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The Ritual - Part 2

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The Ritual - Part 2Suffice it to say that your first attempt to help Joe and Gideon boost their exam scores yielded no A's...at least outside of an "A" for effort, perhaps. But who cares, right? You aren't about to give up after one demonic ritual goes hellishly wrong, are you? You've got to once again collect three ingredients to summon the most hideous creature on the planet, who will surely be able to scare away Ms. Rage. But with one recurring character in particular, the devil's in the details as to how to get him to cooperate with your needs.

As usual, there are quite a few puzzles and interactions to be solved, using the mouse to point and click, collect items, and use items on one another. Procuring an expensive chocolate cake and a missing Latvian flag will be only some of your tasks in this colorful and upbeat game. Check it out and see if you might just pass your test after all!

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can't wait for the walkthrough.


The Ritual - Part 2

All that effort to get an A+++ was for naught. Guess we need to summon a stronger demon to get our revenge.



Joe tells you to get basil, a cauldron, and more of that old graveyard dirt... which means pestering the pizzeria owner, visiting over at granny's, and facing down the wrath of that caretaker.

Take the screwdriver from the shelf. The puzzle on the wall is now useless and the washing machine is now broken, so look over to the wardrobe, which has had its lock upgraded since the previous game. It now has a keypad and a display with room for four digits (or *, or #). Boy, those misaligned screws are getting on my nerves.

(Leave through the door on the right to view the map.)


The four locations on the are, from left to right: pizza shop, grandma's house, hideout and cemetery.

Pizza Express/Pizza Europa

The guy at the counter doesn't want you to have basil. He seems to be in a bad mood.

Click the empty flagpost to the right of the German and er... Estonian flags. Grumpy cashier guy explains that the Latvian flag has been stolen, and the pizzeria can't be truly Europa-ean without the Latvian flag.

Grumpy guy also stops you from going through the kitchen door. Think of all the basil you'd have if you could just get past him.

Grandma's house

Grandma's not in at the moment, but that's never stopped you from looking through her stuff to get a cauldron.

Check the fridge... door, which has a smiley magnet, a note "asking" you to clean her kitchen, and a card with Pizza Europa's telephone number. Maybe you should make a note of that one.

Search the couch for money under the cushions. Bingo!

Read the card next to the telephone, which turns out to be her library card. Wonder why she's leaving it around, considering that she's Banned From The Library.

The safe above the telephone takes a four-digit code. It's gotta be something easy to remember, right?


This time, the caretaker won't settle for anything less than the real deal: an expensive chocolate cake from Maple Street. Maybe then he'll open the gates.

(The cake shop appears on the map.)

The mess from the previous game has been cleaned up, but this time there are fireflies hovering over the garbage.

Cake shop

What's this, a blackout? It's too dark for the owner to sell you stuff, so he's just going to look around and blink while you stand there awkwardly.


Grandma's password

It's her library card number. (Changes every playthrough.)

Enter her card number into her safe, which opens up. Take the washing powder.

(Wait, granny doesn't have a cauldron? Guess we'll have to look elsewhere.)

Another puzzling wardrobe

Zoom in on the keypad, and use the screwdriver on any of the corner screws to remove the cover. There are green, red, blue and yellow wires on this circuitboard, in the shape of the digits 2457.

That would be too easy, so the code is backwards.

Or perhaps the code is in the order of the right-most puzzle column. Either way, it makes no sense to me.

Key in 7542 on the keypad.

The wardrobe opens and you get a jar.

Portable light

Use the jar on the fireflies at the cemetery, and then bring it to the cake shop and use it on the owner.

The cake shop owner gives you a bottle of raspberry sauce. And then you buy the chocolate cake with all the money you have.

Back to the graveyard

Give the caretaker the cake, and go through the open gate into the graveyard.

Take the white cloth from the left tombstone.

Examine the middle grave, which has a bunch of dirt conveniently available to scoop up, if only you had a container for it.

Take the mold from the right side of the right tombstone, and then zoom in on it. It's changed from the previous game(!), and now has a witty rhyme and five dials pointing at letters.

Here lies Joyce

Rotate the dials to spell JOYCE.

(1, 2, 3 clicks on the top row and 0, 2 clicks on the bottom row.)

Take the bucket from inside, and use it to scoop up the graveyard dirt.


The Latvian flag has a white stripe on a red background. Do you have something red? Something white? Some sort of flag?

Use the raspberry sauce on the white cloth from the cemetery, and give the makeshift flag to the pizzeria owner.

He takes it, and decides it needs washing, and that he should leave the counter to wash it.

And then he decides to stay because he doesn't have the washing powder for it.

Give him Granny's washing powder, and he leaves to wash the flag. Now you have the whole shop to watch over, or rather to mess around with.

Walk into the kitchen.

In the kitchen

The chef believes you're a new employee, and demands his blue cheese.

Also, you can't touch the fridge on the left or the safe on the right until you've given it to him.

Place the mold from the graveyard on the cheese.

The chef takes the cheese and goes off to munch on it during his break. Now you have the whole kitchen to yourself too.

Chef's fridge

The fridge is locked with a seven-digit code. Perhaps something the Pizza Europa staff might find significant.

It's their phone number. (Also changes every playthrough.)

Copy it off Grandma's fridge to unlock the chef's fridge. Inside, there's a cauldron!

Chef's safe

The safe is locked with a sequence of nine colors (yellow/blue/red/black/white). Perhaps something the Pizza Europa staff might find significant.

It's the sequence of colored stripes on the flags outside. The Latvian flag's missing, but you've seen a crude handmade copy of it before.

Germany = Black Red Yellow
Estonia = Blue Black White
Latvia = Red White Red

Put that code in the safe (320 134 242 clicks). The safe opens and you get the basil.

You've gathered all the items, now give them back to Joe and watch him summon something more demonic.

...Whoops. Looks like you won't be having your revenge today.


can't figure out

the wardrobe. I punched in 7542 as suggested but 9587 shows up on the screen after pressing them. huh?

can someone help?


sorry. I didnlt see

the bottons arranged from 1-9 like that.

anyway great game and thanks again KK.

diegocavalier April 26, 2017 1:12 PM

I really do appreciate free games and everything, but the deluge of moving ads on this site slows my computer to a crawl, and the game isn't really playable.

diegocavalier April 30, 2017 8:16 PM

Thanks for the tip! Kongregate is way better. If you have a recommendation for an ad blocker (I usually use Chrome), I'm all ears. :)


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