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Slave Hack

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Rating: 4.6/5 (68 votes)
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ThomasSlave HackIn the browser-based DHTML game, Slave Hack, you take on the role of a vaguely tech-savvy Internet addict who has now decided to make a living out of his/her own talents. If your ethics do not prevent you from pretending to infiltrate other computers to use them as spam relays, warez-sharing nodes, or even as tools to bring down an enemy's computer with a massive DDoS attack, then you are excellent material for the world that is portrayed in Slave Hack.

Starting out at the lowly rank of "Script kiddie", with nothing but a small computer and a slow connection to the Internet, you begin surfing the Internet. Your home base will be the WHOIS server at until you grow a little more advanced. As you browse through the list of servers, you will notice a server which is conveniently labeled as Freeware 4 All. On this machine, you find a hacker's starter kit of programs essential for gaining access to restricted areas.

This is where the fun of hacking other servers starts. Both NPC servers and other players' servers can (and will be) hacked, but only other players will try to follow your traces back to your own (virtual) machine.*

*Note: Slave Hack is a virtual hacking simulation game. Your 'server' exists only in the game itself and is given a fictitious IP to use while playing. Other players do not actually hack into the computer that you use to play the game. Moreover, neither the game nor this site encourages hacking outside of a safe, harmless environment such as the one offered in this game.

If you start your hacking career at the server, you will notice a main trait of the game. In the form of a text file, a puzzle is started, commonly referred to as a riddle trail. Riddle trails are the only reliable way of getting more advanced in terms of software. Typically, you solve the riddle in the text file, which will give you a new IP address. And when you follow that trail, you will either find a new riddle or a reward for solving the entire trail (i.e., new and advanced software for your hacking convenience.)

While going about your business, you always need to look over your shoulder, as other players might be lurking on any server you're currently infiltrating. Your actions will leave entries in the server's log files, which can be accessed by everybody else. Covering your steps is essential if you want to minimize the risk of being infected, or, even worse, of having all your precious software deleted.

Analysis: Slave Hack is a game that I had expected to surface on the Web long ago. It is, no doubt, heavily influenced by Introversion's revolutionary Uplink hacking game, which was released in 2001. Uplink's player base has often asked for a multiplayer functionality, which has always been politely declined by Introversion. M2H, Slave Hack's solitary developer, has taken it upon him to port Uplink's framework to a browser-based game, and to enhance it with said multiplayer support.

The game needs registering with a valid e-mail address. While starting out, you should be reading the Beginner's Guide, which will help you over the initial steep learning curve. Should you get stuck on one of the less logical riddles, the forums also offer a helpful section called Riddle Help. Be careful, though, as asking for help on a specific riddle might give away which server you're currently frequenting. It is not unusual for advanced players rush to that server to collect your IP address from the logs.


sarah_briarmoss November 16, 2006 4:20 PM

O. M. G.

I used to play this game like, half a year ago? It was the most awesome and fun game ever.

A warning to everyone out there: This game is addictive!

- Sarah


its awesome so far, but why pg13?

Kristofski November 16, 2006 6:19 PM

This game seems really great, but I'm having trouble with badly written instructions (I'm following the newbie tutorial). It says: "To do this, upload the spam virus file (OpenRelay-backdoor.vspam) to the slave you just
hacked", but it doesn't say how you actually upload it, and I can't work it out. Help, anyone?
Kristofski x


This... Game... RULES!!

i am currently hacking someones Waterwall.wwl 0.5, and then im gonna delete it :) he has aton of other high tech stuff too that i will upload then delete off of his hardrive. i know, im so evil.

too get started after the beginner turorial go to the server, logon, and check the list of ip adresses after logging on and hack into their computer :)


This is miserable. It's impossible to even get into, as high level players simply blockade it with a huge firewall that most players can't even crack, much less someone who's just starting out.


Kristofski: To upload a file to a slave, go to the 'Files' section on the slave. At the bottom of the list, you find an 'Upload' link.

Brandon: Yes, that's true. Some players seem to derive pleasure from blocking servers for newer players. Fortunately, there will often be another player with the capabilities to remove the block.

tankgirl23 November 16, 2006 8:36 PM

yeah, this is riciculous. I can't play with that firewall in place.


Nice game! I'm up to 0.7wwl and 0.6crc..

From browsing the forums, apparently the server resets its files every 15 minutes so you should be good to go in a little while. Annoying, true.


hey jay, awesome site, Manax told me about it. I gotta say if I wasn't such a Newgrounds loyalist I would say this site is much better looking even better organized than Newgrounds. 2 thumbs up jay


I need help...

when i hack into someones comp, i then upload the marketing mailer, but then i cant give him/her the virus! I NEED HELP!


Also, i find it easier to play this game with like 4 different screens up each doing something different


Browser tabs are your friend. =)


video_game_freak: read the tutorial again. The marketing mailer is for your OWN computer - it's the "master" program. You need to upload the "slave" program on your targets, which is the "something.vspam" file (the spam virus).



thx Valarauka :)


Great game. Found a person with some good stuff. I'd post the I.P. but that would be too evil. To people who are just starting heres a tip

collect other people's I.P. adresses from the logs of websites you visit. That way you can hack them later and possibly get good stuff.


I love this game already! I'm already blasting my way across it, deleting peoples' antivirus and stuff. <:)


I NEED [email protected]!!! I have no idea how to play and i keep pressing software and these weird number come out. I NEED HELP


Alex - start by reading through the Beginner's guide that Thomas links to in the review above.


Hm. I finally got into, but one of the two addresses there was firewalled, and my shiny new waterwall does nothing.

However, it is a lot of fun just slaving other player's systems.


The waterwall opens up access to more of the servers in the main list; the second ip in that text file won't be accessible until a while later.

I'm actually finding the 'riddle trails' part more fun than slaving other players' systems...


I'm having fun with this. It's a good distraction to have while you're browsing other websites, especially since you have to leave it unattended for fairly long periods.


Flay: Exactly! :)

That's why I thought that it still qualified as casual, even though you can also spend a lot of time on it, if you decide to do so.


Oh no... I started playing before I went to bed yesterday, and now I've had the Slave Hack window up constantly at work today - I'm seriously addicted.

I wonder if this girl who's coming to visit tonight would be very upset if I ignored her for Slave Hack. :D


Thanks for posting this; I'm like, addicted now.

I do feel anxious that any moment someone will come along and delete all my precious files, and I still have a slow connection so I won't really be able to get them back again. D:


Dude, this game rox.

Was off to a rocky start, seems a lot of people like picking on newbies.... Had my cash stolen, my files deleted, had 15 virusses at some point....

a format, IP and password reset later, I managed to get me a firewall, and some better software, better log management... and managed to stay fairly safe... for now. :)


Still no idea where to get antivirus software though.


You will find all kinds of software, including antivirus scanners, if you follow the riddle trails.

Apart from that, being infected is not fatal in Slave Hack. Posts on the forums suggest that a Virus merely occupies space on your hard disk. They don't seem to have an impact on your CPU power/connection speed.


This game is awesome... maybe TOO awesome. Seems to me like they took Uplink and modified it so it would work as an MMO. Only been hacked once so far, and then only my antivirus was deleted so I could get spammed. Seems like my obsessive log deletion habits carried over from Uplink are paying off ;) WW and FW 0.8 and CRC 0.6 so far.

It may have been a mistake to tell casual gamers about this though. They won't be casual much longer ;D


I can't figure out how to find a riddle trail much less follow one. Help please!


@Deadl0ck, it seems the most people that pick on newbies are ... newbies! Since I got my 0.5 Firewall I am almost left in peace.. I got some betteer firewalls (0.8 now) but this didn't change much.

@video_game_freak: typicall, bragging around how cool you are and what you are not going to delete everything etc. , but then not even knowing the difference between a mailer and a vspam *rolls eyes*

BTW: It's not smart to delete other peoples stuff... they will only rally up revenge! You never know if he saw your ip, and if he will only bother you... tell their to bother you. etc. And you don't get anything from deleting other peoples files... so the pro's don't do it. They get you a virus, and hide it, so you don't even notice. Thats the smarted thing to do.


Yup, in fact, it seems letting someone put a virus on you is basically just helping them out at no cost to yourself except some drive space. Running antivirus on your machine is rather frowned upon - it annoys people, and might make them delete your stuff.

Of course, some people are malicious and like to delete things, or DDoS you, so you should still keep your IP address as safe as possible.

I've gotten up to 1.1 waterwall and 1.0 cracker and firewall; found the second WHOIS server. Got a 4mbit connection and 300mhz cpu, too.


Here's a big tip for managing how you work in the game:

Even though everything you do has a timer attached to it, the event only "happens" when you click the 'Continue' button after the whole timer has expired. You can have multiple things running at the same time, and use your Processes page to keep track of them; here's a fairly simple (yet incredibly useful) example of how you can use this to your advantage:
Keeping your logfile clear - the more stuff there is in your log, the longer it takes to clear. This is especially bad when you have a lot of slaves and you collect the money; if you first collect the money, then go to clear your log, your bank account number and all your slave IPS will be in the log for a rather long time. Instead, here's what you do:
1. Go to your log, empty it out and press the 'edit' button.
2. Wait for the timer to count down to zero, but DON'T press continue. Now if you check the Processes page, you should have a line saying 'Process "Editing log at" has been finished. Continue' - just leave it alone for now.
3. Go to your slaves page, click 'collect all', then the Collect button.
4. Go back to the processes page (or even better: have it open already in another tab), click the 'Continue' button on the "Editing log" process, and voila! insta-clear.
You can do this with a lot of other actions as well - I tend to leave a 'clear log' loaded up and ready to go at all times; you could do the same with 'change password', or 'Reset IP' for instant protection if you're being hacked or DDoSed. Also, for example, when hacking a target, I tend to start a 'clear log' and 'upload virus' at the same time, wait for them to finish, then just go and click continue on both in rapid succession - leaves my IP exposed for much less time.


Valarauka: That's right.

It should be pointed out, though, that such prepared processes still weigh on the CPU/Connection until they're being ultimately finished by clicking on 'Connect'.
So, if you keep many processes prepared, you have to be aware that other things will take longer. That can be a problem when you first log in to a server and then need to clear the log asap.

XandraChick November 18, 2006 7:30 PM

if i collect ip of people from the log, what do i do with them after that?


Valarauka - took your advice. ;) Then I went to see a movie.

Heh, poor guy. After I got back he had password crack 6, which I promptly took, along with waterwall 5, antivirus 3, marketing mailer 4, freewall 5... I need to give him some euros later.


XandraChick: You would then typically go ahead and hack them. :)



The best part is being able to collect money over night from my 200-ish slaves :P

Maybe someone could set up a JayIsGames "software warehouse" and post it's IP here, and then everyone could download/upload software? I think that would be pretty neat- like a JIG clan of hackers :b

I am currently waiting for 40000 seconds to pass by to get my new firewall & waterwall...so im playing that 3D rocket game to pass time!


40000 seconds? what level are you downloading? either you are way higher than me already, or you really need to upgrade your hardware :)

I am currently at fwl/wwl 1.2

cu starside


I was downloading the level 1 WWL and the .8 FWL at the same time over the same connection you start with. :P

I just hacked a bank account with 5k euros (I got SO VERY lucky :D) and upgraded my connection to 6 mb, so no more worries about that for a while.

I still think we should have a JayIsGames account that we could use to share our best softwares with each other...


i just hacked 3 bank accounts in a row.


at the moment I am up to wwl 1.6 and hoping to get mailer 1.5 soon, as I have spam 1.5 (100MB) already and it's smaller than 1.1 (130MB).

Will also get 8mbit later on today if no one hacks my bank account, but it should be safe, got 4 already ;)

About sharing software - imho it is more fun to follow the riddle yourself, some hints may be nice if someone gets stuck tho.

cu starside


Icewolf: I'm stuck on wwl 1.5, little help?

I'm guessing the next IP has something to do with the

"Our latest catch" numbers on the aDF page, but I can't figure out how to put them together...



What if the list was titled 'Groceries'?

Strike out the things that are not groceries.

Read the numbers vertically


Neewbie question

How do you clear the logfile ? A step by step guide please if you wouldn't mind.

I can 'edit' it but can't seem to so anything.

Confused of Bognor


Glix: That part is a little bit counter-intuitive. The 'edit' button should be labeled 'Commit Changes' for clarity.

So, it's really that simple. You make your changes in the text field, and then you hit edit. That starts a process.

When that process is finished, you press 'Continue', which ultimately commits the change instantly.


I need help on the riddle trail, people keep encrypting and deleting the riddle files.

I guess my comp is going to be a JIG softwarehouse Have fun uploading/downloading.

0.9 firewall, but i have some decent stuff.


Ugh. I think that the game is fun, however it seems too easy to crack bank accounts. I've been religious at clearing out logs and keeping my banking IDs hidden, but in the past two days I've lost over over $4000. (Both times it was as my accounts approached $2K and I was just shy of what I wanted to upgrade).

That's enough for me not to play anymore. There should be some sort of "filters" to prevent people from too far outside your hacking range to do damage to your computer.

Overall I think it's a great concept. However I do think it takes too much time/effort to get past the first few stages. It's one thing to wait a few minutes or so to download a new virus or file. It's another when you have to do it 40 times because some jerk player keeps deleting your large files and stealing your cash.


lol Tarx, found your server by accident before even seeing your IP here, but I think it would be better to put it in a spoiler tag. To upload some of the bigger stuff your connection is too slow and your hdd too small kinda, e.g. wwl 1.7 takes 460MB on its own already, most other stuff is > 200MB as well.

cu starside


Where do you find the riddles ?


Icewolf, around the time you posted that i was downloading 4 different programs! (I was asleep)

Bank account got cracked too.


I need help. Badly. My bank account is constantly cracked, people hide all of my programs (and viruses) and I have no money. I am royally ******. What should I do?


I'm in the same boat with you, Murphy.


People in this game love to pick on newbs. Also, someone hid a bunch of files at the 'JayisGames Software house'.


To start over, you delete your bank accounts, and then create new ones. Never log into your bank accounts, as that leaves traces of your account number as well as of your IP address in the bank's logs.

I suspect that's what has given away your location.

Other than that, remove your entries from log files, and you should be fine most of the time.

Read the Beginner's Guide that's linked in the review, if you're still confused.


Thanks I'm deleting my bank account now.


I must say I have mixed feelings about this game. I guess I could write quite a long piece about how this game brings out the worse in some people and what I think are serious flaws but I don't think this is the forum. Thanks to Trax for his site - very useful place for software but sadly no viruses allowed.

I am trying an alternative approach to finances which I belive will work up unto a point. I have about 20 slaves of which 10 seem to be permament (running for > 40 hours). My guess is I can make about 40 euro an hour. This means after about 70 hours I will have enough for a 4Mb feed. Just need to be quick to collect the cash, purchase the upgrade and clear the logs. Probably need up to 60 seconds to do that. As I say this strategy has risks (lots of potential cash lost if viruses are deleted) but it also means my bank account isn't worth hacking as it won't have much cash in it. It also doesn't scale well - having to wait the best part of 3 days to get £3K - that means a month for a 24Mb feed.

Which brings me on to bank accounts and probably the major flaw in the game. I don't have a desire to hack accounts but obviously I would like to get to the banking logs to clear out my info. Anyone enlighten me how this is done and what levels of software are required ?


I must say I have mixed feelings about this game. I guess I could write quite a long piece about how this game brings out the worse in some people and what I think are serious flaws but I don't think this is the forum. Thanks to Trax for his site - very useful place for software but sadly no viruses allowed.

I am trying an alternative approach to finances which I belive will work up unto a point. I have about 20 slaves of which 10 seem to be permament (running for > 40 hours). My guess is I can make about 40 euro an hour. This means after about 70 hours I will have enough for a 4Mb feed. Just need to be quick to collect the cash, purchase the upgrade and clear the logs. Probably need up to 60 seconds to do that. As I say this strategy has risks (lots of potential cash lost if viruses are deleted) but it also means my bank account isn't worth hacking as it won't have much cash in it. It also doesn't scale well - having to wait the best part of 3 days to get £3K - that means a month for a 24Mb feed.

Which brings me on to bank accounts and probably the major flaw in the game. I don't have a desire to hack accounts but obviously I would like to get to the banking logs to clear out my info. Anyone enlighten me how this is done and what levels of software are required ?


Oops hit the post button twice due to lag - sorry about that.


Glix: There's no need to hack the bank server to clear the logs in there. You would usually open a bank account, accumulate money in it through your slaves, then, as soon as you have just enough, purchase the piece of hardware you want, then delete the account, and start again.

Nothing will show up in the bank's logs until you purchase something with your account.

As for the earning rates: I now make around 600-700 Euros per hour, with about 25 slaves. But just one of them is generating about 75% of the whole revenue. By acquiring higher-profile slaves, your income will increase significantly. You can find them as you progress along the riddle trail.

Concerning hacking banks in general. It is possible. I don't know the levels of software by heart, but you will eventually have good enough Waterwalls to get through.


What is the IP of the 75% slave?

I have never done any riddles, I dont even know how to find them 0.o


DAMN! I have a new account in the bank, never logged into it, and about 500e in it, and it got hacked!


When is your bank account number logged and where?

1) If you collect money from your slaves your bank account is logged in your personal log, so you only have to worry about deleting your own logs.

2) If you upgrade your hardware your bank account is only logged in your personal log, you only have to worry about clearing your own personal logs as well.

3) If you login to to your bank account, then it is logged at the bank and therefor you would be forced to delete the logs at the bank, which most likely is a very bad idea seeing how lots of people camp the bank logs and you would lose all your money in a matter of seconds. NEVER LOGIN TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. If you do make sure you spend all the money right away and delete that account.

4) If you transfer money from 1 bank account to another one then it is logged in BOTH banks (including the two account numbers).

So how do i keep my account safe?

1) Never login to your bank account

2) Keep one account only for collecting money from your slaves. And don't use it for anything else. (if you are hacking into other accounts never transfer money to your main account, the one that you use solely for collecting money from your slaves. Use your second and third accounts for this purpose, spend the money right away and delete them both.

3) Make sure you always clear your personal log right after collecting money from slaves or upgrading your hardware.

4) Don't collect money or upgrade your hardware while surfing the Internet (logging in to NPC's or other peoples computers) Someone COULD have gotten your IP and may be camping your logs, or while they are uploading a virus they could be checking up on what you are doing)
It sounds paranoid but wait a while and then collect your money and clear your logs instantly.

This should keep your bank account 99% safe from other people. I hope people find this helpful.


I already was doing all that, I hadn't even been on the internet after I got that account.


As an extreme n00b, I am only just trying to hack the server, but it's got that darn firewall up ALL THE TIME. I am just wondering if the window of time when the firewall isn't up is in any way significant, or if it's just open for a few seconds. If I have to sit continually clicking "hack" and then "back," I'm going to quit: I don't have time! Is there a certain time I should check?

sgtsuperman November 26, 2006 3:15 PM

I need help with the riddle trail. How does it work? Where do you start? My best guess is to start with the important.txt but I dont get how that is a riddle. Can some one give some hints and tips? Thanks.

sgtsuperman November 26, 2006 3:16 PM

I need help with the riddle trail. How does it work? Where do you start? My best guess is to start with the important.txt but I dont get how that is a riddle. Can some one give some hints and tips? Thanks.

langcuasboy November 27, 2006 7:10 AM

where could i get higher softwares, are they riddle related too? i got stuck with 1.9WWL and 1.8FWL


Bit of a glitch I think - maybe someone has hacked slave hack. Can't edit my logfile or delete files from my HD, gives - erroraa report this bug - in place of the confirm button. Bit of a shame really as I just collected from all my slaves and my logfile now contains my bank account details which I can't delete.


Yeah i noticed that problem as well.

I think it has to do with the timer, seeing as how everything that requires a timer gives that error, while things like collecting money or upgrading hardware seem to be working just fine.


Looks like Sleve Hack has taken a nose dive. Hit the URL and you get a blank page with BRB on it.


He needed to fix a glitch.


I was enjoying Slave Hack for a while, but at this point I'm thinking MMO-hacking game != fun. Griefers keep just uploading strong firewalls to the early systems, preventing new players from getting to any of the riddles, and thus keeping them from getting any better software.

The "solution" of waiting for benevolent high-level players to remove those firewalls and then trying to sneak in before another griefer installs another firewall is ridiculous.

The overall execution is pretty good, though, and it gives me more ideas for what to do when I get around to making the best hacking game ever, but the #1 idea this game is giving me is "do not make it multiplayer".

master_flea November 30, 2006 7:53 AM

Well, I'm now up to the 3.2 servers on the riddle trail. I'm cracking my way up the trail atm just collecting decrypters, seekers, waterwalls and firewalls, and noting where ALL the software is so I can pick up what I need once I'm at the 4.0 firewall. It also means I have about 45 slaves atm.
Here's my current software list:

WhatIsiT.ana 2.0
Brute Kracht.crc 3.1
Decryptonator.dec 2.9
Ftpcash.fc 2.2
F-Wall.fwl 2.8
LostYa.hdr 2.8
Serious marketing.mailer 3
ComeoutComeout.skr 3.2
WShower.wwl 3.2


Here's a list of servers and the software on them. Everything up to 2.0 level was done by others. I've just continued it from there.

IP Address FWL [message truncated]

Ergh... sorry, I didn't realise I couldn't post tables. I'm still going with it anyway (according to the main page the trail goes up to 4.0 software level). Once I'm at that level, I'll post a link to my webspace with the full table.


I need a good IP to slave off of. Help please? All my other slaves have changed IPs.


I have:

3.8 wwl
3.7 fwl
3.8 crc
3.5 ana
3.5 enc
3.8 dec
3.7 hdr
3.7 skr
3.6 fc
3.6 av
3.0 mailer

Been stuck there for a few days, I need to retrace my steps since i have probably missed a riddle or an image with an important IP that will take me one step further.


My current list. Liv: check out
Matt: After 14 days, IPs change automatically.

Running software* Software level
WhatIsiT.ana 2.0
Antivirus Release.av 3.4
GuessBook.crc 4
Decryptonator.dec 3.5
Encryptonator.enc 3.5
Ftpcash.fc 3.5
F-Wall.fwl 3.9
LostYa.hdr 3.7
Serious marketing.mailer 3.3
ComeoutComeout.skr 3.5
WShower.wwl 3.9

Has anyone here done the 3 IPs.txt riddle? It's stumping me.


And now...

ana 2.0
av 3.4
crc 4
dec 4
enc 4
fc 3.5
fwl 4
hdr 4
mailer 3.3
skr 3.5
wwl 4


Thank you master_flea

Now i have 3.9 wwl, 3.9 fwl and 4.0 crc

By the way... I haven't come across the 3 IPs.txt riddle yet, right now i am trying to figure out the NoPlaceLikeHome.txt riddle, thats the last riddle i have come across.


finally solved the NoPlaceLikeHome riddle, lets see where that takes me now.


I've now finished the riddle trail, and am bringing all my software up to 4.0.


*bounces happily*

ana 4
av 4
crc 4
dec 4
enc 4
fc 4
fwl 4
hdr 4
mailer 4
skr 4
wwl 4


Good Job!! Looks great.

I just solved the 3 IP's and RefreshMaths riddles. Hopefully i'll have all 4.0 software by tonight.


At last!

4.0 wwl
4.0 skr
4.0 mailer
4.0 fc
4.0 hdr
4.0 fwl
4.0 enc
4.0 dec
4.0 crc
4.0 av
4.0 ana


Any idea where i can get a "Decryptor.dec" of 2.0+?


Decryptor 2.4 dec 2.9 dec


Very fun and addictive, but also an incredible time sink. : played it once for 6 hours and was still getting out of the newb phase.

Every step takes forever to complete when you are new because your virtual equipment sucks, so simple puzzles that you figured out in 2 minutes take half an hour to solve.

Great concept but not rewarding enough for the huge time commitment it takes.


Time sink is right, someone deleted my wwl. 2.1 but left everything else! looks like I'm gonna save for a external HDD that can hold a decent amount of software.


Tarx: Good luck. In fact, the one thing I haven't upgraded is my external. The costs are just too high.


*sigh* i got hacked and deleted...


Well, on the plus side, the guy is now a gigantic virus farm with nothing else.


That was MY computer, not his. i take it you did not use my computer to upload and download files as stated above?


oh. right. I didn't, but I'll go on and give you a couple of things...


Well Tarx, you've got AV 4.0, now... and I'm uploading WWL 2.9 atm. Will take a while, though.


Actually, WWL 2.9 will take too long. Have CRC 3.0, instead.


Tarx, I am gonna upload you a 2.5 wwl and a 2.4 fwl. Although Its going to take quite some time for the upload to finish.


All Done!

2.5 wwl and 2.4 fwl uploaded.


Sweet, thanks! I'm gonna change my IP unless you two slaved me, It's ok.


I was about to download the AV 4 but the firewall is blocking me.


hey where do you get firewall bypassing software from?
i need it badly.. (im a n00b)

THE MAN June 16, 2007 3:14 PM

SOOOO Confusing......

It would be easier to hack a real computer.....

HellBentMadman June 18, 2007 5:47 PM

lol yeah it prolly would be but this is fun i just started and only using i got like 80 euros so far its not at all alot but its a start if someone could help please do i need to upgrade fast

whatever10 June 20, 2007 10:08 PM

grrrrr... everything deleted...

had up to 4 waterwall

why are people so cruel?

whatever10 June 20, 2007 10:50 PM

oh, and where is the jayisgames softwarehouse?


Wow this thread is still going -- If anyone needs help go onto the Jayisgames irc server (irc.jayisgames.com) #casualgameplay and look for me .. another option is clicking the chat link at the top of this page if you do not have an IRC client --

mrhthepie July 26, 2007 11:19 AM

I think the main thing with not being hacked is to be really anal with deleting logs. Works for me...


Anyone have trouble hacking banks? My page always freezes...

charybdiscylla August 9, 2007 1:38 PM

no matter what i do it says

You cannot crack this system, a firewall is active and you haven't got a firewall bypasser which is good enough for this firewall.
You might also have not got any software to crack.

I just started and got all of the software from freeware4all. pleze help


I dont understand what you do with the riddles! I got some software from the important.txt the bruteforce 0.4 and the waterwall 0.5 but I dont know what to do next can someone help me!? Im usally good at riddles I jsut dont know where to start!

charybdiscylla August 10, 2007 2:13 PM

Where is the virusscanner I have 18 virusses on my harddrive!


pls i need help whith the riddle jon the beach

5. 1.186.4
5 .1 5.200.131 7
#################### (+)

help pls


is it normal taht at midnight(game time) all NPC slaves are deleted?

Joekerr1870 September 29, 2007 11:40 AM

anyone have a good AV for me


I need help with this puzzle



hello, can someone help me please. i am playing the gam over a month and all i have is 1 or 2 NPC slaves and really crappy software. and i dont have any money, becouse they allways hack my bank acc. can someone please help me??


could someone help me with crypto.txt i dont get the riddle


melovearmy December 2, 2007 1:37 PM

i wait over 10 minutes no email to activate =[


this is the answers to every riddle in slavehack.

intrested... March 6, 2008 4:45 PM

can anybody just tell the ware/storehouse ip? like, please... i seriously need it... i just got everything deleted, but i luckily got an ip reset be4 he deleted waterwall and cracker.... please help...


Can this game be used as training by real life hackers

[Edit: Perhaps. And yet it can also be used by the rest of us, non-hackers, to learn about general vulnerabilities in computers and networking, too. -Jay]


what are we supposed to do with the riddles?
im new at the game and i really dont understand the riddle part


it said I was running multis on my account, I wasn't! My actuall acount has been hacked. Any suggestions on getting it unblocked?


This game rules...............

I hacked a bank account yesterday and earn 45639.90 SlaveHack euros but today someone hacked my account and I am left with just 261.69 euros.
This is what this game is all about.

Anonymous August 28, 2008 4:22 AM

I don't agree with Hunty that "MMO-hacking game != fun". Perhaps that is so with Slavehack, but there are different games with different mechanics where new players can play with veteran players and still get lots of fun.

[Edit: Please submit game ideas using the link at the top of this page to make sure they get the proper attention. Thanks! -Pam]


I created a new Greasemonkey script for Slave Hack that is a must have for staying undetected when moving around the site.

When you are on Slave Hack and this script is enabled, anytime you view any Logfile on the site it will be automatically copied to your computers clipboard and deleted from Slave Hack so no one else can see it.

This is absolutely the FASTEST way to get info from Logs, while at the same time Editing the Logfile so you are the only one to see it.

To install the script, get it for free at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/33240



You need to upload viruses then install them by clicking the gear symbol.


i dont understand how to get decent money or software. i have been playing for two days and i still only have the basic software and only 300 euros in the bank. i need to get money quicker and better software. help would be greatly appreciated :D

TheSavant January 19, 2009 9:27 PM

I am in massive need of some help. Everytime I get anywhere, some jerk or another deletes everything.

Can someone outfit me with a good firewall or something?

TheGoodSamaritan January 24, 2009 7:41 AM


I tried to upload a fwl 5.0 to you, but your harddrive is too small. If you upgrade to a 30Gig hd or something, I can give you it.
I'm uploading an av instead.

btw wwl 1.8 is at

TheSavant January 26, 2009 3:52 PM

Thanks a bunch for helping out.

Unfortunately, the new firewall didn't keep me from having another individual come and wipe most my hardrive clean, but what are you going to do?

On the bright side, I was able to upgrade my hardrive to a 30 gig today, so hopefully I'll actually have room to store stuff from now on. :D

And, if you're willing to upgrade my fwl to 5 still, I'm probably going to keep my ip the same until the end of the week, at which point I'm definately reset it to start new and get everyone off my tail for a bit.. Either way though, thanks a ton for the help you've given already.



parses logs, removes the npcs and sorts.
you can also remove your existing slaves from the list.


Any hints about "lulzfish.img", on 221.xx.xx.24?

I'm really stuck at it.. :(


Can someone upload ome software to my IP address? You better not lie...

eliteone07 May 5, 2009 2:36 AM

in about 2 days I will be reseting, so when I do I will drop my fwall and you can download what ever off me
3800 mhz cpu
75 mbit connection
120 hdd, Total space: 120 gb.
Used: 106.623 gb.
Free: 13.377 gb.
5 gb ext

Software Running* Version
TheRoofware.fwl 5.1
JackTheRipper.crc 5.1
WShower.wwl 5.1
WhatIsiT.ana 4.8
Ftpcash.fc 4.8
BushHidesTheFacts.hdr 5.0
FoundYaAgain.skr 5.0
Decryptonator.dec 4.6
Encryptonator.enc 4.6
Serious marketing.mailer 4.9
Av Shield.av 4.9
RemoteDestruction.rddos 0.6

spamrelay 4.9
ddos.vir 0.6

I am currently working on upgrading my connection so you can download faster, however I'm gonna be very cautious about who go's in and who doesn't.

additional information about the upgrades that has partaken while I was away,
waterwall, 5.2 upgrade
firewall, 5.2 upgrade
vddos and remote, 1.0
whatisit 4.9
some other programs may be higher, just what I know for the day and a half I have been on
lookup stats for eliteone07 on highscores.

Time Sheep August 11, 2009 12:17 PM

Hmm, i got like 5.0 firewall and 5.1 Waterwall, 5.0 CRC 5.0 Skr 4.9 Hdr and so on.
I got loads and loads of nice stuff.
i just accidentally hit a server that was really far in the riddle trail,

my friend removed the firewall so i could download the waterwall on it, just to access it, and continue the trail from there

sapphie April 1, 2010 6:38 PM

i love the game but getting rickrolled SUCKS! but after 0.8 wwl it gets EASY! my friend is currently getting me wwl 5.6 (the highest there is! so my jump is from 0.8 to 5.6! love it! cant wait till i can crack banks! i roll in the money then get better connections!!!! haha! beware !!!!!

Slipperyjim8 August 15, 2010 11:37 PM

Damn ive been looking for a wwl 5.6 for ages, lucky you :D


I have waterwall .8, freewall .7, an Password_bruteForce .7. what ip do I go to next?
I tried several but they will not let me because my firewalls are not strong enough.


i have no friggin idea how to play it sounds like so much fun but i cant figure it out and there is no friggan tutorial it even says tutorial on it but it doesnt do anything!!!!!!!!!


@gabe, I had that problem too, and I had to turn the tutorial off, then back on (I think). Hope that solves it!


I think I just got my spammer deleted (newbie) - where can I download a firewall?


Okay, I have the Waterwall.wwl 0.5, and some stuff is on my external hard drive, but how do I get antivirus? Also, my spammer (OpenRelay-backdoor.vspam 0.3) won't upload - any help on that? Or a better hider? Also,

is important.txt the first riddle? If so, I can't solve it. I slaved, but can't crack at all.

Any help? Please?


Software Running* Version
WExtreme.wwl 5.7
JackTheRipper.crc 5.2
WhatIsiT.ana 5.0
FoundYaAgain.skr 5.0
BushHidesTheFacts.hdr 5.0
Av Shield.av 4.9
Serious marketing.mailer 4.9
Ftpcash.fc 4.8
Decryptonator.dec 4.8
Firewall_Extreme.fwl 5.7

U jelly? ;P

But the last riddle (with which you can claim a prize!) is damn hard


Ohhhhhhh my goodness, I feel so lost, all I can do is log into the "Freeware 4 All" and I'm stuck... I even have the Tutorial on. ;....;


With the Tutorial on, it should only say stuff like,

You can download files with a speed of 114 Kb/s. (Target computer upload speed: 427 Kb/s)
You can upload files with a speed of 28 Kb/s. (Target computer download speed: 1707 Kb/s)


... cuz if it is, I'm terribly bad at this game, no wonder I can hardly figure out how to work my internet. >....>



Hopefully I can get it from this point on, tho I'll prolly be stumbling around for awhile. ;)


Uhh never mind I'm still lost. Jesusssss. D:

This game is too complicated for my little brain. :(

Zackman0010 January 20, 2011 5:45 PM

I was at school. Before school started, I was on Slave Hack. I did not have time to clear the logs after the first bell rang. When I logged back on during computer class, my firewall and waterwall were hidden and the others were deleted.... I know they are hidden and not deleted because my Computer tab says that I am still running the higher versions. (.8 ww and .7 fw) Until I can find a high enough level seeker (.skr) I am stuck with the .5 ww and .5 fw... :(


Wow… it took me forever to upload my spammer… which is why I had around 8 Slavehack tabs open!


I'm exhausted with playing this game! Everything's blocked since getting my first slave. Apparently I don't have a good enough firewall bypass. Help me? What do I do?

blackdagger August 19, 2011 10:54 AM

i need help! how do you download the marketing mailer to your computer from 'freeware for all' at the beggining of the game. it says i cant because i have read only access. or it just wont let me click it. please help!

darryl3736428 May 9, 2012 10:59 AM

Can someone help me? I finally got a 5.0 wwl and fwl. But some jerk just deleted key stuff like wwl, fwl, mailer, fc, crc, av... Can someone please upload it to me? I'll let you slave me. Please!!!

InfernoVor August 13, 2012 8:25 AM

I need better softvare
pls will someone give them


Why no link on this page? :?.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawm8vg29wyZBrbXNzhSD68L_izyxkefvidM June 4, 2014 8:05 PM replied to Nathaniel Shaw

There's a link in the first sentence of the review.

awfulworldkid July 21, 2014 8:25 AM

Can someone please tell me how to download files? My IP is

awfulworldkid September 6, 2014 11:00 AM

If you're having trouble starting out, here's a guide:
1. Go to either of the freeware servers on the starting database and get the cracker.
2. Break into the starting database server and read Important.txt.
3. Break into the first IP in Important.txt and steal the waterwall 0.5.
4. Break into FlexHaxs on the starting database and borrow the waterwall 0.7.
Have fun!


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