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The Roomz

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roomz-j.jpgJohnBThe Roomz is a point-and-click game with similarities to online riddle games along the lines of Ouverture Facile and God Tower. One key difference is that The Roomz has a slight adventure flavor to it and, as a result, is a bit more interactive. Each room has a locked door and keypad. You must use clues inside the room to discover the password to get out. Use the magnifying glass to take an up-close peek at the scenery and use the cursor to move some of the objects around. You never know where the next hint is lurking.

Puzzles in The Roomz can be multi-faceted thanks to the "HSsystem" box at the bottom of the screen. Piecing together clues may lead you to a certain word or phrase. Type something into the box and click "Go". If you entered the right thing, a piece of paper will appear in your inventory. Read it for a clue on how to get the exit password.

The creators, Stachu and Ralfi, have added new rooms to the game fairly often and the current count is about 25. There's also a handy forum in case you get stuck (and you will). It's also a really good idea to write down solutions to each room you solve, as the QuickPass feature will let you jump to the last room you completed if you have the code.

Analysis: The Roomz is a great take on the familiar online riddle genre. The authors made good use of Flash to take it to a new level in terms of media and presentation. Interactive objects, cinema-style cutscenes, and short spurts of music make it a more rewarding experience. I also enjoyed using the magnifying lens to scope out the scenery, although in some rooms it turned into a straight-up pixel hunt.

For a satisfying point-and-click riddle game with a bit of style, The Roomz won't disappoint.

Play The Roomz

Cheers to Eileen and Ralfi102 for sending this one in!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The Roomz Complete Walkthrough

Room 1

  • To read a note click on it. In this, the first room of many, the 3 notes on the wall give some helpful tips.

  • Also, you can click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen to pick it up. You can then get a closer look at all sorts of things. You can increase/decrease magnification by adjusting the slidey thing next to it. To release the magnifying glass, just click on it again.

  • The aim in each room is the find your way out, usually by coming up with a password (a.k.a. quick pass) that you enter into the locker (keypad). If the word is correct, the door will open and you will advance to the next room.

  • It is a REALLY good idea to record the password for each room. You will need to refer to them in subsequent rooms.

  • OK. Lets go. After you have a look around, click and drag the picture onto the other picture hook.

  • Use your magnifying glass to take a closer look at what is written on the bit of wall that the picture was concealing.

  • You will find numbers 5, 19, 3, 1 (no, its not a 7) 16, 5. Convert these into letters of the alphabet (get used to doing this - you will do this in several other rooms) i.e. 5 = E, 19 = S, etc. You will end up with the word...


  • That goes into the locker as your quick pass. Click on the open doorway. You're outta there.

Room 2

  • Each room has notes. Reading these first is usually a good idea.

  • A note in this room tells you about the HS system at the bottom left of your screen. When you enter a word into the hss (HS system) and click on "go" something happens. Often another note will appear at the bottom of your screen with additional info. You will use this a lot.

  • OK. The right-hand note tells you (more or less) to take a closer look at the bricks.

  • Upon closer observation you find some letters.

    • R - near the bottom left-hand corner of the left window.

    • M - near the top right-hand corner of the right window.

    • O - near the doorknob.

    • E - near the room number.

    • Y - a touch to the right of the middle of the screen.

    • M - middle-ish , about a third of the way down.

  • You have ended up with an anagram. Mix these letters up and you end up with "memory". Hss that. You will get a note.

  • The note reveals a series of numbers. Convert these numbers into letters, as in the first room, kinda, and you end up with the quick pass for this room:


  • Of course, there are no gaps between the numbers. You just have to figure out which letters would make up a word that makes sense, kinda.

Room 3

  • The note talks about shape. So what, huh? We'll see.

  • Google the top number i.e. 2.718 etc. It tells you that this number equals E. (Get used to googling stuff - you will use it a bit - ok, a lot.)

  • Take a closer look around (this is standard procedure for most rooms). You will notice QWERTY above the locker. If you do not have a qwerty keyboard, google it to find an image of one.

  • The first series of letters below the 2.71 yada yada yada is RFBHY.

  • Take a look at your qwerty keyboard - these letters form the shape of the letter "V". UJM = I, and so on. You end up with the word that is the quick pass for this room:


Room 4

  • The notes tells you to find 4 hidden words and put them in the hss. Get your magnifying glass warmed up - you're gonna need it. A lot.

  • Also, if you click on the red button, the door will open temporarily. The trick is to keep it open.

    • GROWTH - bottom right-hand corner.

    • SUNSHINE - is included in the letters of the picture on the wall.

    • INGRAIN - is a bit below the yellow ball.

    • RAINFALL - I know its there somewhere.

  • These all get entered into the hss, and the yellow ball will grow, then fall.

  • To keep the door open, the big yellow ball needs to fall onto the red button, so, we need to shift the red button.

  • Take a closer look at the panel to the right of the door.

  • Click on the scroll and read it.

  • Convert the word "power" into numbers. This is just a reversal of what you've done in previous rooms i.e. P = 16, O = 15 etc. So, type in 16 15 23 5 18.

  • The red button has now shifted. Hss the 4 words above i.e. ingrain etc.

  • The door is now open and the quick pass for this room is written on the top-right branch i.e.


Room 5

  • The note and the flashing dots mean that you have to translate some braille.

  • Hss "braille" if you really have to. It doesn't help much, though.

  • Use google to find a braille alphabet.

  • Click on the lever at the bottom of the screen to stop and start the display.

  • Have it stop when the first letter is "A".

  • You will end up with "answerishidden". So, the quick pass is


Room 6

  • The second note on the wall provides us with the first hss word/s. Minus one letter from each of the letters and you end up with "magic wand". Hss that and the grey door opens.

  • Go through the grey door and have a look at the note. Complete the poem with the word "spell", in other words, hss spell.

  • A swirly thing appears on the wall.

  • Return to the other room and recreate the swirly thing by clicking and dragging. This may take quite a few goes. It seems to work best for me when I start from the middle and work my way outwards.

  • There are now three completed notes on the wall - each with 7 letters/characters on each.

  • Work these out line by line. i.e. H (the 8th letter of the alphabet) - (minus) 5 = C (the 3rd letter), E - 4 = A, R + 1 = S, and so on. You will end up with the quick pass


Room 7

  • OK. 3 puzzles to make the door open.

  • The first one - push "go" and one button will light up. Click on that button and you will hear a trill. Get it wrong and you hear a buzzer and you have to start again. If you get the first one right, push "go" again and 2 buttons will light up. Click on those in the same order that they appeared. Keep doing this until you pass the level with 7 buttons and you will hear a different noise because that part is now completed.

  • The second puzzle - you need to join the wiggly lines together. The note says to "think like a child", so, imagine what a child would do if confronted with a whole bunch of numbers e.g. like in a lift/elevator? They would go through and push every button. So, do that. Bingo.

  • The third puzzle - sound is absolutely essential with this one. According to note you have to crack the safe. To do this you click and drag the left dial until you hear a click. The right dial is set to 1. Move the left dial around (clockwise will do) until you hear a click. You need to stop precisely where it clicks. Don't worry if you go past it. You can go back and forwards over it until you get it exactly right. There is absolutely no room for error in this puzzle.

  • OK. So, you have landed exactly where it clicks. Click and drag the right dial until it is on the number 2. This time, going anti/counter-clockwise, do the same thing, then again with 3 (clockwise again) and so on, until you get to the "on" position. If you have completed this correctly, when it gets to "on" you will hear a different sound that tells you that you have succeeded. If you hear no such sound then try again.

  • Push the green button on the left to power it up.

  • The quick pass for this room appears near the bottom of the room, which is


  • Push the green button next to the door and you are out.

Room 8

  • The first note tells you that the 24 hr clock to the left is displaying your computer's time.

  • There is a picture of a hand, so, hss "hand".

  • This note tells you to use the [left] and [right] arrows on your keyboard.

  • The idea is to use your arrows to change the time on the clock so that when a line intersects where the clock is lit up, the line will light up. When each line lights up, a corresponding smaller image will light up next to the door.

  • Use your arrows to change the clock to these times :- 1100, 1829. and 1931 (give or take a minute). All three smaller images have to be lit up at the same time before the door will open.

  • The quick pass for this room will light up above the smaller images that are now lit up next to the door:


Room 9

  • Take a close look below the room number. You will find "qwerty". Of course, a "qwerty" keyboard is what most people use.

  • Hss "keyboard".

  • From the new note you receive, hss "signs".

  • Now you have enough info to decipher the gobbledegook near the top of the room.

  • If you are familiar with a caesar cipher then this will look familiar.

  • You have got @##$#% )(!## and 213111 12231. Now to figure out some letters.

  • The first character is @ and the first number is 2. The first note on the wall tells you to "lean your head and pray", so, look at @ on your qwerty keyboard, lean your head a bit to the left, look down 2 keys and you have an "S".

    • # and 1 equals "E"

    • # and 3 equals "C"

    • $ and 1 equals "R"

    • # and 1 equals "E"

    • % and 1 equals "T".

  • The second word -

  • ) and 1 equals "P"

  • ( and 2 equals "L"

  • ! and 2 equals "A"

  • # and 3 equals "C"

  • # and 1 equals "E"

  • At this point make sure that your magnifying glass is not in use.

  • Hss "secret place". There is now a hole in the wall.

  • Take a closer a look at it. You have just found the quick pass


  • Room 10

    • The "room" asks you to "givemelight", so, hss "light".

    • If you look at all the letters that appear kinda sideways, the letters for "four stars" stand out. There are some other words amongst all the letters that are useful.

    • Hss "four stars", "constellation". and "name it" which are the capitalised letters. Each time you hss one of these a star will brighten.

    • You need to find the name of the constellation that has this shape.

    • Hss "libra".

    • You're done. Quick pass is


    Room 11

    • According to the note, you have to balance the scales using all of the blocks.

    • In the first one from the left put a 1 x white block with 3 x grey blobs, 1 x diagonal one, and, 2 x one blobs.

    • The second one put 1 x 1/3rd blue, 1 x four blob, 3 x two small blobs, 1 x two large blobs, and, 1 x one blob.

    • The third one remains empty.

    • The fourth one only has 1 x 1/3rd blue.

    • The fifth one has 2 x 2/3rds blue, 1 x 1/3rd blue, 1 x diagonal.

    • The sixth one has the 2 x all blues.

    • Now the scale is balanced using all the blocks and the laser fires up and opens the cover of the picture.

    • Take a really close look at the picture. You will see scales, a sword, a blindfold etc. Wiki and google ‘til your heart's content.

    • You should, at some stage, come up with "Goddess of Justice" who is named "Themis". (apparently there is some debate over this).

    • And the quick pass is


    Room 12

    • Hss "wheatstone" and "playfair".

    • You will notice that the left-hand note on the wall has some small, whitish letters scattered on it that spell "cipher".

    • You need to decrypt the letters at the top using the Playfair Cipher. Google it and you should be able to find a suitable site.

    • Use the word "break" as the keyword and you should end up with "the answer is power".

    • Quick pass for this room is


    Room 13

    • A white wall. Uh oh.

    • Take a look at the locker. Some letters have a dot on them. These letters spell "unveil". Hss that. Ahhhh, that's better.

    • Now the dots on the letters spell "crack". Hss that.

    • You now have a note with numbers on it. They are directions i.e. if you look at the number pad on a keyboard think of the 5 as your starting point. 6 would be to the right, 8 up, 1 diagonally down and left etc.

    • Starting from the letter "C" on the wall, you will end up with your quick pass:


    Room 14

    • Everything is upside-down, so, you need to read the numbers upside-down.

    • If you use an old-fashioned calculator to put those numbers in then turn it upside-down, you should end up with the quick pass


    Room 15

    • Hss "binary".

    • Google "binary" and find a site where you can convert the word "binary" into binary. You should end up with six lots of eight 0's and/or 1's.

    • Take the first eight and match them up with the first line i.e. bigshame. In the "crucial" part, after ignoring the 0's, the 1 = M.

    • For the second lot, you will end up with "U".

    • Do that for the whole series of 0's and 1's. You will end up with the quick pass


    Room 16

    • Click furiously on the "push" button until the "load" button lights up. As soon as it does, click furiously on the "load" button.

    • Repeat until you have loaded up on power and a circuit is completed.

    • Click on the 1st, 3rd and 4th red buttons to turn them green.

    • Hss "checked paper". Have a very close look at the bottom right-hand corner of the note you receive.

    • Draw/get yourself some graph paper, just like the note. It has to be 25 spaces wide and 5 spaces deep.

    • On the top line, fill in the 2nd space, the 3rd, 5th, 7th etc. according to the note.

    • Do the same with the other four lines and you have drawn the quick pass:


    • The locker is hiding behind the brown box.

    Room 17

    • Turn the sound down before it becomes annoying.

    • Google "The Haunted House". It was a movie with Buster Keaton in it.

    • Hss "buster keaton".

    • The movie that Buster Keaton made in 1966 was "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum". Hss "forum".

    • Go to "The Roomz" forum page. Do a search on "funny thing".

    • You will find there the quick pass, which is


    Room 18

    • The first note tells you that if you guess what each picture represents correctly you will hear a bell. So, put each description into the hss and the corresponding picture will light up and a bell will sound. The second note tells you that there is a relationship between them.

    • Starting from the middle, near the top - elephant, tiger, rugby, yacht, tattoo, owl, lake, encyclopedia, alligator, raccoon, napalm, mosquito, otter, radius, snake, eagle.

    • Notice that the last letter of each word is the same as the first letter of the next word.

    • The first letters of the last 5 words spell out "morse". Hss that.

    • This new note tells us that we have some deciphering to do.

    • So, if animals, birds and bugs mean dot, and, not animal etc. means dash you can spell out a mixture of the words "eat fly" after you have converted the dots and dashes from morse code into English.

    • What eats flies? This is your quick pass:


    Room 19

    • If it takes longer you than about a minute to figure this one out, make sure you're not wearing pointy shoes because when you do figure it our you're gonna kick yourself.

    • If you are still stumped this is what you do

      try the door handle.

    • Quick pass is


    Room 20

    • First of all you have to figure out which background belongs to which room, and keep them in the same order as on your screen. Then, you need to remember the quick pass for each room, then, take the appropriate letter from that quick pass e.g. if it shows the number 5 on the patch of background, then, you take the 5th letter from the quick pass for that particular room.

    • So, this is what you get for:-

      • Room 7 - 2nd letter = R - the quick pass was brainstorm

      • Room 6 - 2nd = A

      • Room 2 - 4th = N

      • Room 9 - 3rd = D

      • Room 14 - 7th = O etc.

    • You end up with "random letters". Hss that. The note tells you that the quick pass is


    • The locker has all the letters mixed up e.g. when you press "C" a "W" shows up on the screen. So, you need to put in the letters h a r n s d l t t. Done.

    Room 21

    • You could check out all of the spinning notes, put all of the words together, end up with a lovely little message, and still be none the wiser, or, you could....

    • Hss "circle".

    • From this note, convert the letters into numbers e.g. n = 14, O = 15, I = 9 etc. You will end up with the first few decimal places for pi. Hss "pi".

    • On that note there are some numbers written in roman numerals. Convert those into normal numbers i.e. 34, 8, 40, 19, 3, 15, 52, 31.

    • Google pi until you get pi to more than 50 decimal places.

    • Find the number that is in the 34th decimal place i.e. H, the 8th = E, the 40th = A, the 19th = D until you end up with

      a HEADACHE

      - the quick pass.

    Room 22

    • The note on the wall says to "go round" and there is a big number five in the middle of the face, and, on closer inspection, an arrow next to the "O" pointing clockwise.

    • Starting from the O go clockwise 5 letters and you get and N. 5 more gets you an E, then MORE TIME. If you carry on to the inner circle you get MAGIC WAND. Hss "magic wand".

    • You've got "worms". You have to wave your magic wand just like you did in Room 6. Be patient as it can take several goes, Try writing each letter in a variety of ways if it doesn't work in the first few goes e.g. bigger, smaller, fatter, starting from the end of a letter etc.

    • Quick pass is


    Room 23

    • The annoying dripping is actually morse code, with dots and dashes. It translates into "help me I'm in the pipe".

    • Hss "help".

    • Click on the pipe.

    • Click on the ghosty thing, and then the speech bubble several times.

    • Google "twilight of the gods".

    • Hss "ragnarok".

    • Click on the speech bubble again.

    • Decipher the runes. They translate into "god of light and ?? rainbow". Google this to find "heimdall". Hss that.

    • Take a close look at the note you receive. Four of the worlds have a number written on them.

    • Go to the web site mentioned amongst the runes on the wall i.e. futhark.com to find the names of these four worlds. If you use other web sites you will end up with a lot of different spellings.

    • At futhark.com you will find :-

      • The land of the Human - Mldhgardhr - 7th letter = R

      • Realms of the Light Elves - Ljossalfhelmr - 7th = L

      • Giants - Jotunhelmr - 2nd = O

      • Dwarves - Svartalfhelmer - 10th = E

    • Quick pass is


    Room 24

    • There are a lot of red herrings.

    • Hss "confuse" and "here".

    • At the bottom of the room, below a bunch of morse code ramblings, is /...../

    • If you are familiar with riddle games like Not prOn you will know what to do. If not, then you go up to the address bar and replace /roomz.htm/ with /danger/

    • Now you need a map. Highlight the whole page and you get "try to analyse the source code".

    • Go back up to the address bar and add /map.htm/ so the URL now reads http://www.theroomz.yoyo.pl/danger/map.htm/

    • Highlight the next screen and you end up with a bunch of O's and X's. On a locker the corresponding letters would be e h n r t u. Unscramble.

    • Reload this room using the quick pass from the previous room then enter the quick pass for this room:


    • (it goes in the "useless" locker).

    Room 25

    • The note tells you to "start with four corners", so, the letters at each of the four corners are p a t h , so, hss "path".

    • The next note shows you the directions for the next hss word.

    • If you look at the letters on the wall closely you will find a letter that has a bit of an aura around it.

    • Starting from the "G" near the top left-hand corner, go 2 right and 2 down. You have an "A" So, the first 2 letters are "ga". Follow the rest of the directions and you will end up with "gatekeeper". Hss that.

    • Oh blimey. Now we have to search for some letters using the co-ordinates given.

    • Firstly, convert the letters on the note into numbers i.e. DAC;IF becomes 413 96. Move your mouse until the co-ordinates above the door match that. Then click. Be exact. Another note.

    • More co-ordinates. Go to each of the co-ordinates and record the letters that you end up on i.e. e r e n e g i v.

    • Part of the note on the wall was backwards, so, flip those letters around and you have "vigenere", a type of cipher. Hss "vigenere" if you like.

    • Find a web site with a good vigenere decrypter. Decrypt the random letters from the note on the wall. The keyword you use is from the note you received with a picture of a key i.e. "victim".

    • You will end up with "password is imprisonment". So, your quick pass is


    Room 26

    • Find out what the name of the picture (woodcut) is. It is by Albrecht Durer.

    • Hss "apocalypse".

    • This woodcut refers to the "four horsemen of the apocalypse", The first note mentions "God" and the second note "Revelation 666". If you turn to the book of Revelation in theBible it refers to this.

    • Have a wee lookie at the brown thing at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

    • Each of the "four horsemen of the apocalypse" has a colour and something that they represent. Google would be a good place to go to right about now.

      • White - crown

      • Red - sword

      • Black - scales

      • Pale - skull

    • Head on down into 26b once you have put the right balls into the right holes.

    • Play the little movie and figure out which room numbers they are i.e. room numbers 4, 5, 19, 20, 9, 14, 25. Convert these numbers into letters. You end up with the quick pass for this room:


    • Scoot back up to 26 and head on out.

    Room 27

    • The note refers to "daltonism" which had to do with colours/colour blindness.

    • To work out the password for the thing above the locker take the colour of each circle e.g. white - and take the 4th letter i.e. "t", because there are 4 holes in that circle, red - 1 hole, 1st letter = "r". Do that for each and you will end up with "trigger". Hss that.

    • Read the stuff in the thing above the locker. It tells you to look for a state in the east of North America.

    • Hss "Michigan". Next, look for a town next to water i.e. Bay City. Hss that.

    • Convert the binary code. Find a good map online (I never did find one - had to cheat). You may or may not find "Birney Park". Hss that.

    • Proceed and you will end up with a new blank note.

    • You can hss blank if you really want to.

    • But your quick pass is:


    Room 28

    • It's compulsory. Everyone has to chase the locker and the note around for a bit. When you have had enough of that, then proceed.

    • Add together the eight numbers scattered around the room, then, convert the numbers into letters. You should end up with "quote". Hss that.

    • Now you need to decipher the gobbledegook in the note. All you need to do is similar to what you did in room 9 i.e. a kind of caesar cipher. As the examples at the bottom of the note says E = D and A = Z, so, just lean your head to the left a bit and go down one row on your qwerty keyboard.

    • So, 4 = R, 3 = E, q = A, w = S, 9 = O etc. You should end up with "reason is immortal, all else mortal". Google that quote.

    • Hss "pythagoras". Finally got the little blighters to hold still for a tick.

    • The note on the wall is for those of us that love maths. For everyone else the word you want is "cane".

    • The colours of the triangles are the same as the colours of the italian flag, hence the "it" from "do you know it?".

    • Apparently you can also get the numbers to stop moving on the wall. There doesn't seem to be any point though, and, I never did figure out how to do that anyhow ;o)

    • Translate "cane" from Italian into English and you have the quick pass:


    Room 29

    Still eagerly anticipating the next batch of Roomz.



    Stuck on 3.

    i know the number and got the note

    but i can't

    decipher the letters on the keyoard


    hey! in level one i cant use the looking glass! whats happening?


    You should just click it and it will drag around the page


    I got one word and a note.

    The word being sunshine.

    Now not sure of anything else.


    For what level?


    Whoops, level 4.


    For number 3, there is a clue above the keypad. Use the that clue with the one on the note, and the letters to the left all together.


    This is my first time posting, just wanted to say it's a great site! Keep up the good work.

    For number 4, I have 3/4 words.





    FOR 3,
    The best i can decode is:



    Scott, you need a letter for the number and the 4th letter in your response above is wrong.


    Got it. thanks


    room 4, i've got all 4 magic words, but can't quite figure out how to keep the door open...


    Anyone got a clue how to do level 6?


    stuck on the first one


    im sorry im really rubbish at these game but i cant do level 2. i got the letters:


    but that about it


    I have the same three words as Shawn for #4. Anyone else having trouble getting into the Roomz forum?



    There's a word you need to type into the keypad



    rearrange the letters.


    im lost with lardy....the only think i can think of memory but it doesnt work! help plz!


    Any help on number 5: I've got this so far:

    Answer is hidden


    i tried


    but it didnt work



    The power box code moves the red button to directly underneath the yellow fruit. I assume that when it grows big enough it can fall onto the button and hold it down.

    Unfortunately, I've only found two of the four words.


    write memory in the HS system thing...
    im stuck after that


    Lardy and Shawn

    put that in the HS system



    Use the word you got, and put it into the HSsystem on the bottom


    read the clues

    move the picture hanging on the wall to the other peg and you will get numbers

    convert the numbers to letters and you will get the password to get out

    Any help with number 3 would be appreciated


    i got it :)
    the code for level 2 is



    Room 3
    Deciphered the Keyboard letters, but having trouble with the number sequence......any clues?


    need help with room 1 can all i got was numbers

    5 19 3 7 16 and 5


    for the level 3 number

    google has some hints


    I can't even get past level 1...

    apparently sigetigs isn't a word...


    thanx rush.....problem tho i put it in and it just beeps at me and nothing happened



    Shawn, does the flashing lights look like a type of code? Ask HSS if you are right. Only one set of lights can help you though.


    still stuck on 4...
    i have

    rainfall, ingrain, growth, and sunshine and when i enter all of them, the fruit grows and fall and a new one comes up...
    i cant figure out the code thing


    Michael, Thanks, I've already gotten past it though.



    it's right under your nose


    Someone help with 4 please!

    Got all four words but the ball(fruit) doesn't land on the button


    I'm stuck on 6, and must leave these crazy thing. Good game. Thanks JIG for another good one.


    How did you guys find all the secret words in #4? I've found


    but that's it. Where are they?



    Use your microscope


    stuck on room five.. got all the notes.. but whats next?



    On 4,

    look all around the room with the manifying glass



    magnifying glass

    ... Does anyone have a clue how to level 6 because I can't get anywhere.


    Yeah, I did that once and came up with nothing, and then went through more thoroughly and found them all. Thanks!


    Troy, you need to use...

    Braille's alphabet


    I have found all four words. I just can't figure out the scroll of paper that directs me on how to discover the input code to move the red button over...

    I have no clue where to start. It makes no sense to me.


    im stuck on level 7 help :( i have done the first part and the third part but im stuck on the second


    When I read "cut scenes", I thought there was going to be a plot line to this game, but the puzzles are intriguing and difficult enough to stop me from wondering if there's a point to them.

    Now, if only I was any good at anagrams... Isn't there some form of Googlism or something where you put in a word or some letters and it'll come up with anagrams of it?


    i did it :)


    Shivan, think programming.


    HELP! my MG dont works: it appears a circle, but it does not magnify


    im with Shivan...
    I dont understand programming and i dont understand the code...
    please help!!!


    Level 3 is driving me insane. I looked at everybody's hints, but nobody's seemed to help.

    What I got so far:

    I found the clue above the keypad. And i tried
    translating the letters on my keyboard and i got, from top
    to bottom, U,I,L,T,O,W,N. I can't think of anything that
    those rearrange to and I can't figure out the number on

    I am so confused. HELP!


    im a stupid! i thought that that bar was for volume! (it was for MG)


    Christoph, it's not about rearranging, it's about shapes.

    Shivan and Tati--

    Do you remember how you solved the puzzle on level 1? The principle here is similar but in reverse.

    So, anyone stuck on level 6 like me? :P


    Yep Proeliata, been stuck on level 6 for ages... haven't been able to do anything.


    has anyone done level nine yet?


    Sup everyone. I'm stuck on level 3 but I think I'm close to figuring it out. I have reason to believe its a crypotogram but i have no idea how to solve one of those. Also have you noticed:

    the QWERTY message above the locker?


    I DONT KBOW WHAT TO DO IN LVL 3!! im raly stuck Dx


    hey i found the password for level 3 thanks to a previous post by scott and another by Christoph. Both of theirs was close with similar letter except the U and the T were off. So i mixed and matched and the password to 3 is:



    I understand what you are saying proeliata, but in order to turn a word into numbers (the reverse way of room 1) I need a word to work with. All I have is 4 magic words. Is it time for trial and error or something?


    OMG, nevermind, I didn't think it would be that obvious


    Hehe, Shivan, yup. :D

    Owen, I solved level 6. Practice makes perfect! ;)


    i dont understant the code(?) of the volute paper

    oh and the

    code of big pictrue is: "only one word here" what means?


    what means

    "only one word here"

    in lvl 4?


    Not for me Proeliata, not being paying too much attention to it but still haven't got anywhere on level six.


    sorry for the cuadruple post but...

    i trow the ball and anoter comes!



    To answer your last question first:

    You have to get the code for the "POWER" box first, then grow the ball

    As for your previous question:

    If you can make the ball grow and fall off the branch, you don't need to worry about it. It just means there is only one word in that picture.


    Well, thanks Shivan. Now I feel even more incompetent :P. Do we just have to guess the word, or is it hinted at in the scroll?


    Now I'm stuck on level 6...

    I went through the left door already, I used the word spell to reveal the blinking asterik, what now?


    I cannot figure out the code part of level four...


    Good heavens!!!Shivan..help, what is so obvious? I cant see the forrest for the trees:( I have already entered what I thought was the reverse code from room 1..apparently I was wrong.


    nvm... it's that post-and-figure-out-immediately thing again...


    I can't figure out level 1!!

    I have the numbers, but I don't know what to do with them

    Scott Shipley February 13, 2007 7:51 PM

    Can someone please just give me the code for level one, or just tell me how to do it? I already got the numbers,

    5 19 7 16 5

    But what do I do next?!
    Please help


    Scott, firstly, you missed a number. But to answer your question:

    How would you convert a string of numbers into a word?


    I can't seem to get into Room 7. I have the code, but when I click on the open door, I get an error message that a script is causing problems with Flash Player 9, and asking me if I want to abort or continue the script. If I continue, I keep getting the same error message; if I abort, I go into an endless loop of the between-room animation followed by Room 6, with the exit door open.

    I'm using Firefox 1.5 under Windows XP and, I guess, Adobe Flash Player 9. Anybody else having these kinds of problems?


    BJ and Fishy:

    Remember, there are actually five words in that room. The four magic words and one other....


    Its been 1/2 hour since my last post. I have tried the reverse numerical code for all 4 words..nothing...I'm hopeless


    BJ, see my previous post. And think about this:

    What could the "button box" be?


    At last...thank you so much Dan...I can see I will be trying to solve these puzzles for the rest of my life. Brain cells have shut down through the years...sigh


    Wow...neat stuff. For Room 6:

    Try casting the spell. No, really...from inside to out.


    Still stuck on level 8. Anybody ? This is what I know

    - The vitruvian man thing is a clock
    - Entering vitruvian man on the HS works, though not very useful

    - Increase the brightness, and you see next to the hand-xray (Name it)
    - Entering "hand" on the HS gives another note.

    - The note provided above has 2 arrows.. Entering arrows gives another note. There are 4, but you need to use only 2 of them

    Next to the door (on the left), there are 3 patterns. They correspond to the Lines on the vitruvian man painting. I'm stuck after this.

    Scott Shipley February 13, 2007 9:35 PM

    Can someone just tell me the code for level two? If you can't do that, can you tell me how many letters in the word?


    Dan, try reloading the page and just going to the 7th room via the quickpass thing.


    Phew, nevermind. Finally got through 8. That was a tough one !

    WorkinBender February 13, 2007 10:11 PM

    Has anyone done level 12 yet? I've figured out most of it, but am not sure what keyword or phrase to use to decipher the message...


    i'm on four, and can only find one word,


    and i have looked at EVERYTHING with the magnifying glass, so could someone please tell me where the other words are???


    positively glued to room 6..cant budge an inch. Any help appreciated


    On level 1

    It's a one, not a seven. ;)


    Level 4:
    I've found all the words by my own and I have a good understanding of Actionscript, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...

    box_button (name) => POWER
    room1.transforming_method(inverse) => characters to numbers...

    P = 16, O = 15, W = 24, E = 5, R = 18
    Password: 161524518, right? It doesn't work for me...


    Room 4:

    I typed

    sunshine and rainfall

    into the HS box, the circle grew, but i can't figure out what to do next. Please help.


    Room 4:

    I got


    but then when i type them in another circle comes back

    do i have to move the button or something


    Ok BJ, I just figured it out, except just as I finished, the applet froze and now it's going through a strange loop of entering the next room, but then warping back to room 6. :S.

    So, you see the page with all the letters on it. Theres something else on the page as well :P


    im still on four, but i have all four words, but cant figure out what to put in the blue power box.


    I am loving this game but I need help on room 9, anyone have a sugestion?

    I know it has something to do with the numbers on a keyboard and I think I might have to look at it sideways but I am not sure.


    Mordecai..yes I saw that small "something" you mentioned, just have no idea what to do with it,lol.

    Laptopdude...try changing a word in the power box to numbers


    I've got the correct Wikipedia article for Room 5, including the pictures with which to cross-reference. Unfortunately, it looks as if some of the letters are backwards, some using the blue or white dots, and when I got a "jz", I knew something was wrong.

    In other words, I need another hint.


    never mind I got it


    Phil's Guide For Room 1
    Room 1:

    Move some stuff.

    Where would you hide a safe?

    Turn them into letters. (A=1, B=2...)

    Look like a word?




    Can someone just say what the pass is for level 1?


    Anybody at the last step of Room 45 besides me ?? :D


    Hey...this is my first time playing a game like this....

    I am in room 7 and am having a difficult time with the combination lock -

    I have the right dial on 1, and turn left dial clockwise until I hear click (exactly on click), then switch right dial to 2 and turn left dial counterclockwise until click...and so on...Once I get to ON nothing happens should I be doing something else?

    auroraB May 13, 2008 7:03 PM

    I can't figure out level 24!

    I can get to the page where it says you need a map, but when I put that part into the address bar,all I get is this page in a foreign language with 'YOYO' at the top. I've highlighted it like the walkthrough said, but there aren't any X's or O's. The only two links on that page lead back to the original map page or some website.


    ROOM 32

    I seriously need help, because i have the 1st code, when it come to the the pictutre i found a not by clicking on the head after that i am stuck however i have desiphered the nameunder the the picture and i do not know what todo with that either


    ROOM 32

    plese help i have found out you nneed greek and i have alo got the name typed it in, then the picture changed and i have decifed the name ot the new note from the head then i am stuck


    My request to all those who have proceeded to later rooms please paste spoilers for room 30 31 and 32.


    This game is really buggy. MOst of the times all I get is a blck room. If I don't, then some buttons like ok is definitely not going to work. So annoying.


    ROOOM 32

    i am so stuck on this room i have got the name undder the pictre and i have typed in some words to do with it and still got no where so can someone give help to people stuck on this rooom


    room 32 can any 1 help me figure out what you need to put into the hss so can get out of this room


    I cant even open the first door in room 30...cant think of anything else to do


    In room 30, first type in the word you then get pictures of some flags. Find out what they are and the numbers (roman numerals) represent the next word.


    I seem to be experiencing a bug... after I finish a room and the little movie with a human figure plays, the screen goes black and nothing loads. I have to reload the game and put in the last locker for every level.


    I've been waiting nearly 1/2 hour and still "Loading, please wait . . . 17%" It never goes past 17%. I can't find any System Requirements posted on the page and I suspect that I'll never get to try this. For starters, is this thing Mac-compatible?


    In Room 11

    can't we take back the weights we already put? I keep opening the game anew. It's really annoying.


    Hey, can someone update the walkthrough I was doing fine on all the levels up to about 20 now I am stuck at 29


    This game takes forever to load (when it does at all) and the puzzles don't make much sense (how do you get the passcode for level 2 out of those numbers?).
    There was no "mute" button and the game forced me to reload several times before each level, so my progress resembled

    R for reload, R, R, R, 1, R, R, 1, 2, R, R, R, 1, 2, 3, R, R, R...

    I had to start again each time!


    SkylerF - You don't have to start from the beginning every time! Click "Quickpass" on the menu screen, and enter the code for the most recent room you've solved.

    In room 2

    It's the same alpha-numeric code as Room 1 - they've just left out the spaces (11 5 5 14 5 25 5).


    Stuck on 29.

    Solved the flags. Now I guess I have to arrange the jigsaw correctly, and I suppose "serpent from the corner" means following the letters in a zigzag?

    But the edges of the picture just don't seem to fit! I've got the main building okay, and the letters read "..O MOST THE END", but wherever I put the domes, they just look wrong and the letters make no sense. Any help appreciated.


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