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The Latest Exciting Crypto Gaming News for 2024

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The great thing about crypto is that it revolutionized our world. An even better aspect of crypto is that it keeps doing so. Not each year, but each month, we can see more and more crypto tech and options opening up and challenging the standards of various tech fields. Some don't make it, others do, and those rare stars shake the foundations of long-established practices and revolutionize their technological field. In all cases, it's hard to keep track of all the upcoming crypto projects, but taking some downtime to soak it all in can yield valuable and lucrative info.

1. PlayDoge
Crypto always aims to bring the most popular technologies together, unexpectedly mashing them. Combining the recognizable meme icon Doge with an old-school style gameplay reminiscent of the old Tamagotchi and making it a play-to-earn model has made $2,55 million, for the upcoming release. This is an impressive sum considering the short span between the announcement and shows strong potential for the upcoming gaming platform. PlayDoge and others, as Alan Draper points out in his review of the 15 New Crypto Coins, various new crypto projects are coming, and the stream is not stopping anytime soon. PlayDoge will introduce its $PLAY token for all players to acquire, and just like any other crypto, it will have its value. This project is fresh because players can connect their crypto wallet to their mobile and thus play to earn anywhere they wish.

2. Mega Dice Token
One emerging trend is crypto gambling, where prospering casinos offer players a chance to play using their cryptocurrencies from their digital wallets. Embracing innovation, Mega Dice is introducing its cryptocurrency, the Mega Dice Token, aiming to boost user satisfaction and retention. Namely, users who acquire the Mega Dice Token will get a slew of benefits, and the list alone has enticed various investors to pour in their capital and raise $1.3 million in only one month, which is only the beginning.

Mega Dice Token aims to stand out in the market by offering its holders a certain % of the overall company's profit share, a bold move that could set a standard for crypto as it combines cryptocurrencies and stocks. Players who opt into the referral program will also get a flat 10% of the invested amount and a special NFT, allowing for privileges and rewards that Mega Dice will announce and potentially expand on. The cherry on top which makes this new crypto exciting is a $2.2 million airdrop for any user who wages $5000 and above in 21 days.

3. Layer-3
Crypto prides itself on protecting user privacy, anonymity, and data safety. Recently, crypto had two layers of protection, and the upcoming Layer 3 will enhance and offer completely new dimensions of data safety. Crypto sectors like DeFi and on-chain gaming will benefit the most, and we can already see notable examples like the Degen Chain and XAI.

But what makes Layer 3 different from Layer 2? Layer 2 was dedicated to overall and broad safety, optimization, and speed of crypto transactions. As such, it was much wider in its security features, but Layer-3 aims to be tailor-made, user-specific, and to fill in the potential gaps. Dubbed appchains, these features of Layer 3 give users specific and custom-made features that can be applied to certain applications, offering customization in the realm of data safety.
Such features offer increased speed and reduced costs while meeting some niche and lesser-known requirements for power users. Such customization was unheard of and makes Layer-3 unique, enabling crypto users to tackle more complex challenges and demands by bringing a more modular design. There is a demand for such a feature, as Layer3 raised over $15 million in funding.

4. Dreamcars (DCARS)
We've mentioned that crypto's greatest strength is its ability to combine different aspects from other industries. Car leasing is nothing new, but combining crypto, NFTs, car leasing, and passive income from rental is the unique aspect that Dreamcars aims to bring to reality. Buying expensive brands like Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others may be out of reach for most people, but Dreamcars offer a chance to make owning a luxury car a reality.

With the platform's tokens DCARS, you can partially buy your preferred car in small installments. Each car's data is public, so each user knows what car is tied to a specific NFT. Users can then trade their car NFTs for others, buy, sell, or barter, and thus progress toward their goal. The other unique aspect is that users can earn passive income whenever the car is rented.

And while many cars lose their value the moment they are off the parking lot, cars in this project continue to rise or keep their price, due to the tied-in NFTs and the trading aspect. By taping in the high luxury car section and giving access to such a privilege to wider audiences, the Dreamcars project could possibly hold true to its name.

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