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E-Win Heavy Duty Gaming Chairs Are Better Than Ever

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At Jayisgames.com, we don't often do product reviews and that is mainly because we tend to focus on games. But we've said it before and we will say it again, that we are huge fans of E-win series of gaming chairs.

Ewin's top-tier gaming chair, the heavy duty gaming chairs, are still the reigning kings. Their team recently provided me with one of these models to subject to rigorous testing while I embarked on quests to rescue princesses and vanquish villains. How do these heavy duty gaming chair measure up? Well, they can hold 500 lbs... so they can hold up.

The Ewin heavy duty gaming chair arrived unassumingly at my doorstep, snugly packed in a custom cardboard-colored box. While the box's presentation didn't astound me, it was reassuring to see Ewin's logo on the top and an image of my new chair on the side.


As I unpacked each component from the smaller box, I discovered that each part was thoughtfully wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure safe transit, including the arduous journey up my flight of stairs. A pleasant surprise was the inclusion of a pair of gloves in the packaging, presumably to facilitate the assembly process.

With all the components neatly laid out, I decided to follow the provided instructions (as indicated on the box) and commence the assembly process.

It's worth noting that the same manual likely accompanies every Ewin chair to economize on SKU variations, but when investing hundreds of dollars in a chair, personalized instructions are appreciated. Perhaps it's a personal preference, but generic instructions can convey a sense of lower quality and leave me questioning the chair's overall craftsmanship.

Regardless, I dutifully followed the instructions outlined in the manual to assemble the Ewin heavy duty gaming chair. The screws were conveniently pre-attached to the seat for mounting the backrest and hydraulic mechanism, and the included hex wrenches made the process smooth as I attached the components.

My only minor frustration arose when I was attaching the hydraulic assembly to the underside of the seat. There were no clear markings indicating the correct orientation for this piece, causing me to pause and ensure I was installing it correctly. It can be frustrating for a new chair owner to invest time and effort in assembly, only to discover that the hydraulic piece needs to be reoriented.

The Incline is Amazing IMG_3797.jpg

The Ewin chair offers a reclining range from 85° to 155°, allowing you to position the backrest five degrees forward from the vertical. While I prefer a 90° backrest while gaming, this feature provides the flexibility to sit five degrees closer to your screen if desired.

The chair's backward recline is fairly standard at 155°, but it truly excels when the rocker feature is unlocked. With these two features in tandem, you can recline to nearly a horizontal position, with your feet off the ground - a position that I could easily drift off to sleep in.

Though labeled a headrest pillow, the cushion on the Ewin heavy duty chair sits on the upper back, with no option to raise it any higher. At more than six feet tall, I'm pretty tall, and this pillow might be suitable for someone shorter but it still does provide the support I need. That said, I love the feature of the magnetic pillow which you don't even have to clip in. It just attaches to the back via a magnet and it has yet to fall off.


I must acknowledge that the chair exudes a robust and sturdy feel. As with most chairs, the only elements that appear cheap and loosely attached are the plastic components covering metal pinch points. These are reasonably concealed and typically out of sight and mind. The Ewin heavy duty chair offers comfort for sitting, although it doesn't maintain that level of comfort as long as some other chairs I've experienced. I find myself adjusting more frequently than I'd prefer during gaming sessions. When you're trying to immerse yourself in an epic battle between good and evil, the last thing you want is to be distracted by growing discomfort in your back.

We highly recommend this chair, and JayisGames fans can now enjoy 20% off with this link.

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