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Room Escape Maker (Beta)

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Room Escape Maker

DoraIt's time to put your escape games where your mouth is!... or... something. Currently available in beta, DoctorFou's Room Escape Maker is exactly what it says on the tin... a free online tool that allows you to make and share escape games (which requires free registration with an e-mail address), or play those created by others (no registration required)! Though you should watch/play the tutorial, it's fairly easy to get the hang of things, and the hardest part might be waiting a long time (upwards of eight hours or more in our case) for your finished product to be approved for the site.

At the moment, the tools at your disposal are fairly basic, and the limitations imposed on object count and the like mean creating your grand elaborate escape opus starring Lyra Heartstring, GLaDOS, and an elaborate singalong puzzle sequence will have to wait. Fortunately, you can help that change by submitting everything from suggestions to images to be uploaded for use in the toolset. This is definitely a case where the potential success can come entirely down to the community growing around it, but potential it's got in spades. Besides, it's a free way to help hone your ability to ensnare helpless people in locked rooms filled with diabolical mechanisms. Every fledgeling supervillain/Eli Roth film antagonist has to start somewhere.

Play Room Escape Maker


Are we or are we not going to be stuck inside the Room Escape Maker once we start it?

LeonardBanks August 6, 2013 2:53 PM

For JIG sample I have

Knife, Crowbar, emerald. I have both clues.


LeonardBanks August 6, 2013 3:37 PM



Here's a link to mine: http://doctorfou.com/games/room-escape-maker/jigtest

It was my very first try, so go easy on me! Hope you have as much fun playing as I did making it :)


Stuck in Trinn's game! I have

all three gems, the knife, and the crowbar, as well as the 3 color clues.

Can't find anything else to do! What am I missing?

LeonardBanks August 7, 2013 9:32 AM


The gems are the key. Use them in the order from the clues


Out! Thanks LeonardBanks! Good job Trinn :)


Thank you! I'm excited to see what other people will create, especially considering all the talented escape vets in our community.

shadowmax August 7, 2013 4:26 PM

Trinn's test game was fun. I had to play through twice because I misread the safe clue and it wouldn't let me get it again. Not bad for a Beta. I wish I had more time to tinker.


"...an elaborate singalong puzzle sequence..."

So, Dora, this is totally a ST:DS9 reference, yes?

("Move Along Home", s1e10)

"Allamaraine, count to four,
Allamaraine, then three more,
Allamaraine, if you can see,
Allamaraine, you'll come with me..."

I am such a nerd. :-P


As Q as my witness, I cannot lie ray9na. ;)


So, they're turning my sarcastic comments into actual programs now, are they?

This is actually kind of awesome. Let me see what I can do with this...


Hi guys, this is my first ever endevour into the enigma and ecstacised room escapade. It would warrant bit of googling. So for your kind perusual I present to you A Mathematician's Room. http://doctorfou.com/games/room-escape-maker/ams


General Hints for Mathematician's Room

Special Numbers

Golden ratio , Euler's constant & Ramanujan number

Left closet

As there is no largest prime look for 3 digit largest prime

Right closet

Get the note, light lamp, put chair & read the note.

Safe code

Look for time in clock, it would reveal the code in the order displayed by TV after putting batteries.

Closet near door

Look for an image that resembles an angle. Radian to degrees


I am so trying my hand at this. Might take a while, though!


Query: Is the Weekday Escape no longer an ongoing feature? The last one seems to have been in July and there's only the one tagged for July.


COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH - A Mathematician's Room

Book shelf beside Door

Click on yellow pot to reveal a note with Radian written on it.
Books in the shelf are arranged to form the shape of pi. so it is
pi radian.

Click on purple pot left to yellow pot to reveal an emrald: it says 1H25M15S.

Closet beside door

Enter the code you got from note. pi radian.
pi radian = 180 degrees. Enter 180. Get a crowbar and a battery. Turn left.

TV room

On clicking the right closet door says it says 1dot618 ie 1.618. May is something special.
Google it and it is omnipresent golden ratio or the divine proportion. get the 3 letter code.

PHI a symbol which is used to denote golden ratio.

Inside the Closet

Click on second book from the left in the middle compartment to get a note.
Click on bottom shelf books to get a stick.
Use stick to get hammer from the top of closet. Turn left.

Crack on the wall & locked box

Use hammer on the crack and it widens to reveal a note saying 2.7182
Google it would say Euler's number. Euler the king of mathematics.

Enter EULER in the box code to reveal sapphire which says 22H10M.

Use crowbar on the nails to get chair.

The closet view

Use stick on the wall shelf to get second battery.
There are posters all around the room which would reveal the code for the left closet.
It says open the door with largest prime 3 digits. But there is as such no largest prime.

It says 3 digit largest prime : 997

Enter the code and get a knife.
Turn left twice to the poster beside tv. Click it with knife and press the switch.

Reading the note

Turn left twice to see the now the bulb is lit. Click the lamp with chair to position it and
and use the piece of paper in your inventory on the lamp. It reveals the code for right closet.

It says 1729 i.e. Ramanujan number

Enter the code on right closet to get a screwdriver.
Note the number revealed by topaz 06H30M. Click left twice

TV code

Put the battery(vertical) on red ruby above TV, it would turn green and show another ruby.
CLick on second ruby it would display 12H15M. Put second battery and a green button appears on TV.
CLick on green button and it says GBYR. Turn left

Safe code

Use screwdriver on the metal plate to reveal safe. It is a four letter code. Perhaps something to
do with four gems and its order we got from TV. How to convert time to letters.
Hands of a clock would translate time into numbers

G 1h25m15s ie E
B 22h10m ie V
Y 06H30M ie I
R 12h15m ie L
Code is Evil.

Get the key and escape through door.


Okay, the scripting method and design is ingenious, but the interface is horrendous.

Leaving aside the design flaws (the lack of keyboard shortcuts, the fact that it dumps every new object into the upper left corner rather than allowing me to place its entry myself, and the fact that I have to click-select it before I can drag it and click it again to deselect), it's glitchy as well. Half the time when I'm dragging something, it fails, jumps right back where it was and deselects itself, for no discernible reason, so I have to go back and do that whole thing again.

I spent an hour doing about 20 minutes' worth of actual work in this thing, and then it encountered a server error when I tried to save, and automatically reloaded to my last save rather than give me another chance to try and save.

What causes it to fail the click and drag?


Hi jigites, Here goes the second room escape game. I had a great time creating this and i hope it is worth your time and effort. Please have a look http://doctorfou.com/room-escape-maker/ams2


The Default password for Ams Enigma is



Ams Enigma

ams- nice escape- it goes on forever :) I have to admit defeat with what I think may be the final password:

I have a card in my inventory and in the room I have a picture with the clue "passzero" and that persistent red button still needing a 4 digit solution

I've tried everything I can think of!


Hi Gen, Sorry for the delay as i was out holidaying.
For Pass Zero Look at

mobile keypad


thanks Ams...now I'm stuck at


How long is this game? :)


You are welcome buddy! You are at the final puzzle.

up left right down arrows on your keyboard

I hope you have enjoyed the game


Apart from those two puzzles, I idid :)

I'm using a laptop-different keyboard!

Thanks Am- really good use of what the programme provides

gorgeousplanet August 20, 2013 1:15 AM

I would love to make some simple art for this program, any suggestions as to a good (free!) program to try my hand at designing some pics?


Ams Freedom, i hope, would be a gamers delight as codes are fairly logical and innovative use of inventory is desired. I have also tried to incorporate as much textual hints to make it more meaningful and consistently logical.


We Live in a FREE world! Free to Choose, Free to Create, Free to Believe or not to!! - Ams


Hints For Ams Freedom

All the codes except for the starting puzzle are related to books. First puzzle is related to your mobile. Dial and find out


Okay, stuck at the "BOOKS" code on Ams Enigma. I've tried every possible thing I can possibly deduce, stretching it in every possible direction and just giving it as simply as I can. Nothing works.

How exactly am I supposed to figure this out?


General Hint:

All the puzzle codes in the game except for opening puzzle (which you would figure out easily ) are related to books and books only. However, first puzzle would want you to actually dial it on your mobile to see it for yourself.All other notes in the game are explanations or sequence of action.

Complete Walkthrough:

Turn left twice and switch ON the bulb to collect magnifying glass. Read notes below using magnifying glass which says dial *#06# which gives you IMEI. Collect key & Turn Left.

Use Key on bookcase door to open and collect key, stick and crucible(Vase). On click books read EUOUAE , BARRELS, AMOROUS , CAESIOUS (top to bottom). Note it you would need to again and again. Turn Left twice.

Use stick on the box up on shelf to bring it down, use key to get screwdriver. Turn right. There is a key stuck in chair but nothing can be done as of now. Use screwdriver to collect chair.

Turn Right and use chair on high safe, note says book6248. Code is 6th letter from first word ie E, A from Barrels etc get a lighter. Turn right.

We need two codes for night drawers. First note says vowels. Count vowels in each word and get clamps. Bottom drawer says Doubles. Again in books look for double letters in each word to get a hammer. Turn right.

On cupboard, note says books ver symmetry. Count number of letter with vertical symmetry in each word. Get Crowbar & Turn right twice.

USe hammer on chair to collect log but don't break the key Use hammer on empty pot to reveal a crack. Use hammer on crack to collect knife. Turn left.

Use Knife on plant and read notes. It says Lit Logs. Put crucible, add brass, Fix clamp and mold and cast a key. It also says vase is crucible. We would need all that really. Use lighter on candle to lit and collect it. Use log on the furnace, use candle, put crucible. Turn right.

Close the bookshelf door and use crowbar to collect brass handle. Turn left put handle in crucible and collect molten brass. Turn left.

Click on slider above cast table with clamps. Use metal mold on clamp to fix it. Pour it and cast a golden key. Turn left.

Use key on door nothing happens. Turn left twice click on hot ashes with crowbar to get an iron key (The key stuck in chair??) Turn left twice. Use iron key on the door followed by golden key and escape.


...How do you recover a lost password on the site?

de.klerk.elke March 29, 2014 3:37 PM

That was fun! I just posted my first game - there is a full walk through available :-)


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