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The Big Transatlantic Adventure

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Rating: 3.1/5 (45 votes)
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The Big Transatlantic Adventure 2 games from Enpitsu, an apt name as I think it translates to pencil. This makes sense considering the monochromatic graphics of the game.

The Big Transatlantic AdventureThe Big Transatlantic Adventure - This simple but evocative game is short but still has a lot to offer. It doesn't rely on language to convey the story as it progresses. There is a short introduction on the page where the game is found. Beyond that there is no text at all in the game. Actions tell the tale--words aren't needed. Clean monochromatic graphics go several levels beyond 'stick figure' animations. They are original and make new use of an old form, creating something that is simple without being simplistic. While there may be fewer puzzles than some might like don't count on them not being a challenge. They range from simple to fairly complex. Just don't look for pixel hunting. You won't find it. What I think you will find is something worth having spent your time on.

The Big Transatlantic Adventure 2The Big Transatlantic Adventure 2 - As the second in a series of games about a sea voyage, it picks up with the player having become a member of the crew. That comes with its own problems.


Very short, very easy. Unfortunately a big waste of time. The background music was one of those obnoxious and overused free background soundtracks you hear with every cheaply thrown together indie game.

I had some hopes for this one, as often times the simpler graphic games tend to hold the stronger stories/value (Daymare Town anyone?) This game held no story, required little "solving" intellect to complete the puzzles, and the resolution of the game was just as disappointing

Patreon Crew Jeff July 7, 2016 4:55 AM replied to Yoshi

Regarding your recent comments, you spend your time to criticize all the latest articles. It's your right. But you can change the song now, we understood.

KamenZero July 7, 2016 2:15 PM

Was disappointed with the length and ease of the first game. Now that I see there is a second game, I will give it a chance.

KamenZero July 7, 2016 2:21 PM replied to KamenZero

Now having played the second game, it was just as short and easy as the first. I do think that the art is interesting and that these games would be great to use in introducing someone to point-and-click games for the first time.

barbara July 8, 2016 7:21 PM

Any hints for where to get the three numbers in the second game?

Patreon Donator talanpoe July 8, 2016 8:52 PM


Look closely at the fish...

josephine17 July 9, 2016 2:24 PM

These were short but cute games, the right size for a quick break. I liked the simplicity of the art -- it's a nice counterpoint to the many photorealistic escape games. And I really like the music! Of course I've heard it before, but it's not bad music at all, and it was a nice surprise, like meeting an old friend in a place you weren't expecting them. :) I'd like to see more from this developer.


I enjoyed this game. Very short, very sweet. Yes, there was little challenge. Hey, sometimes that is what is needed. Also I liked having a somewhat different approach to puzzles.


Does anyone know what the text at the end of the games says? I'm kinda curious.


Okay, using what little I remember from college Japanese class and Google translate, let's see what we can make out!

"おめでとうございます!この ゲームをプレイして下さりありがとうございます. ゲーム内の全ての画像はメイ1996によってつくられますた"

"Congratulations! Thank you for playing this game. All images in the game were created in May 1996" (or possibly "by Mei in 1996")

Huh, that's kinda disappointing. I was hoping for some sort of actual commentary on why I was in a barrel.


I enjoyed the games. Nice and simple five minute diversions.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't on a boat in the second game. I'm pretty sure it was a dream. Because...

The was a door with a keyhole that didn't need a key.
There was another door that needed a key, but didn't have a keyhole.
Telescopes that floated in the air.
You can look through one of the telescopes and actually take an object you see through it.
I wonder what's in the box? Oh wait, it's a trap door.
I thought my fishing pole fell in the water, but I got it back.
I win by hiding in a barrel.

I'm convinced I woke up not long after I got in the barrel.

jcfclark July 14, 2016 1:08 PM

Short and easy -- sometimes just the type of diversion one needs. Paul R may be right about the second game being a dream because it didn't make much sense.

Linkzcap July 22, 2016 8:13 PM

its like i walked through someones fever dream


for everyone who liked the first two, there are now two more episodes here:

they are just a bit harder then the first two and they advance the story...

another new thing are comic page story sequences. They should be read from right to left; the images are numbered in the fourth but not in the third so they won't make much sense if you don't look at them in the right order.


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