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The Escape Hotel - Hot Spring

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Rating: 4.4/5 (68 votes)
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The Escape Hotel - Hot SpringAfter hard work, it's time for relax with Tesshi-e in Escape Hotel!

Beautiful hotel it is, or at least its roof, which is the only part of the house you can see...because entrance door is closed. Bother. Relaxation gets postponed, it's time for e̶s̶c̶a̶p̶i̶n̶g getting inside!

Hotel's surroundings are awesome and the location could hardly be better. Sparkling sea with yacht under bright blue skies, fresh wood nearby, natural pool with mossy rocks around and huge Mr. Hippo full of intense pink liquid. Both pool and Mr. Hippo are inviting for a hot bath, but you don't have time for that - there is a shed to be explored and also a shrine over there.

Some keys would certainly help and maybe you can find some hints and break few codes...and find something to clean the mess in the middle of perfectly clean yard! Can you get inside and enjoy your stay?

The game has autosave and two endings - with or without a Happy Coin.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Google PlayThe Escape Hotel - Hot Spring (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreThe Escape Hotel - Hot Spring (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Play The Escape Hotel - Hot Spring




At the start of the game, you will be facing a hot spring.

Approach the hot spring. Click on the signpost on the left of the spring. The sign should read "Hot Water of Mr. Birdy". Click on the sign until it comes off. There is a clue on the back of the sign, and also a METAL KEY. Take it.

Back off until you can turn left. Turn left and enter the shack, in which you should see a picture depicting a lobster, a horse, and a turtle. Turn to the rack on your right. There should be three baskets; inspect the middle basket and take the HANDLE inside.

The stars, and Mr. Birdy and Mr. Hippo

There is a miniature house on the left of the hot spring. This is actually a shrine.

Inspect the shrine, especially the pattern of stars on it.

There is a locked cabinet under the shrine. Use the METAL KEY to open it, and take the THERMOMETER inside.

Use the THERMOMETER to measure the temperature of "Hot Water of Mr. Birdy" and "Hot Water of Mr. Hippo" (the pink-colored hot water in the hippo-shaped tub).

Go back into the shack. On the rack, above the three baskets, there are two locked boxes.

One of the locked boxes has Mr. Birdy and Mr. Hippo on it. Use the temperature you measured to open the box. Take the VALVE HANDLE inside.

The password is 3943, since "Hot Water of Mr. Birdy" is 39 degrees and "Hot Water of Mr. Hippo" is 43 degrees.

The other locked box has two buttons, both of which will show a star upon pressing. Use the pattern you see on the shrine to unlock the box. Take the WRENCH inside.

The pattern is left, left, right, left, right, right.

Spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds

Turn to the main gate. (Facing the hot spring, turn left twice.)

On the right of the gate, there is a locked box with spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds on it. Use the clue you get on the "Hot Water of Mr. Birdy" to open it. Take the BINOCULARS and the LOBSTER TAIL.

Substitute each symbol with the circle-dot pattern. Each column corresponds to one digit.

The first digit is:

O O O -- Diamond
0 . . -- Heart
0 0 0 -- Diamond
0 . 0 -- Spade
0 0 0 -- Diamond

It's a 6!

The whole password is 629.

The bolts

Use the BINOCULARS to look at the sailboat over the sea. You should see nine letters.

Go back to shack and open the closet with the name "mild escape" on it. Take the SCREWDRIVER in it.



So the first button to press is M, the lower left button. The second button to press is I, the upper right button. And so on.

The inner compartment is secured with bolts. Use the WRENCH to unlock it. Take the BOLTS and the STRING-BOUND BOX inside.

Click on the closet outside the shack. Inspect the green cylinder on the right of the closet. Something with three holes can be mounted on it...

Mount the VALVE HANDLE on it. Secure it with the BOLTS and the WRENCH.

Activation of this mechanism shall open the mouth of Mr. Hippo.

Go to Mr. Hippo and take the HORSE from its mouth. The pink water in the tub is drained, so that you can see a compartment secured with screws inside. Open it with the SCREWDRIVER and take the CLOCKWORK KEY inside.

Go to the hot spring. Use the CLOCKWORK KEY to open the box under Mr. Birdy. There are NUTS on the lid of the box. Take it.

The nut

There is a box with metal lid on the left of the hippo, partially obscured by a pillar. Open the box and take the BUCKET.

Set the handle on the lid. Secure it with the NUTS and the WRENCH.

Fill the BUCKET with hot spring water.

Pour the water into the shaft on the right of the green cylinder. Take the DIAMOND KEY that floats up.

Use the DIAMOND KEY to open the closet on the left. Take the MOP.

Fill the BUCKET and wet the MOP with it.

Don't make the spring dirty by using the MOP on the spring water.

Clean the dirt on the floor with the MOP. Use the clue to open the Mr. Birdy box above the hot spring.

Take the TURTLE that appears.

Reach high, be happy

There is a turquoise-colored box atop the shack. Take it down using the MOP. Find the CUTTER inside, and cut open the STRING-BOUND BOX. Find the LOBSTER HEAD inside. Use the LOBSTER HEAD and LOBSTER TAIL to get the LOBSTER.

Place the HORSE, LOBSTER, and TURTLE in front of the shrine. (The game will not allow you to place them in the wrong order.) The shrine will open and reveal the HEART KEY.

If you want the happy coin...

Take a new look at the sailboat. Use the new clue to open the closet inside the shack.

Go back to the main gate. Use the HEART KEY to unlock the box on the left. Pull the lever inside. Swing open the main gate.



I wouldn't bathe in whatever that pink stuff is.

The Escape Hotel - Hot Spring

Bet you didn't know the Escape Hotel had such facilities.


After the intro ends, you're placed right in the middle of the hot spring, facing an open-air bath with a Mr. Birdy on a locked box from which a wooden box extends. You don't need the sign to tell you that this is the "Hot Water of Mr. Birdy", but you reach out and grab it anyway. It wobbles for a bit before coming loose, and you find a key on the back that covers a clue with card suits.

Turn right to the nice view of the bay and the sailboat floating in it, but you're distracted by something under your feet: a stain on the ground that covers some sort of marking. There's also a "Hot Water of Mr. Hippo" which seems to be giving off much more steam under a wooden shelter (plus, it's pink!). Beside it, a small brick structure seems to be missing something from its top.

Turn right to face a wooden fence beyond which you can see a fancy tall building. There's a locked box to the left of the gates and another three-digit safe to the right with a card suit clue. Backing out again, you see a hut with a blue object on the roof.

Entering the hut, you find a picture on the wall with animal silhouettes. On the right wall, there's a Mild Escape locker with nine buttons, and then a set of shelves with safes and baskets. There's a two-button safe with starry buttons and a four-digit safe with pictures of both Mr. Birdy and Mr. Hippo on it. Searching through the baskets, you find a metal door handle in the middle one.

Leave the hut and then turn right to find a path forward. On the left, there's another wooden locker, and a shiny stone pillar that seems to be missing something, and a trapdoor in the ground which contains a key in a capsule, way out of reach.

Back out and continue to the right to find a small shrine where the miniature building on top has locked doors (without any keyhole) and some stars on the surrounding pillars, and the stone plinth has irregularly-shaped protrusions on the front and another pair of locked doors on the bottom.

Unlock 1

Use the key you got from the Mr. Birdy sign to unlock the doors beneath the shrine and get a thermometer.


Dip the thermometer in each of the Hot Waters to get a clue that unlocks the four-digit safe in the hut.

Mr. Birdy's hot water is 39°C ,and Mr. Hippo's is 43°C.

So enter 3943 in the safe, and open it to get a valve handle.


Use the clue from the shrine to unlock the two-button safe in the hut.

From top to bottom, the stars appear on the LLRLRR pillars.

So click those buttons to unlock the safe and get a wrench with a long perpendicular handle.


Use the card suit clue to unlock the card suit safe (next to the fence gate).

Hint 1: In the clues given, what are there exactly three of?
Hint 2: The order matters.

Replace each card suit on the safe with the corresponding row of three symbols indicated on the sign, and the circles form the pattern
O.. ..O O.O
O.O O.. ..O

This clearly reads 629, so enter that in the safe to open it and get a pair of binoculars, as well as a lobster figure half.


Use the binoculars to get a closer view of the sailboat, which has a grid of nine letters on its sail.


Use the clue from the sailboat to unlock the locker in the hut.

The MILD ESCAPE letters are in the

positions, with the last letter E in the same place as the 5th.

So push the nine buttons in the order indicated and make sure to push the middle button again at the end. The locker opens so you can take a screwdriver on the bolted drawer inside.


Use the wrench to remove the bolts from the drawer.

Now you can open it to get a tightly bound package.

Use the valve handle on the small stone pillar outside, then use the bolts on it and then the wrench to fasten it.

Now turn the handle to open Mr. Hippo's mouth, revealing a silvery horse figure. This also drains the water from Mr. Hippo, so you can look inside to find a screwed-down panel.

So use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel and get a key with a round cross-section.

Unlock 2

Use the key to unlock Mr. Birdy's box, revealing a panel inside with Mr. Birdy surrounded by four buttons. Attached to the inside of the lid is a hexagonal nut.

More tools

Use the handle on the brick structure beside Mr. Hippo, and then use the nuts(?) and wrench to fasten it down.

Then click the handle to lift the lid and find a blue bucket underneath.


Fill the bucket in Mr. Birdy's bath, then empty it down the trapdoor. Now you can get the capsule which holds the diamond key.

Unlock 3

Use the key to unlock the locker outside. All you see is a long rod, but when you pick it up you realize it's a mop.


Use the mop on the rooftop to get the case which opens up to reveal a box cutter.


Use the cutter to cut the package free, and open its lid to find a lobster figure half.


Fill the bucket in the bath again, then dip the mop in it and then use it to clean up the floor, revealing a Mr. Birdy hint with some numbers.


Use the floor clues to unlock the panel in the Mr. Birdy box.

The digits 1 to 6 appear on the LL UL UL UR LR UR corners of the clue.

So push the ⌞⌜⌜⌝⌟⌝ buttons on the panel, and it dispenses more water into the bath, along with a turtle figure.


Combine the two halves of the lobster figure, then use the clue from the picture in the hut to place all three figures in order.

Hint: There's something you need to do to get the figures to match the picture exactly.

Place the lobster, horse and turtle figures on the irregular platforms at the front of the shrine.

A heart key appears on the doors of the miniature building.

Normal End

Use the normal key to unlock the safe to the left of the gates. Flip the lever inside up, and now you can just open the gates and escape!

You enjoy a nice bath in the hot springs and clear up all your fatigue, and as you sit there the screen fades to a reminder that you can still get a Happy Coin.

Happy Coin End

Click restart and load your autosave, then look around for where the Happy Coin might be.

Everything appears unchanged, but if you use your binoculars on the sailboat again, you find a different grid of nine letters there.

So use that grid to unlock the nine-button locker in the hut again.

This time, you have to press the buttons in the

positions, and then the lower-right button once more.

The locker opens as usual, but when you look in the drawer again you find a Happy Coin!

Leaving with the Happy Coin, you find that it's already nighttime. So you enjoy a night bath, confident that a Happy Coin will bring happiness to you.


The image (both on the main page and here) links to a review of a previous Tesshi-e game (K's Villa Room) here on JIG rather than this game, just so you know

houseworkisevil January 13, 2018 10:49 AM

I am sure that hot pink stuff in hippo-sized Mr. Hippo is Pepto-Bismol, meant to be taken in by osmosis. ;)


This is a walkthrough for Neutral's new game, Sign. I post it here since I don't know how to submit a game to this site.


Collect the wooden tablet on the table. It reads, "rotate items by dragging your mouse."

Collect the key behind the frog painting.

Collect the mushroom stamp behind the plant on the window sill.

Collect the spool of rope under a cushion on the sofa.

Turn left. Move the large plant and take the torn piece of paper behind the sofa.

Take the remote control behind the "DANGER" note.

Turn left. There is something orange between the left-hand-side wall and the computer desk. Zoom in and take the orange triangle.

Open the middle drawer of the computer desk (which should have an arrow painted inside) and leave it open.

Turn left. A purple square is visible on the middle drawer. Take it.


Use your key to open the left drawer of the TV cabinet. Take the battery inside.

Put the battery into the remote control. Turn on the TV.

The second channel shows the duck painting above the laptop. The fourth channel shows six stars in the laptop's password input. You need to type the password on your computer's keyboard.

The laptop does not hide the password input behind stars, so the password is, truly, "******".

In the laptop, turn down the camera so that a blue star falls down. Take the blue star and calculate the four-digit password.

Notice the orientation of the star and the triangle.

40 * 61 + 89 = 2529

Use the four-digit password on the right drawer of the TV cabinet. Take the printer and the snowman stamp.

Install the printer on the laptop. Input the ID written on the torn piece of paper (i.e. type "secret" into the prompt) and a sheet of paper will be printed out.

Use the sheet of paper as clue, unlock the box with four buttons under the piranha tank.

The sheet of paper reads, "NEWNEWS". Take a look at the books near the laptop.

With the red arrow pointing up, the sequence is:
Up, right, left, up, right, left, down.

Collect the hook in the box.


Combine the hook with the spool of rope. Fish out the brass key in the piranha tank.

Open the wall niche on the right of the TV with the brass key. Take the tree stamp and the wrench inside.

Open the drawer in front of the TV with the wrench. Place the three stamps on the correct slot.

The clue is on the wooden tablet, and you need to view things from above.

Tree stamp on the top left corner. Mushroom stamp on the middle right. Snowman stamp on the middle of the bottom row.

Collect the card in the drawer and insert it in the card slot above the sofa. Press the white button to turn the light off. You should see something above the TV.


Above the laptop, where the duck painting should be, there is another clue.


Find the remaining clues.

Behind the lion painting: 5218
Behind the frog painting: FR1G

Solve the mystery.

Frog is FR1G, so the number 1 is the letter o.

1 is o. 2 is i. 3 is k. 4 is u. 5 is l. 6 is c. 7 is d. 8 is n.

"27=481563" is "id=unlock".

Operate the printer and take the new sheet of paper. Use the clue on the sheet to unlock the locked door.

Think in 3D

Collect the two cubes behind the door. They hide a three-digit password.

The clue is the picture next to the lion painting. Unwrap the cube as shown, where the face with the white letter should match the white square, etc.

It should read:


Or, 139.

Use the password on the highest drawer of the computer desk. Take the cuboid inside.

Set your cubes and cuboid in an appropriate place.

Set your cubes inside the wall niche where the sheep are. The white sides of the blocks should read "EXIT".

Shut the doors.


The source code for this walkthrough is here.


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