lock by the door on the left. Go through the door.

  • Listen to the tirade to find out the dude needs an apple. Use the time machine and take the green DUSTPAN from the cabinet.

  • Return to the present and exit the room. Tap the trash can to get the APPLE CORE.

  • Tap the file cabinet on the right to open the drawer. It's now catching the drip.

  • Tap the light wall to turn it on, then go back to the elevator.

  • Use the time machine while in the elevator. Use the DUSTPAN to pick up the soil in the left corner.

  • Return to the present and exit the elevator. This triggers an event. Time travel so you can go in the right door, then go to the time machine room to find the time machine missing.

  • Do what it takes to return to the present day office with the leaky pipe.

  • Put the soil in the open file drawer, and put the apple core on top. Travel forward in time and pick the APPLE.

  • Return to the present, exit to the left and give the scientist the APPLE.

  • Swipe the bubbling beaker to get the ACID. Exit and head to the super computer.

  • Uh oh, you can't run into yourself. The cut scene puts you back in the cryo lab. Go back to the present day super computer.

  • Use the ACID on the super computer, then go through the round door.

  • Tap on Lambert. He's not dead yet! Do as he asks and tap on the console to read him numbers. Nothing left to do but time travel.

Chapter 10: Moebiuis Trip

Stranded in the Future

  • Exit to the left. Note the power generator and the dripping water. Exit left again.

  • Continue to the left, noting the doorway blocked by dirt, until you find a SHOVEL. Take it and head back to the blocked doorway.

  • Use the SHOVEL to dig out the doorway. Enter the cryo lab.

  • Not the concrete slab to the left. Tap the first aid kit to get a CLOTH.

  • Return to the screen with the dripping water. Use the CLOTH with the water to get it wet. Exit to the left.

  • Head to the left again, past the old time machine. You'll see a solar panel. Use the CLOTH to clean it. A light turns green on the generator!

  • Walk back to the right and follow the cable to the other generator that's in the drippy water room. Tap it to turn on the lamp.

  • Ew, there's a guy in the wall. Tap him to take the MACHETE.

  • Return to the cryo lab. Use the MACHETE on the rock on the left to sharpen it up. Exit the lab.

  • Go all the way to the left until you run into some roots. Use the MACHETE on the roots, then go through the hole into the cave.

  • Talk to Frank. He needs some water and gives you a CUP.

  • Return to the dripping water, fill up the CUP, then go back and give it to Frank.

  • Go through the cut scenes and Frank will give you a FUSE.

  • Exit the cave and use the FUSE in the time machine room where you first arrived.

  • Against better judgement, push the button to travel back.

Saving Humanity?

  • Tap the dead guard to get a KEY.

  • Pick up the BROKEN FRAME in front of the console. The door is locked, so use the FRAME on cracked wall on the right, and go through.

  • You're in the cryo lab, and not feeling so hot. As you realize you are about to kill humanity, continue to the right and exit through the door.

  • Use the KEY on the file cabinet on the right. Tap it to get the CRYO CONSOLE MANUAL.

  • Go back to the cryo lab and use the MANUAL on the console.

  • Tap on the empy cryo chamber to get in.

The Hospital

  • Tap the monitoring equipment at the foot of the bed to take the PAPER.

  • Open door 3 and go in. Talk to the jittery man. He wants some supplies to write something down. Give him the PAPER.

  • Tap the yellow chair to find a REMOTE CONTROL.

  • Exit the room and go into door 2. The TV is too loud. Use the REMOTE to turn it off. Take the CRUTCH.

  • Return to your room. Use the CRUTCH with the box of pens on top of the closet. Take the PEN that fell to the floor.

  • Go back to room 3 and give the PEN to the jittery man. Tap him to get a NOTE with a code on it.

  • Exit the room and use the NOTE on the keypad by the green door. Go in.

  • Talk to the doctor. Tap her again to watch a cut scene and end the game. Congratulations!


Ewan Whosarmy October 19, 2014 8:09 PM

This was fun. for an experienced puzzler the puzzles are very easy, the answers are obvious with very little thought. however the story is very good and i liked the graphic style, so i approached it more as a piece of interactive art than a game. if you approach it that way then you will really enjoy it... p.s. it helps if you liked the film "back to the future".


This was nice, but it feels as if the story was a little rushed to fit in into the second episode due to trouble financing it.


well... this says it's for kindle fire but my amazon account says my kindle fire is not compatible... so perhaps it's for kindle fire HD?


I know what you mean, when I got done with the puzzles in the last era and met the doctor, I didn't expect an ending to be just handed to me. Everything ended a little quickly and neatly for me.


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