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Riddle Transfer 2

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Rating: 4.1/5 (126 votes)
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Riddle Transfer 2After ten years and seven instalments the artist formerly known as Jonbro wraps up the point-and-click 'Riddle' saga with the immensely enjoyable Riddle Transfer 2. Be warned that there are plot spoilers ahead but come on, seriously the series is ten years old. That's like me telling you Brad Pitt and Ed Norton were the same person. You should already know this stuff.

Having discovered he has never actually escaped from a school (once in a game so short this reviewer thought it was broken, but it actually turns out to be very important to the plot) Phil Eggtree has realised everything that has happened up until this point has been a dream, a test of sorts to determine the fate of humanity. He has saved hisfriends by killing them in their dreams (yes, that's right) and saved the world from evil aliens Quiz Viz and Diz. Far from being hailed hero though Phil is locked in a secret government location called 'Zone 5.1' leaving him no choice but to escape with his friends to avoid inevitable tests and interrogations.

Following a tale of backstabbing, flying pigs and a chat with the abominable snowman, Riddle Transfer 2 sees us re-join Phil and chums in the sewers of Zone 5.1 where we must use a teleporter to, err, travel back to Riddle School so we can escape to save the world from evil aliens.

Haven't we been here before?

The apparent recycling of the plotline isn't the only thing you'll recognise in this game. A lot of the puzzles will feel familiar too but Riddle Transfer 2 is fun, challenging and a great way to round off the series. The production value of each subsequent 'Riddle' game improves phenomenally but this episode still retains some of the charm of the original's animation - very fitting considering the return to our starting location.

This was by no means the best 'Riddle' game but it was never intended to be. After spending so long with Phred, Zack and Smiley this instalment was about tying up loose ends and finishing the narrative, something which it does wonderfully. The cut scene and end credits will make you genuinely sad you won't be spending any more time with this quartet.

Jonochrome - as the creator is now known - intended Riddle School 5 to be the last of the series. Furthermore he intended there to be FIVE riddle transfer games in a brand new series. It's a shame they'll never get made, but I'm glad he gave us one last chance to say 'farewell'.

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There is a mistake in the review; it calls the game riddle SCHOOL 2 twice.

Kaykayenne August 14, 2016 3:20 PM

Wow I loved that game so much, it reminded me of my childhood...


Hello there! This is my first Wlkthourgh ever. I hope will be usefull even if the game is quite little easy.


1) After the cutscene, open the VIOLET POWER BOX on the left and put the CARD you've already have in your inventory in and go back

2) The open the big green CIRCUIT BOX and coonect the cables. To do so, click the UP ARROWS, from left to right:

3 4 2 0 1 times

3) Look at the SCRAP OF PAPER on the right side of the room and tilt your head to your right to see the PASSWORD for the portal, which is: 4003 an go back

4) Click on MONITOR and put the password in and at the end, click on the CHECK SIGN in the bottom right corner to confirm it. In the next screen, you see the coordinates of RIDDLE ELEMENTARY written in green. What you have to do here is to put those same coordinates below for the PORTAL TARGET". The "+" button add 5 and the "++" add 6. So, for the "pLatitude", press the "++" button 4x to reach 24 and then the "+" 3x to reach 39.
For the "pLongitude" same thing but in negative. The "--" substract 6 and the "-" substract 5. So, press the "--" button 12x and the "-" 1x. With all the coordinates correctly introduced, now you can press "ACTIVATE" to activate the portal. On the monitor will appear "TELEPORT WILL BE ACTIVE WHEN THE POWER IS ON" but since you've already give power to it solving the CABLE PUZZLE in point 2), when you go back, you'll se the portal functional. Clicking on it, you and your firnds jump through and after a cutscene you're in the class under the manace of the laser gun security system of the new Alien Headmaster.


1) When you'll have the control back, click on the TRASH BIN and you'll have a PAPER BAG with some kind of eyes painted on it.

2) Click on Phred who's sitting right behind you and automatically Phil asks him if he has anything useful and Phred gives you a GREEN BACKPACK. If click on the down arrow in the bottom right of the screen, you see a little cutscene where Phil stand up and a manacing laser gun aim at him. The psychopatic Alien Headmaster doesn't want anybody to go nowhere even if for a piss. But you can fool the security: combine the PAPER BAG and THE GREEN BACKPACK by clicking on the PAPER BAG and then to GREEN BACKPACK to make a PHIL EGGTREE DECOY and then use it on you so you're now free cos you've just fooled the manacing laser gun. Click on the down arrow at the bottom right corner and you're in the HALLWAY


1) As you exit the classroom, the first LOCKER on the right of the WATER FOUNTAIN is unlocked so go on and click on it to open it and take the "EXCEEDINGLY LONG DIVISION BOOK", a math book.

2) Go left once and enter "MR. KAHM" special class for the insane. As you enter, you'll find a "USED CHEWING GUM", the little rose point on the empty desk on its front side. Then talk with Richy and select the 3rd dialog option. Phil asks im if he has any usefull item and Richy says that's have "ELMO'S GLUE" that he'l give you for 1$. So for now say him goodbye and leave the class.

3) On your way to the right, enter the JANITOR'S CLOSET and take the BUCKET. Still go on to the right, pass through the MEN TOILETS, where you grab the "HAND SOAP" laying on the nice "VANITY AREA". Go out, head right and enter the WOMEN TOILET, having the surprise that's not a toilet at all. Inside you'll find a "GUMBALL MACHINE". Use the "HAND SOAP" on it, click it and it opens up. Pick up a "GUMBALL" and back out.

4)One more to the right and you arrive to the "LASER BARRIER". Throw the "USED CHEWING GUM" on the "ELECTRICAL BOX" on the other side of the LASER BARRIER. The laser detects it and shoots at it destroying the ELECTRICAL BOX and so putting the LASER BARRIER off, giving you access to the other part of the HALLWAY.

5) One creen in the right, you'll meet Chubb. Talk to him and select the "2nd Dialog Option" for having the "1$ Bill" Chubb has under him and that he need something with sugar to move away the from the door. So give him the "GUMBALL" and he rushes away giving you access to the "TEACHER'S LOUNGE".

6) Go 1 screen to the right and enter the "CAFETERIA" and grab the "COFFEE GROUNDS" on the desk. Back ou, go left and enter the "TEACHER'S LOUNGE" where you meet a 1-eye-1-leg Alien Guard. Give him/it the "EXCEEDINGLY LONG DIVISION BOOK" and he/it starts to read it. Pick up the "INDUSTRIAL EYE DROPPER" and exit.

7) Make your way back to your class and before entering, fill the "BUCKET" up in the "WATER FOUNTAIN"

8) Go back to the Mr. Kahm, give Richy the 1$ Dollar bill and he gives you the glue.


1) Heat the "BUCKET WITH WATER" by using it on the flaming head of Zack and then add the "COFFEE GROUND" to make a sort of coffee. Give Ms. Cophey the sort of coffee and she starts spin the stick dizzyingly. Use the "INDUSTRIAL EYE DROPPER" on it to cut it open, that fill it up with the "HAND SOAP" and the glue it.


Talk to the Monster Guard and select "YES" so he/it gives the book back. Talk to him/it again and select the option about dry eyes, so he/it use the soapy eye dropper and run away, letting you access to the Quiz (the alien headmaster) office.


In the cutscene, Phil proposes a quiz to Quiz to test if him has what it takes to be a real Earth Dominator. The quis consist in 5 questions and the answer are:

- Diz
- Nerdy
- Nobody
- I sae it

When the 5th and final question is told, you'll se a blank paper and start a cutscene where Phil explain his point of view of the entire story. Quiz starts to cry, admits that human are superior, deactivetes all the security system in th school letting everybody free. In the courtyard you say that you'll go to a mission with Quiz to thwart the Earth's manace. Before sail off, Phil apoligize Smiley and says she has a beautiful smile.


Click the down arrow and in front of you, you see: a RED, a GREEN and a BLUE panel on the left side, the escape pod in the middle with some letters flashing. Pay close attention which ones flashing: EACCA that's the password for the "DIALPAD PANEL" on the right. Now back to those panels on the left.


The goal is to reproduce the scheme on the upper right corner. Clickng on the exagons, that in the starting position they're blue, you cycling them through blu, green and red. Solution:

- Bottom left hexagon
- Central hexagon
- Upper left hexagon
- Central hexagon
- Upper hexagon
- Bottom Hexagon
- Bottom right hexagon
- Upper right hexagon


The goal is to reproduce a quite smiley face. Clicking on a ring will affect others. Solution (A outer ring and D the centre part):

- Ax8 and then proceed allingning all the other rings and the central part till having a smiley face.


The goal is to assemble Quiz's face by clicking on the arrows around. Solution (Start with the left arrow on the TOP naming it "A" and going clockwise till L the TOP arrow on the left side):

- E arrow 1x
- D arrow 2x
- C arrow 1x
- J arrow 1x
- A arrow 2x

With all 3 panels solved you activated the "FRONT PANEL".


Input the password EACCA and take the "KEY".


Click on it, insert the "KEY" and watch the final cutscene!


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