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StackopolisThanks to all the wonderful submissions coming in, I have found myself backlogged with reviews to post. Hopefully I can get caught up today and throughout the weekend, so check back if you've been waiting for something new to play. =)

And while this next game is not new, the talented folks at Bloc Media have recently changed it from a limited 3-level demo to a fully playable, free Web game.

Stackopolis is surprisingly simple to play: Just click on blocks to move them into the target configuration for each of the 20 unique levels. A 3-dimensional view is provided as well as a top-down blueprint that identifies the number of each block that is required for each cell of the play field grid.

To add some tension and a bit of challenge to the mix, a timer counts down the seconds you have to complete each level. If you fail to meet the target configuration within the time limit the game ends.

Stackopolis features elegantly simple gameplay, gorgeous pixel graphics and animations, and a delightfully dramatic soundtrack that pushes this game over the top into highly addictive territory. You've been forewarned.

Play Stackopolis

With thanks to Timothy and Capuchin for suggesting the game. =)


That's actually a pretty cool game. Neat idea, good music, etc.

Unfortunately it's difficult to play because it's so small. It only takes up about an eigth of my screen, and in order for me to read the numbers in the overhead view I have to lean in close to my monitor and squint. Is it too much to ask for games that aren't limited to 320x240 resolution (or worse)? Even if you like pixel graphics, it's not that difficult to make them scalable.


Yikes, the time limits get strict fast. This game could handle game overs more gracefully. Forcing the player to submit a score with a name, followed by a dumping back to the main screen without a continue option is irritating, especially since they force you to erase TYPEHERE to type in the level code. This frustration made me quit after the sixth level.

benetnash July 22, 2005 10:07 PM

this is a great game....not a problem with it.

If you want to be all picky about numbers and putting in your name and all that crap, download it and play it that way. You can maximize the screen and you don't have to mess with a high score list.


I find it strange that blueprint is not shown in isometric view. The first couple of games I played I was looking at the stage from completely wrong angle.


i agree that there is too much wait in between trying the same level over again. downloading it did not help that much...
there should be a "same level" button.
i got to level 14 (i think) and couldnt do it but also didnt want to spend so much time typing in the code over and over... i just ended up quiting...
(though i will probably go back to conquor it soon)


I disagree about the blueprint, tonypa, because translating the iso view into plan view is part of the challenge. I think it involves more parts of the brain, and adds to the panic. It's an addictive game, though I agree about the game over screen. Typing the level names over and over is no fun.
So far I've got to (spoiler) *P*a*V*e*M*e*N*t*

Harukio July 24, 2005 7:33 PM

I'm starting to loathe my touchpad, lol.
The time limits are tight >.


well, I am no longer frustrated trying to re-type autoshop a lot
now i am frustrated trying to type...
oh crap

as i played the game to see how far i could get i didnt read the code for the level after surfshaq
can someone help me out?
surfshaq took me forever and i dont want to do it again


Here is a link to all the passwords for this game. I didn't want to type them all in here because of people who don't want to see the spoilers.



i just beat surfshaq again because i couldnt remember
i am stuck on fishtank now (so hard)

i dont really see the codes as spoilers because you still have to beat each individual level... it isnt as if the code gives you an edge on the game....


Took me a while to remember where I played it before, but I finally found it:
Same game, dont you think?


It is the same game, tonypa...I have played the old version- great fun...I just completed this new one and I thought it was great...


Everytime I try to play, the game loads, but then freezes on the intro, with the two clouds, and the sunrise. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?


BJ: What OS, browser, Flash player version you use?


Spoiler codes if you need help:
I didn't put them all up cuz the point is to play the game. I'm "Legally" on seashell. The graphics are awesome. Have a nice day!

9 raadmaan
10 toyblocs
11 bladerun
13 sealevel
15 highrise
16 omnicorp
17 surfshaq
18 seashell
19 fishtank
20 deadends


I had a problem with the downloadable version. When I try to open the exe file, I get a message "Class not registered." I can play the on-line version just fine. Any ideas?


Love the bitmapped stylings, but my word, the timing curve is sharp! There's not enough time to get into the game before you get frustrated and give up.

Playing with a trackpad, admittedly, doesn't help matters.


I couldn't do this one, lol. Awesome graphics though!

Adrian May 3, 2006 9:31 PM

... for some reason when i do the second level (sidewalk), i can complete it, but the game doesnt recognise it or something... it wont let me move on. im so confused. it looks like




Wow, what's happening with the comment dates?

Adrian, I'm guessing that you're making the same mistake I made - rotating the plan view the wrong way to get the isometric view. Look at the artists impression, it's rotated the way the tiles should go.

Alternatively, it could be that your last line needs to be repeated for that level.


This game is great! It's got some awesome puzzles, and the level of difficulty seems very good. While it is a little hard, it only made me want to try harder. The music's great too. An excellent game!


Hey - can anyone tell how some people are getting huge scores, upwards of 4,5, even 10 million? Is there some bonus I'm not aware of? I finished all levels in one sitting, but only got about 2.6 million. Even if I shaved 1000 seconds off my time - 50 seconds per level - it'd only be 3.6 million. Is there a bonus for a minimal path?


OMG This Game Is Addictive. Whi is it so difficult to pass pavement level? Its hard to get blocks accross the screen fast enough. The view sucks it steers me off


I swear I've completed level two about 6 times but it just refuses to recognise the complete thing and then it just goes "game over"


[Edit: Perhaps the correct solution for that level isn't what you're expecting? -Jay]


uh yeah.. nevermind am idiot..

I wasn't looking at the artist's impression..

Rocketmonkey September 11, 2008 5:18 PM

I don't how anyone has beaten level 12. I've gotten down to where I have no tiles left, but something isn't right. And iso view makes it impossible to tell if the error is next to a large stack. This is the most frustratingly addictive game I have ever played.


If you can't get it to work, and you think you have it all right....

You may need to rotate the block, as you see it in the drawing to the right. The blueprint shows the grid, but the drawing shows the orientation.


Nice idea, but it really does need making full screen.

Person of Awesome July 5, 2010 10:15 AM

After losing on the 1st level 3 times because I misclicked and put up a block where I meant to take one down over and over, I quit. Bleah.


It appears the game no longer exists.


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