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Weekday Escape

GrinnypSome room escape games are a nail-biting roller-coaster ride of nerves and terror. Some are quiet exercises in mounting paranoia. Occasionally, however, you run across an escape game that is calm, quiet, almost Zen-like, with an ending that is even more relaxing. Strawberry Cafe Escape by Strawberry Cafe is one of the latter, a light, frothy, relaxed escape from the mid-week blues.

strawberrycafe_bar.jpgCafe escapes always seem to be a bit of a contradiction. After all, escaping from locked rooms, underground spaces, creepy hospitals, unknown space stations, etc. is probably a good idea, but who wants to escape from a cafe when you can sit down and enjoy a nice beverage? Regardless, you will eventually need to leave the Strawberry Cafe. What makes the game so fun is the reward at the end, when you do indeed get to enjoy that tasty drink. What beverage you end up with depends entirely on the method you use to escape.

You begin in the eponymous cafe, cutely done up in shades of pink and red to match the title theme. Enjoy the lusciously rendered 3D scenery as you cruise towards completion. Navigation throughout the small space is accomplished by matching red arrows at the edge of the screens. Inventory control (for the few things you will find) is simple and intuitive. There's very little pixel hunting involved, adding to the relaxed atmosphere of the game. Strawberry Cafe has not added a save button, but none is really needed as this is not a difficult escape by any means. A mute button is unnecessary as there's no background music, although there are sound effects when items are picked up/manipulated.

Analysis: Not the toughest game out there, Strawberry Cafe Escape is still a nice refresher for those who enjoy the challenge of a room escape. It's not all strawberries and cream, of course. The game would have benefited from some sort of musical accompaniment; perhaps a nice piano piece or some light jazz. The challenge of escaping could have been beefed up a little more as well. Although the game itself is the English version, the translation from the Japanese is a little rough in places.

Why play then? Sometimes it's nice to kick back, relax, and enjoy the scenery (and the truly casual gameplay). The puzzles themselves are tricky without being difficult, adding to the relaxation factor. While there is only one way out, there are three different endings based on your methodology. Having trouble getting over the mid-week hump? Then sit down, relax, pour a drink, and spend a little time escaping the cafe.

Play Strawberry Cafe Escape

Update: The English version appears to have been taken down or is currently unavailable. The review links have been changed to point to the Japanese version. If the English version turns up again, please let us know and I'll switch the links back again.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Strawberry Cafe Escape Walkthrough

General Information

  • There is one way out but three different endings possible.

  • You must be carrying a drink to escape the terrace doors.


  • Click on the second barstool from the right for a close up. Take the object and back up.

  • Click on the bottom of the far left barstool for a close up. Take the sharp object leaning against the base. Back up.

  • Click on the coffee mugs on the right of the bar. Hmmm, interesting pattern.

  • Turn left.

  • On the far table you will see a pink centerpiece. Click on it for a close up and take the scissors. Back up.

  • On the wall behind the table is a picture of snowflakes. Click on it for a close up and click on the picture again. Note the numbers 4 - 6 - 5. Back up.

  • On the brick partition wall, towards the bottom, you will notice a brick jutting out slightly from the others. Click on the brick for a close up.

  • Use the sharp object on the brick to remove it. Once the brick is removed push the pink button. Look, a grid. Back up.

  • Click on the partition screen and examine the grid. Maybe it has something to do with the coffee cups.

  • Click on the squares of the grid in the order of the coffee cup handles: lower right square, top middle square, left middle square, lower left square.

  • Yay, a screwdriver! Back up.

  • Next to the terrace doors is a white light fixture with hanging circles. Click on the fixture for a close up.

  • Behind the fixture is an object. Take it.

  • Notice the red dot on the string where the circles are attached. Use the scissors to cut the string on the dot. Back up.

  • Turn left.

  • There is a purple object on one of the tables. Click on it for a close up and take it. Back up.

  • Notice one of the benches has a keyhole in it.

  • There are pictures on the wall by the booths with colored numbers. You might want to examine them.

  • Click on the door for a close up. Pick up the can of tea. Back up.

  • Click on the safe for a close up.

  • Now you just need to figure out how to open the safe.

  • The number code is a fake. Click on the hinges for a close up and use the screwdriver to remove them. Back up and remove the safe door.

  • Inside the safe is a can of coffee and a key. Take them both. Back up.

  • You should now be facing a round table/booth area with three funky looking white things on the bench. Click on one of the white things for a close up.

  • Click on each of the white things to lift them. Under the center one is a purple object. Take it and back up.

  • Turn left.

  • You are now facing the bar again. To the left of the scene is what looks like a wooden shelf. Click on the shelf for a close up.

  • The shelf would like you to put a drink on it. You can place either the coffee or the tea on the shelf.

  • The shelf slides down and a box appears. Oh look, three circles, just like the thing you cut off of the light fixture.

  • Place the light fixture circles in the box.

  • The circles have now become buttons. You can push the buttons to change them to different colors.

  • Remember the 4 - 6 - 5 from the picture?

  • Perhaps the pictures of numbers over by the booth wall would also be helpful.

  • The code is based on the color of the numbers in each picture.

  • Starting from the left, in the first picture the number 4 is purple, in the second picture the number 6 is yellow, in the third picture the number 5 is orange. Thus the button code is purple, yellow, orange.

  • Once you change the buttons to the proper colors click on the box top to open it. Yay, another purple object. You should now have 5 of the objects.

  • Back up and turn right twice until you are looking at the booths again.

  • Click on the booth with the keyhole for a close up.

  • Use the key on the lock and click on the booth seat to open it. Take the object (a cover) and back up.

  • Turn left and you are once again facing the circular table/booth. Click on the table for a close up.

  • On the lower part of the circular thing an object has been placed. Place the other 5 objects that are in your inventory.

  • Once all of the objects are placed push the grey button to the right of the rectangle. Look, a code!

  • But is it the right code?

  • Maybe that cover you found might be helpful.

  • Place the cover over the code and notice that it changes.

  • Click on the white area above the code to place your cursor, then type in the code. Once the code is entered push the pink button.

  • Type in the code e68dh.

  • Look, a key! Take the key and back up.

  • Turn right twice until you are facing the terrace door.

  • Use the key on the terrace door.

  • Congratulations on your escape! Enjoy a lovely beverage and snack.


  • The ending depends on which drink you used to move the shelf.

  • Tea Ending: If you are still carrying the tea when you leave you will get tea and a lovely strawberry tart.

  • Coffee Ending: If you are still carrying the coffee when you leave you will get a lovely cafe latte and a chocolate gateau.

  • To get the third ending, only pick up one of the drinks, either tea or coffee, and use it to move the shelf. Proceed through the escape as normal, making sure that you have no other drink in your inventory when you use the key on the terrace door.

  • If you are carrying no drink, it won't let you leave. Turn around and face the bar. You will be able to pick up one of the bottles of wine. Turn around again and go through the door.

  • Wine Ending: When you try to go out the terrace doors, it will inform you that alcohol can only be sold at night. The scene will fade to the bar scene, and one of the funky white things (looks like a cat) will be waiting for you on a bar stool. Perhaps to buy you a drink?


I can't get the game to work. It seems to load, but then I can't click on anything. Every now and then, my cursor turns into a hand, but still no clicky. :-(

JenniferJuniper September 23, 2009 1:38 AM

I'm stuck (no surprises there), I have the

code on the wooden table by the bunnies

but I have no idea what to do with it


stuck as well... where did you find it?


can't figure out jewlery box.


waah. I was able to get to the window glass thing but I have no idea what it means.

from some metal thing under the furthest pink chair, I was able to remove the brick under the window, bottom right

and having no luck with the safe, however I found other numbers

in the dining room, click the painting on the other side

JenniferJuniper September 23, 2009 2:05 AM

you have to find all 5 of the pink squares and then

put them on the tabletop, press the button and a code comes up. Above where the code is, they want you to type something in and press the pink button, but i don't know what

Also, where do I find the code for the safe?

JenniferJuniper September 23, 2009 2:07 AM

do you mean the box on the dumb waiter?

look at the code behind the picture by the tables. then look at the pictures by the booths

JenniferJuniper September 23, 2009 2:08 AM

oh, and

use the scissors to cut off 3 circles from the light by the last booth to get the buttons for the box


Ach, I now only have

A screwdriver, and nothing to (un)screw!

I'm shocked I figured out the puzzle to get the above! I'm not usually that good at these. :-)



I got all 5 pink squares

figured out the 465 code to match the colors on the dumb waiter....

got the C63dn code...or is it upE9'backwards upside down C' code? what?

JenniferJuniper September 23, 2009 2:14 AM

hey overzealous, spill the beans.
How did you get the screwdriver?


look on safe for something to unscrew

, oh, and thanx Jenn.


Figured out the

Screwdriver AND safe, if anyone's interested.

That's a hint, by the way

JenniferJuniper September 23, 2009 2:15 AM

seattlelite, that's as far as I am, too


I'm out, but guessing there is an alternate ending depending on

which you put on the dumbwaiter...tea or coffee



First, find the popped out bricks

They're below and to the right of the glass in the middle of the room.

And push the button.

Then, you need to find the code. If only something would tell you which squares to push...

Maybe something that points in one of 8 directions.

Like the four coffee cups on the counter.

FYI: I'm out with the

Coffee Ending

JenniferJuniper September 23, 2009 2:24 AM

overzealous, oh of course! why didn't I think of that. Thanks


Yep Jennifer and I'm getting slowed down by "Rehab: Party at the Vegas Hardrock Hotel" playing in the background...

and oooooooh - why did I read overzealous' spoiler.

I knew about the glass wall puzzle already but didn't put the coffee cups/direction connection together yet.

I was thinking the coffee cups were going to represent different times on a clock - eg, 5 oclock, 12, 10, 8 etc...

now I'm all like - would I have gotten that without the hint or what? lol



click second chair from right and get piece.
back out and click far left chair and get sharp tool at base.
Back out and click mugs on right. take note of the handle positions.
go right once and click big pillows.
click on middle pillow and get second piece.
back out and go right once, then click on the pink door. pick up tea.
back out and click first booth and get third piece.
back out and go right once. click light fixture and get fourth piece behind. take note of the red sign.
back out and click the bottom of aquarium on right. use sharp tool to open the offset bricks.
push button and go up to the aquarium glass.
remember the position of the mugs from earlier, they point to the squares in which to press.

bottom right, top middle, left middle, bottom left

pick up screwdriver.
back out, go right once.
cick picture of snowflakes in back of room.
take note of code.
back out, click table in front of picture and take scissors on vase.
back out, go left once and click light fixture.
use scissors to cut piece of fixture.
back out, go left once and click each of the pictuers rembering the code from the snowflake picture,

purple 4, yellow 6, orange 5

back out and click safe on left.
click on hinges and use screwdriver.
now open safe and take key and coffee.
back out and go right once.
look on base of middle booth and notice the key hole...use key.
open seat and get see through cap.
back out go left twice.
click shelf on the two long white panels on left wall.
set either coffe or tea down depending on what ending you choose.
place light fixture piece in slot on box.
remember color code from the pictures.
open box and take fifth piece.
back out go right once and click the box on the table in front of big pillows.
place all five pieces on wooden rectangle.
use transparent cap on the code.
type in code as seen.


hit pink button and take key.
back out and go right twice.
use key on double doors.



Mmmmm pink tea and a strawberry tart!


Ok I'm out with the coffee latte ending.

Thanks mainly to that one critical hint from overzealous. thank you.

but i'm mad at myself for looking cause it took uumph out of solving the game for me. lol. this wasn't like a difficult escape-the-room game.

well I did 98% of it on my own. and I wouldn't be surprised if there are alternate endings.


Anyone found the third ending mentioned in the review? I only have the two obvious ones:

Coffee (chocolate gateau) and tea (strawberry tart)


no jim I didn't. (let me go read the review. lol) and I guess I should've put a spoiler-tag over the 'coffee ending' part in my last post but I didn't give away any pertinent info.

now let me see about this 3rd ending.


Third ending:

Complete the game as normal, except that you must not pick up both the tea and coffee - only pick up the one you place on the dumbwaiter.

When you try to open the door, the game will say that you need an item.

Go to the bar, and pick up one of the wine bottles. This is only possible at this point, as far as I can tell.

You'll get the secret ending.


Ending #3:

Use either the tea or coffee on the dumbwaiter but don't grab the other one. Just before escaping, grab a bottle of champagne off the counter.
Thoughts on the ending:

It says that alcohol sales are only at night, and it won't let you leave. Not sure if it means anything or if it's just trying to be funny. I might try tomorrow at some time when it's nighttime in Japan.


third ending

after you get the key, instead bringing remaining tea / coffee with you, get a bottle of alcohol from the bar

Diana Lili M September 23, 2009 3:53 AM

That was cute. :) Thanks for the link!

On the other hand, I can't wait for Submachine 6......... I've even had a dream the other night, about meeting Mateusz Skutnik LOL


This was a cute game. A little short, but I feel like the delicious endings made up for it.

For anyone who has trouble seeing colors and therefore has trouble opening the box with the circles on it:

Click the left button 6 times, the middle button 7 times, and the right one 2 times.


Thanks Mr. nerdypants. I am not colorblind but I feel it is necessary to avoid such subtle differences in colors in games because my friend is colorblind and he cannot play Chu Chu Rocket because of his disability. He tries to but we always have to point out which rocket is his and he always ends up sending mice in to our rockets and cats in to his own at one point in the game until someone rights him.


Tea End :)


I really enjoyed the game. It was kinda short, and not too difficult, actually the first escape game I've (almost) managed without spoilers. But the puzzles were logical and there were no "idiot tasks", like klicking on an object a thousand and one times...
Plus I loved the

solution to opening the safe - very straightforward...


Nice! I was really stuck on one puzzle -

the three colored buttons

- and walked away for a few minutes. When I came back and looked at the

three pictures on the wall with the numbers

I actually said, "Oh, duh" out loud and finished the game :)

How nice, a delicious

strawberry tart and cup of tea



Oh and @d32215: booooooooo :)

Roseate Spoonbill September 23, 2009 11:44 AM

Youdude, It's "You're out!" not "Your out."


thank you all for you hints, i would not have got the tea cups, or the pictures

Mr. Mxymaster September 23, 2009 5:52 PM

Hey, I actually solved one without hints! Loved, loved, loved the solution to the table with the 3 code numbers.


spoonbill, sorry for the typo, but it was 1:30 am and was a little tired, and for the record it's loudude not youdude.


Is this a new game? I could swear I have played it before...


Good one. Really cute. :)


The coffee cups are a hint

I've missed that out. Great game!

[Edit and spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


What are the colours!?

melanie April 2, 2010 8:32 AM

This is an awesome game..i love all three endings..

Hahaha00000 December 6, 2010 8:18 AM

wow the ending was lovely, I always like a snack drink ending


Hmm, is it just me, or is this game no longer available - the link appears to lead to random Japanese adverts. ^^'

[It appears that the English translation version has been taken down, or is currently unavailable. The Japanese version is still available to play, here: -Jay]


Thank you Jay! ^^

Fortunately knowledge of Japanese is not needed to complete the game (although now I'm curious as to what those three pillows...uh...customers had to say for themselves) - at least for the ending I got. ^^'

Overall a pleasant experience, with minimal pixel-hunting and only mildly frustrating puzzles. The only thing missing is some cheery background music.


Well after a bit of searching I found another link. It still isn't in English but reading the last couple of posts I gather the one before this wasn't either.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr July 16, 2016 3:33 PM replied to Dixie

Seeing your comment in the most recent list made me go back and replay this. And I still had to use the walkthrough!

It seems that most of the Strawberry Cafe games reviewed here are now reuploaded there. The game author has a blog post about the move at, and from what little I can gather from Google Translate he had difficulty getting the games up and working on the new site.

So there's a chance we won't be seeing the English translation of this game again. In case anyone is still curious, here's a crude translation of some of the more interesting lines from this Japanese version:


Welcome to Strawberry Cafe. Customers here are invited to escape. This door is only for entry, so escape through the terrace side door. Please bring only one item when escaping. Have a nice day.

Items and puzzles:

A piece of something / I feel like I've seen this somewhere / This is used for something.
Sharp spatula
Minus driver [=flathead screwdriver]
Only this string has a red mark / Decoration taken from the chandelier.
Mochi cushion / fuwafuwa / fukafuka (the last two both translate to "fluffy", but fuwafuwa seems to be the more commonly used)
(Pink button) Nothing happens.
Semitransparent lidlike thing

Triggering the additional ending:

I'm don't have an item.
(but) I can even take this.

I haven't bothered with the ending texts, since the endings are basically as described in the walkthrough posted above.


It's so sad that the version of Death Bed Flash is not able to play these games anymore.

A graphic is displayed with three cute bouncing characters with 100% loaded but no game.

2020 year of Mad Dog. What a year for Flash to die.


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