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One Scene 6

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One Scene 6

elleRobamimi once again presents a single-walled escape that proves you don't need a large space to be treated to a roomful of fun. Although the view is limited, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to explore; a wide gamut of puzzles and amusing sights are strewn in almost every pixel of this charming scene. Gameplay is simple: point and click to zoom in and out, examining objects and deciphering codes until you've opened every lock. Robamimi's typical user-friendly interface makes navigation easy so you can sink all your mental powers into finding your way out the door. While a few answers will be staring you straight in the face, you'll also be expected to infer some solutions based on a number of rather vague clues. The HINT button will give you just that: another hint to throw into the mix of information while still leaving the credit for solving the puzzles squarely on your shoulders alone. Here is everything good about Robamimi rolled into one very entertaining escape.

Play One Scene 6

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Walkthrough: One Scene 6

Since One Scene 6 is semi-nonlinear, and almost everything you see can be examined and/or used as a clue, this walkthrough is organized according to Robamimi's in-game hint system. If you're stuck somewhere, click the "HINT" button then reference that part of the walkthrough for more help.

You can also follow this walkthrough from start to finish if you wish:

"Look at the Truck"

  1. Click on the large window in the middle of the room to get a better view. Note the numbers in four squares on the corner of the truck's tarp.

  2. Back up from the window and zoom in on the two-drawer chest on the left side of the room.

  3. Examine the bottom drawer...

    • Four square buttons are arranged exactly like the squares on the tarp.

  4. Press the buttons in the correct order...


    The numbers in each square on the truck tarp denote the correct sequence:

  6. ...then click "enter" to open the drawer:

    • Take from the bottom drawer a pair of CANDLE STRIPE.

"Black Tiles"

  1. Back up to a full view of the room. See the tile pattern along the top edge of the wall? There's also an arrow over the door...

    • Note the location of each black tile as you scan from right to left.

  2. Now zoom in on the two-drawer chest to the right of the table.

  3. Examine the top drawer...

    • Three buttons are stacked in a column.

  4. Press the buttons in the correct sequence...


    As you look from right to left at the tiles near the ceiling, if a black tile is on the bottom, click the bottom square...and so on:

  6. ...then click "enter" to open the drawer:

    • Take out the CANDLE WHITE.

"Steel, Glass and Grid"

  1. On top of the chest, on the left side of the room, there are three utensils containers made of steel, glass and grid...

    • There's 1 utensil in the steel cylinder, 3 in the glass, and 2 in the grid container.

  2. Now look around the room to see if you can find anything else that's steel, glass and grid...

    • On the glass door is the number 8.

    • By the menu on the table is a steel cylinder: look inside for the number 2.

    • A grid-patterned trivet on the corner of the table shows another number: 7.

  3. Examine the bottom drawer of the chest near the door and enter the correct 3-digit number.


    Put the numbers found around the room in the order given by the utinsel containers (two forks=2nd digit)...
    2 7 8

  5. With the correct code, click "enter" to open the drawer:

    • Take out CANDLE BLACK.


  1. There's a sign taped to the window on the left side of the room: "ROLLCAKE."

    • Note the arrow at the swirling pattern.

  2. Now go over to the table and read the menu:

    • There's pictures of three different rollcakes...pay special attention to the direction of their roll as well as the pattern on their plates!

    • Along the right edge of the menu are a series of lines, dots and dashes.

  3. Examine the metal safe on the floor, to the left of the table...

    • It has three dials: the outer is a solid line, middle dial is dashes and inner dial is dots.

    • To the right of the dial are buttons that control each dial; clicking a button in the "L" column will turn the corresponding dial to the left, "R" turns it to the right.

  4. Turn each dial to the correct setting and click "ENTER" to unlock the safe.

  5. This one is easy to overthink, but the answer is actually strait-forward as soon as you take in EVERY clue.

    Count the lines, dots and dashes on the side of the menu: they tell you how many times to turn the corresponding dial. Whether you turn them left or right is given by the rollcakes: they, too, have patterns on their plates...

  6. After you crack the safe and open it:

    • Get the SCISSORS.

"Set Six Candles"

Here's a unique little puzzle because the answer is determined by what YOU do. Thus, everyone's answer will be different!

  1. Now that you have the SCISSORS, examine each pair of CANDLES in your inventory and cut their wicks, leaving you with six individual CANDLES.

  2. Then, zoom in on the candle holders on either side of the large window:

    • Place each of the six candles on a sconce; you can set your candles in any order.

    • Whatever order you set your candles will be the order in which you have to click the patterned buttons on the left chest.

  3. After setting all six candles in a sconce, back up and look at the note under the table:

    • Candle Holder I (left): go from left to right.

    • Candle Holder II (right): go from right to left.

  4. Examine the chest on the left side of the room and zoom in on its top drawer.

  5. Click the patterned buttons—white, striped and black—in the correct sequence.


    • The answer is however you set the candles: first click the patterns that correspond to the left holder's candles, reading from left to right; then click the corresponding patterns from the right holder's candles, this time reading from right to left.

  7. When you've clicked each button twice in the correct sequence, click "enter" to open the drawer.

    • get a ZIPPO lighter.

    • get a KEY with a yellow fob.

"How Many Steps [to] the Goal?"

  1. Use the yellow KEY to unlock the panel in the table top.

  2. Examine the game board inset:

    • Four differently colored game pieces are at various spots along the game. Make a note of what you see.

  3. Back up from the table and hone in on the wallbox to the left of the table...

    • Note the different colors of the word: "GOAL".

  4. Enter the correct 4-digit number...


    Just count how many moves the red, blue, green and orange pieces need to make to reach the goal on the game board. Then put those numbers in the same order as the colored letters in "GOAL":
    4 2 9 8

  6. ...click "enter" to open the box:

    • Press the big red button! Then, wait to see what happens.

"Use a Zippo"

  1. Using your ZIPPO lighter, light all six candles then step back and observe...

    • A circle is above the candles on the left; a triangle above those on the right.

  2. Look out the window:

    • If this action is going to be of any use, you first need to solve the "GOAL" code on the wallbox.

    • That done, when you look out the window, you'll see a new sign outside the fortune teller's. Make a note of all the information it displays.

  3. Back up from the window and zoom in on the chair on the right side of the table. Examine the two-button "candle" box.

  4. Press the left and right buttons in the correct sequence.


    Starting from the outside, move inwards, noting whether the shape on the sign is a circle or a triangle (doesn't matter direction or size)...
    circle, circle, triangle, triangle, circle, triangle. Then, relate those to the symbols over the left or right candles to get this sequence:


  6. Click enter to open the box and get:

    • A KEY with a blue fob.

"Maybe the Fire..." and Exiting One Scene 6

  1. Use the blue-fobbed KEY to unlock the wallbox by the door:

    • Here you see a 3x6 grid of buttons, divided into two sets: I and II.

  2. Go back and examine the I and II candle holders:

    • Ignoring their colors, make a note of the height of each candle.

  3. Return to the wallbox by the door and, using the clue from the burnt-out candles, light up either the lowest, highest or middle button in each column.


    - - X - X -
    - X - X - -
    X - - - - X

    Screenshot: 3x6 Grid Solution

  5. When you've entered the correct pattern on the grid, click "enter" and the door latch is withdrawn.

  6. Close the box, back up, then click on the door to escape!

(By the way, Roll Cake Cafe is the name of my next Indie funk band.)


This game has a really unusual feature,

Your own choices will define one of the codes.

jerry.dathe December 5, 2013 10:04 AM

I'm not quite at that point, but I was wondering if that was going to be the case. I'ma bit stumped at this point, but enjoying myself as always with a Robamimi game.


omg....first time EVER I did one without help. (yes, embarrassing as that is, it's true) =)

dave.innocent December 5, 2013 11:06 AM

I really don't get

the Roll Cake puzzle and the safe.


Also Dave, don't over think it.

I was guilty of that for a couple of these puzzles!

I should know better from Robamimi


Last puzzle was little confusing until I realized, one must

ignore the color, concentrate on size!

LightWarriorK December 5, 2013 2:16 PM

That one was a lot of fun! Not too hard, either, aside from a tricky spot or two, both passed through the hints.

Patreon Crew SonicLover December 5, 2013 4:59 PM

Now I want to try a rollcake.

Daibhid C December 5, 2013 6:28 PM


I solved the rollcake safe, and only on checking the walkthrough for a later puzzle did I learn I'd over solved it. I carefully noted down all the patterns down the side in order, so I was moving the solid line one, then the dotted line one, and so on, until eventually I got a result I could have gone straight to...


Daibhid I did the same thing. Haha


ID check error, 100% loaded, and you can not play the game.

You will experience this if using Windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11.

To fix this, run IE11 in Compatibility mode. Click on tools (gear icon) and select Compatibility View settings and Add the website (robamimi.biz) to the box list. If you us InPrivate Browsing, the compatibility setting will be deleted when you close IE11.

JetSetVegas December 7, 2013 10:00 AM

This was a really nice game and I wouldn't expect any less from one of the best in the escape game business, but there was one issue concerning the candles -

the clue under the table indicates that the first (I) candelabra should be read from left to right and the second (II) candelabra should be read from right to left to solve the drawer puzzle. The candles are also used to solve the final door puzzle, but the clue under the table does not apply this time. Both candelabras are read from left to right to solve the door. There should have been something that indicated that the clue under the table only applied to the drawer

Aside from that everything else flowed beautifully and logically.


Really enjoyed this one! Easy enough to do in a short amount of time, but not so easy that it wasn't worth it. Had to think, but had all the info I needed close by. Nice! And really like the HINT feature in these games...sometimes that is all you really want.

Patreon Crew SonicLover December 7, 2013 5:39 PM

Addendum to my last comment: I looked up rollcakes on Google. Apparently, that's another name for Swiss rolls.


This was a REALLY nice game. I love that everything is in "one scene" and the puzzles are logical. Even if I took some time to figure stuff out, it's all there for the solving and very methodological in a way.


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