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SonicLoverReisen seriesReisen. If my Google searching is reliable, it's a German word meaning "to travel". And that's certainly what the star of the Reisen series, Sneedle's lovely 10-episode adventure puzzler with hints of escape, has tasked herself with doing. (The preceding link and the image link go to a list containing links to the ten games. The play buttons below link to the individual games.)

The Reisen series catalogues the tale of a small red-headed girl named Jitter, who recently lost her parents to the war (World War II, most likely) and wants to go see her grandmother. This is easier said than done, as at the story's beginning she is confined to a bunker far away from where her grandma lives. If she wants to make the journey, she'll have to be cunning and resourceful, doing everything from trekking through dark forests to pole-vaulting over deep water to getting guards drunk.

Every game in the series can be played (almost) entirely with the mouse, using an interface many should be familiar with. Navigate by clicking the yellow arrows, and click on objects to interact with them and sometimes pick them up. If something is in your inventory (the column of circles on the right), click it to select it, then use it on the environment-- or on the "+" in the corner to examine it up close. Your goal varies from game to game, but just focus on doing what you can and you'll get there.

This is a series with good points and bad points, like many others. The visuals are relatively unimpressive, the puzzles are okay in the logic department, and pixel-hunting can get annoying, although it gets much more tolerable later in the series. What really makes it worth playing, though, is the story. Jitter's tale is an epic one; she meets many allies and enemies throughout her journey, and has her share of both comedy and tragedy, plus a few philosophical discussions about war and humanity.

If you've got a large block of time to kill and don't mind mature subject matter, playing the Reisen games back to back is a good idea.

Play Reisen ep. 1 Play Reisen ep. 2 Play Reisen ep. 3 Play Reisen ep. 4 Play Reisen ep. 5 Play Reisen ep. 6 Play Reisen ep. 7 Play Reisen ep. 8 Play Reisen ep. 9 Play Reisen ep. 10

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Reisen Ep. 1 Walkthrough

  1. Look under the table and get the key.

  2. Back away and turn right. Click around the upper left corner of the window to get some hay.

  3. Unlock the cupboard with the key. Take the broom.

  4. Look behind the cupboard (click around just to the right of it, near the base). Take the bottle of wood bond.

  5. Back away and turn right again. Note the light brown line at the base of the wall in the lower left; it's a stick. Pick it up.

  6. Examine the stick in your inventory. Apply the wood bond to it, then the broom.

  7. Turn twice in either direction to return to your starting view. Use the extended stick on the lamps above to knock down the hammer. Pick it up.

  8. Turn right and look behind the cabinet again, then click around the wall near the top of the screen until it transitions to an area with a crack.

  9. Use the hammer on the crack, then take the alcohol.

  10. Back all the way away and turn right. Give the alcohol to the guard.

  11. Give the hay to the guard and he'll fall asleep.

  12. Take the white thing in the guard's pocket. Examine it; it's a memo.

  13. O-T-T-F-F-S-S-E-N? I know that sequence, it's the initials of the numbers 1-9! And what's with those parentheses? They must mark a sequence of numbers. Read them in order (O-T-3-F for 1-2-3-4); they spell out 7-9-2-5.

  14. Examine the lock on the door. Set it to 7-9-2-5, then click the top of the lock to unlock it.

  15. Leave the bunker. The rich man lost his glasses; they're on the pile of snow in the lower right. Pick them up, click through the conversation, and click the yellow arrow at the end.

  16. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 2 Walkthrough

  1. Go right. Knock over the log and pick up the rope that was under it.

  2. Go right again to see a grave. Click the base of it to see who it belongs to (Gilbert).

  3. Take the shovel from the bushes to the left.

  4. Click around the edge of the cliff to see a switch behind it. Press it.

  5. Backtrack to the fallen log. There's a raft now, so click on it to start rowing up the river.

  6. Take the chisel from the bushes to the right, then proceed left.

  7. There's something in the water, but you can't do anything with it yet. Go back one screen and take the object floating in the water to the left; it's a megaphone.

  8. Go left again, to the screen you just left. Use the megaphone on the water. The password is the name of the grave's owner: "gilbert".

  9. Click the ghost to talk to him, then do so again to learn his story. Leave the screen and return.

  10. The ghost has built a fire for you! Take the stake hidden in the fire, then backtrack to the fallen log.

  11. Use the chisel on the sparkling thing in the tree to get the model plane body.

  12. Go right. Examine the stake and combine the rope with it.

  13. Look behind the cliff again (where the switch is). Stick the stake and rope in to the left of the switch, then climb down.

  14. Check the hole in the cliff for an airplane wing.

  15. Go back up, then left to the first screen. Look behind the rock (click just to the right of it).

  16. Dig up the soil with the shovel; take the airplane wing.

  17. Put both wings on the model plane to complete it.

  18. Go back to Gilbert (the ghost). Show the model plane to him and he'll ask you to leave it on his grave.

  19. Do exactly that, then return to Gilbert. After a conversation, he'll lead Jitter out of the forest.

  20. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 3 Walkthrough

  1. Click on the ball the kids are playing with, then click through the conversation.

  2. Go left twice. Pick up the hooked stick near the lower left corner.

  3. Use the hooked stick on the manhole cover. Go down. Hmm, not much to see here yet.

  4. Go up, then right. Use the hooked stick to pry up the manhole cover here.

  5. Go down and pick up the white ball. Note the control panel; you don't have its solution yet.

  6. Go up, then left. Use the ball on the man in the window in one of the windows near the upper right. No, seriously.

  7. Backtrack to the starting screen. Let the clown amuse you, then take the key from the streetlamp.

  8. Go left twice. Enter the dark passage just left of the blond man, and use the key on the chest to get a pole-vaulter's pole.

  9. Exit, then enter the manhole again. Use the pole to knock down the box in the upper right.

  10. Note the colored letters: yellow E, red L, green V-E-N, blue E.

  11. Go to the other manhole again. Use the control panel; the colored letters you just saw will help here. Blue-red-yellow-green translates to E-L-E-VEN, so set the numbers to 11 and press the yellow button.

  12. Back away. Now, how to cross that pool? Use the pole-vaulter's pole to perform a stylish... belly-flop into the water. Oops. Well, nothing for it but to move on.

  13. On the next screen, press the red button, then climb the ladder.

  14. In the marketplace, speak to the woman in black to get the contract.

  15. Head towards the background to reach the graveyard. Take the stick in front of one of the graves.

  16. Examine the stick and use Jitter's blood on it, then examine the contract and use the stick on it.

  17. Go back to the marketplace and hand the contract back to the woman in black. She'll give Jitter a coin and tell her to skedaddle. @#*&$!

  18. Backtrack to the restaurant and give the coin to the restauranteur.

  19. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 4 Walkthrough

  1. Click through the conversations as you enter the house. Once the conversing is over, go left.

  2. Note the loose panel on the left. Click it to remove it, then again to look in the hole. Triangle 7, star 5? And a switch that does nothing.

  3. Oh well. Return to the foyer and go up.

  4. Up the stairs, go inside both doors and talk to Franz and Anna. You can't do anything with them yet, though.

  5. Still at the top of the stairs, go right. Inside the left door is a vacant room; note the paper under the bed and the locked desk cabinet.

  6. Now the right door. Talk to the steward and take the ladder.

  7. On your way back, note the painting with the symbols on it: 11 stars, 4 triangles. Also note the clock; you can get a closer look with the ladder, but you can't do anything else with it yet.

  8. Return to the first floor. You can now go right, so do so.

  9. Enjoy dinner. Click on everything, including Karl (click through the conversation) and the sparkling object on the right window.

  10. Go left, then right again. Take the sparkling object; it's a winding key.

  11. Go to the clock (just up the stairs). Use the ladder to get a close-up, then use the winding key on the hole.

  12. You can now move the hands by clicking them. See how they're shaped like a star and a triangle? Set the triangle hand to 7 and the star to 5, like it said behind the panel on the first floor.

  13. Go back to that panel (left from the foyer) and press the button below the message. Take the key.

  14. Return to the clock. Again, use the ladder, then the winding key. This time, set it to triangle 4, star 11 (the painting).

  15. Go to the painting (right from the clock) and click on it; it'll move, revealing a safe. Unlock it with the key and press the switch inside.

  16. Go left twice to a room you haven't been to yet. Use the ladder to reach the high door.

  17. Look around in this room if you want, but there's nothing really to be found here. Continue right.

  18. Talk to the man and try the door, but of course it's locked. Backtrack.

  19. Enter Anna's room (right door at the clock) and talk to her to learn something interesting.

  20. Go to the steward's room (right door at the painting) and share Anna's comment with him. You'll get a desk key.

  21. Return to the ma'am's room (left door at the painting). Use the key to unlock the desk cabinet, then check the papers. Jitter will take one of them.

  22. Go show the paper to Alena (in the foyer). You'll get Alena's comment.

  23. Share Alena's comment with the steward. He'll give you the gold key.

  24. Go back to the secret room where the man was locked up and use the key to free him. Click through the cutscene.

  25. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 5 Walkthrough

  1. Click through the opening cutscenes until you have control. Then pick up the red-and-white thing next to Jitter; it's a pole-vaulting pole.

  2. Go left. The bridge is broken. Wait, weren't we in a similar situation to this two chapters ago?

  3. Use the pole-vault pole on the broken bridge. Yes, I know how it went last time, but... oh. Oops.

  4. Go back to Karl and tell him the bad news. Click through the cutscene.

  5. There's an object in the grass, but Jitter won't take it. Go right.

  6. The navigation's a bit wonky here; going right will go back to where you were before, even though you went right to get here. Pay attention to where the river is respective to Jitter. Go left to enter a new screen.

  7. That's a wallet, all right, but Jitter can't reach it. Go up.

  8. That building's the village office; you'll have business there later. Go right.

  9. Take the fishing pole on the ground to the left. Then go left, then down to get back to the river.

  10. Jitter won't go after the wallet with the fishing rod, so go left from there.

  11. Use the fishing rod to snatch the thing under the water next to the little island; it's a sickle.

  12. Go right and use the sickle to cu the grass, then take the rake.

  13. Go right, then left. Use the rake to retrieve the wallet.

  14. Go north. Enter the village office (click the door).

  15. The man on the left is in charge of Lost Property Reception. Give him the wallet... it's his! How about that?

  16. Leave. Jitter says it's time to look for Karl. Go left and you'll find him.

  17. He'll tell you to find the pie shop. Go right three times and you'll find it.

  18. Talk to the man. Oh @%&#$! Karl's in trouble!

  19. Backtrack to where Karl is. Yep, he's in trouble, and Jitter refuses to let him die.

  20. Return to the village office and talk to the man whose wallet you returned. You'll have a plan. But before you leave, take the board to the right and enjoy Jitter's little joke about adventure game mechanics.

  21. Leave, then go right (to where you got the fishing rod). Note the bananas on the roof.

  22. Stick the board on the log on the ground, then click the rock to the right. Click through the cutscene.

  23. Leave, then go left to initiate yet another cutscene. When Jitter wonders what to do, use the grenade on the guards. Keep clicking through.

  24. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 6 Walkthrough

  1. Click through the cutscenes until you reach the temple entrance. It's all very straightforward at the beginning; I think you can manage on your own.

  2. Enter the temple. Florica will give Jitter a grenade. (Deja vu...)

  3. The image above Jitter is supposed to look like a very pixellated snake. You can't do anything with it without more information, so go left.

  4. Take the glittering thing from the pool of water; it's a file. Go left again.

  5. Click on the scribbles and Jitter will translate them. Also, take the cup. Once that's done, go left.

  6. Note the wall. 5 down, 3 left, and a snake. Also, a cracked wall. Weird.

  7. Go left again to return to the snake. This time you can do something with it. First, the information from the last room: 5 down, 3 left... meaning the fifth row from the top and the third column from the right. Click the brick at that spot to remove it, then get the hammer.

  8. Now, the scribbles. "It is born in the mouth of the snake..." Click the brick in the middle of the snake's mouth (third column from the left, ninth row from the top) to reveal a red brick.

  9. Use the file on the brick to get some red dust. Go left.

  10. See the mouth of the fountain? Take the mouth's right eye (its right, your left). Then, pour the red powder in the hole it leaves.

  11. Use the cup to scoop some red water, then go left again. Pour the red water in the person-shaped sink.

  12. Go left (man, I must be Agent Turnright's worst nightmare). Use the hammer to break the stone board, then take the junk behind it.

  13. Go RIGHT. Put the bones in the sink, and click through the cutscene.

  14. When you get control again, go left. Use the scissors to cut the drawbridge rope.

  15. Go down to the next level (click the arrow). Put the statue eye in the appropriate socket.

  16. Again, go down to the next level, then go right. This chapter's all cutscene after this point.

  17. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 7 Walkthrough

  1. Click through the opening cutscene. When Jitter's looking for the water, click around in the right half of the screen.

  2. After that, you'll be dropped into a medieval adventure that's obviously a dream sequence. Click through the cutscene.

  3. Use your sword on the guard to kill him, then enter through the door.

  4. Take the bow and arrows on the right and the torch on the left, then go left.

  5. Can't do anything with the cover and handle, so use the torch on the fire to light it, then go right again.

  6. Use the torch on the ghost, then go through the door it was guarding.

  7. Go right, then down. Use the bow and arrows to break the paper ball in the upper right, then get the screwdriver.

  8. Backtrack to the brazier where you lit the torch. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the cover, then pull the handle.

  9. Stick your sword in the electric field. Yes, I know it sounds suicidal, but this is a dream sequence, remember?

  10. Go right, forwards, left, through the door. Click the cracked bridge post, then take the magic scooper from it.

  11. Click the door in the upper right to go back. Go back to where you broke the paper ball (right, right, down), then go right.

  12. A water monster! Use your electrified sword to fry it.

  13. Take the blue square stone. Also, use the magic scooper to collect some water from the pool.

  14. Go left, up, left. Now go down the ladder to discover the fire monster. Obviously, use the magic scooper to douse it.

  15. Collect the red round stone and use your bow and arrows on the flame that's still burning. Now go left to return to the previous room.

  16. Go left, through the door, left to encounter the wood monster. Use your burning bow and arrows to kill it, then take the green triangular stone.

  17. Go back to the door with the three indentations above it (three screens back). Use the three stones on their respectively shaped holes, then go through the door.

  18. Take the key and use it on the lock, then click through the ending cutscene.

  19. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 8 Walkthrough

  1. Click through the beginning cutscene. Instead of going right, click on that building hidden in the trees.

  2. It's locked. Take the yellow ball, then go back to the left.

  3. Go right. Talk to the crow, then throw the ball at it.

  4. Take the key. Go back to the hidden building and use the key to unlock it.

  5. Down the stairs, click through the cutscene. Before going anywhere, click the guard to talk to him.

  6. Go right. You can't do anything here; everything is locked.

  7. Go left and talk to the guard again.

  8. You can't enter the door on the left, but note the blue four-pointed star above it. Enter the door on the right.

  9. Examine the crow on the table, then note the red three-pointed star. You can't do anything else here, so leave the room.

  10. Talk to the guard again. Yes, you have to talk to him quite a bit.

  11. Leave the room and return, then talk to the guard again. This time he'll give you a key.

  12. Go right. Use the key on the door, then go through.

  13. Yes, that's a big yellow five-pointed star. Look under the bed and take the stick hidden there. Also note the green seven-pointed star.

  14. Open the locker and take the camping set. It comes with a first-aid kit, nice.

  15. Check out the box between the locker and the bed. It needs a combination. Try the numbers of points on the stars you've seen around the base, ordered by color: red-blue-yellow-green becomes 3-4-5-7.

  16. ...A red box. And it's locked. Oh well, we tried. Leave and go talk to the guard again. He'll give you a blue key.

  17. Return to the kitchen. Use the first aid kit on the crow, then use the stick to open the window and free the crow.

  18. Take the red key that falls.

  19. Go back to the room with the bed and locker. Unlock the red box with the red key, then unlock the blue box with the blue key. You'll get a green key, thankfully with no green box around.

  20. The green key unlocks the gate by the door to the room you're in. Make that lock know who's boss, then click the stairs.

  21. One painful cutscene later, you'll be outside. Go right and use the camping set on the ground.

  22. After witnessing Jitter's epic failure at pitching a tent, go left, then right again. Click through the cutscene.

  23. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 9 Walkthrough

  1. After the opening cutscene, go left. On the next screen, enter the door of the clothing shop.

  2. Talk to the owner. At the end of the conversation, click on her again to get a pair of scissors.

  3. Leave, then go left. Looks like the way is blocked.

  4. Go left again to a spot with a calm river, then left again to a dead end. Take the roll of paper on the far left.

  5. Go right five times (all the way to your starting point, then once more). Jitter will make a comment about a fireworks festival.

  6. Click the bread shop owner to buy some bread. Use it on Jitter to eat it.

  7. Now go right. Click the paper on the wall and Jitter will make a paper ship.

  8. Go left five times. Use the ship on the water.

  9. Go all the way right again. Oops, you started a fire.

  10. Go left just four times. The way is clear! Go forwards.

  11. Look at the posters to start a cutscene. Well, at least we know Jitter's not an unwanted child. Get it? Unwanted child? Because she's wanted? Ha ha... okay, I'm not funny.

  12. Minigame time! Use the arrows to move. Duck into safe spots and watch the soldiers' movements. Every soldier's path repeats itself endlessly, so wait for your chance and then take it. There are three screens of soldier-avoiding madness.

  13. On the first screen, the spot in the middle of the "8" is safe. Wait until both soldiers pass in quick succession before making a run for it.

  14. On the second screen, there are a few safe spots. Be careful; one soldier starts in the middle of the path while the other starts at the end.

  15. On the third, all three soldiers make circular patrols. Wait until the clockwise-moving soldier has just passed you, then make a run straight for the exit, never mind the other two.

  16. After all that nonsense, hide in the box. But it's not enough... Jitter needs help, and badly.

  17. Remember that star-shaped trinket Jitter has been carrying around the entire series? Use it on her to make a desperate prayer.

  18. Yes, the backup has arrived! Keep clicking; it's all cutscenes and moving right.

  19. When you reach the canal, take the nearby pole-vaulting pole and use it to jump the gap. Yes, I know how it went the last two times, but it'll work this time-- trust me.

  20. On the next screen, use the whistle on Jitter. Watch the ending cutscene. Hey, wasn't this part foreshadowed back in Ep. 4?

  21. To be continued...

Reisen Ep. 10 Walkthrough

  1. At the very beginning, you'll be given the option to shoot Jitter. What you do here will determine the game's ending! You have two choices: shoot her (bittersweet ending), or miss and spare her (happy ending).

  2. Once the game starts proper, go left, then forwards. Talk to the blond man and get bad vibes from him.

  3. Go forwards again. If you try to go forwards a third time, the man will stop you. Take the binoculars, then go back twice.

  4. Click the building in the lower left for a drink of hot cocoa. Click Jitter to drink up, then click again to look inside the cup. Take the key and note the colored letters.

  5. Leave the caf� (down twice). Go forwards once again, then use the key to open the box. Take the lantern.

  6. Return to the caf� and use the lantern on the candle to light it. For some reason this won't work if you try it after Jitter has taken a drink of her hot cocoa... don't ask me why.

  7. Leave and go right, then forwards. Use the binoculars to get a better look at the small thing in the distance. A pole with colored stripes and an "N".

  8. Let's use the letters from the coffee cup earlier to translate those colors into letters. Blue-brown-orange-green-red-N becomes... R-E-I-S-E-N. Where have I seen that word before? I'm sure I was Googling it earlier but I can't remember why.

  9. Go back to where you started. Enter the barn (dark building, lower left). Click the man and he'll ask for a password. It's the word you just figured out: "reisen".

  10. If you entered it right, you'll get a compass. Leave, then go left, up, up, up.

  11. Click through the long cutscene. It is here that your decision at the beginning of the game will catch up to you.

  12. After the cutscene, I'll let you do the rest on your own. Don't worry, it's all extremely straightforward. Congratulations on seeing Jitter's journey to its end!


phdavoid July 25, 2012 3:53 PM

Quickly got stuck

I have

pile of hay, broom (sweeper) and star of david necklace

But have been unable to use any of the three as yet.

I also noticed the

object on the lamp, but I can not reach it even with the broom

So any suggestions at this point would be nice.

hothotpot July 25, 2012 4:17 PM

Up through episode 5 right now. Oh man that was dark.

I was all "Yeah, gonna save my clowning spy friend with this awesome grenade and it will be awesome!" But then the game was all "No you're not because this is serious business you can't go saving people from execution!" And then Karl got shot and I was all D: )': Seriously, was not expecting that.

bearharry July 25, 2012 7:31 PM

The motion part in ep.9 is just extremely hard...

feliciac July 25, 2012 8:52 PM

Thanks for the walkthroughs, SonicLover. I would've liked to say I never relied on them but there were times when I had to, so thanks for posting such comprehensive and helpful ones with just enough hints!

Reisen is definitely one of my most favourite Escape games so far - I really appreciate your recommending it - I hope if/when Sneedle creates a new series, that you will also feature it here too.

With the world being the way it is at the moment, perhaps more politicians need to go back to basics and think about what war really means. This game will hopefully be a different and effective way of passing on the message of peace despite some perspectives justifying the purpose of war.

Really moving story though and 5 out of 5 for it!


Chapter Nine

Extreme Power of Friendship moment

cendare July 26, 2012 6:06 AM

It is a lovely series. However, I stopped playing in chapter 9 because of the arcade sequence. If I wanted "timed running around a maze", I'd play Pac-Man. And the walkthrough makes it sound like the rest of chapter 9 is really cool, so I'm sad. Oh well.


Episode 2 is very buggy. I started off with all the objects in the opening scene and then had to "find them" again. Couldn't tell which objects I really had and which I didn't.

sonicscrewdriver July 26, 2012 11:32 AM

The first game in the series is not a good intro - too much pixel hunting, the art is crude, and the story isn't that engaging. Thanks for the walkthrough, I never would have bothered going past that part without it and I would have missed so much.

Even the dodgy translation couldn't deaden the excellent writing. 'The world is full of bummer and fear' indeed.

It was well paced as well. I appreciated the lighter episodes after the really heavy going ones. And Karl the creepy clown ended up a surprisingly complex character. But still creepy. Ugh, clowns.

Thanks for this. Big thumbs up.



I can recommend going back and finishing it really is worth it.

If it helps any - bug or exploit I am not sure but on the second part part of the arcade sequence

I went right at the beginning and ended up outside the box and literally went around that maze in the dark of the screen box through the inventory and across the bottom


Damn - a 55 year old Jew, and I still didn't spot the connection till episode 3.
Suddenly, its no longer just a game.


i think i need a screenshot

i finished 1-5 but 6 i'm stuck omn the snake. i do not know whicvh 2 bricks reveal. I have clicked all over and nothing happens.


"Reisen" means "to travel", true, but it also means "travels" (plural) which I guess is the intention.



It gets you like that, the ups and downs, this is one amazing commentary.

I have to say even the "bad" translation added to the reality of a young girl lost and alone in a world of enemies and most importantly of all




The one in the mouth is (second) 3 from the left and and 10 down, the first, is as is shown in the clue 3 from the right and five down, you may need to unlock the previous steps first though... I am not sure on that

I can tell you it is worth the try though



Thank you!

I don't think I could have gotten past mini-game screen 2 in the 9th installment if you hadn't mentioned the bugsploit.



That is my new word of the day I love it :)




With regard to the Reisen series, we were warned about mature subject matter. We weren't warned about the tear-jerker nature, although I should have expected it at some point. My family is Jewish and I have (well, had by now, considering the time frame) relatives and ancestors who suffered all sorts of antisemitism in Europe. Some were lucky and escaped to the USA. Some weren't so lucky. Despite the medium and despite the Engrish, Reisen tells a very powerful, gripping story.

Thank you, Sneedle.


yaddab, sorry i can't see it

MrsRavoon July 28, 2012 7:01 PM

I needed to re-start #2 from scratch after getting partway through. Eventually resorted to the walkthrough for the password. Definitely had not gotten past that point on my first foray.

Yet-- I HAD gotten the

iron stake, and combined it, and put both wings on the model plane. I tried launching it from various places, and tried sticking the stake everywhere.

How very bizarre that somehow, somewhere, I found those objects, without encountering their respective hiding places as per the walkthrough (and as found on 2nd attempt). No, don't remember where.


Just a beautiful series of games. A heartfelt, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting story. I almost stopped playing after the first episode (because of the frustrating pixel-hunting), but I'm so glad I decided to keep going. The episodes get immensely better. It's up there with "The Fabulous Screech" in terms of emotional power. Thank you so much to the creator of these beautiful games, and thank you to Jayisgames for sharing them with us. :)

anhishere August 20, 2012 10:14 PM

I never thought a little game like this could be so touching. Almost teared up a little by the end of Episode 9, and they're just badly drawn characters... kudos to Sneedle.


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chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 66 - Retro with four games! After you find the ten monkeys in the chapter, look in the inventory. You will find a...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 65 with three games! As mentioned in the previous roundups, only odd-numbered episodes are featured since even-numbered are for Robin Vencel's patrons (the...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here! First we have two new cans from tomoLaSiDo and then two small rooms from isotronic. That's all for this...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to Mobile Monday! We have another beautiful game from Nicolet and it's a winter game as it should be. Tasuku Yahiro have released another of their...  ...


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