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Redstar Fall Pro

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Rating: 4.1/5 (69 votes)
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PsychotronicRedstar Fall ProIt's time to revisit the history of communism, browser game style! Redstar Fall is back, with 20 more levels of physics puzzle mayhem. The new levels are tough and finicky as a dried-up alley cat, so if you haven't played the first game, go do that first.

If you must soldier ahead with no experience, then here is the low-down. On each level of Redstar Fall Pro, a red star lives on the top of a teetering tower of bricks and explosives. Your job is to bring the star safely to rest on solid ground. Or as is often the case, ground that is floating mysteriously in mid-air. The red star stands on deceptively solid ground, you might say. Just like communism!

You perform this task by clicking on the support bricks one at a time, thus blowing them up or vaporizing them. There's about a one-second delay between clicks, so strategy takes precedence over reflexes.

Again, these are the "Pro" levels (though you won't get one red cent for completing them), so if the solution seems impossible, you're probably just not triggering the right obscure domino reaction. Play around! Relax! Watch the fuzzy clouds float by. Ponder the modern-day ramifications of the 20th-century Cold War. Whatev.

Play Redstar Fall Pro

Thanks for sending this one in, Patrick!


All I can say is... be VERY glad that Zedarus changed level 16 to what it is now. The level used to be just platforms and the small bombs popping up, and the exit platform was all the way at the bottom in the middle. it required 4 perfectly timed explosions, and luck, in a row. The current level 16 is far, far easier.

If you want to see what the level 16 was like initially, check out my video.

Mr. Mo Mo May 27, 2009 9:40 PM

Here's the thing about this game. The pause after destroying an object drives me CRAZY. Enough that I quit playing the first one after a couple of levels and did the same here. I'm not at all sure that it serves a valid gameplay purpose - but even if it does, it makes the game too irritating for me to play.


I had no problem with anything except for level 17, and mostly because I got tired of restarting it.

I think - and this is just the way I am - these kinds of games would be better if they didn't have the "you must beat level N to play level N+1" setup. That way, if one level is frustrating you can skip it and come back to it later. The only other option is to stop playing (or replay levels you already beat), which inevitably means I just stop playing, period.

Other than that minor quibble (which affects nearly all puzzle games with levels), Red Star Pro was just as fun as RS1.


Mr. Mo Mo:

The delay is there so you have to plan things through a bit instead of dropping the star with a rapid click-fest. Take for example the ubiquitous two-legged "Stonehenge" construction. If there wasn't the delay, a quick person could click both legs and drop the top bar straight down. With the delay, you have to plan for the tilt of the top bar when you're taking out the legs.

That's the most obvious situation, but there are other situations where rapid clicking can mask a lack of planning. By having the delay, you have to think ahead a little more. It makes for a more challenging (and hence more frustrating) game.


I'm communism!


@Mr. Mo Mo: The pause after removing a piece is there because this game shamelessly cloned the mechanics of the much more charming Tumbledrop. I do like the new arcade-styled identity Redstar Fall is finding with the explosion mechanics, but with the opaque scoring system and frustrating timing puzzles, it's hard to recommend.


Branching level path is a good feature, and I'm already added it as a ToDo for Redstar Fall, but I'm thinking is it a good way to unlock all levels for the very beginning? Because if so, player can play more challenging levels first, and then he may lose interest to easy ones.


Such a great game, i can't stop playing!


Amazing. I pretty much breezed through the original, and I can't even get past level 1 on this one. I must have tried it several dozen times. Grr.


Figures. As soon as I post that I get past the level. *sigh*

Bethany May 28, 2009 8:28 AM

I'm stuck on lvl 1 too.


Major peeve: When using passwords, the password for level n unlocks only level n, not levels 2 through n-1. This sort of unlocking scheme makes it impossible to go back and replay levels you've already completed.


Weird... I get a security warning in Firefox about running analytics6 and it not having a trusted digital signature. Anyone else get that?

Works fine in Chrome though.

Marlowe May 28, 2009 2:04 PM

Yeah, I'm getting that persistent digital signature warning too. (Also Firefox.) Wasn't getting it last night...

tsunamimc May 28, 2009 5:47 PM

wow...I enjoyed that...but am now stuck on the last level...lv20!

Branching level design would be fantastic and as long as the easy levels are at the beginning I can't see any difficulty implementing. (Gemcraft Zero has a great branching map with secrets that open up as you complete other challenges.)

Oh yeah and if anyone could post a spoiler for lv 20 it would be greatly appreciated!


lvl 2 pass code:



3 and 4

yahoo and shootagain


lvl 8



lvl 15



Wow this game is so awesome! And I love your page, too. Timewaster deluxxxe


code for level 5:



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