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The Four Rooms of Kharon

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Rating: 4.2/5 (20 votes)
Comments (41) | Views (4,402)

The Four Rooms of KharonAnother game from Orgdot, Kharon4a is a dark and gritty, point-and-click Flash adventure that will challenge the best puzzle fanatics out there. Sporting an unusual interface and enough biotech gadgetry and terminology to open your own laboratory, Kharon4a is a moody sophisticated game to say the least. From a company whose mission is to educate as they entertain, this game has a lot of information packed into it. For instance, there is a computer in the lobby area (pictured) where you can spend a great deal of time simply reading up on famous geneticists, genetic concepts, definitions and game-related clues.

The game looks amazing and the 3D rendered graphics appear near-photographic in quality. I also like the attention to detail in the game, such as the computerized display that pops up when you point to an object and instantly describes what it is. There is much more Flash magic than I am able to report. See for yourself.

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Woah, really cool game. To bad I could never fing the light switch, lol.


I had a real problem trying to use the items in my inventory -- do you have to pick up the items after you know why they're needed?


Really fun other than that -- reminds me of Myst.


i made it soooo far in the game, and then i got no where. i didn't have any items in my inventory, it was so annoying. and i hate giving up on games like this.

otherwise it was REALLY REALLY fun while it lasted...


this game was a bit scary


I don't understand it at all...
You're supposed to take the cell sample to door C, but how do you enter door C? Are the codes written somewhere?


I like this game, I found all the codes:


I think I found most of the items. But I can't use items when I go to the machines and things.

And I don't have any real idea what to do...

Doesn't look as though anyone else knows what to do either.



This is a bad game. The concept, mood, quests, all that is GREAT, but unfortunately, even with all those wonderful elements, the game is unplayable due to the fact that it has a terrible interface. The camera angles are set up in bizzarre locations just to make it so you can't see the floor where the items you need to pick up are. Navigating a room is nearly impossible. You can see a machine right in front of you, but it might take you over a minute to actually get to it because moving around a room consists of nothing more than trial and error clicking, made worse by the fact that you occasionally teleport out of the room and have to find your way back in and start over again. Doing ANYTHING takes a lot of trial and error. Nothing is intuitive in the slightest.
Also, it seems that some things that should work, don't. For example, the coin says in it's description that it works with the organ machine, and the organ machine says it needs the coin, but using the 2 together does nothing. I had this problem a few other times but usually exitting the holoeye mode and then reentering it again (which I shouldn't have to do, especially because it's such a pain to open even the first time) it would work again. The eye and organ thing just doesn't work though. The keycard also doesn't seem to go to anything. Maybe I'm missing something, but the controls are too horrible for me to look any longer.
I really wanted to like this game. I gave it more than a fair chance (I got to all 4 rooms, replaced the pipe, cleaned the oil, threw the rock in, analized the cell sample, put the meds in the medicatifyinator or whatever, got some bananas, and I think one or two other things) but this game's interface needs a lot of work.
Almost a SPECTACULAR game. It's high points were enough to make me really try to tolerate the controls, but then I got stuck and exploring to try to get myself unstuck is just impossible. I'm sorry, because a lot of work obviously went into this, but it's not a good game.


I like this game. But, I'm stuck.

I have the DNA sample in the machine in the room with the bio womb thing in it. But, I have the banana and the 1G and I can't figure out what to do. Help???


Sorta ending:
Click to the left of the archives in the first angle in the room with the green goop and use the keycard to get the data.
go to the womb room and put in the rock from the biosphere into the Medican thing then put in the biosample from the very first room into the left thing THEN give the womb its data. thats wat i did and i saved my friend and i need someone to save me i guess...


i really don't understand what you're supposed to do in this game... it looks so interesting, but it doesnt seem to do anything. And I cant get out of the first room


I don't know how to use items how do you use them please help


Too hard on the eyes... ayyy...


Finished !!

You can only use items on the machines when you are told too. The keycard is used on the small filing cabinet on the left in the DNA room. You need this as the file you get from the cabinet is used on the machine in the centre of room 'C' (i think that's the right room)

overall, very good


OMG this game is frustrating!!! :@:@:@


I got through the 99% of it by myself. The only hint I needed was that posted by "Fisher". Because I couldn't imagine what does a file has to do with an artificial womb. Anyway I enjoyed it a lot.


I liked this game, for about a minute. I can't see a thing..lol If I can figure out how to make it brighter, I am sure I would enjoy it.


reminds me a lot of Half Life.


I finished it twice, with both different endings. Very interesting. It's kidna disappointing when you chose to save yourself, so I'd advise people to save their friend.

christine August 17, 2005 1:12 PM

I have to agree with Dora Lee. The angles are really strange (was there a point to that?) and I found it really hard to get from place to place. It's like the writers are forcing you to memorize every detail of the admittedly attractive pictures of the rooms. I could not get the bacteria sample into the analyzer, and if there was a game-o-logical reason why I couldn't, they didn't give a hint.

I think the attractiveness was not enough to make up for the navigational frustration. There are plenty of good looking games out there with more intuitive gameplay. Bad nav just detracts from interesting puzzles and logics.


Where's the keycard??!!!!

I've done EVERYTHING else, and I'd figured out that I needed a keycard to open the archive and then use whatever came from that on the machine in room C, but I don't have / can't find any key card!



Never mind, I found it. Stupid thing was in the foyer all along!

LilyChouChou August 19, 2005 8:24 AM

I still cant find the key card. I will be nuts!!

Fermented August 19, 2005 11:24 PM

Most of the time I spent was at the hint computer reading through the terms and whatnot, as moving around to other rooms was ridiculously difficult. Some of the stuff I knew from biology already... I wish they could have made it easier to navigate, but, that's the way it is sometimes I guess.


if anyone needs help finding the keycard either IM me on aim or e-mail me
aim: crazycutie756
e-mail is attached


This is soooo frustrating, I've played through twice and am still stuck looking for the keycard!! Does anyone know where to find it? Also how do you get into the secret room behind the mirror in room A that the message in room T talks about?? Here's what I have Done

ROOM A: I've turned on the lights, gotten the eye, found the canister behind the mirror (if this is the secret room then that's just dumb), gotten the stem cell sample from the "g-mail", and gotten the code for room C as "TAGATA"
ROOM C: I've gotten the pipe, looked down from the staircase to find all the door codes, opened the freezer to get top secret sample, and the code for room G from the eye box.
ROOM G: Broke pipe, got code for room T, found rock with Lichen, and went back out into the hall way where I got the coin. Now I go back to ROOM G to: replace the pipe and put the bactoil into the dispensor.
ROOM T: I've got the code for room A and the hint about a room behind the mirror, I've gotten the bananas, nothing else to do here because I don't have the card yet, and I haven't used the top secret sample in the dispensor yet to infect myself. Soooo off to
ROOM G again: I use the top secret canister in the dispensor and WHAM, I'm infected so I eat the banana and now need to order more kidneys,
ROOM T: so I use the coin at the transplant machine and get new kidneys working at 100% Now to
ROOM C again: I put the rock sample with the lichen and the stem cell sample in the machine, and this is where I'm stuck, everything in my inventory is gone and I can't fine the key card to open the file in room T.

can anyone help me please?!?!?!? Thanks


I can not find the keycard! Driving me insane!


How do you turn on all the lights in Room A?


I don't know why but I missed


in the game. all I have done was

collecting rock, card, bactoil, sample and pipe,banana,file and put rock into medicator,sample to that other part of machine and gave the file to womb and there was end. what are banana and pipe for?

it disappoints me.


i know...i didn't use anything..it took like fifteen minutes to get through it and it didn't seem like i actually accomplished anything. so if you put the file into the womb, it's automatically done...


the keycard is here!!

the keycard is between the doors of c and g its on the ground while looking at door c


So I finished...but I dont know if I won...or if it was even rewarding. I did get some kind of credits though.


Was easy The first part finding every thing not cost me much time. It's has ok!


Here's a Kharon4a walkthrough (reprinted from the Kharon4a site and made into convenient nested spoilers):

Load the game (about 1.4 mb) - about 2 hr of playtime

  1. Find the lightswitch (flip it and the light shold now be on)

  2. Find the holoeye implant and click on it and your game interface should now fill the screen. Make yourself familiar with the interface.

  3. behind the mirror in the toilet there is a container

  4. pick up cell sample in big room

  5. click on khomputer on far left of th kichen sink and answer the question and write down the code you are given.

  6. Leave the living cell by clicking on the exitsign

  7. you are now in limbo. there are four doors here each (one to the living cell, one to the green house, one to the lab and one to GENOWN) Make yourself familiar with this rom. If you look around you will find a database containg much info about biotech in general - and even some of the answers to the puzzles. On the floor of this room there are two objects that you need; a keycard and a coin. Pick them up. (They are hard to find.)

  8. Click on room C (the lab) - punch the code that you have recieved and you are in the lab (tagata).

  9. on the right there is a machine called the genaliser - click on it and insert the cellsample - read the feedback and check the Medicator (the sphere next to it. You will need to find some lichen to make the correct medicine. Go to the garden to find it.

  10. (10. cheat: all the four passwords are written on the floor of the lab. Climb up the stairs and turn around to view the floor.)

  11. Go over to the electron microscope and fin the Kh-computer. Answer the question and get the password for the Greenhouse.

  12. go to limbo and enter room G (with password from the lab)

  13. Go to the Biotopicator and learn that it is broken.... Fool around until you find a rock with lichen on it on the floor next to it - pick it up.

  14. Find the Kh-computer, answer the question (and write down the code) and go back to the lab to insert the lichenrock into the medicator the medicine will now be produced.

  15. Go back into the garden and find the waterpump and click on the wheel... turn the wheel until it breaks the pipe

  16. find new pipe in the lab and replace the broken one (do it by clicking on the left of the pump.

  17. Read the message... Find the bactoil container (which you found behind the mirror in the first room) and insert it into the garden depositor. (firs thing when you enter the garden).

  18. Go back to the lab and find the freezer. Click on it and set the temprature to -70 (this number is in the info database in the hallway.)

  19. click on the now lit green button and collect the Kh4u virus. Test it in the garden depositor. That experiment went wrong and now you need to find a vaccine.

  20. Enter room T (aagata) and fn the fruitbowl. click on it. The banana is gene modified and the vaccine is in it. Eat it... Unfortunately it affects your kidneys so you must transplant.

  21. Go to the green transplant thing and insert the coin you found in the limbo (corridor).

  22. Go to the archives (left when you enter the room click on the fallen file cabinet insert the keycard (from the corridor) and pick up the file.

  23. Go back to lab and click on the steel womb and click on thee file icon enter the end sequence and make the right moral choices.


a few observations on this game... first off, i took pride in the fact that i almost made it through this game solo. like others, i had problems with the coin and the keycard, so i had to peek at the spoilers for them.
second off... when i first entered the game, i neglected to choose my character and partner. so it assigned me the same face for myself and my partner. it was a bit creepy having pancho villa staring me down everywhere i went... especially in the mirror right next to the toilet. (on a lighter note, it did remind me of that one bathroom scene from "spaceballs". so i had to laugh at that.)
i am fully in concordance with the fact that the controls are horrible. it took me way to long to figure out how to navigate every room. i mean, once you memorized where to click to do what, it wasn't so bad, but it took way too long.
one final (personal) gripe... i beat the game, but i'm not exactly sure what i did to get there. i usually play games like this a second time to pick up on what i missed the first time and to take alternate endings (which i did). i really liked the plotline in the game, but... the rest of the stuff did seem kinda tangential. i'm not sure how to describe it, but something about the majority of the game didn't really make sense to me. again, this is a personal gripe, and maybe others see something in this game that i missed.
aside from that, the art was good, the plot was great, i'm curious to see what version 1 was like. (or what version 3 will be like.)

Unknown July 8, 2007 10:07 AM

Where's the garden?!?!


ok so this is the MOST FRUSTRATING game i have ever played culminating with me (being unable to find the freaking lightswitch) swearing and killing the game.lol
any assistance wld be greatly appreciated. lol


Wow, one of the worst games ever designed. Navigation and inventory is counterintuitive. I'm not one to give up on a game, but even with the walkthru, I was clenching my teeth.


I'd seen this game on the "Recommended" section a few times, but I just played it tonight. I did like it, but I found the confusion and difficulty of movement ruined it; just adding arrows on the screen that point to different screens would work without detracting from much of the atmosphere.

For something even more confusing,

Since all you need to end the game is the file, which you use the key card to get, you can theoretically skip the distanced oil spill, the bacteria, and nearly all of the game if you just pick up and use the key card at the beginning. Perhaps the point is to make it hard to maneuver to where you can find the card.

Anonymous April 2, 2008 10:42 PM

Finish the game really cool, played it twice, the ending wasnt all that good for me. Does anyone know the trailer song?

Anonymous Coward November 3, 2008 2:51 PM

I did not find this game as difficult as claimed here. I all of the puzzles without help and completed the game in ten minutes. Before you ask if I am an elite 'Room Escape Gamer' etc, this message is coming from someone who can hardly solve the most basic of Escape games.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary August 20, 2009 2:30 AM

Nope, did nothing for me. I am the impatient type and if it's too hard to navigate I'm out.


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