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One Scene 4

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Weekday Escape

elleIt's a simple concept—a single setting sprinkled with a smattering of puzzles—yet it's one of the things that Robamimi does with singular perfection. So when Robamimi presents One Scene 4, another installment in this deceptively modest escape-the-room series, you know before you start that it's going to be splendid.

Robamimi: One Scene 4As is standard in every Robamimi escape, gameplay is smooth and precise: click on interesting spots, exploring all angles of this solo wall for clues, and breaking codes until your find your exit. A hint system nudges you when you're stuck, but if you're searching for a strenuous cerebral challenge, you won't find it here. Although, in one instance, a clever touch of misdirection might make you reconsider your conclusions and the multiple creative puzzles have enough thinking involved to stay interesting, it is perhaps too easy peasy overall.

Combined with a scenic design, classic jazz tunes and Robamimi's flair for quality, it all rounds out to be a very pleasant playing experience. When all you want is a gentle mental pick-me-up during a five-minute respite, One Scene 4 is an irresistible snapshot of relaxation and fun. It may be simple but it's often the simple things that bring the most enjoyment.

Play One Scene 4

Not loading? Try the alternative link: One Scene 4.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

One Scene 4 Walkthrough

Before beginning, be sure to select your language (English or Japanese) from the start screen.

  1. Zoom in on the drawers under the table on the left:

    • Open the top drawer and take the (empty) TEAPOT.

    • Close and back out.

  2. Examine the cup on the table center:

    • From inside the cup, get a NOTE.

    • Click to open the note: it's a clue.

    • Close and back up twice.

  3. Zoom in on the crate next to the sink:

    • From this close-up angle, click the left side of the crate to look behind it:

      • Wedged between the crate and the wall is a ZIPPO LIGHTER. Take it.

    • Close and back out twice.

  4. Now click on the sink. Click again to examine the faucet--the faucet handle is a puzzle:

    • Use the clue you found in the teacup to solve this.

    • Click the arrows on either side of the spiget left and right, in the correct pattern, to turn on the water.



      The Faucet Puzzle Explained:

      Instead of viewing each picture clue individually...try connecting the dots...blue to blue and black to black to make one twisting line.

      Recreate the twisting...or turning... with the faucet handle. That is why you need the answer you get:

      right right left left left

      Or, in other words: clockwise 2x and counterclockwise 3x.

      The color change is meant to help you see where you first started and where you end up, point to point, as if you stopped at a gas station and asked me how to get somewhere, I'd say, "First drive to the blue dot. From there, continue to the black one, then make a hairpin turn to the next blue dot..." and so on.

    • With the water on, put the POT under the faucet to fill it with cold water.Close out of the POT (cold water) and back up.

  5. Examine the tea warmer on the left side of the table:

    • Use the ZIPPO on the wick (red cover) to light it.

    • Then, place the POT of cold water on the tea warmer.

      • Immediately the water will heat up and reveal another clue.

    • Take the POT of HOT WATER and back up.

  6. Click on the middle drawer to solve a the 3-button code:

    • The pot of hot water tells you which of the 3 buttons to push and in what order.


      1. "A" (first button)

      2. "N" (second button)

      3. "S" (first button)

      4. "W" (third button)

      5. "E" (third button)

      6. "R" (second button)

    • When you've pushed the buttons in the correct order, the drawer opens and you can get:


    • Close and back out.

  7. Examine the cup on top of the table again:

    • Put the FLOWERING TEA in the cup.

    • Fill the cup with hot water from the POT.

    • Now you have another clue.

    • Back up and zoom in on the calendar behind the cup to make use of this clue.

  8. Now it's time to solve the door code (yes, already!)

    • Back up twice from the table and click on the door to view the 3-digit code box.

      • Put together the clues from the cup of flowering tea and the calendar to come up with a 3-digit number.


      The first Monday (times) the fifth Saturday (plus) the second Friday =


    • Enter those numbers into the code box and click "OK".

    • The door will open to reveal yet another clue.

  9. Take a look at the bottom drawer:

    • A hint just above the "OK" button tells you how to make sense of the clue behind the door.

    • Back up and look at the books on the right side of the table:

      • Pair the information from the books with the letters behind the door to create a 7-color button code.


      • Number the letters behind the door from 1 to 9.

      • Each letter corresponds to a color; for example, R is red.

      • Now, order the colors based on the numbers on the books.

      • Start with the 8th letter, which is R, so the first button should be red.

      • Continue in that same vein for the others.



    • When you enter the correct color code, click "OK" to open the drawer:

      • Take the "BARL" (CROWBAR).

    • Close and back up twice.

  10. Examine the crate again:

    • Use the CROWBAR on the top of the crate to get:

      • CLAMP (handle).

    • Put that away and click on the lid of the crate to open it:

      • Take the BEAR from inside the crate.

    • Close out of the bear and make a note of the design on the front of the crate.

    • Back up.

  11. Examine the dark grey panel above the sink:

    • Use the CLAMP to open the panel.

    • If you're unsure what to do next, back up for a minute...

    • HINT:

      Notice the words "HAND R" and "HAND L" on the wall?


      View the BEAR from your inventory.

      Move its left arm (the arm on your right) up into the air so it will be pointing at the "HAND L" written on the wall.

      Close out of the close-up view of the bear.

      Use the BEAR on the shelf (ya know, where it says "BEAR").

    • With the bear positioned properly, the controls drop down from the ceiling.

  12. Ready to solve the drop-down 2-button control box?

    • Click the buttons in the correct order then click "OK."

    • The design on the front of the crate tells you how.


    Push the buttons in this order:

    1. top

    2. bottom

    3. top

    4. top

    5. bottom

    6. bottom

    7. top

    8. bottom

    9. top

    10. bottom

    11. "OK"

~*~ Congratulations, you're out! ~*~


Jim_in_Oz July 11, 2012 12:44 AM

That was very pleasant. It took me ages to realise that

I could look behind the crate

so I got a bit stuck there. But, other than that, the puzzles were fun and I really enjoyed it.

nerdypants July 11, 2012 1:15 AM

Easy peasy indeed, but entertaining nevertheless!


So short and easy.

cendare July 11, 2012 7:17 AM

I don't understand the faucet puzzle.

How were we supposed to get right, right, left, left, left? It looked to me like: clockwise, counter, counter, clockwise, counter. Even thinking the strip might be "backwards" doesn't get me the desired answer. :(

cendare July 11, 2012 7:40 AM

Okay, I *guess* I see. Spoiler for the faucet puzzle.

"Where you are now" doesn't remain a constant color. You start out black, and move to blue, so in the second one, you start out blue, and then move to black. I don't think I would've gotten that on my own. The idea that the second/third clues are identical, but represent opposite directions? It hurts my brain.


That was fun and quite challenging- the puzzles were a bit of a twist on the usual ones- there could have been many possible solutions to them.


Okay, I've thought and thought about it - still don't get the faucet puzzle. Anybody want to take a stab at a clear explanation?

Otherwise, great as usual.

inheritance.fan July 11, 2012 1:20 PM

It isn't loading. All I see is a white box.

[Try reloading or use the alternative link: One Scene 4. The Robamimi server seems to get congested when so many people are trying to play. ;) elle]

little_geoff July 11, 2012 2:59 PM

for some reason the USE button didn't work on the first attempt, so trying to use the


on the


i was like: "oh so that doesn't go there then" and since it didn't work for something that simple. i gave up and used the walkthrough.


I love Robamimi games, but unfortunately this one is completely unplayable for me. Both on the regular link and the alternate link, I consistently get a game-ruining bug. After a certain number of clicks on puzzle buttons, all of them stop functioning. I click, and they visibly depress, but the numbers/colors do not advance. I've never had this problem before. I'm running the most recent version of Firefox on XP.

JetSetVegas July 11, 2012 7:09 PM

I consider Robamimi a true leader in the escape game genre, but that faucet puzzle is a bit too much for me. I hate looking at walkthroughs and asking for help, but someone's gonna have to explain the step by step mechanics of that faucet puzzle or I just can't bring myself to use the clue and move on. I don't want to just know the answer I want to know WHY that was the answer. Please try not to heckle me too much, but this one is just beyond me. I'm sure I'll kick myself once the solution is made clear. Thanks.

JetSetVegas July 11, 2012 7:19 PM

Wait...Wait, I get it now.

you start as the black asterisk and become the blue asterisk and vice versa as each move is shown to you

. I hate to be a spoil sport and I know some people got it right away but that was kind of stupid and a stretch. Hopefully the rest of the game won't try to be so clever...but not.

JetSetVegas July 11, 2012 7:32 PM

After that faucet the game flowed so logically. I won't let one leap of logic spoil an otherwise nice game.

JetSetVegas July 11, 2012 7:33 PM

Thanks, elle.

JetSetVegas July 11, 2012 10:42 PM

It might not have been a good idea to make the center button on the faucet the same blue as the asterisk in the clue because you might get the idea that the center button was somehow involved in the solution which it isn't. I'm sure I'm not the only one who may have thought that.


Looks like the button bug isn't happening in Chrome! Thanks, elle!


Some puzzles not too intuitive...


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