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The Calm Room Escape

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Rating: 4.6/5 (124 votes)
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The Calm Room Escape

DoraThe Calm Room Escape by Tesshi-e definitely lives up to its name, as you find yourself trapped in this soothingly soundtrack'd room after being invited there via letter by someone who hasn't shown up herself. Naturally you want to escape, but there are far worse atmospheres for you to solve puzzles in, don't you think? To play, after of course making sure to choose "English" when you start the game unless you read Japanese, just click to interact with things, though there's no changing cursor to help you figure out what's useable and what isn't. In addition to cryptic clues everywhere, you'll find your fair share of inventory items you can use or examine for further secrets with the "About Item" function, though you'll need to pay careful attention to your surroundings, exercise a little patience, know how to combine information... and, of course, fight the urge to just follow the instructions on the bed for an hour or three...

Tesshi-e's games frequently have such lovely, relaxing soundtracks that I'll leave them on in the background while I work, and The Calm Room Escape is no exception... though fortunately it's also got smart puzzles and clever design to back up that dreamy melody. Tesshi-e has a tendency to use puzzles that require you to look at your surroundings in a different way, spotting the connections between different objects while also teasingly trying to lead you astray, and here you'll see clear evidence of all of that. There's also more to this game than initially meets the eye, which, well... oh no, more Tesshi-e, however will we cope?! Being bigger on the inside, The Calm Room Escape offers more puzzles, and some of them are definitely more creative and inventive than others. Some are just more fleshed out in ways that make you kick your brain into gear, and you'll sort of wish the entire game had been that challenging across the board. Still, The Calm Room Escape is a great example of Tesshi-e's ability to surprise and keep players on their toes, and it's excellent for when you want to sit back, relax, and turn your brain on without making it blow a gasket.

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dounda36281 April 13, 2015 10:58 AM

Is there a happy coin in this game like others?


And out! But still wonder if there is a "best ending" or lucky token of some sort....


Power of posting... found the lucky token!

funnyguts April 13, 2015 11:10 AM

Okay, I need help getting the tap handle.

I know I need some kind of object to move the mechanism up so the handle can attach to the magnet. However, none of the inventory items I have work for that. The three places where it seems likely that I could find the item I need are:

In the green box I'm carrying (which I lack a way to cut open)

In the large crate in the basement (which I lack a way to pry open)

In the Read, Sit, Clean cabinet. I've found the book, chair, and broom, but all my attempts at using the three numbers in various ways have failed.

I would really rather not try to count in base 7 (Tesshi-e hasn't been that mean before!) but I have absolutely no idea what I'm missing. I can't find any other items hiding around, nor anything that would suggest a way to cut wires. At least tell me what to focus on first?


Concentrate on the

Read, Sit, Clean cabinet. (I'm pretty sure the code didn't work the first time I entered it)

Cyberjar88 April 13, 2015 11:30 AM

Where is the O tile?

nnnou April 13, 2015 11:34 AM replied to dounda36281


Once you've obtained the second key the clue can be found in your inventory

Leopardmask April 13, 2015 11:38 AM

I'm confused. I have

A box of matches (used for candle puzzle)
A piece of paper with LEPS on it (which I used for the frog puzzle already)
A screwdriver, used once to get the LEPS paper but still usable
The letters F, O and P
I figured out what the markings on the window mean

The puzzles I don't know:

The "Read Sit Clean" puzzle: Tried # of letters in each word, stumped as to what else it might be
The "next OPEN" box underneath. No clue.
The picture you can shake down. Tried every corner puzzle combo I could think of from the ones I've gotten.

funnyguts April 13, 2015 11:45 AM

Out with both endings, but I had to brute force the Read Sit Clean puzzle, and have yet to find a way to work backwards from the answer :/

funnyguts April 13, 2015 11:48 AM

Okay, wait:

I did try 27*23 for the Read Sit Clean puzzle! I got it right and the game didn't accept it the first time. I guess Fredrik isn't alone.

bearharry April 13, 2015 12:56 PM


2. that box need four letter plates
3. The sequence is from left to right

DarkSeth666 April 13, 2015 1:16 PM

Happy coin will bring happiness to you!!

under the spell of wine


How do I get the box from under the bed? I've never felt this stuck in a tesshi-e game before.

Jazzer April 13, 2015 3:24 PM replied to funnyguts

Same problem here as with funnycuts and Fredrik

I had to change the last digit from 1 to 1 and then it opened.

Snarfhead April 13, 2015 5:17 PM

I love that the first thing I clicked on was the wobbly picture. Ah, Tesshi-e!

ninjamomma April 13, 2015 5:43 PM

Confession: I mist up a little when I see a Tesshi-e. So beautiful and such fun.

ninjamomma April 13, 2015 6:46 PM

I need some help with the

left/right arrow puzzle, or how to find the wrench (?) to open the cupboard under the gizmo downstairs

In my inventory I have

matches, pry bar, screwdriver, "LEPS" paper, emtpy green box, key, broom, knife - all used, and a bottle, not used.

ninjamomma April 13, 2015 6:52 PM

POP - it's real


I am having trouble with the

spring loaded tube thing

Any suggestions?


Haha. It really is real. NVM!


I can't find

the broom

. Any suggestions or hints?

BlueBird April 14, 2015 2:18 PM replied to anna

Anna have you used the



If not try using it when

you are going down the stairs.


maciejsocha73 April 15, 2015 12:53 PM

Great game, thanks for brain training Mild Games


How do you find the wobbly picture answer?

Translation for the square triangle puzzle?
I see

27 on the book down stairs
x2 on the chair
the answer of 27*23 is mentioned above in the posts, but no explanation as how the conclusion was made.


Once you have all 4 letters it will be almost obvious

What letter comes after O?
What letter comes after F?


OK, I'm stumped. I've got downstairs but don't know how to get the tap for the barrel that's in the tube with the magnet, how to solve the hippo arrow puzzle or find the spanner (wrench ?) to open the panel under the tube. Maybe they are all connected in some way.

BlueBird April 16, 2015 6:27 PM replied to GlixD

GlixD do you remember seeing some Mr Hippos elsewhere?


on the mugs in the first room?



Cheers BlueBird that did the trick - 30 seconds later and I'm out!

Sylocat May 4, 2015 4:32 PM

Can someone post a full walkthrough? Or at least tell me where

the letter O


Everyone's talking about getting downstairs, but I can't even do that. I've placed the letters P, Q and F (so I solved the candle puzzle and wobbly picture puzzle), and have the matchbox in my inventory, but I've got no clue where to go from here.

Sylocat May 4, 2015 4:34 PM


I got the screwdriver. I used the mug code. But I swear to almighty Celestia, I had input that exact code on that exact drawer, TWICE before, and it hadn't worked!

And two people said the other drawer doesn't work the first time either... is the game buggy or what?

Sylocat May 4, 2015 4:50 PM

Okay, where's the



Sylocat May 4, 2015 5:02 PM

Oh for goodness's sake...

THAT'S how you get the dart?


walkthrough anyone?


nothing huh?


What? No Walkthrough??? Well, I guess I'll have to make one then.


You start by facing the door. Zoom in on the door. Clicking on the door again reveals that it is still locked. Zoom out.

There are two paintings on either side of the door.

Zoom in on the left painting. The painting wiggles if you click any of the four corners. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the right painting. Clicking on the painting again will reveal a code underneath the painting. Zoom out.

Turn right. You are now facing the windows.

Zoom in on the left window. The window has four panes of glass, and each pane of glass has a symbol. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the center window. A P TILE can be found in the upper-left pane. The middle of the window reveals the symbols "" Zoom out.

Zoom in on the right window. Like the left window, the right window has four panes of glass, and each pane of glass has a symbol. Zoom out.

Notice anything about the windows?

If you add the left panes with the right panes, you get four shapes in each of the corners.
Upper Left Corner - Triangle
Upper Right Corner - X
Lower Left Corner - Box
Lower Right Corner - =

Zoom in on the table. A BOX OF MATCHES can be found on the table. Clicking on the chair reveals the symbol "x2" Zoom out.

Zoom in on the bed. The side of the bed has the word "SLEEP" in capital letters. Zoom in underneath the bed to reveal a package tucked in the corner under the bed. You can't reach it. Zoom out to face the windows again.

Turn right. You are now facing a mantle and bookcase.

Zoom in on the mantle. You see four candles, each with six astrological symbols. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the bookcase.

Zoom in on the top shelves. You see five cups.

Notice anything special about the cups?

Each of the cups is facing a specific direction.
Each of the hippos are facing a specific direction.

Zoom in on the left middle drawers. You see a puzzle with a forwards C button and a backwards C button. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the right middle drawers. You see a the words "Read Sit Clean" and a puzzle with 3 number dials, each running from 1-6. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the bottom cabinet. You see the words "next OPEN" as well as four empty spots for tiles. Zoom all the way out.

Turn right. You are now facing a small brick bench and a door.

Zoom in on the brick bench.

Zoom in on the left side of the brick bench. You see a transparent tube apparatus with a ball stuck in the middle. Zoom out.

Zoom in above the right side of the brick bench. You see a Mr. Birdy Device. It's Mr. Birdy and four buttons arranged in a square. Zoom out.

Zoom in below the right side of the brick bench. You see four dials, each having astrological symbols. Zoom all the way out.

Zoom in on the panel to the left of the door. It is secured with screws. Zoom out.

The door does not seem to have any handles or keyholes. Zoom out.

Now you're ready to solve some puzzles!


Look closely at the left middle drawer of the bookcase. You see a C and a backwards C.

Do they remind you of anything else in the room?

Of cup handles perhaps?

Look again at the cups on the top shelves of the bookcase. Push the appropriate buttons on the drawer.

Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, then the Bottom button to open the drawer.

Open the drawer. You now have the SCREWDRIVER! (so quick!)

Where can you use this screwdriver?

To the left of the door next to the brick bench is a panel secured to the wall using screws. Use the screwdriver to open this panel.

Inside you see a PIECE OF PAPER.

You also see a portion of a lever, missing its handle.


Look closely at the box under the brick bench. Do you see anything else that has astrological symbols on them?

The candles on the mantle perhaps?

Hmm, each of the candles shows the same symbols. I wonder how I could get the candles to show me different symbols?

Light the candles using the BOX OF MATCHES and do something else. (I just spun around in circles, occasionally zooming back in on the candles) When you return after a while, all of the candles will have gone out, showing different symbols at the top. Use those symbols to open the box under the brick bench.

Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius

Open the box. You now have the P TILE!


Zoom in on the sailboat painting to the left of the door. You'll notice that if you click any of the four corners of the sailboat painting, it will wiggle. Yup...wobbly picture puzzle!

Have you seen anything else in this room that indicates it would help you solve this picture puzzle? Possibly something else on the same wall?

Look underneath the other painting. It has an arrow pointing to the sailboat painting, followed by the symbols: SQUARE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, X, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, =

Have you seen those symbols anywhere else?

Have you seen HALF of those symbols anywhere else?

Look at the windows. The center window shows you what you need to do.

Combine the symbols in the left window with the symbols in the right window to reveal the following cipher:
Upper Left Corner (ULC) - Triangle
Upper Right Corner (URC) - X
Lower Left Corner (LLC) - Box
Lower Right Corner (LRC) - =

Now you can solve the wobbly picture puzzle!


After solving the wobbly picture puzzle. Pull the lever up. The rope pulls up a magnet, which is holding the Q TILE. You now have the Q TILE!


You'll need the PIECE OF PAPER from the wall panel to solve this one.

Look at the PIECE OF PAPER, now look at the Mr. Birdy Device on top of the brick bench. Do you see any similarities?

You'll need to spell out a word using those four letters. Have you seen any other words in the room that use these four letters?

On the bed maybe?

Spell out the word SLEEP using the PIECE OF PAPER as your cipher.


Once you input the correct code into Mr. Birdy, you get the O TILE!


You'll need the Q TILE, F TILE, O TILE, and P TILE.

These four tiles fit in the four slots in the next OPEN box.

That's all you need to open the box.

Why is the word "next" in lowercase while the word "OPEN" in uppercase?

Maybe because the word "next" is describing the word "OPEN" somehow?

Maybe the next letters in the alphabet?

The next letters in the alphabet for each of the letters in OPEN are PQFO. Put the tiles in the squares in that order.

Once you put the correct tiles into the box in the correct order, you get LEVER HANDLE #1

Where do you think you can use LEVER HANDLE #1?

Maybe in the lever that you revealed when you removed the panel above the brick bench?

Using the lever handle in the lever, and pulling it, opens a door to the basement.


Enter the basement staircase. Notice the green balloon beyond your reach.

Walk down the stairs. You face a long workbench.

Zoom in on the device on the left. You see a transparent tube. Inside the transparent tube is a spigot handle. To the left of the transparent tube is another lever that is missing it's lever handle. Too bad you don't have a spare lever handle!

You might notice something else about the transparent tube, and how it relates to a device upstairs.

If you go back upstairs behind the painting, and pull the lever down, you'll lower the magnet. The magnet actually lowers into this transparent tube, but unfortunately falls _just_ short of actually touching the spigot handle. You'll have to figure out a way to get the spigot handle to get a bit closer to the magnet.

Zoom in on the wooden panel below the device on the left. You can see that it's secured in place using hexagonal bolt heads. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the center of the bench. You'll see a hippo facing left, with two buttons and a lever. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the right side of the bench. You'll see a pile of books. The topmost book is green with the number 27. Zoom out.

Turn right. You're facing a closet door and a wine barrel.

Zoom in on the closet door. Clicking on it reveals that it's locked. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the wine barrel. It's missing a spigot handle. Zoom out.

Turn right. You're facing a crate.

Zoom in on the crate. It says "MILD ESCAPE." It also looks like it's held together using nails. Zoom out.

Turn right. You're facing a pile of crates, and some shelves.

Zoom in on the pile of crates. Clicking on the left crate reveals an empty WINE BOTTLE at the bottom of one crate. Boo...no wine? You now have an empty WINE BOTTLE. Zoom out.

Zoom in on the shelves. In the middle of the bottom shelf is a locked box that needs a 3-digit code. Zoom out.

Ready to solve puzzles in this room!


Re-visit the middle of the long workbench in the room. Have you seen the hippo anywhere else?

On the cups upstairs maybe?

Look closely at the cups upstairs. The hippos are facing specific directions.

Click the directions the hippos are facing, then pull the lever, in order to get the hippo to open its mouth.

L, R, R, L, R, pull lever

Once you've gotten the hippo to open it's mouth, you get the HEXAGONAL WRENCH.


The bottom shelf needs a 3-digit code. Is there something about the shelves that could give you this 3-digit code?

Perhaps something about how the shelves are arranged?

Look closely at the left part of the shelves, the right part of the shelves, and the middle part of the shelves. It's not perfectly symmetrical. Why do you think that is?

The shelves form the numbers 3-5-6. Punch these numbers into the shelf box.

When you open the shelf box, you get a DART.

Where do you think you could use this DART?

Maybe you could use the DART to pop something?

Something beyond your reach perhaps?

Go back upstairs, exit the basement, and then enter the staircase again. Throw the dart at the green balloon. Then go back down the stairs and turn around. Look closely at the steps.

Once you use the DART, you now have the SPADE-SHAPED KEY

Where do you think you can use the SPADE-SHAPED KEY?

Maybe on a locked door?

Use the spade-shaped key on the closet door in the basement.

Once you use the SPADE-SHAPED KEY, you now have a BROOM.

Have you noticed anything special about the BROOM?

If you look closely at the BROOM, you'll notice that the handle has the number "3" written on it.

Where do you think you can use the BROOM?

On something else you can't reach perhaps?

Look under the bed upstairs. Use the BROOM there.

Once you use the BROOM, you have the PACKAGE. It's, unfortunately, wrapped with string, and you are a useless weakling who can't seem to untie anything.


Now revisit the right middle drawer in the bookcase upstairs. You have three hints. Read. Sit. Clean.

If you want to READ, where would you go? If you want to SIT, where would you go? If you want to CLEAN, what would you use?

Do books give you any hints? Would a chair give you any hints? Would your BROOM give you any hints?

The book has the number "27" the chair has the number "x2" the BROOM has the number "3"

Putting these together, you get 27x23. This equals 621. You might have to put this number into the drawer twice. For some people it doesn't work the first time.

Opening the drawer, you get the KNIFE

Where do you think you can use the KNIFE?

To open the package of course! Because I am a weakling, and can't untie a knot. Fortunately, I have this handy knife to help me! Use the KNIFE on the PACKAGE.

When you use the KNIFE, you now have a CROWBAR.

Where do you think you can use the CROWBAR?

To open the crate downstairs. Use the CROWBAR on the crate in the basement.

When you use the CROWBAR, you now have LEVER HANDLE #2.


In order to get the BALL in the transparent tube, you'll need to get some WINE.

You'll first need the HEXAGONAL WRENCH and LEVER HANDLE #2

Where do you think you can use the HEXAGONAL WRENCH?

Underneath the left portion of the long workbench in the basement, is a wooden board. It's held in place with a series of hexagonal bolts. Use the HEXAGONAL WRENCH to open this wooden board.

This reveals a machine with a red button.

Pressing the red button turns on the machine.

Where do you think you can use LEVER HANDLE #2?

The machine on the left side of the workbench in the basement is missing a lever handle. Use LEVER HANDLE #2 on this machine. If the machine is on, pulling this handle will catapult the SPIGOT HANDLE upwards.

Once the machine on the left side of the basement workbench is fixed, you can pull the handle, and watch the machine catapult the SPIGOT HANDLE upwards. Normally, this spigot handle will just fall back down unless you've done something.

Is there something you can do to prevent the spigot handle from falling back down?

Something upstairs perhaps?

Try looking at something that you can lower into the basement.

If you look behind the left painting, and then pull the handle down, this will lower the magnet down the tube. When the magnet is descended, then activate the machine downstairs again. The SPIGOT HANDLE will catapult upwards and hit the magnet. Then go back upstairs and pull the handle behind the painting upwards to retrieve the SPIGOT HANDLE.

Now you have the SPIGOT HANDLE

Where do you think you can use the SPIGOT HANDLE?

What about the wine cask?

Attach the SPIGOT HANDLE to the wine cask, and place the empty BOTTLE OF WINE under the spigot to retrieve some wine.

What do you think you can do with the WINE?

Is there somewhere you can pour the wine?

Go back upstairs to the brick bench. On the left of the brick bench is a transparent pipe. Pour the wine into the transparent pipe (what a waste of some good 1963 wine!) to release the BALL . Retrieve the BALL under the bench. You can now open the BALL through the "about item" button.

Using the WINE, you now have the HEART-SHAPED KEY.


Use the HEART-SHAPED KEY on the front door. You've escaped without a hitch! You get some coffee and cake for your efforts.

Congratulations on escape!


Has something changed now that you have the heart-shaped key?

Has something in your inventory changed?

Look at your wine bottle closely

Hmm, your wine bottle now has the word "SPELL" written in capital letters. Have you ever had to use a word with those same letters in the game before?

Spell the word "SPELL" into the Mr. Birdy Device on the right side of the brick bench (using your handy-dandy paper cipher in your inventory of course) to get the Happy Coin.

Now that you have the happy coin, use the HEART-SHAPED KEY on the front door to escape.

Congratulations on escape!

Now she serves you in style...pizza and wine! (hopefully not the wine you poured down the drain)


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