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Sound Color R

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elleelle_soundcolorr_image2.pngDoes the world seem a bit dull, lackluster and noisy? Robamimi never fails to delight escape-the-room aficionados with beautiful yet minimalistic interior design, light puzzles that require thought without enervating the brain, and buoyant endings that leave us smiling in accomplishment. Sound Color R (or "Otoiro" in Japanese) is true to Robamimi form in all these respects and this time the puzzles all focus on, as you would guess, color and sound.

As ocarina, violin and xylophone melodies mark the easy pace, move about the room following the arrow keys, clicking on anything that begs closer examination and keeping an eye out for clues, no matter how surreptitiously found. The cursor changes to indicate hotspots and a hint button will guide you in the right direction if you get stuck. All hues are labeled where necessary so chromatic subtleties are never a stumbling block.

In length and difficulty, Sound Color R is closer to the Snow Dance end of the Robamimi escape game spectrum than to the Hermit Rabi and the Wonder Fountain or Ancient Scripts end. Only a few tasks hinder your way through the two rooms and out the final door. With its seamless, intuitive quality to gameplay, a neatly organized inventory, and lack of misdirection, Sound Color R turns a graceful and serene diversion into a spark of vibrancy and music to light up your day.

Play Sound Color R

Not loading? Try the alternative link: Sound Color R

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Sound Color R Walkthrough

from Starting out to Opening the Purple Drawer

You start out facing two shuttered-doors that are locked...

  1. Turn right three times to face a unusual light fixture:

    • Get the BLUE BALL from the top of the lamp.

    • Note the design on the "face"

    • Mark also its position in the room in relationship to the other fixtures and furnishings.

  2. Turn right again and zoom in on the shelf:

    • Pick up the RED BALL.

    • Open the "Color Ball" box.

    • Put the RED BALL and the BLUE BALL in the box.

  3. Back up twice and turn left twice to find the PURPLE DRAWER now open; reach in to take:

    • a PART OF SOMETHING (Dial)

Dialing the Red Box

  1. Zoom in on the shelf above the chest of drawers and examine the four pictures:

    • Each picture is numbered and the light fixtures are all slightly different from each other.

    • Make note of the details on the second picture; zoom in on it:

    • The screws are facing different directions, a barely distinguishable pink dot can be seen on each:

      top left = 12 o'clock position
      top right = 2 o'clock position
      bottom left = 10 o'clock position
      bottom right = 4 o'clock position

  2. Back up twice and turn right four times. Examine the RED BOX:

    • Replace the missing dial with the "PART OF SOMETHING" you found in the purple drawer.

    • Notice that the pink tips on the dials remind you of a clue you saw very recently...

    • Turn the dials to match the positions of the screws in the second picture...

      top left = 12 o'clock position
      top right = 2 o'clock position
      bottom left = 10 o'clock position
      bottom right = 4 o'clock position

  3. When you've turned the dials correctly, the YELLOW BALL will appear. Take it.

Opening the Green and Orange Drawers

  1. Go back to the Color Box.

    • Place the YELLOW BALL and the BLUE BALL in the box to make green.

    • Turn back to the chest of drawers to find the green drawer open; get another PART OF SOMETHING (Arrow Button) out of the drawer.

    • Go back and take out the blue ball; place the RED BALL in the Color Box with the YELLOW BALL to make orange.

    • This time, inside the chest of drawers, you'll find a SCREWDRIVER.

Opening the Second Room

  1. Go over to the Yellow Box (next to the red box) and look in. It's missing a part.

    • Put the ARROW BUTTON (part of something found in the green drawer) in the middle.

    • Clicking on "MAP" indicates the four corners of the room, which are numbered.

    • The pictures on the shelf over there are also numbered.

    • Notice the direction of each light fixture in the pictures.

    • #1 is turned slightly to the right.
      #2 faces strait ahead.
      #3 is turned slightly to the right.
      #4 is turned slightly to the left.

    • Press the button of the fixture you want to adjust and then turn the dial accordingly; you can go over to each light to check how turning the dial will affect each's position (or open the following spoiler).

    • #1's dial = 3 o'clock
      #2's dial = 7 o'clock (it doesn't need to be turned)
      #3's dial = 12 o'clock
      #4's dial = 12 o'clock

  2. Solving the light fixtures-pictures puzzle will open the doors to the second room.

Pressing Buttons on the Brown Box

  1. Go into the Second Room and turn left to face the purple tapestry.

    • Pull the light switch to turn off the light.

    • Make note of the pattern behind each number:

    • 1st = top right
      2nd = bottom right
      3rd = top right
      4th = bottom left
      5th = top left
      6th = bottom left

  2. Turn the light back on and re-enter the main room. Go back to the shelf holding the Color Box and a smaller brown box.

    • Press the buttons in the correct order (see the above spoiler).

    • When the box opens, take the KEY.

Freeing the Green Ball

  1. In the second room, under the purple wall hanging, a green ball is locked into a small stand.

    • To find the clue for the code, you'll need to use your screwdriver (found in the orange drawer):

    • Unscrew the screws on the second picture and take it out of its frame.

      Click the arrow in the left corner to turn the picture over.

      You'll see segments of what appears to be digital numbers.

      An X appears over the symbol of an open eye; a O is over the symbol of a closed eye.

    • With this clue, you should be able to determine the four digits needed to open the stand and get the green ball.

    • This is what the clue means:

      Fill in the digits and use only what is not shown (as represented by the closed eye.) So the first number would be 7 because the bottom lines are not used....

      That means the code is:


  2. Enter this code into the small stand to open the bars...

  3. 7310

    ...and take the GREEN BALL.

Bouncing Light and the Numbers on the Wall

  1. Put the GREEN BALL in light fixture #4 (Blue).

    • Watch the movement of the green light as it bounces around the room, stopping at the different fixtures.

    • You can click "replay movie" to watch it again.
      (Using a map here is very helpful; you can also return to the yellow box and look at the map there.)

    • Pay close attention to the furniture and decorations the green light passes before it stops.

    • Make note of the number of each corner in which it pauses; this will give you five numbers in a particular order:

    • 4, 2, 3, 1, 2

  2. Go back into the second room and turn right, facing the numbers on the wall.

  3. Press the numbers in the same order as given by the green ball of light:

    4 - 2 - 3 - 1 -2

    • The correct code causes a treasure box to rise up.

    • Use the KEY to open the box and get your prize: an OCARINA!

The Sound and Color of Escape

  1. Your OCARINA is your exit key. You just need play the right tune...

    • Check out the design on the treasure box.

    • Exploring the first room, you find those designs correspond with the light fixtures:

    • 2, 1, 3, 4, 2
      yellow, green, red, blue, yellow

  2. Play the buttons on the ocarina in that order to open the exit door and escape.

Congratulations! Enjoy the pretty picture and music.

NOTE: those experiencing load time issues, try this Alternative Link.


WeRtheSquirrels February 6, 2012 12:13 PM

If only it would load...


Was going to say the same thing, hitting the Alternative Site link seems to be working, but horrible stripes !


It loaded for me in Chrome, but took forever to do so.

MmeTurbulence February 6, 2012 1:10 PM

One of the nice things about this game is that any time color matters, the game will tell you in text what color the item is. So even though many of the puzzles turn on color, the game is still playable by the color-blind.


And out! The only tricky part is

keeping track of the camera movements in the video near the end *dizzy*. I had to play it like three or four times to get it.

WeRtheSquirrels February 6, 2012 1:15 PM

If only it would load...

WeRtheSquirrels February 6, 2012 1:17 PM

Challenges in room 2. Anyone seen my brain?

WeRtheSquirrels February 6, 2012 1:19 PM

Found it next to my coffee.

frickineh February 6, 2012 1:19 PM

Hmm I didn't have any problems with it loading in Firefox.

I liked it. I used one hint on accident (didn't mean to click the button) but overall I was able to figure things out on my own fairly quickly. People who are experts at room escapes will probably find it too easy, though.


Loaded in IE, no problem.
Finished the game already, not too difficult I must say, but still fun nonetheless for 15 minutes!

bankroller February 9, 2012 7:35 PM

Can't get it to load either. What or where is the 'alternative site'?

bankroller February 9, 2012 7:38 PM

The 'alternative site' link listed above my comment just takes me to a 'jpeg'.

[It's there if you scroll down the page a bit...it's Robamimi's blog. But I'll adjust the link to go immediately to the game's entry. ~elle]


Won't load from alternative site either. Oh well.

[You could try clearing your cache and trying again. Please also make sure you've enabled Java and have updated Flash. Which browser and OS are you using? ~elle]


the mighty ocarina open the door!!!!!!! I thought that ocarina was call link to smash the door LOL


beautiful game, only the turn-around-video is somewhat nasty :)
original and well constructed!


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