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Take Me By Magnet Escape

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Take Me By Magnet Escape

Sometimes I like to pretend Vitamin Hana is a magical fairy who leaves little escape games everywhere to brighten the day. In Take Me By Magnet Escape, the room looks barren, so you'll need a keen eye for detail (and the willingness to track down some unintuitive hotspots given the lack of changing cursor) if you want to pick the clues out of this apparent emptiness that will allow you to escape. Just click on things to interact and move around the room, and don't forget to examine items you're carrying with the About Item button... you never know what you might see up close when you fiddle with it! You'll actually go a while before you see hide nor hair of a magnet, mostly because magnets have neither hide nor hair, but before you start lighting torches and waving pitchforks, yelling, "WE WERE PROMISED MAGNETS", patience. Vitamin Hana always delivers, and despite some fiddly hotspots, so does this short little game when it comes to bite-sized escapery goodness.

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stupidcheeseboy December 15, 2015 11:41 AM

This apparently a cute easy escape... I have a switch and some tape and am stuckity stuck

stupidcheeseboy December 15, 2015 11:48 AM

Grrr I already checked about item on the switch!

CJTressler December 15, 2015 12:51 PM replied to stupidcheeseboy

Did you

turn the switch over?

Or open the covering on the back?


I think the ads are causing java scripting problems, as I have gotten the Grey Circle of Death, and booted from the site once.

CJTressler December 15, 2015 2:32 PM

Here it is, my very first walkthrough. (Color-blind hints included):

Zoom in on the cabinet.
The left door needs a 5-color combination.
The right door needs a blue key.
Remember the number on the glass


Zoom out.

Zoom in on the painting.
Remember the order

mug, bottle, glass.

The painting is fastened with screws.
Zoom out.
Turn around.

Remember the color of the bottles

white, green, yellow, red.

Zoom in on the right end of the shelf.
Remember the number on the bottle


We can’t reach the red key.
Zoom out.
Turn right.

The door is locked (duh!)
Zoom in on the plant.
We can’t do anything yet.
Zoom out.

Zoom in on the cabinet.
Remember the number on the mug


Remember the color of the mug


Take the tape from the mug.
The top drawer needs a 3-number combination.
The bottom drawer needs a color combination.

Top row: red, blue, green
Bottom row: yellow, white, brown

We can’t use little black arrow.
Use the clue from the painting to open the top drawer

mug, bottle, glass

4 7 2.

Open the drawer.
Take the remote.
Turn the remote over.
Open the battery compartment.
Take the note.
Remember the clue for the cabinet door

mug, bottle, bottle, bottle, bottle.

Return to the first cabinet.

Use the clue from the note to open the left door

mug, bottle, bottle, bottle, bottle

blue, white, green, yellow, red

5 clicks, 2 clicks, 6 clicks, 1 click, 4 clicks.

Take the spoon.
Return to the plant.

Use the spoon on the plant.
Get a dirty blue key.
Return to the first cabinet.

Use the dirty blue key on the glass.
Get a clean blue key.
Remember the color of the glass


Use the key on the right door.
Take the magnet.
Return to the second cabinet.

Use the magnet at the bottom left corner.
Get the screwdriver.
Return to the painting.

Use the screwdriver on the painting.
Take the car.
Put the magnet on the car.
Tape the magnet to the car.
Remember the clue behind the painting

glass, bottle, bottle, bottle, bottle, mug.

Return to the second cabinet.

Use the clue on the bottom drawer

glass, bottle, bottle, bottle, bottle, mug

brown, white, green, yellow, red, blue

6, 5, 3, 4, 1, 2.

Take the batteries.
Put the batteries in the remote.
Return to the shelf.

Put the car on the shelf.
Here comes a bit of a tricky part
Select the remote, click the “About Item” button on the screen, click the remote, wait, click the remote again, wait, take the car.
Take the red key from the car.
Return to the door.

Use the red key on the door.

So, how did I do? What did I miss?


Loved the game as well as your idea of "Vitamin Hana, the magical escape fairy", Dora. That's so cute... \(^0^)/

Oh, the part with the

car and the magnet

reminds me of a tesshi-e escape, I think :) The one, where you had to

build a little car out of several inventory items

in order to get the key out from under the bed. :O

I remember that was quite a hard one for me at that time because I was new to escape games and it seemed so finicky and a little far fetched (pun intended XD). The memory made me chuckle a little with nostalgia... :D


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