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Powder Game

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Rating: 4.7/5 (150 votes)
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zxoPowder GameHa55ii, creator of the previously reviewed Liquid Webtoy, has put forth another addictive webtoy: Powder Game. It bears a similarity in essence to the World of Falling Sand games, but takes it a step further with the introduction of wind and air pressure.

Most of your favorite elements from the World of Sand are present here, with a couple of new ones, too. Powder, water, and fire are pretty self-explanatory. Seed will grow a little shoot if brought in contact with powder (curiously, water is not necessary). Gunpowder will cause an explosion if contacted by fire. Ice does not get blown around, and water will turn to ice when it touches existing ice. Fire melts ice.

What's really cool are the wind and fan elements. Placing wind causes a temporary breeze to blow around, and placing fan causes the same effect except permanently. These winds blow around and around, spiraling hither and yon and causing a lot of chaotic feedback. You can add wheels that act like windmills and turn in the direction of the prevailing wind.

What I find most fascinating is that the winds are actually modeled by creating a difference in air pressure: low pressure shows up blue in the background and high pressure shows up green. This creates some beautiful shifting aurora-like patterns; static images do not do this game justice. Air pressure is also affected when gunpowder explodes, meaning that you can actually make a chamber that is pressurized relative to the rest of the screen by setting off some gunpowder in a sealed chamber of block.

Another neat idea is to create a system of fans, water, and ice. High winds cause the ice to turn to snow, but the winds also blow the water into the ice. It's fun to just watch the two competing forces go at it, freezing and unfreezing, making icicles and melting them. And every once in a while, igniting some gunpowder to shake things up!

I'm sure there are many more fascinating systems just waiting to be discovered. So what are you waiting for?

Play Powder Game

While you're over at dan-ball.jp, check out a couple of ha55ii's other toys: Compasses and Planet simulation. Both are good for brief diversions, but probably won't keep you interested for more than 10 minutes.

Note: These webtoys are Java applets, and therefore require a working Java runtime environment on your computer. You may download the latest Java free using the 'get Java' button in the sidebar.


A couple of things I've noticed:

If you water the plants, they'll start growing larger, and even start dropping new seeds. You can grow some really big gardens this way! (At least, until the rather restrictive particle limit hits)

Also, one fun thing to do is to create big piles of gunpowder and watch 'em blow. Kind of juvenile, but fun all the same.

Another thing thing to do is to create a small room, hold fire in there for a while (Fire creates high pressure air). When you're satisfied, open a hole in the room and it will all rush out, creating chaos. You can also accomplish this by setting off a large explosion in the closed space.

Junklord June 1, 2007 5:47 AM

I've been playing with this non-stop since I found it after the Micro Panda link. The ice has only recently been added and is a good addition.

Here's a few things to try:

  • Volcano

  • Cannon

  • A cyclone/hurricane/tornado (use fans on 9 in a circle)

  • Bush/forest fire simulation: make a hill and grow lots of plants. Light from one side at the bottom. The fire burns up the hill quickly but down other side slowly, almost the same as real life

  • Cascading water falls

  • Remove the outer 'box' as it affects the airflow and allows prevents particles from escaping

Gun powder is almost the same colour as the velocity lines and they obscure the air pressure regions so a I prefer to turn them off.

I found that the tools with a direction (wind/fan) were hard to aim and it takes a little practice to get used to.

If you haven't tried any of the other 'toys' check them out.


I loved the Sand games, and I want to play this too, but I do not see the Java Applet on the pop-up :S is there a link to the game in the pop-up? or is something wrong with it? I really want to play this >.<

I have Java and nearly every other Java game I try to play works... but none of the links you have given work for me :( even the other 2 games do not show a Java Applet on the pop-up... whats wrong?


Interesting... Liquid Webtoy has the same problem. I was on that not but a week ago too... I am sad now I cannot express my joys of water-pressuring a duck round a maze :(


Make a big spot of ice and put a wheel right in the middle of it, it is cool!


Eeegh, the particle limits are horrible..

Great toy, though.


You didn't mention that both the left and right mouse buttons can be used. I.e. you can have the left mouse button be fire and the right mouse button be gunpowder and you can create a sustained explosion.


I just wish the particle limit was higher, that's my one complaint.

Another nice feature is the "Clear" vs. "Erase" funtion. You can build a shape with the block tool, maybe grow some stuff around it, then erase only the block and leave your stuff intact, or if things aren't working right, you can clear the problem particles while your structure stays intact.


Can anyone solve my problem? I cannot get ANY of the games on that site to work... they just don't show any Java Applets. Is there a link to the game on there, and am I just missing it?


reapaninja: I had that once. Just keep reloading; it'll work eventually. (Please pace yourself, though-he's having a bandwidth spike, probably from the JIG link, as you can see on the graph on the page.)


More hints:

There's another particle type: Snow. Putting wind through ice (e.g. with a pressurized room) creates it. The difference from ice is that when ice hits water, it turns the water into ice, whereas when snow hits water, it turns into snow. (If snow hits ice, it turns into ice.) You can use this to make a snow-making machine.

You can actually pressurize or depressurize the entire board. It's bordered by block; cut a small hole in the block and then pump wind through the hole.


Awesome game. Making clumps of gunpowder go off kept me amused in my half-asleep state for a while - I'm too tired to make anything actually complicated.

I guess I just want some things to be more disruptive - I filled a box with gunpowder, set it on fire for pressure, and then made a hole and tried melting ice... it made a small difference, but it would have been a lot more impressive if the box had simply not been there at all. Instead of focusing the explosion, it restricted the energy release rate too much.

Evilwumpus June 1, 2007 1:28 PM

I'm trying to make a flamethrower using a pressurized room and fire or gunpowder, but it's not working. Fire alone doesn't travel far enough, and gunpowder explodes and messes with the air pressure. Any ideas?

DeathSaga June 1, 2007 1:28 PM

I think it's these types of games and the GROW series(as well as some other favorites)that make me come back to this site time and time again!


Very nice little game!

The particle limit is okay, IMHO, bearing in mind the amount of chaos you can build with fan and gunpowder.

Using block, water and a little fan you can build a fountain. Then using powder, seed and a sprinkle of water, ¡hey presto! You got a nice little garden.

broadcaster #2 (on the game's site) June 1, 2007 3:38 PM

make a flamethrower with wind and fire, and snow and water makes more water, not snow


bah, I give up. I've been refreshing (slowly) for 10 mins now... Ill have to wait months before people move onto another game and allow me some bandwidth >.<


cassie: What's even cooler than using wind on that setup, is to add water into the wheel. As long as the wheel keeps turning, the water won't freeze. I have here a setup with four wheels, each close enough to each other that the water in all of them keeps the whole thing turning at rapid speed. In fact, there's a bit of ice in a couple of the wheels but the wheels continue to turn. It basically looks like this: screenshot. Although, as Zxo says, static images don't do it justice.. :P


I also tried to make a flamethrower, but either the force of the gunpowder going out is to strong, so it blows out the flame, or to weak so the flames strikes back into the container into a huge bank.

Superslash June 1, 2007 9:40 PM

I managed to get a semi-working flamethrower by gimping the airpressure system a little bit. Basically I made a pressurized room with a small tube going down the side of the level and blowing over and just barely down into a gunpowder reservoir and then holding a fire just on the other side to set off the small bits that blew out.

Every so often you need to repressurize the room though, and you need to get rid of the other side's wall for it to work right.

This game would be awesome with a bigger screen version and maybe a few more elements (spouts for one). Speaking of which, has anyone figured the fans out yet? I tried to set them up to keep a room pressurized and blow air out of the aforementioned tube but it didn't work right.


A flamethrower would require a particle that burns slowly but does not actually explode. This particle does not exist.

Perhaps it would be possible if you blew the unignited gunpower over your target, and then tried to ignite it all at once.

With any luck, we'll see a second version of this (although we never did see one of the liquid webtoy, right? Maybe this particular creator doesn't bother with the same project twice.)


Probable double post.

List o' features that I'd like to see:
1. Not being so dependent upon the block system. I think it would be nice to draw a slope that particles would run down, like in the world of sand games.
2. Towers of powder will actually fall down when they reach a certain height.

And this will probably never happen...
The ability to design a our own kinds of particles (define them with a number of variables such as weight, burn speed, colour, etc) and the ability to save a few different kinds.

Vertigon June 1, 2007 11:50 PM

Just something I noticed, the water physics aren't completely accurate. If you make two tubes which are connected at the bottom and fill one with water, you'll notice that the water doesn't even out, like it should do. It evens out to the height of the join at the bottom, and the rest sits in the other tube.


Hm, I got an error while loading the game. I'm sure I have the latest Java though. Does anyone get the same error? Invalid bytecode.

BabyCakes June 2, 2007 11:08 AM

How do you launch the game?


"How do you launch the game?"

Ditto... there must be some trick to it, I've been trying for 2 days to play it but every time I just get a screen with the instructions and the comments, no Java Applet anywhere :'(

Me wanty to play game!

why_ra_ra June 2, 2007 11:57 AM

do they have any flash vershons of these games? i really like things like this, but they only load on school computers...


No, there are no Flash versions of this available, it's a Java applet and you will need Java to play.

Anyone having trouble getting the game to load you must have a working Java install on your computer.

To get one, click the "GET JAVA" button in the side bar and follow the instructions.


I love surrounding gunpowder with ice and igniting it.


jay: Sometimes it doesn't load, even if you have Java. I don't know what the problem is, but it's intermittent, and it's definitely not a Java-not-installed problem.

wylie.conlon June 2, 2007 3:03 PM

I got a semi-decent system that launches particles.

All you need is a box (symmetrical, preferably) with two fans on the top corners, stretching about halfway down. There should be a tube in the top middle to direct the air flow. Basically, the air flowing down from both fans will create a zone in the very middle of the box that forces air straight up. There's one problem I have with it, though- it's not consistently upwards. Does anyone have any better ideas?

broadcaster #2(on the game's site) June 2, 2007 4:40 PM

like i said before, you have to put fire on left or right click and wind on the other then press both at the same time, for more comanations, just look on the other sites comments for my post(as 'double up elements' i believe)as well as my other posts as broadcaster 2 or bc2


JonMW- There is a particle that burns slowly and doesn't explode: regular powder.

I've made an pretty good flamethrower by making a large box and putting two fans on the corners to pump out air, depressurizing it. Then make a box with lots of sand in it and a tube connecting that box to the main box, but still with a barrier inbetween the two. When the main box is completely depressurized, erase the barrier, put it on PEN-S 9, and hold a flame where the tube from the sand box, meets the main room. The sand will ignite and fly out a bit before going away, effectively making a flamethrower.

Enderiv June 2, 2007 8:53 PM

Wanna see something cool? Put a box all around the screen then put a box in the middle. make a pen-size 4 hole in the middle box make a fan facing INSIDE the box. the area outside the box in the center gets blue(low pressure)inside the box is green(high pressure).The fan works just like a real one!

Enderiv June 2, 2007 9:08 PM

This applies to my last message

To make a black hole like on liquid webtoy (it is possible) just hold down the mouse button with clear on it in a high pressured area(green).


"*When the game cannot play, latest java is downloaded.

what does this mean? doies it mean I cannot play it because I have the latest Java, or that I need the latest Java? because I downloaded the newest version of Java the first day I saw this, after It wouldn't work. It still did not work after downloading the latest Java...

also, to further induce pain upon my applet-less soul, theres been an update:
Soap bubbles addition.
The number of dots of remainder is displayed."


Woah, the bubbles let you do some cool things because they turn into whatever they touch (except block and fan I think).


I don't know if this will help anyone else, but I've also had trouble playing any games from this website.

I use FireFox by default and just for the heck of it I tried using Internet Explorer and that's what finally enabled me to play Micro Panda and this Powder Game.


If you have Java installed but applets will not run in your browser, you may have to enable the Java runtime environment (JRE) for your browser. This article may help...


Meatwad June 3, 2007 3:21 PM

If you're using Firefox try hitting Shift+Refresh. I kept refreshing over and over and it didn't work at all. When I did Shift+Refresh it worked on the first try.


bah, I give up trying to get this to work. Its not my security, its not Java (everything is enabled and I have the latest Java, 1.6.1) plus I have tryed refreshing the page so many times my F5 must be faulty...


maybe i just didnt notice, but i think its been updated with some additions. namely 'soap bubbles'


I've figured out how to make 'gas turbines'...

The secret ingredients are Seed and wheels. Whenever a plant gets hit by a wheel, it turns to powder - so if you set up a flow pattern with blocks and fans, 'prime the pump' with some powder and fire, and apply a steady stream of seed, you will get results! Here's some screenshots:
225 seed/s
450 seed/s



That is crazy-awesome. Am trying to duplicate results now.

Persnicket June 4, 2007 6:57 PM

I'm really enjoying the new soap bubbles. They instantly change into the substance that they touch. Fire, Ice, Snow, Powder, Seed, Even the plants. I truly enjoy circular plants.

OpenTheGait June 4, 2007 7:54 PM

I made a pillar of water!!
I dont know how, and I can't replicate it, but maybe you can.
1: make a hole in the outer frame 4-6 pixels long. put it on the left side very near the top corner.
2: put two fans blowing straight outward with a little space so that the air is pushed between them.
3: let powder fall in the middle area. some will go up and out defying gravity (kinda cool looking- it will sometimes stall in the middle) some powder will make a land mass at the bottom.
4: spread some seeds over the land. it seems to grow more with the wind.
5: add just a little water

this is where I got the idea to grow seeds in one general direction by blowing water over the land.

6.place a fan hovering just above the land. it should be about 4/5ths of the way across. so its on the right hand side, but not near the wall
7:spread more seeds over the land
8:send a steady stream of water through the fan

the water should go over the land, up towards the pressure tube, some will go out, but most will come around to the right hand side and fall behind the fan.
I think the fan may have been partially blocked by plants so the water could pile up behind it.

my water tower was about 4 wheels high, and 2 wheels wide with 90 degree angles at the top. water would come from the sky, collect, and pour off the top like there was an invisible dam holding the rest in. It was stable for about a minute and a half.

OpenTheGait June 4, 2007 8:13 PM

I made a BRIDGE out of water
Ok I got it again sort of. This time I used just fans blocks and water.
Everything is size 9 by the way

put fans in the top left corner to push wind out.
block off a big chunk of the bottom left corner.
put a fan at the middle of this block to push water away and keep it from collecting.
put a tall floating chunk of block in the bottom right corner with a fan under the corner near the middle of the screen.
drop water on the right side of this block between it and the edge of the screen.
water will collect faster than it goes through the fan, but will continue to flow so that it does not level out.
one edge will rest against the block or the wall but go higher than the block to form a pillar.

If you tweak it enough, water will come from the left over the top and collect so fast that it forms a temporary bridge. It bonds to itself and does not fall as fast as the rest coming in. this only lasts one to two seconds.

Faethyr June 5, 2007 3:08 AM

It looks like we've knocked his server down... :(

Jake Epstein June 5, 2007 10:33 AM

the website seems to be down for the moment, i hope it goes back up soon!


Hey OpenTheGait, could you post screenies of the things you made?
BTW, the server seems to be back up.


Oh, and I managed to make a "gas turbine" similar to the one anthill made.


Good to hear that JohnMW and Peewee have managed to reproduce the steady burning flame... Why it's so mesmerizing I don't know. I've found that having one area in the gas turbine that isn't swept by the wheels or that is in a 'back eddy' helps keep the flame lit. If you make a straight tube design, at some point it tends to go out.

revenantphoenix June 6, 2007 1:17 PM

Check this out. Make a small box, with perfectly smooth edges on the inside. Then use the P0 brush to open a very small canal in the bottom. Then use a size 9 fan, which blows STRAIGHT into the hole. In a few seconds it will be pressurized. Then make some powder INSIDE the box. It will be blown around, BUT WILL NOT EXIT THE HIGH PRESSURE AREA. Then select CLEAR P2 and hold in the top right or top left corner of the box. The results will suck the light out of you! *wink*.

revenantphoenix June 6, 2007 1:41 PM

hint. If you make an DEPRESSURIZED CHAMBER and use lcear u get a...white hole! A hole that exudes matter, or in this case repels it!

revenantphoenix June 6, 2007 1:50 PM

fireworks! To make fireworks, make a bubble size 9, andt hen touch it with size 0 ice.It should freeze. For an even display, STOP time and then do this:

Make a size 3 dot of fire in the very middle, then surrond it with size 8 gunpowder. For the best effect, ERASE the outside wall. Then press START and Voila!

jltc008 June 8, 2007 5:03 PM

Whoa... If you STOP time, and then try to draw a bubble, you can drag the cursor around in a sort of Spiderman web thingy.

Khrisper June 9, 2007 5:25 AM

Wow, a save and load feature :D


and I still can't play... *saddest face possible*

Water-Marine June 10, 2007 12:27 AM

You can also create simulators similar to submarine pressure.
For example, make a block, fill it with gunpowder, and then make an outer block with enough room to cover the inner block with water. Then, light the gunpowder inside so that it is highly pressurized. Once you make a tiny hole somewhere in the inner block, the pressure will keep the water out. If you use it on the upper part of the box, it will simulate pressure coming out of the box constantly, making water bubble upwards.


hey jay did you know now that there is a save/load function?

Dom Hugman June 12, 2007 3:00 PM

The volcanoe is great. 1 large is best. I tried a load of small ones together but not as good.

mike444 June 13, 2007 6:52 PM

you can make a cycle of water wheels.

use a fan to blow the water up and through a pipe that is made of blocks

Anonymous June 14, 2007 7:23 PM

Another way to make fireworks is

make a bubble, freeze it using ice, stop time, then select fire and gunpowder and make a ball of it, start time and wallah!


wow that fireworks made water!

Khrisper June 17, 2007 5:29 AM

Oh! Superball :D

Veronika June 17, 2007 9:58 AM

New Addition: SUPERBALL!!
I noticed that if you make a large pile of superballs, there will always be a few on the top that will NOT stop bouncing! Also, Superball doesn't burn.
Personaly, I find it enjoyable to make a huge pile of superballs, light some gunpowder nearby, and just watch the chaos.


Hey, looks like there's a new feature, SUPERBALL, its pink and bouncy! Great site Jay keep up the good work!


i cant believe it we blown his site off i cant get on his site it says:

Warning: blah blah Fatal error (snip...)


not only did he add the superball but he made the water brighter and now it actually evens out when you try to make a hill with it


this game is AWSOME! my first time trying it was last week and i learned how to make the ULTIMATE FIREWORKS!!
take ice and make like a big ball with enough room for alot of stuff on the inside, put some superballs first, plant second, gunpowder third and whatever you want. but put some gunpowder on the top and leave a little room for fire, lite it from the 'little extra room' and enjoy!!!

whatever10 June 22, 2007 7:17 PM

Why cant I play? My Java is all enabled and up to date.

ydoucare July 15, 2007 3:07 PM

new thing in the powder game

fighter figures fighting ( kicking)


clone it clones anything except fan,bubble and fighter





Heretic July 17, 2007 7:24 PM

Sorry for double posting, but I just came up with something great: the exploding head! First make an ice bubble. Then fill it with gunpowder. Grow some plants on top for hair, then STOP TIME, use pen size 7 and clear to make eyes, then fill the eyes with fire. Start time again and voile!

Stargate525 July 30, 2007 2:07 AM

I managed to make a water powered conveyor belt using the wheels and a well-placed barrier wall.


did anyone else notice that when a bubble pops it leaves an odd particle behind for a few seconds, well, you can use clone to distribute more of it. i have yet to figure out any really unique attributes about the "suds" yet.

Freckleface August 4, 2007 4:02 PM

Nice game, and if you catch that bubble leftovers on spawn, i think it behaves like snow, only each particle lasts for about 2 seconds before disappearing.


I found some pretty neat-o stuff about this game.

Pompeii (re-enactment):

Volcano, add a touch (about 15%) of gunpowder to a "Volcano" made of block. Put fighters at the base. Fill the rest with super ball. Make sure the top is completely covered, and erase a narrow (Size-0) hole at the top, burn the gunpowder, and BANG! superballs everywhere. destroying the fighters.


The tricky part comes first. You first start out with right-click as clone, left as bubble. hold left-click near a wall, making a spasm of bubbles. Right click and you get sparkeley clones. hold rightclick and draw something cool, but dont let go. clear any lines you used to get from one spot to another and sparkelies. If you add wheels, you can make it wider. ERASE, DONT CLEAR, the wheels and wider sparkelies!!

Blizzard/Snow Storm:

long strip of clone a bit from the (not two far) top, and narrow it out to a SOLID 2 pixel strip. put 1 pixel of ice, blow it downwards onto the clone, even out the snow and clear off some as you go, to make it continue to snow. Also works with water.

Easy skating rink:

Follow the steps above to make snow. Level it out and clear the clone, or vice versa. freeze the ground with ice and it is an instant skating rink. Add fighters and watch the go! Bonus:

Before you freeze the snow, put a few wheels in the middle of the snow, vertically at least, and watch what happens when you freeze the ice. Try it for good fun, and it wont affect the ice on top

I'll post back with more stuff, <3 this game!!






NEW FIREWORKS!!!!!!! yay!!!

Try this in a volacano!


New things to try.

Volcano v2:

Make a bloc volacno shape. Put fire and fireworks on right and left click. Click right and left at the same time at the mouth of the volcano and watch. Shade is cool and so is blur on this.

Firework balloons.

frozen bubbles with firework inside, set on fire.

not much extra to do.


sorry for the double post, (in a small ammount of time) but u can use people as fuel for ur volcano, hehe. follow Volcano v2 with fighters on one click, and you have to keep clicking.


How the fireworks work (for anyone having trouble with them):

when they explode, they shoot out whatever was assigned to the other mouse button when they were created. For example, if ice was on your right click when you made the fireworks, they'll shoot out snow


I was able to create a pretty good simulation of a geyser.

It works essentially the same as a volcano would.

first make a chamber inside a large area of block and make a long tunnel using pen size 2 for an exit. make sure it is large enough for air pressure to collect. I also tried to create side passages but not sure how well I can do that.

Add alot of water.

make sure you block up the passage.

use gunpowder+fire to create air pressure.

unblock the passageway.... and FOOM! you've got a geyser.

I also find that using the clone piece near the bottom of the exit tunnel and use fire on it helps to maintain the initial air pressure and airflow.Just using the clone and fire will build up the air pressure, but that takes quite a while, so using the gunpowder builds up the air pressure quickly.


correction to my previous post, I actually used a size 1 pen for the escape tube, but using size 2 could also work well.


You can also make a large volcano with additional side passages.

It only lasts for a short period of time, but it looks pretty cool.

First create a pretty large volcano, and create the (size 1 or 2) side passages. Then have Fire and Firework on left and right mouseclick, and pause the game.
Fill the whole chamber with fire and firework while holding both mouse buttons at the same time, then when you're finished start the time again.

ShadowGirl August 15, 2007 11:18 PM

Usually, when you make a vlocano, it only lasts a few seconds. To make it last for a long time, you can fill the volcano about 15% with clones, that way it won't fade out.

As a sidenote, I have been visiting this website for about a month now, and i must admit that this is probably the best online game site that I have ever seen. I'm always looking forward to what new game you'll bring us next, and you never fail to suprise me.
Keep up the great work Jay!


Awesome, oil has been added...!
It burns faster than gunpowder and doesn't explode.

Time to experiment with flamethrowers....

P.S. Great site, Jay!


LOL, yep, time to try and create a flamethrower! :)

the guy really should increase the dot count, even though the large amount is actually quite alot, but still....


huh, there is a bit of a strange glitch with it. Since ha55ii is planning on putting more in soon or it is some wierd quirk of programming. when you click on any of the spaces below oil, it selects like it normally would for any of the others, but when you try to use it, it just paints a black or invisible piece of something which is visible with the air pressure colors. I guess it is acting as a sort of 'null' object because it seems to affect the airflow, but normal particles pass right through it, but resetting or using clear does make them go away.


omg. If you make a volcano then put fire and fireworks on left and right click you can depressurize the volcano.


Sorry to double post but you can make a flamethrower with oil. It burns quickly but is good fuel so the fire doesn't get blown out. Pressurize a small box, then fill it halfway with oil. Put fire and erase on left and right clicks, and put your pen to size 0. Right and left click at the same time and it works because of explosive decompression. Physics, really.

Anonymous August 23, 2007 1:25 PM

for ninjaz "sparklies", put it on shade for a "goldie sparklie!!!"


I just found out... Dropping seeds on a tree grows out the branches, just like water! It's even better than water, because it prevents weird watery buildups in between branches.
Interesting... Time to make some huge forests!


Sorry for what may be a double post, but do you see the button above the reset button? It probably says "dot s"? That's the particle limit toggle! S is small, M is medium, and L is large. Each larger size adds ten thousand particles to the limit; Large lets you have a max of 40,000 particles!
Again, sorry for the double post, or if someone already found this out.


hey everybody, i've got like a 007 style 'explotion'

First:make kinda like a house out of ice, but leave the floor bloc, any size is good but the smaller the cooler. and you have to make windows and a door, 2 windows or more

Second:fill up the house (not the windows or doors)with gunpowder, make sure it doesnt leak!

Third: pause time and fill the doors and windows with fire.

Fourth: fill the roof with anything, for colour.. i like filling the roof with fireworks :)

Fifth: start time and watch the boom

bigman_on_campus57 August 25, 2007 5:50 PM

Sorry to the people who have already realized this, but if you make a clone line, pause, put fireworks at one end and someting other than powder at the other, it makes hybrid fireworks. they explode the thing at the other end.

nonegiven August 26, 2007 7:35 AM

New 2.7

Oil and C-4 (both flamable XD)


kewlness :)

now if only the c-4 would actually blow up the bocks like a normal explosive.

although it would work well for when you want an explosive, but don't want it to flow (or blow) away from where you want it.


wind caused my trees to grow from the roof.
I like how this has wind implemented.


one thing i noticed is that when you light c4 from the top, it blows up all at once, but if you light the bottom, it the explosion slowly ascends, blowing up in bursts, making it good for putting above a tower and using it like a pulse firing gravity blaster type ting :)


New element: torch

It's solid, and burns everything that comes in contact with it. Water dissolves it.


hey new here and im on powder game like 12 hours a day :O


well u all think this is a cool 1 check out powder game 7.9 every things new its free to play it kicks ass


cool! gas just relesed!! when it is touched by fire it burns!


Also, there is an unofficial forum at http://www.danballforums.proboards59.com/.

muffinofdoom (powder game account) April 8, 2008 10:25 AM

is there a way to save your pg work and get it back another day?? plz reply soon

Anonymous April 11, 2008 4:16 PM

he needs to make it downloadable with a element editor and screen size changer.

the pheonix April 26, 2008 3:15 AM

hey vargo,i think the solidifying particles you got were TREES.you know,the things you get when powder+seed happens.

peter the man May 9, 2008 12:08 PM

please please please does anybody know how to save things you make so that other people can look at them and vote them cos I have some briliant ideas so please reply and you I'll show you some cool stuff
P.S. my name on the powder game is Guitar Hero 3 !!


I have a question, what does ant and superball do anyways? To me its useless.



Hey guys do this!

1.Put gunpowder in.

2.Then Nitro.

3. Make sure ya have fireworks and put the thing on line.

4.Apply fire.

5.Watch the show!




make a gun shape (all with blocks) on the two sides oppisit eachother so they mmeet eachother at the end of the barrel (nearly rach eachother) make a cup sort of shape at the bottom put 2 fighters in there then put a clone going from the bottom of the gun (inside) to nearly toching the cup and then experiment with t2 differnt materials (magma on one clone and nitro on the other) they should climb up the clone and both end up in the cup with the 2 fighters! (experiment and try new things!!)

From joel Plz reply

ganondorf champion June 11, 2008 4:25 PM

They have released metal. I need help finding out more about what it does.


to anyone who wanted gas, or metal walaaah! here it is!
so cool


now we have players¡

DynaMITE June 21, 2008 2:30 AM

Here are my findings on some of the new features.

1. Scatters pretty much everything except Torch.
2. Causes C-4, gunpowder and nitro to explode.
3. Is affected by Virus. Interestingly, if you drop thunder on virus, everything eventually turns into thunder and disappears.
4. Kills fighter and player. Burns up box.
5. Is conducted by metal, meaning that if you drop it on metal it goes around in currents.

1. Conducts Thunder (see above). This charged metal will kill fighter and player.
2. Turns into powder when it makes contact with water (rusts)
3. It seems to not be able to be burnt.
4. Affected by Virus and Ant.
5. Seems to turn into Magma.
6. Can be cloned.

Reporting on the new feature "Player" in version 4.9

Left arrow key to go left, right key to go right, up to jump.

1. Can kick boxes
2. Can be killed by fighter, fire, magma.
2a. It may not be killed by fighter when it is moving. Fighter can kick player, but I don't know about the opposite.
3. Seems to not be able to move as well in water and "float" in gas.
4. Cannot be dragged.
5. Not killed by explosions or ice.

And maybe more. You can add more if you find any.

idea man July 6, 2008 8:05 PM

i made a partial flamethrower....make a tube out of block with a large area at the rear to put powder in and use the torch tool at the end of the tube then use wind tool to blow the powder oer the torch line


add a touch of magma to the "v"


Anonymous July 9, 2008 7:56 PM


add a touch of magma


imput this code to see exploding coffee! dont have to put in anything!
there are spoilers down below so dont look unless you want to


some person July 21, 2008 5:00 PM

i have a cool lighter just drag the nitro in the button


Anonymous July 23, 2008 2:57 PM


my attempt at a flamethrower

kieran McGrath October 16, 2008 12:09 PM

first whatyou do is build a block structure that resembles a volcano put fan in the bottom then above that put lines of clone leaving room for the air to blow through stop time pour oil on the clone and place torch at the exit of you flamethrower (leaving a gap for the burining oil to fly through)


Add virus and magma who win?


Look at my fireworks. Then plants will grow during them. Reply if you want to know how to do it.



Wow this game is seriously cool in the wierdest way ever. It makes me feel like the creator of the eart when I make some plants then drag them around everywhere then ad ants to make a ant nest. Its the BEST!

Anonymous February 8, 2009 5:02 PM

I dowloaded the java but i still can't play


plant a tree and drag it around to make a wooden block and trees grow when you drag them

also, drag a vine and it will drip everywhere


I noticed that if you use a "player" in this game, its head turns the color of whatever it lands on/touches. Then you can press what would be the key for "down" and it shoots out... um, stuff. For example, if its head is blue it will shoot out water. This even works with the laser! You have to click on its head with the laser. The first person is controlled by the cursor keys, and the second, W,A,S, and D. Hope this helps!
Also, I used the laser, like I just explained, and could shoot at the "fighters". Really fun little game!

Anonymous July 13, 2009 11:53 PM

hey i can play this game on my other computer but on this one i cant because it has a white box with an 'X' in the top left corner ..and i have the lates java installed and enabled

Thanks =)


Hey guys, I have been experimenting with volcanoes. The start and stop time thing is okay but not realistic. Remember like in all those movies and cartoons the villain has this black stuff which is flammable and leads to the T.N.T meaning BOOM? Well as some one pointed out (don't remember name), when you light a c-4 from the bottom, it quickly ascends in bursts. This also applies if you draw a c4 from right to left; the place where you stop drawing will be the bottom. Well c4 was similar to the black stuff in a way, so I made a volcano out of blocks and left a small hole near the bottom which I securely fitted with c4 and drew a bit far from it. Then I filled the volcano with the regular stuff and lit the c4 and saw the action. It didn't work because I found out that the c4 was an explosive even if it had similarities between some things. So probably your best bet is a vine which is highly flammable but non explosive and has a steady burning rate. Hope I have been helpful, have fun! P.s: After you grow a tree, put some oil on it, it won't fall off! Happy Burning!


Ever wondered why they call it gunpowder? Make a shape of a gun with metal(leave it hollow and make a hole at the end of the barrel), put some superballs in the barrel and gunpowder in the rest of the space. Make an advanced lighting mechanism of your own or just put fire on the gunpowder...Magnifico!


I love making volcanoes. (Make a closed block shape. Put magma inside, and then either stir a lot of gas inside or just stir up air. Then, when the inside is green, fill the rest up with magma and erase a little bit, only enough so that the magma can escape. Boooooom!). I love to place oil, gas, and gunpowder together and add fire or magma or torch and watch things explode and mix the air. Unfortunately, the dot limit is extremely annoying. But, all in all, the game is great.


Hey, has anyone actually done much with the PLAYER "Element"? As said above, the player can gain an "ability", where he can shoot out particles of whatever he has. One interesting thing is that if you get the nitro ability...

You turn into a freakin' rocket!


Look At This Its a Anti Gravity Room :)
Hint: Dont Touch Burning Boxes or You Die ;)



ok so i know what everything does.... see below

ok powder

doent do anything to my concerns ummm

water can be tuned to ice (see ice) it can rust metal and when mixed with virus is a cool wave effect, it puts out torch.


created wind when you keep holdin mouse button catches c4 gunpowder nitro on fire AND if it touches water it causes the water to fly around!


will get burnt DUH and water is never in it, it automaticly "floats" to the top nothin else as far as i know.

gun powder

catches on fire


when it is placed you get some wind nothing effects it


you place it and you slides! if you touch ice to water, the water freezes! when burnt it tuns back to water

does nothin.

i have NO idea what clone does.

light on fire and a fantastic light show!


when touches torh it catches on fire!


catches on fire


is stone acid dissolves it !


when it touches acid they both dissolve together! with catch things on fire!


mixes whith any thing and does stuff:)

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


continuing where i left off... nitro catches on fire... ANT when placed it will dig through ice and create tunnels and things in vine, salt, and other goodies!:)... torch cant dissapear and oil catches on fire when toched... gas it floates... SOAPY flys in funky way when u clik and dissolves in everything but water... THUNDER cause almost everything to "jump" and runs trugh metal like curcuts:)... metal will rust in water and thunder is cool on it... bomb will "blow up" when on fire... laser kills anything except for block and acid... ACID will dissolve ANYTHING!!!... VINE will grow when water, bird, i think powder, stone and other stuffs touch it... SALT put in water and water changes to where plants cant grow out of it... GLASS you cant see it, its invisable!!!!!... BIRD flys around for fun... wind/air are confusing...bubble creates a bubble DUH!...WHEEL will spin when fan/wind/air is blowing it or when a powder of some sort falls on it. NEXT TIME GUYS!!!



does something.

[edit: spoiler tags added. -eileen]


OK im back! soooo FIGHTERS they will kick and well fight each other and "YOU" uncontrollbly the die whe thunder magma acid or othe goodies... box you creates a box that catches on fire... PLAYER control your dude with a freind and when you press down you spit stuff, if your head is nitro you are a rocket and if you head is bird and you press down in the air you FLOAT!!!! isnt that awsome!!!!!!!!!! you can climb vines using the up botton and you slide on the ice!!! IT IS TOTALLY AWSOME!!!!!


watch cool explosive effects!!! BOMB FLIES?!?!?



a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON!!! just press space



unpause and see if you survive the drago!!!!


If you right click on the pen-s or scale or anything with a number that goes up when you left click, it goes down a number!

eevee.love October 11, 2009 1:09 PM

awsome! they added ball! it bounces on ice and stuffs and disappers in water! :)


New elemant! its...... BIRD! it flies around and avoids most stuff.
Fun facts.
1.It kills ants but is killed by tunneling ants. isnt that wierd?
2.if thunder touches it, it turns into fire. cliche?
3. if a player gains the bird attribute, 2 things can happen. 1 is if the player is on a solid object eg. block pressing down can grant IMMUNITY from fighters. the godsend of survival. the other is whle holding down jumping is higher and falling is slower.


I made a lava cannon!


the glass elment has arrived lol....love it...but it surprised me how grabbing 1 single little bit of a complex glass structure SHATTERED all of it into small pieces

alistar :D April 9, 2010 9:09 PM

hey everybody!!!
i just found out somethin awesome.
build urself shelter by using block using pen-s 2.
then, put fighters and nitro on the outside.... get a player, make his head super ball and dont stop shooting. cool aye?

Anonymous July 10, 2010 3:04 PM

I would really enjoy this game, if it would load.


There's another particle type. If you put water on metal it makes what I reckon is rust. I've been playing around with rust and it seems to behave like powder. I'm not sure if it's flammable.


Does anyone know how to use the create tool?

Better than you April 2, 2011 1:21 PM

It is possible to create a pressurized chamber in this game. I created a soda fountain in this way.

Create a hollow square using block, and put some element in this chamber. Use the fire or air elements and hold the mouse down in this chamber for however long you want. Then place some powder or water inside. Use erase to open a small hole and see what happens.

This can be used to create flamethrowers, guns, and volcanos.


Guys if you get your player stuck in ice put c4 over it and blow it up . then voila your player has the power of ice

Anonymous November 1, 2011 1:48 PM

how do you make your own s ball wave?


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