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Snow Dance

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elleelle_snowdance_image4.pngLet's sing: "Joyful faces everywhere you go (hum hum hum). There's a silent glow that fills the earth, on a snowy . . . Robamini escaaape!" Something about a snowy night: lights are more twinkly, there is music in the air and, if you look at the right time, you can spy a snowman doing the Snow Dance. It's times like this you just want to snuggle up and sip hot chocolate while playing a few light puzzles, nothing too harsh or irksome.

Snow Dance is the perfect escape game to start the holiday season here on JIG—it has all the sumptuous conveniences we escapers prefer—changing cursors, logical puzzles, sparkly music, immaculate graphics and, to top it off, Robamimi's terrific hint system. While the puzzles are far from difficult (unlike Aunt Verna's precisely wrapped presents with tenacious adhesive tape and knotted ribbons that will not come undone), they do require the right amount of thought and investigation to pull off. Follow the arrows to navigate the room and click wherever you want a closer look or an item to pick up. The requisite screwdriver comes in handy, of course. Another welcome feature is the well-organized inventory, giving clarity to examination and use of objects. One reminder before you click start: make sure you've highlighted your preferred language, English or Japanese.

As simple as it is, it's hard to find fault with this escape except to say, well, it's too short. The only reward for your exploratory efforts is a brief glimpse of the gorgeous white-blanketed world just outside the door. But it's the thought that counts and Snow Dance is still a joyful pasttime, like an early Christmas gift from Robamimi.

Play Snow Dance

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Snow Dance Walkthrough

Starting Out--Gathering Items and Clues

  1. You start out facing the windows. Turn right and zoom in on the chest of drawers:

    • Click on the book to read it. Make note of the instructions and clues it gives for solving upcoming puzzles.

    • Look at the brown box; it has three symbols on it, but so far no code to open it.

  2. Open the top drawer:

    • Take the PINK PEN.

    • Make a note of the COMPASS for later use.

    • Close the top drawer.

  3. Open the bottom drawer:

    • Take the MIRROR.

    • Look at the white box; you need a 4-digit number code to open it.

    • Back up.

  4. Turn right and focus on the small table by the door:

    • Solve the tile puzzle so that the pipes connect as one from start arrow to ending arrow.

    • Press the button.

    • Take the TWEEZERS.

    • Back up twice; notice there is a glass ornament hanging by the door, but there is nothing you can do with it yet.

  5. Turn right and zoom in on the cabinet.

    • Move the plant and take the BATTERY.

    • Look at the snowman; when you press the button, he dances, moving his arms to certain positions.

    • Back out.

  6. You are now ready to start solving some puzzles.

The Box in the Bottom Drawer

  1. Examine the PINK PEN in your inventory.

    • Use the tweezers to extract a slip of paper from inside the top of the pen.

    • The clue tells you how to use the mirror:

    • Place the mirror under the left side of the cabinet.

    • The information you get from the mirror doesn't make seem to solve any puzzles. Maybe there is something to help you decipher the clue?

    • Use the compass in the top drawer of the chest; you'll end up with a 4-digit number:


  2. Now input that code into the white box in the bottom drawer:

    • Get another BATTERY.

The Brown Box on top of the Chest

  1. The dancing snowman tells you everything you need to know for opening the box:

    • Note the positions of the snowman's arms from start to finish:

    • up--down--straight--up.

    • Press the buttons on the box in that order.

  2. Get the SCREWDRIVER.

The Right Side of the Cabinet

  1. Examine the screwdriver in your inventory;

    • Press the button to separate the SCREWDRIVER BIT from its GRIP.

  2. While facing the cabinet, click just to right side of it;

    • You should see a hexagonal hole on the side of the cabinet.

    • Stick the SCREWDRIVER'S GRIP in the hole.

    • Go back to the front, right side of the cabinet; now it should open.

    • Take the WATER.

  3. Follow the yellow arrow.

    • You need a tool to undo the screw, but you can't use the screwdriver without its grip. What could you use to help you get a grip on the screwdriver bit?

    • Stick the TWEEZERS in the screwdriver bit.

  4. Now you can remove the SCREW for future use.

  5. You can now also take the SNOWMAN.

    • Examine the snowman and take its BATTERIES; now you should have 4 batteries.

The Left Side of the Cabinet

  1. The clue from the book explains the "pipe game" and its relationship to the arrows on the cabinet door.

    • Go back to look at the pipes picture in the white box by the door

    • Note each direction of the pipe and how it relates to the arrows (as shown in the book).

  2. Focus on the left side of the cabinet.

    • Press the arrows in order as gathered from the pipe game:

    • Hint: Count the direction of the pipe only once; where you think you'd have two rights, for example, it is only one (this is explained in the book).

      Pay attention to the direction the arrows are pointing on the cabinet. For example, the right-pointing arrow is on the left side. It is the direction the arrow is pointing that counts.



  3. Take the HUMIDIFIER.

Cubby Door Inside the Cabinet and the Exit Key

  1. Look at the base of the humidifier...

    • ...add the four batteries.

    • Then open the side of the humidifier and pour the water into it.

    • Now you just need a place to set it...

  2. Take the humidifier over to the little table by the windows, put it down and, turn it on.

    • Turn around then turn back to the humidifier: you'll see a code on the window in the steam:

    • SNOW

    • Go back to the left side of the cabinet.

  3. Focus on the panel in the top right corner:

    • Use the screw to hold the panel open.

    • Enter the code you got from the window; this unlocks the small cubby door.

  4. Get the SNOW CRYSTAL.

    • The book tells you what to do with the snow crystal, also.

    • Place the snow crystal in the ornament hanging by the door.

  5. Take the key and use it on the door to exit.


I am stuck on the four digit code

I have placed the mirror under the cabinet and gotten SeWNeS. I took this to be a reference to the compass, and tried 4926. No luck. I also tried 6294--again, no luck.


Also, regarding the snowman...

I can't get the snowman hands on the box on the table to change.


POP on the snowman:

the buttons don't change. you have to push them in a certain order...

baileydonk December 5, 2011 11:55 AM

tjhen -

four digit code:

Try different numbers - those "e"s can be before or after the letters they modify.

Anyone past there? I'm stuck on

the hole on the right of the cabinet. I can put the screwdriver handle in there, but can't do anything else. And I haven't figured out what to use the other part of the screwdriver for.

baileydonk December 5, 2011 11:56 AM

Power of posting. Had some breakthroughs.



can you just give me the code? :-p I've tried a few more variations and am about to strangle this game. I'm sure I can backform the logic from the code.

as for the screwdriver, when you have it in the hole, you should be able to open that right hand cabinet and get something. there is also an arrow. i can't figure out how to take advantage of what the arrow points to, though. [and i'm happy to be noncryptic if you like, just ask! :-p ]

WeRtheSquirrels December 5, 2011 12:02 PM

tjhen77 - re: 4 digit code

There is a difference between NorthEast and EastNorth. Go to the primary and move back or forward accordingly.


Thanks, WeRtheSquirrels! Now if only I could figure out

how to have that cabinet door open and use my screwdriver at the same time,

I could make some more progress...


Stuck on the cabinet with directional buttons
I tried

using the same exact route as the pipe game, even tried the opposite of it, but no luck.

WeRtheSquirrels December 5, 2011 12:11 PM


Push the button!

Now that you have it apart, what else can hold something?


I can't find where to use the



Also, tjhen77 -

Now if only there were something thin you could put through the hole at the base of the screwdriver tip...

WeRtheSquirrels December 5, 2011 12:15 PM


Let the book show you the way of the mirror



Regarding the direction buttons:

Try entering each change in direction only once. E.g. Ignore what appears to be 2 rights and 2 ups. (Also keep in mind that left and right are opposite buttons from where they actually are.


Figured out the cabinet


Don't repeat a direction. So if the pipe goes up 2x in a row, you only hit up on the cabinet once



don't double any of the pipe lengths.


Gah. Is anybody at


yet? I still have the

screwdriver parts and tweezer/other metal part thingy

and have tried various combinations of those with the lantern or whatever it is by the door, but to no avail. Can't figure out how the word relates.


WOOT! figured out the

right handed cabinet thingy. The tweezers substitute for the screwdriver handle.



use the screw to keep the door up in the cabinet under the plant

MattersMost December 5, 2011 12:45 PM


have you opened the left side of the cabinet yet? (side with the directional buttons?)


tjhen77 Thanks but I'm already past that part. The part I'm talking about is the last puzzle, I think. After you do the humidifier.



once you've used the screw in the right place, you'll have somewhere to put the word snow.


@tjhen77 WTH? I had entered that like three times and thought I was just way off base b/c it just wasn't working. It finally worked, but I wasn't doing anything different. Weird. But thanks! If you hadn't suggested it I wouldn't have gone back for that last couple of tries.


I'm out


I'm out, but I "cheated," because I just guessed the password and didn't have to bother with the humidifier.


I am SO PSYCHED to have finished one of those before a walkthrough was posted! I'm not usually able to help folks.


@Rob I wished that bit about the directionals had been in the book.


Snowman... help?

The box on the bureau with the snowman code won't move its buttons, no matter how I click on it. Am I missing something?



you need to push those buttons in a certain order.


power of posting, I just had a brain... freeze. very pretty, but the hints were uncharacteristically missing some key logic gaps. Charming.


Out! That was fun and quick with just enough challenge to not be boring!

SqueakyBeaky December 5, 2011 4:02 PM

I don't get WeRtheSquirrels' cryptic hint about

"Let the book show you the way of the mirror". Is it something to do with the compass?

nerdypants December 5, 2011 4:36 PM

That was fun! Just challenging enough to keep me busy for ten or fifteen minutes, but not frustrating at all.


Small correction, elle:

There's nothing in the book that tells you where to use the mirror. You need to get that clue out of the pen.

[Oops. Thank you! I'll fix that. ~ elle]

wildturnip December 5, 2011 9:24 PM

First time ever out without a walkthrough. Very helpful:

pipe hint, not to double when span was longer.

Also suggestion to

try different numbers, because Se and Ne could each be either of 2 numbers.

Thanx to commenters and for cool (literally) escape!


I think Robamimi escapes are about as close to perfection as you can get. Just wonderful!


Alright, just got out without hints. Took a while at some parts, but 'twas a fun one! I enjoyed it!



Se and Ne can't actually each be two different numbers. As the example in the book shows, the other numbers correspond to Es and En.


Completed by myself. I'm proud =)


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