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Fortnite Guide to Build Mode

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Fortnite is a popular battle royale game where you play with up to 100 people in a match, facing enemies competing for the win. The title has two main modes: one requires you to build, and the other is the zero-build mode.

As the names suggest in the first we'll discuss, you're supposed to build structures while fighting enemies, which is incredibly difficult. This is also why people are looking into Fortnite boosting.

So, if you are intrigued by the game and want to learn how to play the build mode in Fortnite, read on! We'll cover everything from the material gathering to the seasonal build options and more. We will teach you about the controls, the placements, and even when the timing for building a barricade, a wall, or a ramp is best. Now, with no further ado, it's time to begin!

Basics of Building: The Things You Must Know
To get started in Fortnite and be able to compete with other players and not bots in the build more (the standard game), you'll need to know the basics. These include gathering resources.

Gathering Materials in Fortnite
When we say gathering materials, we mean collecting:


These three are the core materials in the game and have a specific level of dexterity. This means that by choosing which one to use for your Structure, you'll have different strengths, making your defenses against other players more "reliable."

Also, each of the materials requires different amounts of time to gather and, of course, to build/complete your Structure. Hence, the wood is gathered swiftly, and walls and other structures are constructed quickly enough to let you react, while the metal is much slower.

To gather such materials in the game, you'll need to use your pickaxe and destroy structures, buildings, rocks, trees, and any other objectives that can give you specific resources.

Essential Fortnite's Structures
If you're new to Fortnite, you must know that in the build competitive mode, you have a couple of types of structures:


These are the core ones that allow you to build forts, bases, and complicated buildings during skirmishes.

Using them, players can and should build:

-1x1 structure.

The 1x1 structure is a basic one, consisting of four simple walls and a ramp. It can be used to protect against enemy fire, as a safe spot to heal or revive an ally, and so on.

The ramps, on the other hand, are an essential part of every game because they win you the high ground. Players who've got experience often build them, using single, double, or sometimes even triple ramps for additional protection while climbing up.

Fortnite Advanced Building Techniques for Competitive Players
There are many build techniques that can help you win in a battle royale competitive mode. Some of them include:

Piece Control
By piece control, we mean building in strategic areas that will allow you to dominate the opponents in the match. As you know, the game has a timer and a circle that continuously diminishes the map size. By building on a good spot within the circle, you'll be able to not only survive but pressure enemies. For example, you can build a robust base on a hill, placing walls, floors, and ramps, blocking enemies from all sides while keeping the strategic advantage of the high ground.

Retakes are a technique used to counter the abovementioned one. It basically takes the high ground from opponents by building 90-degree turn ramps. This is the best way to counter complex defensive buildings while staying covered from enemy fire.

Building Crosshair Placement
This one may not be a crucial building technique, but it's a must if you plan to do well and win matches. Placing the crosshair in the middle is the most efficient way to build and shoot alike. It reduces the time it takes to place and edit structures while improving your reaction time, so it's essential to master it.

Strategic Building Tips for Fortnite Players
Now it's time to present you with a couple of good tips that will help you in Fortnite:

Being aware of your surroundings in the game is key. When playing, you must pay attention to all sounds and visual effects to notice where your opponents are, even if they're not targeting you. By being aware of their position, you'll be able to gather materials on time, in pieces, and eventually build in a way to surprise and surpass your opponents.

Timing and Peeks
Another good thing is to properly time your strategies and structure building. That's vital because it can turn the tide of any battle. You do not always need to be the one to start a structure. If you time things properly, you'll be able to utilize your enemies, make them vulnerable by taking them by surprise, and eventually win. Thus, pay attention to what your opponents are doing: are they engaging in a fight? Are they healing or reloading? Make use of it all.

As the name suggests, Peeks require you to peek at your opponents instead of showing up and observing them. It's a good way to stay hidden behind an object or a structure you've built. By seeing them while they cannot, you can maximize not only your ability to shoot but also to position yourself adequately and corner-build them.

Incorporate unpredictability into your builds. Experienced players often fall into predictable patterns, so adding creative moves can give you an edge. For example, fake an edit to bait your opponent into firing, then quickly reset the edit to counter-attack while their weapon is on cooldown.

Master the 90s
By mastering the 90s, we mean the essential building technique that requires you to quickly build structures like ramps and walls in 90-degree turns. This is important as it grants you vertical height rapidly and allows you to reach enemies in their structures or simply run away. This technique is not easy, so it's wise to practice it beforehand.

Utilize Cone and Floor Edits
Almost no one really edits their structures, but that's an essential strategy that may make the difference in a game. For instance, being able to place a cone inside a 1x1 box can block enemies, but if you cannot edit it and make an exit for yourself, you'll simply be trapped. This also works in the opposite way, and you can trap an enemy, make an edit, make an opening to attack the trapped enemy, and so on.

Learn to Waterfall
The waterfall is an interesting technique in the game that allows you to descend from high places without falling to your character's death. It works by placing floors and walls underneath you while descending any structure or hill. The techie is incredibly useful when you're in the middle of high-ground battles or when you simply wish to regroup.

Use Structures for Cover and Rotation
Oftentimes, you'll find yourself amidst a skirmish surrounded by enemies. In such a situation, the best move is to build by creating tunnels or "tarping" and escaping to a safe zone. This move is crucial, especially when the enemies are good, many, and you do not have good cover. If done properly, it allows you to regroup and potentially rotate your position to appear behind enemies.

You Must Practice Your Builds
When you're playing Fortnite in the standard build mode, you must know how to build structures. However, this does not happen instantly, especially if you plan to make complex buildings and bases. Therefore, you must practice your skills, and you can do it best by:

Playing in the Playground Mode
This is an effective way to test and learn build strategies. It allows you to focus on the building without the pressure of a live match. Moreover, in this mode, you can use unlimited materials and build however you wish to, experiment, and try different locations and playouts.

Watch How the Pros Play
It's always a wise idea to watch online guides and the gameplay of experts playing the game. This is not only fun but will allow you to learn from their experience. Moreover, you'll be able to notice if they use new techniques or learn a strategy from them. Another good reason to do it is because this way, you'll be able to determine your style. The pros have different approaches to the game. Find one that you like the most and find their gameplay most suitable and enjoyable, then learn it and make it like your own playstyle.

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