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Spybot: The Nightfall Incident

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Rating: 4.7/5 (938 votes)
Comments (128) | Views (26,205)

A remarkably rich and highly detailed Shockwave game created for Lego by the folks at gameLab in New York City.

Spybot: The Nightfall Incident is a turn-based strategy game and a triple-A quality production that is set in a stunning high-tech universe. The developers have expertly combined story elements with engaging gameplay to create an extraordinary, satisfying and immersing experience.

As a SMART agent—Secret Mission Agents Robotics Team—your job is to hunt down crime and problems throughout the Net. Once located, engage in 'databattles' with corporate security software for control over the nodes of the network.

SpybotThe databattles comprise the heart of the gameplay, which is turn-based using 'programs' for offensive and defensive actions against similar programs controlled by computer AI. You begin the game with two (2) such programs: Hack and Slingshot. Hack programs can move two (2) squares per turn, and have an attack range of only one (1) square. Slingshot programs can move two (2) squares per turn, and they have a much longer-range attack. Winning battles earns you credits that you can spend at Warez nodes to purchase more advanced programs. An easy-to-follow tutorial will step you through the basics of databattle when beginning a new game.

The game consists of an over-world that represents the entire network under your jurisdiction, called the Netmap. It is a collection of nodes with connections that run between them. You begin the game at the SMART headquarters node with access to security level one (1) nodes only.

Arrows on the Netmap provide a means for navigation. Simply click on an arrow to scroll the map in that direction. SpybotClicking on a node brings up an info window (shown) with details of the mission that node contains. Enter a node to engage in databattle against its security software to gain control over it, and receive access to other nodes and levels.

It is hard to find fault with this game, as it seems the designers and developers at gameLab really nailed it exceptionally well. The tutorial quickly familiarizes the player with just what is needed to get started. Further information, increased challenges and narrative elements unfold as the player explores, interacts, and progresses through the game. Earning credits and purchasing more advanced programs creates a sense of agency within the player since the choices made are likely to affect battle outcomes. And the player's game state is saved automatically to any one of three (3) possible game-save files.

Jay *is* Games, because of games like this.

Play Spybot: The Nightfall Incident

Thanks go to Stephen and JS for suggesting the game. =)

Note: This is a Shockwave game and it therefore requires the Shockwave Player browser plug-in.


Thanks, Jay! Hope you get to enjoy the rest of it too. :D


Firstly, I LOVE this site. It helps me keep my sanity at work. :) Secondly, I've played this game before and it's awesome. I just wish it had more levels. :(

Desincarnage September 15, 2005 7:43 AM

This game is simply awesome. Everything just seems so perfect.

Bug rocks! ^_^


Thanks a lot! Really great game. Extremely addicitve and fun.


I have to agree with the above poster: very fun, but there aren't many levels.


> "very fun, but there aren't many levels."

It's a free Web game that takes a few hours to get through all 5 levels while providing an exceptional interactive experience.

Were you expecting the 40+ hours of game play that a $50 console game delivers?

Did I mention the game is free? =p


Man... I suggested this in that thread in late August where you were just randomly looking for games... How about some love?
It is one of the best games out there, and this is what I come to this site to find: more things like this.

Desincarnage September 15, 2005 12:22 PM

It's long enough for me :P

That last level is hard. Damnit.


JS - my bad, I totally missed that suggestion and didn't mean to exclude you from any love. =)

Thanks for suggesting it, you ROCK!


This is such a fun game! Thanks for suggesting it!


First time commenting, but i have been keeping up with your site for quite some time now and so far i've been more than impressed with your game selection. This game, especially. Gameplay, story, and even techno music is pretty awesome. Thanks ^_^

Desincarnage September 15, 2005 6:26 PM

Anyone got a tip for the final level?

I can't ressort to use Bit Man because I don't want to waste a precious unit.

The strategy that got me the furthest was using two Laser Satellites between two Stone Golems with the Memory Hog on the rightmost square of the front row and placing three catapults between a Clog 3.0 to the right and a Turbo deluxe to the left.

For the first few turns, I use the Turbo to boost a golem and the Hog, while using that last one to create a large wall to protect the satellites and the hog. Before the Hog gets destroyed, I can kill two Warden+ using the covered satellites, then I move on with them and the golems to wipe out as much as I can.

In the meanwhile, I use the clog to block both sumos from moving and try to stop something else before it finally gets destroyed.

Optimaly, I end up with one last golem and three catapults, one of them boosted.

That's where I'm stuck, I can't kill the boss.

I've managed to get him to size 1, but then all he does is going back and forth. Of course, at that point I only have one catapult left.

I'm sad :(


That was a thoroughly astounding webgame. I think the only things I can quibble at were the fact that it never displayed any enemy moves after their fifth or so unit, and that it was too easy to misclick and accidentally end a unit's turn. (Really minor things, on the whole.)

I got through the last level with the power of guru stopping ability and laser satellites. Three laser satellites conspired to destroy a sumo, while a tarantula paralyzed the other and then ran off to do a suicide paralysis of a warden. With the center plugged up, a clay golem can handle the two watchmen on the left and laser satellites can lie in wait for the watchmen to come into a range outside that of the towers/boss. Then, more slows handle everything (Watch out- I lost a guru to a wolf because I was too used to everything stopping after one shot). Along the way, a fiddle helps greatly at boosting the satellites, and guarantees a slow way to victory over the boss (at least six each of move and size if the towers are gone).

I did end up foolishly losing my fiddle to a tweak while it was at 1. Oops. Luckily, the boss doesn't seem to mind if you ping it from outside of its non-moving range. I got even luckier when it killed the then useless bitman instead of my remaining satellite, and then ignored me some more as I killed it. Phew!


Fantastic game - but for some reason it keeps spectacularly crashing Firefox. Most annoying when getting towards the end of a tricky level! Still, less unstable than Knights of the Old Republic, and I had to pay to crash that repeatedly while trying to play it.

Desincarnage September 16, 2005 7:08 AM

So, satellites are the key.

I'll go gather some more money and try something along these lines.



This game is great! I'm quite addicted to it , but it's a good thing it's as short as it is, otherwise I'd waste an unreasonable amount of time playing it!


I beat the last level by using four bitmans int the top-left four entry points, and stopping the mad rush from all the nastiness coming down from above by deleting the squares. I lost two of my bitmen in the process. I used two gurus to ice the sumos, then fire 'em to death, and also had two laser satellites and two catapults. Once the sumos were out of the way, I used a bitman to get one of my gurus close enough to the boss to ice it up (using the catapults to nail those one-block distance attack things that surround it). Once the boss was on ice, I just wheeled in the satellites and catapults to waste it. After the dust had settled, I had one guru, one satellite and one catapult left to mince the programs I trapped at the start. It took ages to win, mainly 'cos you have to sneak things past the boss one at a time to get them in position at the far right of the board. I was tearing my hair out until I tried using so many bitmen to trap the army that starts above you, and give breathing space to start a counterattack.


I beat the final level with one bitman, two stone golems, two tarantulas, one turbo delux, one fiddle, and one Sumo. I paralyzed the sumos, then focused on keeping the watchmen bound up while annihilating at least one of theirs per turn.
The secret for me was the turbo and the tweaking so that I had really huge, fast programs that could regenerate enough to take a couple direct hits per turn.


Thanks, guys -- I'd been trying to beat that final level on & off for months now. Augh!


I love this game! Does anyone know where the save game files are stored? I want to continue my game on another pc.


This game is so fun. The only problem I have is that when I buy more programs, and they outnumber the small square on my list, I can't get at them. So I'm stuck with the same six hacks. :/ Anyone know how to extend the window in order to see all your programs?


Oh, nevermind! I closed the window and opened it and little scroll buttons appeared. That was weird. I guess I just had to exit and enter again.


The key to the last level, IMO, is this:

4 bit men to stem the tide from the North
2 Hesienbugs in the far right squares. The sumos can only attack if they have 6 or more squares, the bugs can reach them and reduce by five on the first turn, you'll lose one when the boss/radars attack on the next turn, and then you can polish off one sumo with the remaining bug, and focus your alternative fire power on the other.
1 Catapult
1 Laser satellite - use these to kill the second sumo, and then to bombard the Northward enemies, having eaten away a stream of squares with your bitmen.
1 Turbo Deluxe
1 Doctor Pro - use the turbo on the catapult and laser alternately until their movement is maxed out. And use the Doctor's surgery option on both as well (this will expand their max size by 1 each time it's used). Once you have a sixteen squared laser, you can finish the boss with relative impunity, absorbing his attacks, and using your extra movement to regenerate squares.


Interesting the different approaches to that last level.

My version of it was two Gurus to the right - each can stop a Sumo dead on the first turn and then flame it to death at its leisure. Four Chug3.0s along the top row to freeze the leading edge of the charge before it can arrive - I find that frozen bad guys make better blockades than empty squares. One Bitman for endgame. Then a Fiddle and two Sumos. Once the wave has been immobilized and then fire/sumo'ed to death, you can take your time with Fiddle outside of the range of everything else and end up striking with Gurus and Sumos and even the Bitman boosted to moves of 5-10, max size 12+... at which point they can duck in and out as they please. Took a long, long time, though.


I finished the game several months ago and cannot clear the node that allows access to level four. Does anyone have a suggestion on what programs to use to beat that stage?


DW - here are the default locations for Shockwave save files...


Mac OSX: Library/Application Support/Macromedia/Shockwave 10/Prefs

On my Mac there were two files that were written to for the game:

spbslot1.txt - contains the save data for my game in save slot #1

sbpmain.txt - contains data telling the game which of the save slots have games saved.

So, to move your game to another computer, make sure you copy both files.


Correction to where the files are saved on a PC:

C:\Documents and Settings\Zero\Application Data\Macromedia\Shockwave Player\Prefs\U5C38ZDL

\Zero\ is the account that I am under (so these saves cannot be access via another account).
\U5C38ZDL\ is probably a randomly generated name.

The filenames listed above are correct. As a final note, I am using Firefox version 1.0.6 (so that might effect where the files are saved).


Hey! I finally beat the game for a second time! Very fun! Of course, I did some hacking of my own. I used six "Frag-Man"s and four "Catapult"s. I only lost one catapult on the final assault of the boss, leaving me with only nine programs at the end. For those of you who want to just play around with the game, load the spoiler into one of your spbslotX.txt files and have fun. :)

[#SPYBOT: 3, #sLevel: 5, #credits: 1000000, #agents: ["Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Hack", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Bug", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Slingshot", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Data Doctor", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Frag-Man", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Hack 2.0", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Golem.mud", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Wolf Spider", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Seeker", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Silo", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Medic", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Turbo", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Clog.01", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Hack 3.0", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Golem.clay", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "Black Widow", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "MandelBug", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "BuzzBomb", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Fiddle", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "Seeker 2.0", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "SCUD", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Satellite", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Ballista", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Data Doctor Pro", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Clog.02", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Turbo Deluxe", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Golem.stone", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "Tarantula", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "HeisenBug", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "LogicBomb", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Sumo", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Seeker 3.0", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Laser Satellite", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Catapult", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Clog.03", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Guru", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard", "Wizard"], #nodes: [#WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN]]


Thanks Zero for the PC location correction. The information I posted was evidently from an earlier version of Windows, which I got from Google.

The Mac information is correct, as that came directly from my computer.

hiram archibald September 19, 2005 2:08 AM

So everyone's talking about the last level...
But how do you get past the first node on Level 3 leading to the Warez node? It has 2 wolves and a Fire Wall with only 2 entry ports. I've tried a Hack 2 & a Medic, and can almost get it when the computer moves just right.


anyone else having trouble accessing the lego site? i thought they might just have changed the link to the game at first, but lego.com won't load for me either.
played this game a while ago (year or so) can't remember how far i got though


Hi guys, I'm loving this game, but I'm on one of the last battles (level 4, it's called PED Treasury Funds) and there are just loads of low-level units to kill, and I'm failing miserably! Any tips on how to kill so many of the little devils?

P.S. hiram: I used a Golem in top-left and a Heisenbug in bottom right, avoided the slow Fire Wall until I'd killed the Attack Dogs. I left the Golem where it was first go and raced the bug left for 3 squares, and just attacked the bottom-left Attack Dog and killed it quickly. Hope that's enough of a start for you!


hiram - I'm pretty sure that I used a bug and a hack there. The bug-like critters are quite useful if you need to kill something in your first turn, because everything has a power of 1 :)

Desincarnage September 19, 2005 10:05 AM

I suggest you go the other way around (there are two entries to level 3) and make your way to the shop to get Hacks 3.0 :P


Im having troubles with Treasury Funds as well. Any help out there on how to beat this level?


Hello. I'm on a level 3 hack called Dr. Donut where you have 4 watchdogs, 4 "3" sentinels, and 4 watchmen. I've done so mant tries please help me kill them


I'm surprised there isn't a spoiler for PED: Treasure Funds - security level four yet. So far, I have to say that, its the hardest level......but then again I can't get past it so I wouldnt know what the last 3 lvls are like.

Do any of you lovely lovely people wanna give me a hint as to how I can stop the HUUUGE onslaught of programs? *bats eyelids in a begging way*


Here's how I beat Treasury Funds. Here be sneaky nonsense.

Turns out that if you use a Bit-Man to delete a sector that is currently occupied, that sector can no longer be attacked. So I used four Mobile Towers (any ranged unit with size 1 works) and two Bit-Men to zero out the Tower sectors. Problem solved.


Very good game for some hours of fun. Last levels too easy - IMHO some programs are spoiling the fun - for examle "turbo deluxe" or "doctor pro", with them there is almost no sense to use different types of software, just take some catapults, clogs 3.0 (for hanging) and make them max length/speed and work is done. Bitmans for fortyfying at least.
But it was nice to hack some datafields, especially in earlier levels :)


woah... i remember this game.
recently started to try and beat it my 3rd time after i finished my 2nd a year ago.

much fun.. much fun..


On the last level I just used brute force basically. 4 golem.stones, 2 Seeker 3.0 a bitman and the wizard program that I got from one of the other out of the way nodes. Took out the sumos with 2 golems, sacrificing 1 on the way. sent the other golems and the seekers to take out the army up top. With careful placement to stay out of range of the enemies I got them all with 1 golem and 1 seeker remanining. Then send in the bitman having been stretched alot to build the bridge to the boss zone. Then a stretched golem to withstand the boss's wrath while knocking it out.


can you help me im stuck where you are next to the warez node in level 3 and there are 2 attack dogs + 1 fire wall. help plz?


i have these pro's: hackx1 slingshotx2 bit-manx4 bugx2 data doctorx2 wolf spiderx2 golem.mudx2 clog0.1x1 TOWERx1 hack2.0x6 turbox1 seekerx3 medicx1


Alec - hiram archibald asked the same question to which there were a couple of replies. Maybe that will help you?


what i mean is the WAY TO WIN for example you move 2 spaces right then they move one space there...

Jack Mott January 22, 2006 2:10 PM

Heres a sneaky way to beat the final level:

I used 5 catapults, 1 bitman, and 4 seeker 3.0s
I used the bitman to ZERO the squares underneat the catapults. This makes them invincible to non-ranged attacks. I used the 4 seekers to kamikaze the 4 ranged bad guys up north.
Once they are dead, nothing else can hurt you catapults, so you just sit still and kill them off with your five catapults.
Then I moved in 3 of the catapults to the north, and 2 to the east to take out the radars and the boss.


what is a spbslotX.txt file?


I don't know, Alec, but it's a text file, so why don't you open it up and see? ;)


mandelbug rocks!


YAY i completed the level!

i used 2 bugs. if you are stuck on the level, try it.

the mandelbug IS good!


GREAT game! Brought up an image of a mix of Neuromancer and Snake. One level and I am hooked.


Completed now. Very entertaining, although the last few nodes were a bit boring and repetitive. You see the resolution and outcome right from the beginning, but it takes a very long time to move your programs along.


Reminds me of Shadowrun from the old Sega Genesis system. Highly enjoyable. Wish there were more games like this out there.


Reminded me of the cyberspace sections of shadowrun too, but prefer this.

So guys, Liked the spoiler for Treasury, but can anyone do it and still get the creds in each corner? There's a challenge!!

Axiomatic March 21, 2006 1:13 AM


Saddened by the fact it was so short.
Anyone know of any games similiar this one???

Jay, your's is a staggering site to behold.
Well done sir.


what spybots we got? i got a Technojaw

goldpump56 April 3, 2006 8:15 PM

I beat the game a few weeks ago, and my technique was similar to Eric Finley's. The two Gurus on the right work like a charm, and I also used the Fiddle to super-charge my programs. I don't remember exactly what other programs I used, but I did use the Bitmans, and they worked fine for me. A few Laser Satellites were useful too. Does anyone know any other games similar to this one? If so, please post the site!


hiya, I'm quite surprised to see that there are so many working strategies for the last level...

Mine was based on 4 clog 3.0s on the top front, 1 catapult on the top right corner, 2 stone golems on the bottom right corner, then a fiddle, a turbo deluxe and a bitman.
The idea was to paralyse the wave of slow-moving attackers using beefed-up clogs, and paralyse the boss, too, eliminate the sumos first by a catapult shot, then on the 2nd round, once they moved closer to the golems, by circling them and crashing them, then, once the immediate threat has been eliminated, snipe the radars with the catapult, create a bridge to the boss area and kill him with the golems.
Then, I found I could kill pretty much every thing from the top left corner of the boss area and my catapult. enemies contrainted by their paralized colleagues didn't have time to expand, and whenever one was eliminated, its neighbor will rush to the empty space, thus making an easy target. eventually, I let the golems take care of the rest.

there's an amazing depth in that game. I definitely spent more than "a few hours" trying to beat it (partly because it requires to move units one step at a time!!). Levels felt like puzzles: they looked like there was one best solution, and reading you guys I realise there were plenty, all along.

definitely reminds me fire emblem.


Just recently discovered this site. Excellent resource.
This game was a lot of fun and an excellent amount of play, considering it was free. Heck, better than some games I've spent money for.

There was also a lot of replay possibilities, since each level could be solved in a variety of ways.

Yet another method for completing the final level. The opportunity for a variety of game play is great.

Two Clog3.0 on the right to stop the Sumo. Just need the clog function, since they start at 2.
Two Bit-men on the top, flanked by catapults with a satellite behind. (Catapults have better range.)
In the back, a Dr Pro, a Turbo Deluxe and a Sumo (could have been a golem, whatever).
Clog the 2 sumos to the right and work your sumo up to sufficient length to take them out without getting too hammered by the defenses.
Use the two bitmen to stop the 3 wardens and one block to the left to slow the approaching others.
Bring a clog up the right, watching for the safe locations, and stop the approaching enemies on the right.
One you wipe out the first set of defenders, carefully use the catapults to wipe out the enemy towers.
In the end, I had a sumo that could move 10 and had a length around 20, plus I still had all of my ranged attacks, hyped up with turbo. Also still had a bitman that was now long enough to absorb damage from the boss and get away.




help i am stuck on a DR.DONUT level. It's the BEVERAGE SUBSIDIARIES one, security level 3.
'Disable the security software in this node to proceed'




Yay! i got a typekey profile.


I'm stuck on the node that gives you the codes to level 5 security! Only 4 upload places, and 9 squares to work with! Doesn't help that you need to have 1 bitman, too. Any tips?

erasreelfpunk July 29, 2006 12:37 PM

A less-cheap way for clearing PED Treasury Funds:

Upload four bit-men to the squares in the corners, and two ballistas in the center squares. On the first two turns, use the bit-men to zero out the six squares surrounding your ballistas.
Everything should go smoothly after that. The bit-men will become "acceptable losses," while your artillery will vaporize everything from their unreachable position. Aim for the watchmen whenever possible, as they are the only enemies that can stop you.


The enemies can't reach you without your help, so try spending the first several turns upgrading a golem, sumo, or satellite with turbo deluxe and wizard.






answer my question? how do i get past


dsgamer21 August 10, 2006 8:17 AM

Hehehe...I feel so awesome, beat this back in 2001 when I was eight ^_^

GREAT game though, like Advance Wars but easier :P


does anyone know the best way to get past the lv 3 node next to the lv 4 entrence?




Help...I can't find the spbslot1.txt file!


I'm going to sound like an idiot, but I can't get past the Lucky Monkey Club Center LV. 2. Bug x4 Hack x4 Bit-man x1 Clog 0.1 x1 Slingshot x1. Please help!


can someone make a guide for the whole game or tell me where i can find one?


This may have been mentioned before, but since people are still asking about it. One of the most sure fire ways to beat many of the challenges:

Put down range attack programs (like catapults) with a bitman or two nearby. Use the bitmen to zero the space under the range programs. This will make the range progam immune to ANY attack, so you can safely blast at the enemy.
You can also use a bitman to make a "moat" of Zero spaces around itself, so that after your attack program has killed all the enemies, you can use your bitman to collect any files that you need.
These are both slow and not good for grabbing cash, but once you get the hang of things, you'll find other ways to exploit bitman's power.


This game is great, but way too easy to hack.

Credit Grabber:

You can go get credits, then press undo to have your turn back.

I know there was a way to delete enemy units, and I think this is it:

This may not work for all enemies, but most...
1. Start the battle
2. Click on an enemy (the replacement)
3. Click on their attack
4. Click on another enemy (the replacer)
5. Click back to the first enemy (the replacement one)
6. Click "Undo".
If all was done properly (and the enemy combination works), the first enemy you clicked on will move from its original position to be on top the second enemy you clicked. The second enemy's picture will usually remain throughout the entire battle, but the second enemy itself won't exist (it'll basically be a ghost). You can sometimes reduce entire battles into one enemy with this!


I'm trying to hack my save too, but i'm having trouble finding the .txt file.

Languidiir December 27, 2006 5:19 PM

I need help. I accidentally hacked my file to have the last levels set to #WIN. If someone could point out which levels the last one and the one to get clearance to level 5 is, that'd be nice. I'd also accept the dialogue from those parts in a spoiler tag. Thanks.


I Love this game i found it a couple of years ago and it is probably my favorite free web game to date. Problem is I want more. Anyone played any other games that are at all similar? A nice little involved turn bases strategy. i only found this site last week so i havnt had a chance to dig through all the archives. Pleas help my day at work can be so boring.


I had played this back when I used to play at lego.com, that was years ago, and you got me back into the game.
(never did beat that last level, darn it...)


Playing this game again brings back good memories.

It's probably wrong to do so, but I'm kind of fond of spinner.

Now then, don't get me wrong, but I reckon the core of this game has incredible potential. Data spaces which can only support units above a certain size. Or units below a certain size.

Artillery units which can fire at extremely long ranges, but they can't hit anything at short to medium ranges.

And of course, balanced buffing programs. And 500 hours more worth of gameplay :) With next-gen graphics. And a plot written by Terry Pratchett.

Actually, forget the last paragraph. This game is awesome anyway. (I was contemplating trying to translate the game mechanics into a simpler language, but I don't like infringing on people's ideas without asking them permission first)


can't beat the snaky level with the sensors.it's called pharmaus clinical trials. any ideas?


Where is the spbslot1.txt file for Windows XP? By the way I use internet explorer.

Kram Esill August 8, 2007 12:32 PM

I believe that this game is the best action/strategy combo game!!! SPYBOTS RULE!!!


I remember I just played this and Junkbot ALL the time in, what, 2002? I was, like, what, 5? I don't really remember, but I LOVE this freak'n game! Bug rules!


Wow, interesting to read everyone's final level strategies. I actually succeeded on my second try using a set that seems completely different from anything else I see here:

1 Clog.03 to stop the two sumos on the right
2 more Clog.03's to stop up the top
A Laser sat, 2 seeker-3's, a fiddle, bit-man, and a hack.

I can't remember what the 10th bot was for some reason, but it was nothing special. Basically you use the Clogs to immobilize enemy units, while staying out of range of the enemy towers. You'll lose a couple units, but it's possible to gain complete control of the situation by immobilizing or trapping all enemy units; then you just kill one, immobilize the next one as it comes out (maintaining a safe distance), and repeat.

Once you've got the mainland taken care of, you can use Fiddle to beef up your laser-sat or seeker to the point where it can take out the bots across the island.

The way I played through this game, the entire key on the majority of levels was using Clogs to shut down enemy movement.

BrokenFixer October 13, 2007 10:40 PM

Level-by-level spoilers at http://brokenfixer.pbwiki.com/SpyboticsNightfallIncident.

Most of the levels can be beaten with far less firepower than allowed (use only 1 upload slot instead of 6?!). Here are a few insane stunts:

Defeat Lucky Monkey Print Assets with a single Hack (1.0).
Defeat Lucky Monkey Toy Properties with a single Hack 2.0.
Defeat Lucky Monkey Eastern Distribution Site with a single Wolf Spider.
Defeat Dr. Donut Supply Management with a single Wolf Spider.
Defeat Dr. Donut Franchise Office with a single Wolf Spider.
Defeat Dr. Donut Recipe Database with a Bug and a Slingshot.
Defeat Cellular Automata Sub-Station Gamma with a single MandelBug.


i played it a while ago. i had to use a walkthrough to get the end - a few levels stumped me completely.
amazing game - plenty of levels! (in response to other comments)

i want a sequel though because the novelty has kinda worn off now that i have completed it.

Jed Palmer April 25, 2008 8:07 AM

all you guys who hack are no0bs the l33t way to finish this is do it on your even walkthroughs are better than cheating


the guy above me is right, cheating is for those who can't do

anyhow is there another place other than lego.com i can play this game??


Is there anywhere to play this game?


This game is still available to play using the Internet Archive. Here's a link:


Anonymous October 10, 2008 7:00 PM

does anyone know where the spybot: nightfall incident game has been moved to I can't find it anywhere


This link seems to work fine:

By the way, did anyone notice

you can add enemy programs such as Sonar to spbslot1.txt?

AtomicSong May 29, 2009 11:09 AM

I love this game! I thought it was gone for good once lego decided to get rid of it off of their site. Thanks a lot Jay for getting this game back.

AtomicSong May 29, 2009 11:10 AM

Wait why is'nt up for play anymore? >:0!!!!! All my hopes, my dreams, my everything are poofed by this news!!!

AtomicSong May 29, 2009 11:12 AM

Wait nvm the anonymus dude saved my hopes, dreams, and everythig.

AtomicSong May 29, 2009 11:17 AM

Okay Jay was right it doesnt work.

But i'm searching it up in all search engines I can find. I think I might of just found it right now. I'll post the link

AtomicSong May 29, 2009 11:26 AM

Oh my gosh! Never mind what I said they had to get rid of the game for some reason so yeah it's all happy and stuff.

Kandour June 7, 2009 8:33 AM

I finally beat the game...was expecting some grand end but it was just the same dialogue screen.

I used 5 bitmen to cut off every intruder and then used 2 catapaults, wizard and laser satellite to take out the ranged shots from the watchmen. I kept boosting up my catapaults as I carefully made my way towards the boss. the key was getting all the other small guards first. I maxed out on size 16 and move size 9 then just had a long long fight. But it came through~ Great game.


I beat this game years ago as a kid. A lot of people have already asked this, but I've yet to see an answer and I'd really like one.

Are there any games like this?

Or any games equally as fun? If so, I'd love to see a link. But maybe there just isn't a game that can come close to Spybot. It's definitely my favorite.

Find and post games like this one, please!


WOW! absolutely love this game! used to play it alot, but as it seems to have been taken off of the LEGO website, i'm just so glad to find it here!!!

thanks a million jay


Where is the save game file in Windows XP? I have beaten the game, but I want to hack for fun now...

Pretty Please?

freddie July 31, 2009 8:44 PM

it goes to the page but it doesn't show it loading


I didn't know about this game until today. This is fun!


I've found one or maybe several glitches. Somehow I have a Data Doctor Pro that got up to size 37. I was using it to pump up two Golem.Clays in the level 3 PED Re-Insurance Database. At some point when I only had one golem and the doctor left, the golem got attacked and was broken into several pieces. I could use the doctor on any of the pieces and it would work. The golem was eventually pumped up to epic proportions legally, but the doctor exceeded its max size, which I didn't alter in that level.

Anonymous October 6, 2009 3:25 PM

I am having trouble with the game. Every time I start it it just has adobe shockwave loading screen.

Anonymous October 17, 2009 1:36 PM

it doesnt load :( how do you get iy to work?
it just gets to the shockwave load thing but never loads


Oh, man. Never before have I loved this site as much as I do now. Years ago I played this game, and then the next time I went to play it, the game was gone! Thank you SO MUCH Jay, for finding this link! What would we do without JayIsGames?


The game doesn't load... how do we make it work?


I really loved this game when I was young.

Unfortunately, when I've tried to replay it now on a Mac, or, in fact any Shockwave game, it doesn't work so well. For example, when I try to go from the load game screen to the netmap, it changes very slowly with a few small squares in a diagonal pattern changing first, and everything else later. Most annoying. Similarly, the window occasionally just goes black except for the head of one program. It restores quickly, but the prevalence of this sort of thing makes it unplayable. There's something similar with other shockwave games I play.

Any thoughts on what to do about fixing this?


Here's How I beat the Final Nightfall Boss.

4 Gurus
1 Laser Sat
2 Data doctor Pro
2 Fiddle
1 Tarantula

Used Tarantula to paralyze and whittle away at the bottom Sumo, used a Guru to ice the top Sumo before moving to the "front".
Advanced Gurus forward, Spamming Surgery/Twiddle on my attackers, focusing on the Laser Sat when I could.
Froze the Wardens when they were in range, began work on the Watchers and Attack dogs, using Focus fire on the dogs. (1 Fire + 1 Sat shot or 2 Ice) Also threw in a Kamikaze paralysis attack from my Tarantula once an Attack dog was in range.
Ice wardens when the opportunity arises, and wipe out the rank and file programs.

Spent a couple turns massing up size on the Laser sat and remaining gurus, and from there it's a mere battle of attrition. Gurus didn't get off as many shots due to their range, but still got the Sensor towers and served as alternate targets that my DDP's kept healing up. Boss decided the 14-size Guru was more dangerous than my 21-size Kill Sat, hehe.


This is what I did on the Final Boss
My team and Layout:

Laser Sat Guru Guru Guru Guru
Fiddle Fiddle DrPro DrPro Tarantula

Paralyzed Bottom Sumo, Iced top sumo, Used Twiddle and Surgery on the three other Gurus and my "Kill Sat" and moved them forward. Iced the front 3 Wardens, and took out one of the watchers while my Sumo-neutralizing squad got back to the "Front". Tarantula made a Suicide run agains one of the Dogs to substitute for an Ice while I took out a Warden.
The attack dogs took some Focus-Fire, 2 ice from my Gurus or 1 fire and one Satellite shot, Iced Wardens were basically free-shots. Once they were all out, I spammed Surgery and Twiddle on my Kill Sat and remaining Gurus, mixing in a Tweak now and again.

End result: 21-Size Laser Sat with 5 move, 1 14-size Guru with 4 move, 2 Dr Pros and 1 Fiddle. (Lost a Fiddle to a Tweak at size 1. > Just one of many stragedies available here!


Webpage error details
Message: Object doesn't support this property or method
the errors?

[Try a different browser other than IE. -Jay]


I remember this game having an extra background music for data battles. It had something like record scratching and a nice beat. If anyone remembers it, does anyone know what it is called?

mew4ever23 May 24, 2010 9:01 PM

It's good to see that someone saved this gem from Lego.


Thanks for uploading this game. I've been looking for it for a long, long time.

I had nearly beaten it (had access to the last level!) when Lego took it down from their site. =(


Making a remake of this game, also including PvP. Loved this game a few years ago, but than Lego dropped it :(


I've rediscovered this game and like it.

BTW, I would want a remake. Pity the guys who made this didn't make a sequel...

TheRandomUser December 21, 2010 10:36 AM

eh, I know this is a bit late but I suggest you try entering this into the spbslot1.txt file

[#SPYBOT: 2, #sLevel: 5, #credits: 13371337, #agents: ["Hack", "Slingshot", "Bug", "Data Doctor", "Frag-Man", "Clog.01", "Hack 2.0", "Golem.mud", "Wolf Spider", "Seeker", "Silo", "Medic", "Turbo", "Hack 3.0", "Golem.clay", "Black Widow", "MandelBug", "BuzzBomb", "Fiddle", "Seeker 2.0", "SCUD", "Satellite", "Ballista", "Memory Hog", "Data Doctor Pro", "Clog.02", "Turbo Deluxe", "Golem.stone", "Tarantula", "HeisenBug", "LogicBomb", "Wizard", "Sumo", "Seeker 3.0", "Laser Satellite", "Catapult", "Clog.03", "Guru", "Sentinel 3.0", "Guard Dog", "Attack Dog", "Warden++", "Fire Wall", "Watchman SP", "Sensor", "Radar", "Sonar", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss", "Boss"], #nodes: [#WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN, #WIN]]

It'll give you a few enemy programs...well the best enemy programs..I didn't add them all..since why would anyone want a "Warden+" when you can have a "Warden++"?

Spoony Bard January 2, 2011 6:47 AM

Data Doctor Pro + Bug Family

Best pals.
Use the data doctor to shield the bug for several rounds as you build up its maximum size with surgery. Then, unleash the fury.

Phoonzang March 26, 2011 4:12 PM

Awesome game! Unfortunately, there are some MAJOR flaws in it, unnecessary and fixable flaws, so please do some bugficing there!

The whole users interface is quirky if not downright annoying at sometimes. Navigating the main map is a pain in the donkey, and during the combats you so often forfeit turns by misclicking (which is very easy). Sometimes moves by the enemy are not shown anymore, which makes it even worse. I guess it's good then that the AI in combats ist mostly pathetic, making up for the glitches destroying your strategy. A game that strategic should really not suffer from such kind of glitches, making all your carefully planned moves useless because you clicked one time to often or the wrong pixel.

Fix this, and the game is superb! Being as it is, it's only 4 stars though..

[The glitches you noted are most probably due to Adobe's changes in the Shockwave player, because the game was perfect back when it was first released. Unfortunately, the company that made the game is now gone, so there won't be any updating of the game. I suggest using the Windows Shockwave player to play the game as the Mac version of Shockwave sucks in its current version. -Jay]

Zargasheth April 20, 2011 6:33 PM

Since everybody else seems to be doing this, here's what I did for the final boss:

I set up initially with the four slots on the left filled with 2 Golem.stone, 1 Bit-man, and 1 Data Doctor Pro and the six slots on the right filled with 2 Clog.02, 1 Clog.03, and 3 catapults. (I don't remember the exact orientation, but it turned out to be fairly irrelevant)

I used Data Doctor Pro to perform surgery on Bit-Man to help him survive the boss, then had him construct a path along the bottom of the screen to sneak along. I used the Clogs to freeze the Sumos, dogs, Wardens, and watchers, then cleared out the former with the Catapults and did the rest using the Golems (who also benefited from a bit of Data Doctor Pro's stretching.)

I had planned to clog the boss to prevent him from moving, but he wiped out my 3 clogs before I could do it properly. Fortunately, the AI is rather stupid. I used Bit-Man to build a path into the Boss's island after sniping two of his Sonars with catapults, then used him to stall while I bombarded the boss with the Catapults. After Bit-man and the Catapults (which would incidentally be a good name for a band) died, I brought in the remaining Golem and swept through the boss and the other two Sonars.

Of course the great thing about this game is that that's by no means the only way to do it. Spybot is a brilliant, brain-stretching game of strategy and tactics; I was depressed when Lego took it off their website and elated when I found it here.
Incidentally, my first attempts on almost all of the later levels involved spamming Mandelbugs. They are awesome, despite the fact that those strategies never worked.


Wow, this is neat, I had no idea this game was still around. I too played it around age 10-12 and loved it. It's also interesting to me the number of different ways to beat the last node. I think I used LogicBombs to take out the sumos in the first round as apposed to freezing them. after that I'm not sure. I think I used wizard and a DrPro, maybe a turbo as well. Pretty sure I used a bitman too. I'll have to play again and try something new now.

Also, I agree, this game needs a multiplayer.


Awesome game, haven't finished it quite yet but I'm definitely planning on it. I noticed one MAJOR problem, though...after you've placed your programs, you can click on an enemy program, select one of their attacks, then click on a different enemy (this enemy has to be outside the range of the first enemy's attack), then click on the first enemy again, and at this point, pressing the UNDO button on the bottom left of the page will erase the enemy. Sometimes, you can still see the enemy but he can't be selected, other times he just vanishes. Makes some levels a lot easier, let me tell ya...


Does anyone know of any games with similar gameplay to this? because its just so good


Is there any way to play with today's Shockwave flash problems ? It looks like SF is not able to start Spybot, even if you try it to run via veb archive. Any ideas ?


The FlashPoint project has compiled hundreds of Flash games for use for all posterity.


Spybot: Nightfall Incident is among them.
Works great. Found nightfall after having finished another GameLab masterpiece: Blix, also on FlashPoint.


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