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Room of Batik

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The escape by DamZakk - apart from being imaginative, original and quality game - educates you in traditional Indonesian batik patterns. It's just a side theme, though, the most important are puzzles and they are pretty good!

batik4.pngThe game consists of three rooms - the first you leave as a rookie detective, the second as a skilled detective and if you manage to escape the third one, you become a master detective! The game has a dark and a bit scary atmosphere, but don't expect any violence - technically it's normal escape.

Notice, that all descriptions and texts are in Indonesian, but you can easily get through without understading - don't let yourself distracted from playing, you'd skip really good game! Non Indonesian understanding players only miss some information about batik, and in the first room the solution of geographical puzzle requires slightly different spelling from English - observat players can find the correct spelling in the room. To use an item, you need to click it and drag to the spot where you want it. The game has autosave and fourteen achievements.

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Even with a bit of a language barrier, this was a lot of fun! Something about the game gave me those same vibes as FM Studio's Forgotten Hill games, and that's high compliment.

Don't forget there are three levels to play here. It takes you back to the main menu after completing the second level, and you'll need to select the third level by hand.

I hope DamZakk keeps up the great work—I love games like this!

Snarfhead October 3, 2021 8:06 AM

I also really liked this game. It was not as morbid as Forgotten Hill games, but the color, animation style, and background music gave a similar feel which was cool.

I copied the script into a translator and enjoyed learning about batik, and that gave me a stronger connection to the game feeling, but it's not necessary in order to play. I only wish I could've selected the text and copied it rather than having to retype it all into the translator.

Still, it was worth it and I gave it 5 mushrooms! (Or whatever the heck they are!)


The game looks more inspired by Rusty Lake than Forgotten Hills.


Level 1

Left box

To open the left box, you need to enter a 4-digit code. The clue is four points arranged in a lightning-shaped path.

The clue points to the four pictures. Tracing through the pictures according to the lightning-shaped path, it goes through the 3-person picture, 2-person picture, 1 person-picture, and finally the 4-person picture. Hence, the code is 3214.

After you open the box, you obtain batik.

Middle box

To open the middle box, you need to enter four shapes. Where did you see these shapes before?

These shapes appear at the top right corner of each of the four walls of the room. Start from the room with the three empty picture frames and go right.

After you open this box, you obtain another batik.

Right box

To open the right box, you need to enter a four-letter code.

There is a map next to the exit, in which the island of Java is marked. The code JAVA won't work, though, because in the Indonesian language, the island is called JAWA.

After you open this box, you obtain the final batik.


Next to the four pictures, there is a memo telling you which batik is parang, ceplok, or kawung. Place the batiks into the correct frame to obtain the exit key. Open the exit with the exit key to escape.

Level 2

Unlock the loft

Take the key under the three locked boxes. Use the key on the trapdoor on the ceiling to unlock the loft.

Left box

You need a four digit code. The clue is in the loft.

The clue reads: Sunan (X,Y) Sedong (Y,X). Look up the map near the exit door to find that Sunan's coordinates are (4,6), and Sedong's coordinates are (X=7,Y=1). Hence the code is 4617.

You will obtain batik in the box.

Middle box

You need a sequence of five arrow directions. The clue is also in the loft.

Look in the window. Click on the human and the directions will be shown. Upper right, lower left, upper right, left, lower right.

You will obtain another batik in the box.

Right box

You need a five letter code.

Take the screwdriver in the drawer under the candle. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the drain grates. Take the matchbox behind the grates and use it to light the candle. Finally, switch off the lights using the button next to the exit door. Go back to the candle to see the clue QITAB. But look at the dots above the letters; they read 5-4-3-2-1 so the clue should be read as BATIQ

Obtain the final batik.


The procedure is the same as level 1. By now you might have noticed: If you obtained the batiks in the order of left-middle-right (i.e. the order in this walkthrough), you could also just insert them in the order of left-middle-right and get the correct sequence. Anyways, grab the exit key and open the door to escape.

Level 3


Take the shield, hung on the right of the exit door. Turn right.

Take the Photograph Fragment A on the floor. Turn right.

Take the Photograph Fragment B on the floor, on the right hand side of the dollhouse. Turn right.

Take the sword, hung on the wall. Inspect the rubbish bin, and take the Photograph Fragment C and the grey key.

The photo and the cabinet

Use the photograph fragments on the broken photo. The photo shows six people.
Use the grey key to open the cabinet with a locked accordion screen, on the right hand side of the photo. There are books inside. You can rearrange the six books on the lower level. If the combination is correct, a piece of paper will pop up.

The combination is shown on the photo. From left to right: Top hat, necktie, glasses, mustache, face mask, and cigarette.

The piece of paper will show six shapes. Use the clue on the paper to unlock the bottom part of this cabinet.

Take the bucket. Fill the bucket with the sink. Pour the water into the pot near the exit door. The plant will grow and produce the Key of Safe B.


You need to unlock the bookcase to complete this. Read the previous section if you haven't find the bookcase yet.

In the bookcase, there are some books with a circle that shows a five-digit number. This solves the dollhouse puzzle.

Left circle: 94723. Middle circle: 08574. Right circle: 87374

Input the five-digit number into the telephone to get a time for each of the clocks in the dollhouse.

Left clock: 14:15. Middle clock: 19:30. Right clock: 22:45.

Take the Key of Safe A.

Another floor

Give the sword and shield to the human-sized figure, on the left of the dollhouse. A panel unlocks, requesting a four-letter code. The clue is in the rubbish bin (as hinted by the snake picture).

In the rubbish bin, the memo reads: U-17 L+19 A-8 R-17. The letter seventeen places before U is D. The letter nineteen places after L is E. (You have to loop around; A is considered the letter one place after Z.) The letter eight places before A is S, and the final letter is A. DESA is the code. ("Desa" means a village, rural land, or locale in the Indonesian language.)

You can now access the lower floor through the stairs on the right of the exit door.

Basement showdown

Take the tape in the cabinet, under the two books. Use the tape to fix the cable on the left of the cabinet.

Two screens should light up. Let's do the screen on the right first. It requires a four-letter code.

The buttons will make the lights show some Morse code. There is a book in the cabinet (where you find the tape) that shows Morse codes.

The code is RUPA. (Indonesian word for shape, form, or appearance.)

The screen on the left is just a plain old sudoku with the usual rules.

If you are impaired or can't be arsed to do this, the answer is
7 1 3
6 4 9
8 5 2

Now go to far left and take the Key of Safe C.


This is the third level and you should have already learnt to insert the batiks by yourself. Anyways, Batik A is on the left, Batik B is at the middle, and Batik C is on the right. Now, take the key, and open the exit door, and exit.



Start Level 1.

Rookie Detective

Finish Level 1.

Skilled Detective

Finish Level 2.

Master Detective

Finish Level 3.

Island of Deities

Enter BALI in the right box in Level 1. Bali is known as Pulau Dewata, or the Island of gods, in Indonesia.


Finish Level 1 very quickly.


Flick the switch on and off many times in Level 2. This is a reference to Graveyard Shift, SpongeBob SquarePants S2E36.


In Level 2, click on the human in the window many, many times. Are you blind or memory-impaired?

Friend of Colonel

Dial 14022 in Level 3. That's the number for calling KFC in Indonesia.

Friend of Ronald

Dial 14045 in Level 3. That's the number for calling McDonald's in Indonesia.


Read all books in Level 3.


Fix the cable with the tape in Level 3. Is there even a way to finish Level 3 without doing this?


Unlock every entry in the glossary. You need to read all the batik memo, achieve Island of Deities, and read all the books in Level 3.


Get all achievements.


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