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Queen of the Night

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Rating: 4.7/5 (20 votes)
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queen4.png queen5.png

Rinnogogo locked you in a beautiful garden surrounding a locked house. First you need to explore the garden and find a way how to open the house - it's not a key what opens it. Just wander around and solve all puzzles you find and sooner or later you succeed and get into the house.


It's warm summer twilight and you have the whole night to escape. Patience is important because usually you move around by clicking at the arrows but sometimes you may overlook one or need to click something else. If you feel lost, you probably haven't discovered an active area yet.
When you finally open the house you find there a bunch of cute hungry animals and Queen of the Night. Their needs are quite simple; what the animals want you know from every book for children - a mouse eats cheese, a bear eats honey and so on. Queen's wish isn't difficult to guess, her gestures are clearly understandable.

Puzzles in the game aren't difficult in general but few may feel a bit unintuitive to some players and they do require out-of-the-box approach. Also, the game has a good hint system so a help isn't far if you need it. Again we get fragile game with a story, awesome art and soothing soundrack. Enjoy!

queen.pngGoogle PlayQueen of the Night (Android, Android Tablet)

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What a beautiful game! There are hints if you need them (which I did) or you can play without any help. The gameplay has cute animals but also the mysterious location that I always expect from Rinnogogo.



Wow, that was a rather involved game! Curious about the ending, though…

Is Rinnogogo saying we were interacting with a bunch of ghosts?

houseworkisevil September 23, 2021 3:06 PM

Loved it! I really needed those hints, though. :)


I'm sure it's just me but there is such a lag in clicking. I am having trouble with puzzles because I click on something and nothing happens.

stuckinabasement September 24, 2021 4:21 PM

This was a really good game!
It took me a while, but I managed to make it out ... needed the hint just once.

One question for anyone who finished...

What's the purpose of the clue behind the sliding flower picture, nearing the end?


I didn't knowingly use it anywhere to get out (or in, depending on how you look at it).

And I couldn't find any additional puzzles after the final door was opened where it might be used for a possible alternate ending.

stuckinabasement September 24, 2021 4:23 PM replied to jF

That was my take on it.
Either that or...

the food we gave them did them in :O



That clue you mentioned…

…was for the safe under the counter. The letters P-L-A-T-E written on the safe were unique in the four color names, so by finding what position they were in among the four words, you got the combination.

To clarify that:
• P is found as the first letter of pink, so it is 1.
• L is the second letter in black, so it is 2.
• A is the third letter in black, so it is 3.
• T is the fourth letter in white, so it is 4.
• E is the fifth letter in white, so it is 5.

Those letters are only found a single time across those four words. Put the corresponding numbers together in the order of P-L-A-T-E, and you get 12345.

stuckinabasement September 25, 2021 11:31 AM replied to jF

Thanks, jF!!! I get it.

But I think you might have confused the puzzle it's for ...

The solution to crack the "plate" safe was from the order of the coloured plates in the cupboard.

The letter positioning you described was used to open the door that had the pic of the peach on it, with the letters P-E-A-C-H in different colours.
I solved that puzzle without having seen the clue as yet, so didn't connect the two.


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