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Playing Tag: a walkthrough

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JIGsterComplete Walkthrough

  • Through some selection process, such as eeny, meeny, miny, moe, one player is designated as "it".
  • All other players scatter.
  • While "it" tries to 'tag' one of the other players, usually with a simple tap of the hand, the other players try to avoid being tagged.
  • A tagged player becomes "it" while the player previously known as "it" joins the others in tag avoidance.
  • Play continues until:
    1. All players have had a turn being "it", or
    2. Players become bored, or
    3. Mom calls for dinner.

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to mention a couple of things we've been working on to make your experience here just a little bit better.

Hopefully you have noticed the site tags have been optimized and are now working better than ever. We've also been venturing deep into the archives to give all those long lost games and reviews the tags they deserve, so the tag listings should be looking more complete than ever as well. And yet we still have about 400 more games to tag(!)

If you're unfamiliar with tags, they are the short descriptive words that appear just underneath the game title of each entry. Clicking on one of the words will bring up a page that lists all other games that have the same tag. Using them is an easy way to find arcade games, adventure games, games based on a simple idea, games based on physics principles, games based on original ideas, unique games, point-and-click games, room escape games, etc.

Using tags is also an easy way to find all games reviewed from the same developer. For example: Nitrome games or Eyezmaze games, a couple of the JIG community's favorite developers. We have even more ideas for using tags in new and improved ways, but I cannot announce anything about that just yet.

Another new feature is the Walkthrough section for games that have a helpful strategy guide or walkthrough posted in the comments. If present, the walkthrough section will appear just above the comments section, and can be linked to directly by appending "#walkthrough" to the game review page URL (example). We've tried to locate the best walkthroughs posted so far and have added those to the new section throughout the site; however, there are still walkthroughs needed for many games(!)

If you would like to help us out, we have FREE JIG CasualGameplay T-shirts to give away to anyone that helps us. To win a free t-shirt, you must submit five (5) walkthroughs and have your walkthroughs selected to appear in the new section. Well-formed walkthroughs (yes spelling counts!) that use spoiler tags and HTML list items (ordered or unordered, whatever works best) will be chosen over those that don't. For an excellent example of a well-formed walkthrough, check out jan.jan's Dwarf Complete Walkthrough.

Want two t-shirts? Then get 10 walkthroughs submitted and selected, it's just that easy.

Be sure to post your walkthrough as a comment to the respective game review page and you must submit the same walkthrough to our "walkthroughs" mailbox here at Jayisgames.com. (If you have trouble constructing that email address perhaps writing walkthroughs and editing HTML isn't for you? :p) We must receive an email from you if we are to tag you with a t-shirt.

Now, get busy (because we sure have been!) =)

(BTW - You're IT!!)


Tag: the essence of casual gameplay :P


ooh, T-SHIRTS! -looks for walkthroughs-


This sounds fun...can we help without the T-shirts if we want?


Ahhh tag, one of the essential skills of childhood.


I can get a t-shirt for something I do free on a weekly basis? Cool beans.

remister April 11, 2007 9:01 PM

Let's do this, walkthrough haven here I come!


Gah! I need a T-shirt!


Someone mentioned in another thread that a preview function would be especially helpful for this project, and I couldn't agree more.

A good preview function that accurately displays what a comment will look like, including spoiler tags, is something that's been nagging at me for quite some time. I will do my best to get something functional to use asap.


Woo! I tag zeldafreak because he/she stole my catchword! I always wanted to know how to play tag...

Anyways! I guess i'd best get busy! I'll start by cleaning up my warbears walkthrough. Unfortunately, my idiot friend nohitmaa got me banned from the site and I've recently sent Gionatan (Ioji) a formal apology and pleaded to him to let be back on, "cause is wasn't my fault!" but (Regular)fortunately, I have a near-photographic memory when it comes to games that I've played in attempts to master them literally over fifty times. Ow. I shall get started... in the eve!

of the ning... I have to talk to a lawyer now.



Jay, your "tag" walkthrough did have spoilers, that means you can't have a t-shirt. And i bet you didn't email it to yourself =p

Also a preview button qould also be useful

*Tags next person*


Theprogram00, I tag YOU! :)


I'm just putting the finishing touches on the preview function. You should be able to use it within just a few minutes. Spoiler tag preview... FINALLY! \o/

(sorry it's taken so long)


Hi folks,
I probably won't contribute to the walkthroughs since I suck at games that need them, but can I make a request? Can you please put spoiler tags for each section of the game, rather than all in one tag? (See the comments for O-RI-GA-MI as an example - the first walkthrough exposes the whole walkthrough once you click on the tags, the second exposes each point of the game separately.)
Usually when I want a walkthrough I only want to break a deadlock on one particular puzzle, and when a spoiler tag exposes the entire walkthrough, you risk *spoiling* the bits that you could have worked out yourself. I know it's a pain in the butt to put in all those spoiler tags, but I for one would be very grateful.

fatnickc April 13, 2007 3:35 PM

Walkthrough Creation: A brief walkthrough

Writing it

  • Select a game to write a walkthrough for

  • Complete game

  • Document your completion of the game.

Sending it

  • Open email client

  • Choose to create a new email

  • Set the email address field to '[email protected]' (without inverted commas)

  • Set the subject field to '[walkthrough]: game name' (replacing game name with the game's name and without inverted commas)

  • Put walkthrough in message body, along with a short message if you really want

  • Send!

Earning a T-shirt

  • Repeat 5 times, or as further necessary.


cough cough-- jay i believe you have an incorrect walkthrough for tag.. those seemed to be more along the lines of the "rules"

here is my walkthrough (I'm not sending it in, because I am doing this for the good of all mankind-- aren't i nice :P)

Tag Walkthrough:

If you are the one "it"

Try playing the regular way for 3 minutes. If you have still failed to make contact with another proceed to the next step.


while continuing to pretend to chase people around, look for a good place to trip and fall. This next part can be tricky:

You may have to practice this a few times, because it can be difficult to master.

Pseudo-trip and make it look like you hit the ground extremely hard. Do not move at all.

make soft moaning noises and clutch your shin, while trying to show the whites of your eyes as much as possible


As soon as somebody gets withing arms range tag them and yell with as little mimricry in your voice as possible "Your it!!!"

if you can't get the 'trip" to work, tell your friends you have to go --you heard "mummy calling for dinner"


This could lead to the rest of the people hating you, but if you followed this advice, you probably deserve it :P


if you are a fast runner:

stay in the open so you can run away.

you can also run to another's hiding spot and then sprint off, most likely the it will lose interest in you


you better be good at hiding....

if someone is about to get you though, you can try tripping again, and saying the tag wasn't valid--if this doesnt work yell and throw a temper tantrum

oh yea:

For the good of the world, please DONT follow this walkthrough :P :P :P


*tags next person* You're it! *plays Grow Cube and hides in the bowels of the cube*


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