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The PESIMARI Escape 2

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The PESIMARI Escape 2It´s a good day for all escapers today, we´ve got a new charming game from Tesshi-e!

With Tesshi-e, we visit a small café in the suburbs and suddenly find out that we are locked inside. It is time to escape! Pleasant vivid jazzy music sounds around, lights are on, everything is cleaned and prepared for visitors, but nobody´s around. Before we can open the door, we are supposed to make a cup of coffee....and find or arrange everything for coffee preparation. From finding a cup, through lightening a fireplace to grinding roasted coffee beans.

A chunk of quality puzzles (as we are used to in Tesshi-e´s games) is waiting for you and you won´t be disappointed. Just don´t forget to switch the language button from Japanese to English and enter the cosy wooden room.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

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jcfclark May 22, 2017 12:03 PM

FINALLY made a cup of coffee but cannot start the fire. Any clues?

Patreon Contributor kktkkr May 22, 2017 12:23 PM replied to jcfclark

Hint: you need something flammable.

Have you found and opened the trapdoor?

Have you tried to put the trapdoor back?


The PESIMARI Escape2

It's Tesshi-e! Solve puzzles and escape, but first you have to put the cafe in order so you can enjoy your coffee.


(Don't forget to adjust your language, turn the music on or off, and change the volume in the settings.)

The most prominent thing in this cafe is a long table with lots of chairs. On the near side, a coffee grinder holds a simple key. Look at each of the three places set on the table, each with a different number of sugar packets to the left of the serviettes and a table number and symbol displayed on the right. At the very end of the table, there's a stopped clock on a rectangular clear acrylic plaque. The clock face has diamond and spade-shaped decorations on its minute and hour hands.

Back out. Next to the locked cafe door, there's a trolley with several items on it: a bunch of irrelevant books, another of those table number and symbol markers, a box with stars in front and holes on top in groups of two, one and three, and another safe with three buttons which toggle between white or black until the row of five lights on top turns entirely green, and then you can press a button below to reset the puzzle.

To the left of the trolley, there's another stopped clock with a octagonal shape and a circular decoration on the hour hand. It's a Mild Escape-branded clock with a Mr. Ducky on the front, and a PESIMARI Escape picture on the pendulum.

Turn left and look at the two smaller tables next to the clock. As usual, they're set with sugar packets, table numbers and such. Pull back the chair in the left corner (at table 5) to get a magnet.

Turn left again. On this wall, there's a beautiful landscape painting with tilty corners, an unlit fireplace and two more safes. The bottom safe doesn't seem to be working, so look closer at the top safe, which has space for a four-digit code between two golden stars.

Turn left. Almost every puzzle is on this wall, so let's start from the right. There's a cake locked in a red box with something shiny sticking out of it, and there's a smaller locked wooden box on top of that. The table next to that has a toaster and a frame for coffee brewing. There's a ship's wheel over the table which has PESIMARI written around the outside, a cup on the top over P and an arrow at the lower-left next to A. The wheel is screwed to the wall. Under the table, there's a single empty dustbin which can be moved aside. But there's nothing hidden behind it.

Next to that table, there's a stove which doesn't work. The panel under the stove needs a hexagonal screwdriver to open. There's also a sink which works fine, and both drawers under it are locked. To the left of the sink, there's a shelf full of items. There's a triangular clock on the top shelf with diamond and spade-shaped decorations on the minute and hour hands, and it can be moved aside to get an octagonal piece with a circular hole and a peg on the bottom. Next to it, there are three tins of coffee beans, but you don't have any way to open them up.

On the next shelf, a Mr Hippo is chomping down on the door key. He has four (plus one) buttons on his body, and is sitting on a box with a pentagonal hole over glowing text reading HOT COFFEE. Next to that, there's a box with three Mr Birdy figures over three buttons. The birdys have different shapes in their eyes. Check the bottom shelf. On top of the left barrel, there's a scoop hidden in the darkness.

Back out and return to the initial view. Hover over the right side to find a curved arrow that leads you to the other side of the table, and a trapdoor in the floor with a key in a capsule too far down to reach. Click the trapdoor to put it back, and you'll find a candle taped to the underside.

Unlock 1

Use the key to unlock the wooden box over the cake box. Inside, there's a triangular piece with a diamond-shaped hole and three pegs on the bottom.


Use the symbols next to the table numbers to unlock the landscape painting safe.

When the numbers are placed in order, the symbols trace out a path passing through the UL UR LL UL LR UR corners.

So click the ⌜⌝ ⌞⌜⌟⌝ corners in order, and the painting slides up. Take an empty coffee pot and a square piece with a diamond-shaped hole and two pegs on the bottom.


Go to the blue box on the trolley and use each of the shaped pieces on it. The two stars light up and you can take a coin from inside.


Use the shapes of the pieces (and their holes) to unlock the top safe (with stars on it).

Each piece indicates a hand of one of the clocks. Which hands are they and where do they point?

(2 pegs) Diamond in square = 7 (minute hand)
(1 peg ) Circle in octagon = 10
(3 pegs) Diamond in triangle = 5 (minute hand)

So enter 7105 in the top safe, and open it to get a blue bag containing a loaf of bread and a note with symbols on it.

Behind the bag, there's a safe taking a five-digit code. The safe has "SUGAR 52431" written over it.

Sugar sugar

Use the clue from the sugar packets to unlock the five-digit safe.

Tables 5, 2, 3, 4, 1 have 2, 5, 4, 3, 4 sugar packets.

So enter that code, open the safe and take an empty kettle.


Use the coin on the right tin of coffee beans to open it, then use the scoop to get a full scoop of coffee beans.


Use the clue from the note to unlock the birdy box.

Read the note symbols as O^VO^^V, and press the corresponding birdy buttons, which are the CLRCLLR buttons.

A screwdriver drops out of the box.


Use the screwdriver on the ship's wheel, and spin it until the arrow points up, emptying the contents of the cup onto the floor.

But where on the floor?

Check behind the dustbin to get a club-shaped key.

Unlock 2

Use the club key to open the top drawer and take a knife from it.

The greatest thing

Use the knife to slice the bread, and place it in the toaster. It pops up shortly. Take the toast, which has a grid of light and dark squares toasted into it.

Examine the two half-loaves of bread, and retrieve a metal box in it with a hexagonal rusty key.

Unlock 3

Use the key on the bottom drawer, and take a hexagonal screwdriver (an Allen key) and a coffee filter frame.

There's also a box on the right side of the drawer, and instead of a handle it has an iron plate in the top.


Use the magnet on the iron plate to open the box in the bottom drawer, which has a coffee filter soaked in the water.


Use the clue from the toast to unlock the three-button box on the trolley.

From top to bottom, the square which changes is center, right, center, left, center.

So press those buttons in order, and open the box to get a coffee cup.

Unscrew 2

Use the hexagonal screwdriver on the panel under the stove. After the panel is removed, you can see a safe with four buttons in a grid and a hint above that with five arrows above the letters PRAMS.


Use the letters on the wheel to find the code for the safe under the sink.

When the wheel arrow points downwards, the letter P appears in the upper left.

Similarly, after rotating the wheel to the other positions, the rest of the letters appears in the UR LR LL UR corners.

So press the ⌜⌝⌟ ⌞⌝ buttons. The entire drawer slides out and you can reach behind it and turn on the gas.


To make the coffee, you have to pour hot water over ground coffee beans through a filter into a pot.

Use the filter on its frame. Use the scoop of beans on the grinder, then pick up the grounds with the filter.

Turn the sink on and fill the kettle, then place it on the stove and turn it on. Pick up the hot water kettle.

Use the coffee pot on the frame on the table, then the filter with grounds, then the kettle, then the coffee cup. Now you have a cup of coffee.


Use the coffee on the Mr Hippo box. The glowing text now reads FIRE upside-down, and the buttons on the hippo body are now working.


Turn the stove back on, use the candle on it, then use it to light the fireplace.

Close the door, and some letters appear on the front. No wait, those are numbers.


Use the numbers on the fireplace to unlock the Mr Hippo box.

Enter 7306 to open Mr Hippo's mouth. Take the door key.

Now that you're ready to escape, it's a good time to save the game.

Normal End

Use the key on the door, which triggers the end sequence. The owner comes back and you get a toast set with coffee, eggs and actually edible toast.

Happy Coin End

After taking the key, the glowing text on the Mr Hippo's box now reads Mr Birdy.

So click on any of the Birdy box buttons, and the figures rise up to three different heights.

We still have the note, so you can use the code again on a different safe...

Go to the bottom safe on the fireplace wall. Now the buttons work, so press the Middle, Bottom, Top, Middle, Bottom, Bottom, Top buttons.

Open the safe and take a hose.

There's only one water source in here.

Use the hose on the sink, and it extends all the way to the trapdoor, filling it with water.

Pick up the capsule with a key inside.

This key opens the last lock...

Unlock the red box in the corner and take the cake from it.

Take the Happy Coin from the cake. (Leaving with just the cake will not count.)

Leave with the Happy Coin. The owner comes back, you order a cake set, and a Happy Coin will bring happiness to you.


thanks for the walkthrough KK. one correction though

the sugar packet code for the safe on the wall is 25344


Sugar, Sugar has the wrong code in the walkthrough.

It should be 25344


rewyn I just mentioned that in my above comment.


kk the sugar sugar code is wrong

25344 is the solution.


Thanks for the corrections. I had originally typed both the wrong clue and code, but somehow only managed to fix one.

CptnSuz May 23, 2017 1:08 AM

I liked this game. Several of the puzzles had clever twists I hadn't seen before :)

barbara May 23, 2017 6:30 AM

The link to the game just comes back to this page. (I found a link on another site.)

Patreon Contributor kktkkr May 23, 2017 7:50 AM replied to barbara

@barbara: The links seem correct to me. The only one that points back here is the large image at the top.

jcfclark May 23, 2017 11:16 AM

Thanks kktkkr -- Had a difficult time finding the trapdoor; didn't notice there's an arrow to follow instead of the usual left, right, down directions.

barbara May 24, 2017 4:02 AM

Thanks kktkkr, I always use the large-image link so I never paid attention to the big yellow link before. Yesterday, when the large-image link didn't work, I was looking through the text for some other game link. I guess the big yellow link was just too big for me to notice :-/


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