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The Happy Escape 10

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Rating: 4.3/5 (108 votes)
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The Happy Escape 10

A mysterious air? A luxurious elegance in design? Cunning escape game puzzles? It must be Tesshi-e! In The Happy Escape 10, after chancing across a mysterious door and knocking on it, you find yourself trapped inside a richly appointed dining room, but since there's no food or drink to go with this sumptuous setting, you'll want to find your way out eventually. There's no changing cursor to tell you what you can interact with, so make sure you click everywhere to search the room, and of course click the language button in the lower right corner to change it to English if you can't read Japanese! While you'll want to keep an eye out for puzzle clues, some of which are more obvious than others, no Happy Escape is complete without sweet, sweet moolah... by which I mean Happy Coins, of course! There are quite a lot of hidden secrets in this one, and a new perspective may shed some light on a puzzle or two. Will you escape? Or will you wait it out a little and see if dinner is served?

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As far as I can tell, there's only one ending to this one. (I think that's true for all "The Happy Escape [insert number here]" games.)

Coffeeteamix February 26, 2016 10:14 PM replied to Reka

Thanks Reka, you answered my question. I thought we usually had to

find happy coin separately?

plectrumura February 27, 2016 2:27 PM

Nice. That's actually the first Tesshi-e game I've ever gotten through without needing a hint.

Bobo The Bear February 27, 2016 6:08 PM

Okay, I want to know how they

managed to put half of a hex wrench tool INSIDE a SEALED champagne bottle.


Very pleased - I got through without needing help - it took a little while to stop going round in circles, but everything was nice and logical.


I just wonder what the champagne would have tasted like afterwards!

Canoetripper February 27, 2016 8:29 PM

I would welcome a hint: I'm finding this one tricky! I have

purple and green sticks that fit into a cross but not into the cross tray, 4 coins, and something that looks like a bike pumps with an electric prod. Also heart and spade codes.

I've figured out easily

that there are 4 levels of wine in the cups, and that the backs of the chairs have an anagram for the cat code under the painting

but don't know what to do with that info!

hatospali February 27, 2016 9:07 PM replied to Canoetripper

You're on the good way.

just use the letter hints on the cat code in the most natural way

both sides of the table you have four chairs / letters, and from this you get the letters' position (1-4), and then

"write" the sentence correctly

Then I think you can continue...


Stuck on the zodiac code.

I've tried all combinations I can think of, but maybe I'm missing something.
Also, I can't quite figure out the + - and the figures in the other cabinet.

Any hints out there.

KayC February 28, 2016 2:31 AM replied to River Cat

For the Zodiac code:

Once you use the screwdriver to get the second part of the code from behind the picture, place it on the plate to get the order.

There are six lines. Start at the top line and work down, turning one symbol on or off to create each line.

The symbols, from left to right are: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra
1.Turn on Virgo
2.Turn on Libra
3.Turn off Virgo.
4.Turn on Cancer
5.Turn on Leo
6.Turn off Libra

For the +/- cabinet:

You need three cabinets with levers open in order to solve the puzzle.

The solution will open the "109" cabinet.

Set the levers to create an equation that equals 109.



Don't forget to click where it says "Japanese" to change the language to English. (Although it's now improved: you can change the language mid-game if you forget at the beginning.)

To aid in orientation, I'm calling the doors "north". However, as usual for my walkthroughs, I'm expecting you to have at least taken a look around the room to see what's there, so I won't be telling you things like "turn left twice".


Lift the painting on the south wall to see four buttons and the text "I LOVE CAT". To solve this, look at the backs of the chairs.

If you're looking at the west wall, the chairs say TAIL. If you're looking east, they say COVE. That's all the letters in "I LOVE CAT".

Find the position of each letter and press the corresponding button. For example, the I is the 3rd letter of TAIL, so press the 3rd button.

3 4 2 3 4 1 2 1

Get the red cross-piece from Mr. Birdy's stand.

West wall, right cabinet

  • First, on the south wall, click the left statue and open the little cubbyhole in its base. Get the green cross-piece.

  • Now, go to the left cabinet and open the drawer underneath. Get the coin (#1).

  • Double-click one of the cross-pieces in your inventory and add the other piece. Put the assembled cross into the drawer.

  • You can now open the cabinet above the drawer. Get the hex wrench piece that's standing in the middle.

  • To solve the four vertical indicators, take a look at the table, specifically at the wineglasses on it.

    Turn so you're looking at the east wall. The backs of the chairs should say "COVE". Click near the middle of the table to zoom in. Click each place setting in turn and look at how much red wine is in the champagne flute. (Somebody didn't research their wine glass shapes.)

    3/4ths full; 1/4th full; completely full (you *never* pour that much into a glass, folks); 1/2 full.

    Back at the northwest cabinet, click the buttons under the indicators until they match the glasses.

  • Get the flashlight and the coin (#2).

East wall, middle cabinet

You need to find the codes to go with the four suits.

  • Clubs:

    Look at the flashlight. Bonus side effect: clicking on it will turn on the flashlight, which you'll need for the next step.


  • Diamonds:

    Open the sconce to the right of the door and get the grabby-thing (well, it's missing its "hand", but it's the handle to a grabby-thing). Look at the urn in the northwest corner. Use the grabby thing to move Mr. Birdy out of the way so you can see the code.


  • Spades:

    Look at the plants under the picture on the south wall. Get the coin (#3) while you're there.


  • Hearts:

    Open the sconce to the left of the door. Get the coin (#4).


Put the codes together in the order indicated on the door.

2 64 +1 15 = 264 + 115 = 379

Get the screwdriver. We'll have to come back to the + box later.

Zodiac puzzle

  • Use the screwdriver to remove the panel behind the painting (south wall). Get the coin (#5) and the panel you removed.

  • Turn so you're looking at the south end of the table and click the covered dish. Put the panel into the slot. Get the coin (#6).

  • Look at the sequence of symbols from top to bottom.

    — — ♍ —
    — — ♍ ♎
    — — — ♎
    ♋ — — ♎
    ♋ ♌ — ♎
    ♋ ♌ — —

  • Go to the panel behind the painting and toggle the buttons as indicated by the code, then press the white button on the right.

    ♍ ♎ ♍ ♋ ♌ ♎ (or 3 4 3 1 2 4)

  • Get the hexagon key.

Math puzzle (109 door)

  • Use the hexagon key to open the left cabinet on the west wall. Get the coin (#7). Note the numbers.

    150 on the left, 80 on the right

  • Look (again) at the right cabinet on the west wall and note the numbers.

    125 on the left, 41 on the right

  • Open the middle cabinet on the west wall. Get the purple cross-piece and note the + and - symbols.

  • How can you combine these numbers and operators to make 109?

    Set the levers to 150, minus, and 41, respectively.

  • Once you've set all the levers appropriately, you can go open the right cabinet on the east wall. Get the second green cross-piece.

East wall middle cabinet, part 2

Put your two cross-pieces together and put the assembly into the box. Get the grabby thingy's grabby part (to use the technical terms).

Mr. Birdy

  • Put the grabby thingy's parts together and use it to get Mr. Birdy from the urn in the northwest corner.

  • Look at Mr. Birdy and lift his hat. Get the coin (#8).

  • Put Mr. Birdy into his stand behind the painting. Get the star key. (Once you've gotten the key, you can actually take Mr. Birdy back, but I haven't found a second purpose for him.)

East wall, left cabinet

Use the star key to open the northeast cabinet. Get the champagne and note Mr. Hippo. (If you'd like, you can put your 8 coins into Mr. Hippo's mouth, but then it gets hard to keep track of how many coins you still need to find.)

East wall, right cabinet part 2

  • Open the champagne bottle (just double-click to zoom in on it, then click the top).

  • Look at the champagne glass pyramid on the north end of the table. (Make sure you're not looking directly east, because then all you'll get is the zoomed-in view of the wine glasses.) Pour the champagne into the top glass so it cascades into all of them.

  • Once the champagne bottle is empty, look at it and get the hex wrench piece from inside it. (Don't ask how a hex wrench part got into a fully-sealed bottle of champagne.)

  • Assemble the hex wrench pieces. Go to the southeast cabinet and use the wrench on the slot. Get the coin (#9).

Remaining coin

Get the coin from the base of the right-hand statue on the south wall.

Getting out

Put all of your coins into Mr. Hippo's mouth (northeast cabinet). Get the happy coin and the heart key. Use the heart key to open the doors and you're out!

nelliel123 February 29, 2016 5:28 AM

I'm surprised people found this game easier, I needed more than one hint! I also found the mood of the game 'darker' than the usual more modern settings. I had to go away and come bac to it, but I'm glad I did.


It's always great to play a new Tessh-i escape. This one felt a lot different than previous games. Smaller and shorter, maybe? In any case, the puzzles were pretty logical, though I stumbled a little with the heart-diamond-spade-club cabinet. It took a few tries before I figured the right way to put the numbers together.

I really liked the +/- lever puzzle. I'd like to see him use that idea more.


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