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The Honeymoon Is Over

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SonicLoverThe Honeymoon Is OverThe honeymoon suite is deserted. There's still a little wine left over, and you can see a few balloons are scattered, but clearly celebration time has come and gone, and it's time to leave. The Honeymoon Is Over is an escape game by Timefall. You navigate around the honeymoon suite by clicking the sides of the screen when you see the bars. Examine, interact with, and pick up stuff by clicking. Once you've got something in your inventory, examine it by clicking the triangle in the corner of its box, or use it by clicking the item proper. Oh, and if that music loop gets on your nerves, click the "MUSIC" button to pull the plug on it.

This game could easily pass as one of TomaTea's games, which means photorealistic graphics, mostly logical puzzles, code-locked drawers you can't even fuss with until you've found the corresponding clues, and collecting of many of the same item for use in a puzzle somewhere. There are a few old standby puzzles, such as the jammed drawer and the wobbly picture, but that's as stale as they get. Overall it's a good game, even if it doesn't have a save feature. Now then, it's time to leave the honeymoon behind and get back to married life... er, when I put it that way it sounds pretty uninviting, so forget I just said that.

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Walkthrough Guide

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The Honeymoon is Over Walkthrough
(a.k.a. "How to End a Honeymoon in 19 Easy Steps")

  1. You'll start facing the bed. Zoom in on the end table to the right and take the little white thing on it, then examine the box. Click the rings to rotate them until a complete image of a monkey(?) is right-side up. Take the key.

  2. Zoom all the way out and turn right. Take the stool next to the wine cart, then zoom in on the top of the wine cart and raise the lid. Remember the phone number on the magazine: 0705. Also, take another white thing beside it.

  3. Zoom out. Turn left again and zoom in on the end table with the teddy bear on it. Check out the phone and dial 0705 on it, then press E to confirm. The number will turn green. Okay, that doesn't look like it did anything.

  4. ...But if you look at it upside-down, it looks just like the word SOLO. Keep that in the back of your head, but for now, zoom out again and turn left.

  5. Zoom in on the two-seater table and take two white things and one knife (plate on the right). Zoom out and turn left to face the TV.

  6. Stick the stool on the floor in front of the TV, then zoom in on the shelf above it. Take the remote and the white thing next to the ashtray, and look at that greeting card. Remember the number of hearts in each corner.

  7. Zoom out all the way and check out the drawers below the DVD player. The one on the right is stuck, so unjam it with the knife and take the DVD and white thing. Might as well put the DVD in the player while you're here (click the green button to open/close the tray).

  8. The left drawer needs a four-letter code, so enter the word from the telephone puzzle (SOLO). Take the second key and yet another white thing. Zoom out completely, then turn left.

  9. The SECOND key goes to the door next to the wine cart, which leads into the bathroom. To the right is a linen cabinet, and at the base of it is a white thing. Take it, then unlock the cabinet with the other key and take a pink towel.

  10. Zoom in on the soap tray to the left of the bathtub and take the white thing from it. While you're here, you'll also want to note the three shapes beneath the towel rod: left-pointing triangle, circle, right-pointing triangle.

  11. Zoom out, then zoom in on the right end of the tub. You can collect one more white thing from the right edge, and turn on the water and wet the towel with it. With all that done, leave the bathroom.

  12. Zoom in on the wine cart again, and check out the left drawer. It wants three shapes; the ones you found in the bathroom will do nicely. Enter them and open the drawer to find a pair of sunglasses and another white thing. Okay...

  13. Zoom out and turn left. Examine the painting above the bed, then clean up the purple smudge with the towel. Then use the sunglasses on the four colored stripes to see a different set of colors: red-blue-yellow-green.

  14. Go back to the wine cart and use those four colors to open the drawer on the right. Take a screwdriver and another white thing; you should have twelve by now. Go back to the bed view.

  15. Check out the teddy bear next to the phone. Unscrew its back to reveal a battery, which you should take and subsequently place inside the remote control. Turn around to face the TV.

  16. Use the remote to turn the TV on. Weird; it's just a loop of someone entering 4-2-8-6 on a keypad. Keep that combination in the back of your head as you back away and turn left.

  17. Zoom in on that picture to the left. It wobbles when you click the corners, so wobble them in the order given by the greeting card: upper right, lower left, upper left, lower right. Then click the center.

  18. Voila, a keypad! ...But it doesn't have any keys? Well, what did you think all those white things you were collecting were? Stick all the keys in the keypad, then enter the combo from the TV: 4-2-8-6.

  19. Now the keypad says "OPEN". Click it to open the safe, then take the key from it and go use it on the door next to the TV. You're out!


Wonderful! One puzzle to the next without needless ambiguity. That music loop though...*shudder* :)


I like the rubbish music it gives me an extra incentive to get out quickly.


Ah, nice one. I got stuck for a while, but then I

used the wet towel on the right spot, not just anywhere on the painting

and it was pretty easy to get out!

nerdypants October 20, 2011 4:10 PM

Yeah, I had to turn the music off pretty quickly. Otherwise it was an enjoyable game. It had a nice variety of puzzles.


Not the worst escape game but not very good.
I have beef with a couple of the puzzles which took me a while, not because they are challenging but because they are pedantic and inconsistent in what one needed to do before one could solve them.

The phone-number/letter puzzle is one. You shouldn't need to press enter on the phone to be allowed to take a shot at the letter puzzle.
So one thinks: Okay, it's a hacky way to make sure people KNOW they have seen the solution before trying. but...
The symbol puzzle allows you to take a shot well before you can enter the bathroom to see the solution!


Can't play. I'm using Chrome and keeps moving of its own volition. I think I even escaped without actually solving any puzzles!!!


[It's working for me in Chrome 14.0.835.202 on Mac OS 10.5.8 and Flash Player Try updating Chrome. -Jay]


The colour-coded drawer does not operate for me (Safari, OS X 10.7.2). The four colours start there and do not change when I click on them.

nerdypants October 20, 2011 6:55 PM

The color-coded drawer won't respond until you find the clues to solve it.

If you think you already have the clue to the drawer, but it still doesn't respond, you missed a step.

If you've followed the steps in the walkthrough and still can't operate the drawer, then you probably do have a problem.


Thanks Jay, it worked today.
And I'm out (with the help of my 11 yo daughter)



can't play. I've tried 3 different browsers--IE,Chrome and Firefox.when I used the Chrome, it kept moving.The other two even didn't show the game (but I can see the JIG's website background).

[The game is confirmed to work in all those browsers. Make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed, Javascript enabled, and your browsers updated to the latest versions. -Jay]

littlefish October 22, 2011 6:47 AM

A little sign "you do not have the clues to solve this yet" wouldn't hurt on the key puzzles...
Otherwise, not bad!


thanks Jay! I uninstall and download the latest version of the Chrome. It works for me.


Not too good but not too bad either, and very TomaTea-ish as mentioned. But I'm not amused by "new and clever" (ie impractical) controls, that part should be established by now.


Oh, and by the way: That's the shortest time I've spent finding the music off-button ;-)

Rafael Alvarez October 23, 2011 2:22 AM

I tried the game on Firefox and the game area was too small, effectively hiding the navigation bars on the sides and thus rendering the game unplayable.

[Your browser view must be zoomed. In Firefox, press CTRL-0 (zero) to reset. Explanation can be found on our Support page. -Jay]


The easiest game I ever played. Not too bad but not good.


It seems the game size is too small; the "HELP" button is only showing "LP".

This makes it difficult to play.


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