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The Rosefinch Curse

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The Rosefinch Curse

To say T34 Studios' massive escape/point-and-click adventure game The Rosefinch Curse (originally only available in Chinese) is ambitious is sort of an understatement. How many escape games do you play that ask you to complete a lengthy tutorial before you start, that feature a quick-travel map because the place you're in is so big? As the game opens, you play student Tina Tang, who wakes up to find herself in an unfamiliar place with one heck of a headache, and the last thing she can remember is a truck barreling down on her as she crosses the street. So why does she seem to be in a school filled with strange mechanisms? And what's up with that strange girl? Playing the tutorial is definitely recommended, and with no changing cursor to mark interactive areas, you're in for a real challenge, though features like the minimap, which shows you not only where you are and where you're facing in addition to points of interest, are a nice touch. You can even click the camera icon at the top of the screen to take pictures of whatever you're facing, so you don't have to constantly write down clues. With multiple endings, a branching plot, party members, and more, despite some rough edges and a clunky interface, The Rosefinch Curse is still an impressive and formidable game, and well worth checking out if you have the time and patience needed to conquer it.

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Stuck already...

I've made it to the Library on 2F and have found the blue and green book clues, but I can't figure it out. I'm certain it relates to the Blue NoteBook in my inventory and the clue within it, but I'm stumped.


I should have added

that I'm on the tutorial

Patreon Contributor Questioner December 15, 2014 1:52 PM replied to mark0205

You can place the blue notebook among the other books, and the green books will be possible to interact with...

stuckinabasement December 15, 2014 2:15 PM

I can't seem to get past the NOTICE screen. Using Google Chrome ... I don't know if that's the reason.

The OK button at the bottom just isn't clicking. Reloading the page doesn't help.

stuckinabasement December 15, 2014 2:19 PM replied to stuckinabasement

Just checked ... same story in IE(11). Sigh.


A TUTORial is supposed to TUTOR you. All this one does is leave me confused. Can I expect all items that I can take to twinkle? I don't know cause the tutorial doesn't tell me. What does all the different icons mean? I don't know cause the tutorial doesn't tell me. Why are some of the zodiac signs blue and some red, when I have found most of the corresponding locks, but only unlocked one, but have two blue signs? I don't know cause the tutorial doesn't tell me.

I surmise though that black door squares mean the door CAN be unlocked, and that the yellow squares can NOT be unlocked. But it's also hard to see which doors can be opened with the heart key on the map.

And using a two story building with about 10 rooms to explore, and no clear sign of whether something is interactive or not (considering it's not obvious if the twinkle is a constant part of the game, or just for a few select items) is a huge no-no. You're not supposed to get stuck on a tutorial, that defeats the whole purpose of it.

So in short, playing the tutorial shuns me from the main game. 1 mushroom.

And btw, I got stuck in the same place as mark0205, except

I never found any clues for blue or green books apart from inside the notebook, nor did I find anywhere to place it, nor anywhere where there's only blue or greeen books. And I've unlocked everywhere and checked everything, even found the fallen painting inside a nook.


I don't think this is a Tutorial, it's the "first game" it seems. The Rosefinch Curse is said to be the prequel to this.

Anyways, Mark, if you look in the notebook, you'll see that the green books inside seem not so neat as the blue books. Is there a pattern to which ones are pulled out?


Took me longer a little while re: the books, but I realized that the notebook shows

the letters (ie: symbols) bigger when they're different between green and blue.
ie: blue shows crescent/full/etc, and green shows crescent/empty/etc, then the 2nd one should be pulled out.


Gah, that came out garbled... sorry. :P


This game has the feel of 999, that Nintendo DS game where you are stuck on a sinking ship and have to solve puzzles to open doors.

North by Down December 15, 2014 10:10 PM

This is a visual novel with an escape game tangled in it, or possibly the other way around. Some story actions can even change the puzzles... and that's relevant to where I'm stuck in storyline B (which, wouldn't you know it, is the only one with no YouTube walkthrough).

Spoiler starts at the Sports Equipment Room in storyline B.

On entering, you immediately get a cutscene involving a choice. Below the next spoiler block are spoilers for the immediate effects of the second choice ("Have no idea").

If you select this choice, you stay with the group, and get a new mission to go to a pink area on your map. This pink area is behind a puzzle-piece-locked Pisces-marked door. Getting through the door is the thing I can't do, and I have looked everywhere I can think of, including savescumming to access all the locked classrooms and solving any puzzle fragments I've come across.

My current inventory... varies, because in one of my save games I somehow got a "storage battery" and I have no idea how anymore. Without breaking into random classrooms, I definitely have: the key of wood, the bronze coin, two beakers, two white-and-blue tiles (one from Physics, one from the pool table) and a handwheel. I can also acquire some gallium if I need to, and I know what "2014" does (but not "963").

With breaking into random classrooms (spoilers are mildly cryptic):

I have enough pie to make the first of two recipes, but I can't add and I could really use an eraser.

Below this spoiler block are spoilers for the "Follow Lisa" choice. (No story spoilers intended, although you may be able to deduce something from knowledge I don't have.)

If you go with Lisa: near the end of a series of cutscenes, you proceed to a new area on your map... which is exactly the area that I can't get to, above. A puzzle piece has already been inserted into the door to unlock it.

If you then look around the Sports Equipment Room (turn right), there's a solved puzzle. On the stay-with-the-group track, that puzzle is not solved. The solution appears to be randomized. (I infer that the curious positioning and coloration of the pool table balls are a clue of some sort...?)


Can't get past the Notice Page on Firefox. I admit, whenever I get a warning that > is optimized for IE, I lose a little bit of faith I'm going to have any kind of a good experience.

North by Down December 15, 2014 11:01 PM

@JCS, @stuckinabasement: No, I'm playing it on Firefox myself. I'm pretty sure it's a Flash configuration issue: that warning's not going away because local Flash storage isn't enabled for t34's domain. Once you handle that, clicking should dismiss the notice (although you may have to reload).

Also, power of posting:

Soooo apparently owls are known to eat snakes. Who knew, right?

Food chain, left to right: flower worms angry-birds snakes owl.


Whew, I must have wandered around for 10, 15 minutes right and the end of the Freshman level without figuring out what I needed to do, because finding non-arrowed views is pretty freaking tricky.

But the game is gorgeous so far!


Looks interesting, but I currently don't have the patience for such a large escape game. Maybe I'll come back later when I'm in the mood.

I have noticed that

it can be confusing to figure out where you are just by looking at the main screen - e.g. the hallways just outside the very first room (when you're looking back at the first door) looks very similar to a scene on the very next floor, except there is now a small ladies' room sign looking thing on the door.

So that could get frustrating, if you aren't paying attention to the map so much.

stuckinabasement December 16, 2014 1:33 AM replied to North by Down

@North by Down

Thanks for the advice. However, I didn't get any storage message when I started the game. I think I have Flash configured correctly. All the same, I tried allowing for the specific domain and reloading, but no dice.

Will chalk it up to one of those things and wait for the next Weekday Escape entries. Judging from the comments here, those might be more my speed anyway :P


hopefully a walkthrough is in the works. :)

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU December 16, 2014 1:23 PM

And I WON'T be playing that. Ever.

Any game asking for "up to unlimited storage"?


Kyttynjirr December 16, 2014 5:19 PM replied to tran.fors

Actually, that made perfect sense to me, and helped a lot! Thanks so much! :)

Kyttynjirr December 16, 2014 5:21 PM replied to Kyttynjirr

Meant to add: so now that I know how to use the notebook, I just need to find *where* to use it . . . .

North by Down December 16, 2014 5:25 PM

It's easy to miss: two of the bookshelves in the Library can be zoomed in on. There's no cursor change.

Kyttynjirr December 16, 2014 5:59 PM

Annnnnnnd . . . I just found it. Randomly clicking all over the scene still works! (Good thing I love a challenge!)

@JCS, I'm playing in Firefox as well and I had the same problem. What I did was to right-click on the game screen and click settings, then when the Adobe Flash Player settings box popped up, I set how much data the game could store on my computer, clicked the close button in the dialog box, and the game worked fine. I don't know if that'll fix it for you, but maybe you could try it and see (if you haven't already tried it or found another solution, of course). :)


Like Kyttynjirr, I found the place to place the books by randomly clicking all over the library. There was absolutely no way to know where to put the book, no graphics of blue or green books before you zoomed in. If I could have, I would've given 0 mushrooms for this.

It's especially infuriating when you get stuck somewhere, and you don't know if it's because you haven't two and two together regarding the clues, or if it's because you haven't clicked every single pixel in every single room.

But I'm a sucker for multiple ending games, so I went ahead and started it up anyway, and got stuck almost immediately on three branches. I got a long way on branch D though, but now I'm stuck there too, and that's the one I'm hoping to get a small hint for.

My inventory contains: 6 keys which I've placed in the wall panel and then taken out again, 11 puzzle pieces so I'm missing at least one for the palette puzzle, a wheel that doesn't fit into the statue by the pool, a hammer, a wood key, a bronze coin, and a metal plate that says Ga.

I just want to know what the next small step should be, no solutions. It seems to me that I'm supposed to do the calculation puzzle in the art room since I don't have enough puzzle pieces for the palette puzzle, but there are four groves and I have nothing to put in them. I thought I was supposed to use 5s in the calculation, as the painting has two 5s, but that doesn't work.

So have I missed an item somewhere? What is my next step?


Also, something in branch C has me confused.

I'm trying to draw the face on the blackboard from the two faces on the other side of the equation. But there are already painted some squares that shouldn't be there. Am I supposed to find an eraser, or how else do I erase them?


Is anyone along "Line D" (Path?)? I'm utterly stuck and can't seem to find where to go.

I found five colored keys: Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, as well as a panel to put them in, but I'm missing a sixth key for that panel. I couldn't find any door that the keys open except one door with the orange key.

I also found a 'secret path' that moves a section of hallway after I installed a battery in a button panel, but other than a metal rectangle with "Ga" on it, it was a dead end.

I've noticed near the door that needed the orange key the switches cause sinks in the two bathrooms I can visit turn on and off, but I have no idea how to use that knowledge.

There's a lot of panels I can input numbers into, but I've only found two numbers on the back of the bathroom doors so far and everything is 3 or more for their passwords.

Honestly, I'm about ready to just give up and try a different path unless some one can point out something I might have missed.



In the very same room where the key panel is, you should look on top of the bookshelf.

North by Down December 17, 2014 12:16 AM


For the Art Room calculation puzzle, nested spoilers of increasing bluntness, InvisiClues-style:

The puzzle pieces will fit in the square holes at the bottom.

Not perfectly, but that's part of the puzzle.

Each black gap is worth the indicated number.

Drop any old puzzle pieces in the big holes and count up the little holes that are left. Multiply by the number indicated by the big "puzzle piece" above. That's the value for that piece in this puzzle.

Concerning being one piece short for the Art Room palette puzzle:

I haven't gotten as far as that on Line D, but I've done the Art Room puzzle on a different Line. The calculation puzzle did not conceal a puzzle piece there; you'll probably have to look elsewhere.

I'm going to guess that it's the black piece you're missing; if so,

it should be on the Main Porch. Take the fire exit from the 1F East Hallway and head west.


Thanks Malky! That got me a little bit farther. A little stuck again, actually where North by Down is talking about, so later I'll give their hints a try.

Though, on path D, I found a Black piece....somewhere. I can't remember specifically where. Still short for pieces for the palette puzzle though even with that simple one. Unless I just leave that one spot empty.

I also happen to find ANOTHER puzzle piece, a white one near the pool area and it allowed me to climb those stairs. I'll have to look again if there's puzzle piece up top.

North by Down December 17, 2014 12:35 AM

Whoops. @ThemePark, again, for branch C (previous was only branch D):

An eraser is exactly what you need. It's lying in plain sight (rather than behind an arrowless subview or something).

If there doesn't seem to be another puzzle available to solve, I suspect you need to

click the X on the back wall, above the red Aquarius mark.


Thanks North by Down, but actually none of that helps me. I'll elaborate.

For branch C:

The only Aquarius sign I've seen is a green one on a sign by a hall door. The only x I've seen is the one that releases a trapdoor into 1F, Class One, Grade One. I don't see any eraser anywhere in plain sight.

On 2F, I have access to Class One: Grade Two, Class Two, Grade Two, Digital Reading Room and East Corner.

From your clues I figure I'm supposed to solve one of the puzzles in one of the five rooms, but I can't match any of the clues with any of the puzzles. In the 1F room there's a five digit lock, and on the blackboard there's a base 4 equation where each number has 5 digits, but the result has 6 digits, so they don't match.

So which puzzle am I supposed to solve next to progress, since it's not the faces on the blackboard?

For branch D:

I haven't actually found any numbered tiles for the calculation puzzle in the art room, I was referring to the two black squares that are on the puzzle itself, and I apparently can't remove them. So it seems that puzzle is to be solved later, and I thus don't need hints for that right now.

However, for the palette puzzle, I actually have the black top piece, along with all three yellow pieces and all three cyan pieces, plus the two topmost magenta pieces and a white middle piece and a gray bottom piece. So I figure I'm missing the bottom magenta piece, but I can't find that anywhere.


@North by Down, Correction:

I forgot that the trapdoor has the red Aquarius mark. So I've already fallen through the trapdoor into the 1F room as you wanted me to. Still can't figure out the puzzle in that room though.

North by Down December 17, 2014 1:35 PM

@everyone who wants to discuss or read about Line D:

There is a bifurcation. You, and other posters, may have chosen either branch without realizing it. Reading Line D spoilers therefore runs the risk of spoiling the other branch.

I'm calling the two branches "Century" and "Papyrus", which are cryptic enough not to be hints. If you didn't notice a bifurcation, you can assume you're on Century. If you did, you're probably on Papyrus.

If you want to be sure which branch you're on, the following spoiler-block will tell you how to identify your current branch. This will necessarily give a hint as to what causes the bifurcation but should not outright reveal it.

At some point you'll see a mirrored number behind an object within a hidden panel. If that number is written in Century Old Style (an ordinary serif font), you're on the branch I'm calling "Century". If it's written in Papyrus (like the bathroom door numbers), you're on the branch I'm calling "Papyrus".

More detailed spoilers for exactly how to select each branch:

To choose Century: when Susie pulls you out of the unused classroom, ignore her, go back in, and use the puzzle piece. It doesn't matter which of the four panels you use it in.

To choose Papyrus: when Susie pulls you out of the unused classroom, don't go back in. Instead, find a way to use the code she gives you.

Convert letters to numbers in the usual fashion.

Three digits... well, there was that painting in the 1F Women's Room.

Also, apparently Tina's instincts are good, because the code was backwards.

EID -> DIE -> 495.

The puzzles are different. Several puzzles on Papyrus are not accessible on Century. I don't yet know if the converse is true, because I'm stuck on Papyrus.

@ThemePark, Line C:

The five-digit lock.

Those two things do go together. Look closely.

The digits aren't all the same size.

You just need the small digits. Don't add anything.

@ThemePark, Line D:

You're on the Century branch.

I've played through Century now. You can definitely solve the calculation puzzle without any additional items.

The palette puzzle, on the other hand, can't be solved with what you have. You do need to solve the calculation puzzle to proceed.

(You may also find it helpful to complete Line C first: there's a puzzle you have to solve in Line C that you also have to solve here, but you get more hints in Line C.)

@akaiLV, Line D:

I'm pretty sure you're on the Century branch too, in which case my answer to ThemePark applies.

If you are on Papyrus, I have to ask you how you got to the Art Room at all, because I'm stuck.


Thanks North by Down, but I need a bit more on branch D.

About branch C which I figured out now.

It never occurred to me to do that, I've been adding this whole time, but it took me a little while to try out reading those digits from another direction, as in my game two of them are in the same column and another column has none. But I figured out the password now. So thank you for that big help.

Branch D:

I must confess that I don't see how I can do the calculation puzzle. The four groves hint that I'm supposed to place four items in them, but I have no square items at all, with or without numbers. The two fives also made me think that I had to think of the equation containing four 5s, but that doesn't work either. And finally, because the two squares on the wall are of different sizes, I thought of reading them as 55, and using that in each part of the calculation, but that didn't work either.

Also, for all the above methods, I've tried doing the calculation both left to right, and with multiplication before addition and subtraction, but I still haven't got it.


I take that back, two seconds and I got stuck on branch C again.

I found the wall where the Aries sign had been before. Given Tina's talk about the 5 rows and 5 columns, I'm pretty sure it's related to the equation I just used from the blackboard, with its small and big digits. So I tried pressing the corresponding places of the small digits only, the big digits only, and even tried making the plus sign from the blackboard since it turned out not to be an equation. But no luck.

Since I haven't seen anything else in a 5x5 grid, I'm stuck again.


Btw, thank you for your hint on the branching, North by Down. I decided to try out the other branch you mentioned, and since I did the Freshman level first, it didn't take me long to get to familiar territory.


@Theme Park

You were on the right track. You tried only the small digits, then only the big digits....

Why not just click the wall with both big and small digits?

Also, concerning Branch D, since I've gone through both Century and Papyrus:

If you're on Papyrus, I really must urge you to choose what zodiac symbols you activate CAREFULLY. If you don't, then you'll just end up making the whole place go boom, like it says on the computer.

I can tell you that you can deactivate one of the symbols at a certain point, but only one. Otherwise, you'll probably be stuck in an unwinnable state, as I was until just now.


Yeah, I got that ending already, only paid attention to the first two lines on the computer. But I have all the branches so far saved, and that ending is needed anyway to get 100 % completion.

The other two lines are only activated if I open a certain door

the door on 4F

and I have no intention of that.

But I don't get branch C.

The calculation on the blackboard is 5x5, so is the wall. If I'm supposed to click all 25 bricks, why would there be a reference to another 5x5 grid in what Tina says? Anyway, I did try that and nothing happened.

Since the wall resets when I turn away from it, I'm expecting the wall to move once I click the right bricks, but I don't see how it correlates with the blackboard equation, since I tried either all 20 big digits, all 5 small digits, or all 25 digits with no result. And there are only 25 bricks that can be clicked anyway.

About branch D:

When I found out from your clue that there are two branches from branch D, I went back and made a save game for both. So yes, the calculation problem I'm having is in Century, I'm so far not stuck in Papyrus. But I still don't see how two wall tiles with a number each can be combined with four square groves. Like I said in a previous comment I have tried all combinations I can think of.


guess not huh? that's cool.



Branch C:

How exactly are you clicking the tiles? You should be clicking the tiles the number of times that is indicated by the "addition problem." For instance, if the first line goes like "00312" then you should click the first row of tiles like this: first tile 0 times, second 0 times, third, three times, etc.

Branch D, Papyrus:

So, uh, about that door on floor 4...

That's actually kind of the end goal for that branch...

Branch D, calculation problem:

You can put the palette tiles in the grooves.


Thanks Malkytop, that explains it all (I hadn't seen it was you and not North by Down who answered my previous comment btw).

About branch C:

I actually thought the clue was in the font size, and not in the digits themselves, so I didn't understand why using them all was the solution.

And I also see why you came to an unwinnable state, and why I was likely to as well. So I started from scratch on both D branches. I should be able to play both the C and D branch now, and then hopefully I'll have enough info to figure out why I'm stuck in A and B as well.

But thanks for the help from both of you, North by Down and Malkytop. :)

North by Down December 17, 2014 5:44 PM

Branch D, Papyrus, and being stuck:

I knew I was making the game unwinnable, but I kept playing in order to try to get some hints on what I should have done. Spoilers for late Papyrus(?):

I got quite a ways, but I have no idea what to do with the key of sun (I don't remember any sun doors in the whole complex, besides the useless front gate) nor how to get the shiny thing in the distant flower basket.

I also never found a way to get into the Sports Equipment Room, the elevator, or any basement room, if that helps.

I also don't see how it can be done with only one symbol; I was expecting two. Spoiler for symbol objectives:

Without Scorpio, I can't get the lighter. Without Taurus, I can't get out of the East Corner stairwell area.

The lock on the fourth floor has me utterly baffled:

I know it has something to do with that other device outside the Cafeteria; I infer that device opens the Cafeteria's far door so I don't have to waste my deactivation on Aries.

I haven't seen anything else that looks even vaguely like it or any of its symbols. The clue on the Cafeteria panel doesn't help much.

Have I missed a crucial clue for it, possibly in one of the other Lines? I've played them all, although in Line C

I didn't get a Main Ending. Should I have?

@Paul: Not for a while yet at least. Sorry!


@North By Down:

Oh boy, let me go through this one at a time. First of all, the Sun Key is irrelevant, so is the shiny thing in the flower basket, the basement, the sports equipment room, and the elevator.

4th Floor Lock:

You'll notice that the first symbol is locked in. You should look at the number, the letter, and the symbol -- they all have something in common.

The thing they have in common has something to do with a line (or lack thereof).

Maybe if you tried folding them in certain ways.

The code is the symbol's line of symmetry. The number, the letter, and the symbol should all have the same line of symmetry.

Device outside cafeteria

Yes, it is related to the 4th floor lock, and your suspicions on where it leads is correct. The 4th Floor Lock is a clue to the combination for this lock.


There's a way to get around the Scorpio symbol, via the Capricorn symbol right next door. It involves that big honking circle in the room.

Hope that gives you some help. I'm trying not to be too blunt...I'm not so great at simply giving hints instead of the entire answer.

Line C:

I didn't get a main ending either. I don't think you get one for that.

Trying to struggle through Lines A and B right now.


Okay, I admit defeat.

I just don't see how the puzzle pieces can be used in the equation puzzle. I don't see how they represent a value. The only way I can see is that it's the number of either ins or outs (in lack of a better word), but there's not enough to get the equation to match what I think it must.

I restarted the game, so now I have 2 black squares, each with a 6 inside, one square is slightly bigger than the other. The way they're positioned makes the background look like a 2, so I figure I'm either supposed to make the equation equal 266 or 66. But I do not see how to turn the puzzle pieces into values. And I can't think of any of the clues I've found that have to do with that puzzle. :(


Nevermind, I see now that North by Down gave me the answer to that further up. I just didn't read it because

I thought the reference to puzzle pieces was to some numbered squared pieces that I'd have to find and not to jigsaw puzzle pieces.


I also got through branch C now, and I'd agree with both of you.

There is no main ending for branch C. Since there's three slots, there should be one for A, B and D then.

Now I just have to figure out how to get the second star for those branch endings.


I must admit I got stuck on branch D again.

On the Century branch to be exact. I solved the calculation puzzle and got the metal key. Thing is, I can't find anywhere to use it, and I can't remember where I used it on branch C.

If the answer is in the art puzzle, well since I'm missing the bottom magenta piece and can't remember where I found that in branch C, I'm still stuck.


I've finished the entire game, so now I can help with all the puzzles. I might be less useful when it comes to telling you guys what to do next, as that involves most likely replaying the game to figure out where you guys are...but I'll try my best with the jumbled memory I have.


I know the key of metal specifically opens that one door in the men's changing room, the one you get to by the pool. Though, to get into the men's changing room, I know you need another key, but I don't remember which one...I feel like you are supposed to finish the palette puzzle, but unfortunately, I can't help you very much with where to find specific items.



Well, the key I need to get access to the metal door, is the water key. That key is inside the palette puzzle. The puzzle piece I'm missing, was lying on the floor in one of the classrooms in branch C, a classroom I don't have access to in branch D. So I'm at quite the impasse.


Anyone gotten anywhere in branch A yet or completed branch B (or just done a lot of the game in general)? I'm stuck with the

auditorium puzzle on floor 3. I think I get which seats to take the symbols from [for the panel just outside the auditorium], but I can't seem to figure out the proper order.


Elisha, finally something I can answer! The answer is:

Dark to light.


@ThemePark – thanks! I kept trying the reverse of that…



I quickly went to where I think you are on the D Century path, and

It appears to me that you haven't solved the bathroom puzzle. On the 1st Floor, near the fire exit doors, you've probably seen a panel with green buttons. You should solve that.


Help with the graticule puzzle on Line A? I've got the clue I need for it but I have no idea how to apply it to the actual puzzle.


You are correct MalkyTop, but I can't figure out how to solve that puzzle.

I wrote down which faucets are activated by which switches and tried deducing how it's solved from the green number on the first switch which in this case is a 6.

I tried looking at the position of the faucets as bits, but for the leftmost button, all three positions have faucets that are running which would give me a 7.

Then I thought all switches turned on 3 faucets, one in each position but that doesn't go for all the switches.

I've also tried adding the numbers of the bathrooms doors that have faucets running for each switch and divide by 2 (since the leftmost switch gives me a total of 12 that way), but some of the totals are odd so that doesn't work.

And finally, since one faucet at most at each position is turned on for each switch, I tried looking at them like numbers, so for the leftmost button which turns on 5L, 4M and 3R, I read it as the number 543. But there's no obvious way to get 6 from that.

So I really don't see how to solve that puzzle.


And nevermind, I just solved it. For those having trouble like me, here's a hint.

You actually only need one bathroom for each switch.



The graticule puzzle clue refers to what should be lit up on the lock.

Horizontally, each square is 60 degrees. Vertically, each square is 15 degrees.

Each value should tell you where the 'boundaries' begin, and the arrows tell you which way to fill in the space.

I hope this makes sense. That's all I can tell you since the code is randomized.


Yeah I found an explanation elsewhere that let me muddle through it. Thanks, though; I'm sure someone else will need that eventually.

Now I'm trying to solve the seating puzzle. I can't access II-1 and it won't let me brute force it apparently. The girls got distracted by a gold coin but I've already gone down THAT path unless there's somewhere else to put it but the basement doors.

Although I just now realized that there are three separate codes for the stairs so I might pop back to my other lines for a bit.


Chris, in the future, please put spoilers around your posts. You just spoiled a great deal of the game for me.

@MalkyTop, I'm afraid I could use some help again.

Looking back I realized I hadn't completed Papyrus. I'm pretty sure what my next step is supposed to be, opening the Cancer door with a 5 digit code and two puzzle pieces.

Thing is, I don't see how the puzzle pieces can be made into a code. This time there's no extra numbers, and I haven't seen any code that can be used for that particular door. I have opened all the doors that need the heart key, and taken pictures of anything that stands out, but I'm still stuck there regardless.



You get a code from a different object, though you do need to put the black and gray puzzle pieces in it too. At this point, you've probably seen the Ga plate before, right? You will need that for the code.

Again, the Papyrus route depends on making sure to do things properly and not getting yourself into a situation that will make everything go boom. There are probably even puzzles on the fourth floor you didn't realize were puzzles. I'll probably need a little more information about your progress before being able to help you significantly.


There's a surprising amount of content to this game. While a walkthrough is possible, I feel it would probably be best to cover puzzles as individual entities, since many of them are shared between routes. Naturally, such a walkthrough might wish to note what routes a puzzle applies to... there are a lot of things you find which serve as nothing but red herrings unless you're on a route that actually uses them! Still, that's just part of the game's charm.

I've taken the time to write up a quick primer on a few topics. No overt puzzle walkthrough/hints at this stage, since that would require a lot more time to do properly, and the comments thread is already doing a fine job of promoting community spirit on that avenue.

So, here's what I've got.

Getting Started on a Route

There are 6 possible Routes in the game, denoted as Lines in the map screen. They are labelled A to F. Route F is only available in the Freshman Trial, which serves as a warmup to the main game. The remaining 5 all depend on your actions in the very first room of the normal game. Each route has you start in a different location, which vastly changes what puzzles and events you will encounter. They also change what endings you will be able to access, since several starting points will leave you unable to fulfil the conditions for particular endings.

It's important to note that even after you pick a route, it's still possible to lock yourself into unwinnable situations or to close off possible puzzles or endings. Routes D and E are particularly notable in this regard.

To access Routes A through D:

When you find the Jigsaw Puzzle Piece, closely examine one of the panels with an empty jigsaw hole, and then click anywhere on the panel. No specific interaction is required other than attempting to interact with the panel. Each of the four panels take you to a different route: from left to right, they are B, A, C and D.

To access Route E:

Closely examine one of the panels as normal, but instead of clicking on it afterwards, back out and try to leave via the door with the flashing Zodiac sign.

Important Item Locations
A list of the various keys found in the game. First spoiler for each item will show what Routes they can be found in. Second spoiler will show their exact location in that route.

Heart Key

Routes D and F.

2F, Unusued Classroom. Requires a Big Eyeball.

Club Key

Route D.

4F, Public Balcony.

Spade Key

Routes A and B.

3F, Main Hallway. Reward for Auditorium Puzzle.

Diamond Key

Route E.

2F, Men's Changing Rooms. Reward for Locker Puzzle.

Wood Key

All Routes except F.

2F, Unused Classroom. Requires Jigsaw Piece.

Metal Key

Routes C, D and E.

3F, Art Room. Reward for Calculation Puzzle.

Water Key

Route C and E.

3F, Art Room. Reward for Palette Puzzle.

Route D.

1F, East Hallway. Reward for Bathroom Puzzle.

Earth Key

Routes A and B.

1F, Office of Grade One. Requires Black Top Puzzle Piece.

Route E.

1F, Flower Corridor. Reward for Plunger Puzzle.

Fire Key

Routes A and B.

2F, Platform. Requires Red Hand Wheel.

Moon Key

Routes D and E.

B3, Cellar. Each route has a different way in.

Sun Key

Routes D and F.

2F, Class Three, Grade Two. Aquarius must be inactive.

Orange Key

Routes C, D and E.

1F, Men's Room.

Red Key

Route D.

2F, Office of Grade Two. Requires Hammer. The other 4 colored keys can be found her as well.

Bronze Coin

All Routes except F.

2F, Unusued Classroom. Given immediately after solving initial puzzle at start of all normal routes.

Silver Coin

Routes A, B and C.

B1, Control Room.

Route E.

B1, Control Room or B2, Front Hallway.

Gold Coin

Routes A and B.

No fixed location. Given after causing the Monitor puzzle in 2F, Class Four, Grade Two to become impossible.

Route E.

B2, Front Hallway. Requires Main Ending.


Main Endings

Route A or B.

Enter B2, Secret Room after having found Penny in the Music Room.


Route E.

Follow Lisa when you get the chance, and successfully reach B2, Front Hallway.


Route D.

Get past the Ophiuchus symbol without triggering the self destruct.

Branch Endings

Route D.

Enter B1, Control Room with Susie only.


Route C.

Enter B1, Control Room with Jenny+Susie, and choose to try and save Susie. Afterwards, return to 2F, East Corner.


Chest A
Route A or B.

After finding Penny, fail the Monitor puzzle by running out of places to search. Use the Gold Coin in B2, Elevator and follow through to B2, Secret Room.


Chest B
Route C, D or E.

Enter B2, Secret Room with Jenny only, but without having found Penny.


Route A or B.

After finding Sally, choose to follow Lisa when you encounter her. Enter the trapdoor she reveals in the elevator when you're on B2.

Other Endings

Route F.
Complete the Freshman Trial.


Mix two incompatible reagents in the Beakers.


In the basement, open any door to a room that is currently flooded with pool water.


Route E.
Fail the Plunger puzzle.


Trigger the self destruct by having the wrong Zodiac gates activated at the same time.


Huhm... just noticed a mistake I made for the requirements of one of the Branch Endings, specifically Branch Ending #4.

Chest Ending B cannot be done on Route D, for reasons that should become apparent while progressing along that path. It can only be done on Routes C and E.

I apologise in advance for any other small mistakes that may have crept in while I was putting that altogether: it's sometimes rather difficult to keep track of all the different routes and to be sure what's possible to get and what isn't. Again... just another of this game's charms....


Oh dang, that's pretty comprehensive, TFMurphy, though something you wrote is intriguing me...

I didn't realize there was another way to get the Gold Coin outside of the A/B routes -- does that mean that it's actually possible to go through the three-coin door? I kind of assumed that it was a red herring. (I also decided that the earth key and the fire key were red herrings, but that might have also just been me not being able to remember the very few times you get to use them.)


MalkyTop, I'm not as far along as you think.

I literally just got the heart key and have unlocked all possible doors with it. So I only have access to 1F and 2F. I don't have any object to put the pieces into either.

I have the 6 colour keys, the heart key, a hammer, a bronze coin, a beaker, a battery, a notebook and the two puzzle pieces.



Huhm... you said you'd finished the game... going through the 3-coin door is the very last action you take for Main Ending #2. Though granted, that ending was the last one I did, so if there's a difference in it that only occurs if you've seen the other two endings first, then I wouldn't know of that.


Cancer is not your next objective. In fact, you will not be able to activate Cancer before Libra.



You should have access to the third and fourth floor, because no matter which slot you put the puzzle piece in (the one you get at the beginning of the game), you will see the code that lowers the barrier blocking the stairs.



Whups! Then it's probably just a case of me having poor memory! Route E was actually the first route I finished, stumbling on it by chance, so it's the one that is probably the most foggy in terms of order of actions and what items I picked up and so on.



Sorry! I thought I was being vague enough. I'll err on the side of caution in the future.


Late Line B:

I just encountered the Control Room, but now seem to be stuck? According to TFMurphy, I can't get the Gold Coin since I solved the monitor puzzle so I'm not sure how I get into the Secret Room in B2. Do I have to go through the B2 Water Key door? I don't have enough color pieces to fill in the "volume" lock; I'm missing at least one bottom piece.

North by Down December 20, 2014 2:36 AM

I'm currently trying to write a spoiler-free walkthrough anyway.

It's intended to be spoiler-free in the sense that it can be used without spoiling anything you haven't seen or done yet, rather than spoiler-free in the sense of "not having any spoiler blocks". (I've actually had to write a tool to help me keep track of all the spoiler tags.)

@Chris Ingersoll:

No, you do need to fill in the volume lock. There are a number of puzzle pieces that you might have missed; I believe if you've collected them all you should actually have one extra.

It's been a while, but I'm going to guess that the ones you're missing are from

the chemistry puzzle, the synthesizer puzzle, or the second part of the Auditorium puzzle. (There's an in-game hint for the synthesizer puzzle, but I think you might be past the point where you can get it.)


Yeah two of those are things I haven't done.

I was pretty sure I couldn't do the Chemistry puzzle with the three reagents I have available (yellow, blue, water). But the numbers might be different for this line? I'll check.

And yeah, unless the synth puzzle involves the school chime I don't think I've seen anything about it.


@Chris Ingersoll

The three reagents you start with (#3, Tap Water and Unknown Reagent) are all you need to solve the puzzle, no matter which end reagents it asks for. However, while the first part of the puzzle only requires two beakers, the second part will always require three beakers. All three beakers are available in this route, but just in case, their locations are:

1F, Clinic.
3F, Main Hallway.
3F, Chemistry Lab.

The synth puzzle has nothing to do with the school chime. The ingame hint is annoying to get for it, since it requires you to have finished up elsewhere, then messing with the synth while Penny's in your group. However, from the sounds of it, you don't need to solve it, since you've picked a path that gets you an alternative top puzzle piece. If you're really curious, the ingame hint is simply this:

Only 10 keys can be pressed, and they're all in a row. That reminds Tina of something.

And it's possible to collect 11 puzzle pieces altogether on this route, with just the Purple bottom piece being unavailable. How many you can get exactly does depend on what route you take into the basement.


You were right, MalkyTop, I was stuck due to an oversight on my part.

I hadn't seen that the number was also displayed behind the painting in the bathroom, after I took the eye. For some reason I had registered the black void as being completely black.

So thank you.

@Christ Ingersoll, no problem, no real harm done anyway. :)

@North by Down, that sounds great, because honestly, I have been stuck on both A and B for the longest time, so I've been playing C and D in hopes of getting more info or encountering the same puzzles that I'm stuck at.


Got the last thing I need, thanks. Now all I have to do is make sense of this lock...


Moving on to Line D (Papyrus)

This bathroom sink lock is stumping me. My fixed number is a four and two other buttons give the same result, but brute-forcing the other two digits did nothing.

TFMurphy December 20, 2014 6:46 PM replied to Chris Ingersoll

@Chris Ingersoll

As you probably already know, brute forcing rarely works, largely because the game is determined to make sure you see all the clues before it'll actually accept an answer as correct.

You can't do anything with this puzzle until all the lights can be toggled.


No, I've got all six bathrooms open. I just don't see the relationship between the numbers and the sinks. :\



Turn on one button at a time. There are numbers on all the doors, and each button will only turn on certain sinks in certain bathrooms. The code comes from the relationship between the bathroom number and the sink that happens to be on. It should also be noted that although each button may turn on multiple sinks in multiple bathrooms, you only really need to see how it affects one bathroom to figure out the code.


Actually MalkyTop, that's what I thought too. But that's not entirely true.

As there are two possible ways for any faucet, two bathrooms are needed.

@Chris Ingersoll, if you still haven't figured it out, I will gladly give you the answer, as that is one of the few I actually was able to figure out myself.


Line D (Papyrus) stumper

WTF is this Umbrella puzzle? I know I need to solve it to avoid opening the wrong door, but the only umbrella I've ever seen (noticed) was on the "don't do this or you'll die" PC monitor.


(Oh and I figured out the other one, thanks guys!)



You're right on the money with your observation -- the umbrella has to do with the computer. You should also notice something about the computer and several of the pictures you've seen around the building.


Wow that one's devious.


Thanks MalkyTop, that is one of the puzzles that had me wondering too, and as soon as I read your hint, it all fell into place in my head.

North by Down December 21, 2014 1:33 AM

... that's odd.

I was running through Line A again, checking to see under exactly what circumstances certain puzzles could be solved...

(This conversation may end up spoiling you unless you've finished the whole game, not just Line A. Please double-spoiler your reply if so.)

... and I noticed that if you selected "Follow Lisa", some of the locks on the third floor have been picked. You can walk straight into the Music Room without solving either the graticule or chimes puzzles.

I know why, of course. But given that it happened, I'm inclined to suspect there's actually a way to get into the basement on this branch. I still don't see one, though.

Is there something else I missed on my first time through? Or is only the immediately-accessible Branch Ending available?

TFMurphy December 21, 2014 7:24 AM replied to North by Down

@North by Down

Double spoilers by request, since we're talking about story spoilers and information from multiple branches and endings. No, seriously, you are warned.

The picked locks are surprising, though I guess it does fit with the A/B story... though it feels weird that the locks would end up picked when Jenny never gets a wire on A. Of course, it could've been Penny, but there's no reason for the locks to be 'picked' in that case, rather than just left unlocked. Heck, the Music Room could've just been left locked but empty on that route and it would've made sense.

You *can* get into the Basement, at least: use the Battery on the elevator and the Spade Key in B1, Front Corner and you can at least hear when the Control Room goes boom. The problem is progressing after that.

The obvious goal is B2, Front Hallway, just as on the Main Ending. We don't have a Gold Coin, so we have to go through the Water Door/Volume Lock. There are two routes there: 1) via the Elevator to the Parking Garage, then through the Fire Door; or 2) via the stairway protected by the electric field leading down into the basement.

Option 1 is locked to us, since the Fire Key seems to only be available by solving the Monitor Puzzle, which you can't do without Penny. That leaves Option 2: which requires the Earth Key and access to B1, Front Hallway. The problem there is that the two Earth Keys in the game cannot be collected like this: the first is in the Flower Corridor, and even if we could get the Moon Key, we don't have any Plungers. The second Earth Key *can* be collected, but that requires using the Battery in the West Porch, which means we can't get to the basement without the Green Hand Wheel... and we can't get the Water Key (or even the Metal Key) on this route. (And as previously noted, we can't take the Monitor Puzzle path either.)

So, this leaves the usual method of getting the Moon Key. The problem, though, is that on Routes A and B, Sally has met both you and Lisa, which is what I suspect is the reason behind the Cellar ending. Of course, even if we did get the Moon Key, there doesn't seem to be anything we can actually get with it. This ending also occurs even if you've been just outside the Control Room when it exploded, but that just seems to tie into the Shadow and Destruction Endings.

So yeah, I don't see any way we can get anything other than the Cellar ending with those choices.


Urgh. Had to reset my cache last night. Still haven't seen the E line ending, but not sure I want to trudge through all of that again...


Sure you do! Besides, the game goes a lot quicker once you know how to solve the puzzles (though there's a few that's a pain even with the camera).

Also a good time to try and get your ranking up on endings you've seen before. Not that I know whether it makes a difference... I've gotten A Rank on everything except two endings: one being Freshman (can't seem to get higher than S), and another on one of the branch endings (which for some reason got SSS). Haven't seen a hint of anything that might change if I got at least S in everything.

No idea what the requirements are for SSS either, though a score above 1000 seems expected, just as it is for S. Some experiments with the Freshman Trial seems to show that you lose 1 point every 30 seconds, and another 2 points every time the AI Move system is used. There seems to be other point-adjusting things, but that might be unique to each ending since some will naturally take more time than others.


I find myself rather stuck between a rock and a hard place on Papyrus.

I have done the umbrella puzzle, which just lead me into the neighbour room where there are no items to be had, and since I have no club key I can't open any of the other doors in either room. I have no more doors left to open, and no puzzles I have enough information to solve.

I want to open Libra as that seems to be the next step, but I can't because I then get the explosion ending as I have Taurus activated. But I had to open the Taurus door with the heart key in order to get to the rest of the paintings so I could do the umbrella puzzle.

What am I missing here?

TFMurphy December 21, 2014 3:16 PM replied to ThemePark


Your next objective is the Club Key. There is at least one puzzle available in your section that you have enough information to solve.

It's in Dorm 403.

Haven't you seen that picture before?

It's easier to compare things when you take photos of them.



Yes, I've already noticed that the same picture is in both dorm 401 and 403, and that the green ring on one of them signifies a part that's been removed. I also noticed the 5 rings on one of the doors when I turn off the light in one of the two rooms. So I figure they are linked.

The only place I can think of where the 5 circle cross figure can be used is in the Main Hallway on 2F where there are 7 pictures, 5 of which make that cross shape. But since there is only one copy of each picture so far in the game, I don't see what the puzzle is supposed to be.



Just found out by accident that the 5 green circles can be moved. But I'm still not sure what I am supposed to point them at.


Okay, nevermind.

I figured it out now. It's a game of Find 5 changes (or whatever it's called in English, Find 5 Fejl in Danish.)

Thanks, TFMurphy.



I can tell you that you really did need to activate Tauros. Right now, you need to figure out a way to deactivate it...Try figuring some of the other locks that are around.


I really don't see how you are supposed to play this game without having to second guess how to solve half the puzzles or which doors to open. There just doesn't seem to be any logic behind much of it, just a lot of trial and error, especially regarding the doors. And a lot of puzzles have no hints for how to solve them. I'm pretty close to giving up entirely, not even having completed A or B yet.

So anyway, I'm still stuck on Papyrus.

I got access to the vending machine, turned Taurus off as MalkyTop told me to, so now I can't return to the starting area. I assume this is on purpose, because the only other way would require me to activate Leo, which then would eventually end in an explosion. So I can't do that.

I used my keys everywhere I could find, and got access to the area that has the playing card lock. But there just doesn't seem to be any hints for that or any of the remaining locks. The only hint I have is that two of the puzzles use letters, numbers and symbols, so I'm expecting that I'm to solve them with information from the other of them. But I will figure that out (hopefully) when I get there.

I also got a lighter now, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with that or any of my many other items, some of which have already been used.

So I just can't figure out where I'm supposed to go now, or which puzzle I'm supposed to solve next, or where to find hints for that puzzle. Sigh, my head is gonna explode soon.



If don't have the Moon Key yet, I think that's your next priority.

Something you got at the pool should help there. Look around for something you've never been able to do on the other lines.

If you already have it, your next step is activating Cancer.

Do you have the Ga plate?

Be careful which door you open to get it!



But I don't have access to the pool. To activate the zodiac sign needed for that (don't remember which one) I need the wood key, and I got that by putting the jigsaw piece in one of the painting in the classroom. But on Papyrus I put it inside the painting in the bathroom instead.

I could've activated it at the vending machine, but according to MalkyTop I should deactivate the Taurus sign which I did.

So I don't see how to activate the zodiac sign needed for gaining access to the pool.



Did you not open the playing card lock?

You have to light up all the buttons that match.

It depends on which is already lit up.

If it's the Ace, match the cards that are correct. If it isn't, match the ones that are incorrect.



Oh, I guess you haven't solved the playing card lock.

You should compare the buttons to what the playing cards look like.


@Chris: Yeah, that would've been the issue. Thanks!
A little irony here –

I kept clicking on that rope in other playthroughs but had given up on it by the time I saw it here.



I'd also noticed the hole in the hallway very early on but could never do anything with it. Had totally forgotten about it by the time it actually came into play.


@Chris – yep. Oh well, I guess. And I'm 100% done now – thanks for the help.

leilalmounajed December 29, 2014 1:47 PM

can someone please help? been stuck on branch E for a while now I can't figure out how to solve the box puzzle with 9 red squares



Have you checked the showers? Well... obviously you have, since you got the box in the first place. But maybe check them again?

Starting with stall one, the butterflies turn red in a specific sequence.

leilalmounajed December 29, 2014 5:38 PM

@chis thanks i got it now

leilalmounajed December 29, 2014 9:31 PM

stuck again...
does anyone know how to find the password to turn off the electric for the basement stairs in branch E i've looked everywhere

blackmagerocker93 March 17, 2015 4:45 AM

the moving through doors animation reminds me of dr stanley series!


I doubt anyone will see this, but... The English version of Rosefinch Curse is a now dead site:
Does anyone know if it might come back online somewhere? The creator is still making games, since we now have Cube Hotel (in Chinese only, so far: http://www.4399.com/flash/177541_1.htm).

ThemePark August 7, 2016 9:18 PM replied to Kevin Lash

Yeah, I noticed that a while ago too. I've been trying to find a site that had the Flash file, but unfortunately all sites I found only had the Japanese version, so I'm afraid it's gone from the Internet for good.


Well, I believe I've found out why there's no English version to be found and why the website is no longer working. The developer (supposedly) has decided to try and get it greenlit on Steam.



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