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Pizza Quest

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Pizza QuestDespite sporting an outfit more suitable to a court jester than a chef, when the Queen wants a mushroom pizza and wants it now, you're not going to be the one to raise objections. After all, let's just say all the previous chefs have been forced into permanent retirement, leaving you as her personal cook. But if you were hoping to find all the required ingredients neatly stacked up in a cabinet and ready for cooking, well...it won't be that easy!

In this point and click from CarmelGames, you will have to hunt down or even grow your own ingredients. Often you will have to pursue more creative solutions. Is there a can opener for that tomato sauce? I don't think so! This game is played solely with the mouse to point and click. The cursor changes when moved over an interactive element, and items in the inventory can be used on each other or on the elements in the scenes. Rumor has it that the Queen will pay you will for a pizza well made, but I wouldn't taste her patience, lest it be off with your head instead!

Play Pizza Quest


Fast and easy, especially if you're used to solving puzzles from escape games.

Pizza Quest

As the Queen's new chef, your first task is to make her a pizza. Don't forget the mushrooms!


There's an oven right behind you which needs to be lit, and a nice neat counter in front waiting for you to build a pizza. Which is great, because you just need to focus on getting the ingredients. Open the cabinet in the counter to find a can of tomato paste, and take the baguette resting on the sacks in front of it. You can turn on the sink on the left, as well as look at the blender next to it, but there's nothing else of interest in this room.

So walk through the archway on the left to get to the gardens, full of plants you don't care about and an empty flowerpot on the left side of the room. Overhead, three symbols are drawn on the glass. On the right side of the room, an empty watering can sits on a locked cupboard which takes a three-digit code.

Go back and go through the door on the right this time. No, not the glowing blue archway, the other door. You end up in the pantry, with a locked box on the floor next to a locked refrigerator. The locked box needs a sequence of seven compass directions, presumably related to "see"ing the "news". The refrigerator needs its four dials to be turned to the right direction. (No, not that right, the other right.) Take the rag from the railing around the stairs...

...and then take those stairs down to the basement, where a locked switchbox with four clocks and two buttons sits next to a crumbly wall with an isosceles trapezium exquisitely carved in it. Then there's a boat ride which takes you through a river of logs, rocks and cheese. (You get two chances at the cheese. Mind your head!)

Once you're satisfied, climb back up the stairs and go through the purple door to what seems like a dungeon. There's a 20 ton weight on the floor and two buttons next to it which would lift and lower it... but the counterweight's not properly set up for it. There's also a matchbox on a shelf too high to reach. If only you could somehow repair this chair.

A leg to stand on

Use the baguette on the chair to repair it, then click on the matchbox on the shelf to get it.


Click on the counterweight. Which three of 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 ton weights add to 20?


Click on the 5t, 7t and 8t weights in any order. (If you mess up, click on the weight again to put it back.)


The green button raises the 20-ton weight, and the red button drops it. Dangerous, but useful. What can you crush?

Raise the weight, place the can of tomato paste under it, then drop the weight.

Then raise the weight again and clean up the mess with the rag, collecting all the tomato sauce.


Unlock the switchbox in the basement with the clue nearby.

The clock with red hands should have hands aligned to its neighboring clocks.

So make it read 1:45 by clicking the left button 18 times and the right button twice.

This turns on power to the kitchen.


Go up the stairs, and unlock the compass box with the clue on it.

SEE NEWS = South East East North East West South

So click those buttons, opening the box. Take a plutonium rod from inside.


Unlock the refrigerator with the clue from its dials.

The dials are labeled ALL TOT HEL EFT. If you rearrange the spaces, it reads "all to the left".

So make each dial point left. The fridge door springs open and you can take the pizza dough from inside.


Unlock the cupboard in the garden with the code on the glass roof.

Cover the left half of each symbol, leaving 3 1 5.

Enter 315 into the cupboard lock to open it. Take the mushroom seeds.


Plant the mushroom seeds in the empty flowerpot.

They'll take too long to grow even if you water them. Unless...

Go back to the kitchen and fill the watering can in the sink, then pour it into the blender and add the plutonium rod.

Since you turned on the power in the basement, you can blend up some radioactive water. Pour it on the mushroom pot to instantly grow mushrooms.


Go back to the kitchen and use the dough on the counter, then the tomato sauce (rag), then the cheese, then the mushrooms.


Light the oven with the matches, then pick up the unbaked pizza and shove it in the oven.

It bakes quickly, so you make a quick delivery, and receive an equally quick payment. Not bad for a new chef!


this makes no sense on the:

boat ride to get the cheese. there were no obstacles in my way but yet I had to restart. this game is confusing


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