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Onamis 7

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Onamis 7

DoraWhat better way to spend your time than trapped within cold, uncaring machinery and no escape in sight? That's Onamis' idea of a good time, anyway, which is why we find ourselves contending with the point-and-click puzzles of Onamis 7. When the cursor changes as you move it around the screen, that means you can click to interact, swapping viewpoints or picking up items, which will be used automatically whenever you click on the correct place for them. There's a lot to like about Onamis 7, particularly its sleek, clean design and sparse atmosphere, and mostly logical puzzles that rely heavily on scouring every screen for clues, though the emphasis on pattern recollection might be a bit much.

On the other hand, however, its dedication to presenting a clean user interface by not even displaying your inventory can be frustrating if you forget what you have on hand, and the complete lack of feedback (and itty-bitty visual clues for some interactive zones) can leave you feeling like you're fumbling around without accomplishing anything if you get stuck. The game advises you to keep a pen and paper on hand to keep track of your own inventory and clues, which is an appealing old-school challenge for some and an annoyance for others. If you like your escape games light-hearted, colourful, and simple, Onamis 7 might not be for you, but if you're looking for a challenge by design, polish off your monocle because you just might appreciate this one.

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Thanks to Cyberjar88 for sending this one in!


baileydonk November 6, 2013 12:56 PM

Stuck on Level 3... picked up something but don't know what it is or where to use it... can't make sense of the clues on the wall... can't get the

screen switch to stay on

. Anyone else got ideas?




To get the screen switch to stay on, you need to provide power to it...

I just figured that out, but now I'm stuck! :)


Any hints for level 2?

baileydonk November 6, 2013 1:28 PM

Thanks, chipmunk. I got that now, but what does it help with? I don't understand how the

screen images help solve the puzzle.



For level 2:

I used the pattern from the wall to the right of the panel. I don't know what, if anything, the other two patterns are for.



That's where I'm stuck too. I found something else, but it hasn't helped me progress:

You can back away from two of the walls on Level 3.


finally figured out

how to match the two wall codes on level 3. you have to match each code with the one directly across from it.


Got it! On to level 4...

Hint for Level 3:

Under "Code Confirmed" are three symbols. Find those symbols on the wall, and then find the corresponding symbols on the opposite wall.

Emphasis on opposite.

baileydonk November 6, 2013 1:50 PM

chipmunk -

The code on one wall is to be matched like it's a reflection, so upper right one one wall equates with upper LEFT on the opposite!


Looks like we all figured it out at the same time! :D


anyone have a code clue for level 4? Not seeing the pattern (expecting a face-palm moment, though)


One thing I've verified on level 4:

it isn't any combination of the four symbols which appear on the level


A small hint on Level 4:

Go back to the screen you had to turn on in Level 3


Still stuck on level 3:

I don't get it. I have drawn all the images, put them in grids, matched them to opposite wall(top right = top left)
How do I get the code out of this???



the code you need is

on the cardbox, it looks like a set of boxes just like the ones on the wall



look carefully at the symbol on the input panel


I cant find the

tape needed to fix the powerline.

any hints


Solved it, I just don't look hard enough :/


nevermind I found it


still haven't figured out how

the rotation of symbols on the screen on 3 relates to the codebox on 4

any hints?


I can't seem to get the code confirmation on level 3. I feel like I've tried every combination.


How The Blazes to you keep the power on for lvl 3???


I do not understand how to solve the exit puzzle at all.. Any hints?


McDewd look back at chipmunks hint. There are 3 ways the 2 codes can be matched and the least intuitive is the answer

Nathaniel look closely at the touch screen


The code to lvl 3 is +/-1 of 8*5. I did not keep track of the tens place.


Stumped lvl 4:
Can someone throw me a bone, a clue, a hint??



Still stuck on the exit. I have

found the cut cards on the floor near the exit (below and just to the right)

but I haven't been able to make sense of it yet.


Level 2

Every time I enter the code (to the immediate right), a button gets lit up and I can't use it.

Does that sound right to anyone?


Level 2 codes

Look an awful lot like the same larger code panel moved up and down. Like it's scrolling?


Brute force solved the exit:

Looking at the other 2 cut cards, all 9 numbers are used, so I just started working my way through the list of remaining numbers and got


I didn't check to see if this changes every game or not.

Not a very elegant way of finding the answer. Would love to know if one exists!


Still trying to work out the 3 digit code for the thing by the ladders on lvl 4

baileydonk November 6, 2013 4:27 PM

Shudog - once you've gotten the button to light up, you can raise the ladder to the next level.


Rated and quit.


Well, here's the thing... I have 2 buttons lit up. And no ladder.


Sorry for spam... maybe I'm being unclear

These are buttons on the control panel itself, the bottom 2 on the 2nd column from left. I can still enter codes, except for those 2. Each lit up after I finished entering the main code (though now nothing happens with it). Pressing the gear yields nothing. I see some snipped wires a few screens over.


shudog - did you click the little gear button? there were a few times that i had to click in a few different spots to get something to work

i have a card from level 3 but the thing on level four won't take it


Now I have another button lit up + unusable,

before I even finished entering a full pattern. (This time I tried shifting the pattern down, so it's not the code to the immediate right.) This one's the 2nd row, 1st column.


Any hints as to where the tape is? I have reached the fourth level.


Here is a layout of the entire game. It doesn't contain spoiler, but might be helpful in solving some of the puzzles.

And this is the same layout, but now including the solutions. There are 14 steps to finish the game, simply follow the red numbers (starting at the bottom right). The other colours point out hints that show how the puzzles are solved.


Yep, been clicking the gear button a ton. Now have 4 lights lit-out. No idea what is happening right now.


Oh, now this smells like a bug. I think I'm managing to freeze these buttons with a crazy double-click. Or maybe even more than double. The light seems to be the lighting effect when you push the buttons. This renders the button input essentially unusable, even with the correct pattern.

Thanks for all the fish. Outies at Level 2.


I'm still stuck on the three symbol code on level 4. :(


I appreciate the visual walkthrough. However, it doesnt tell me how the answers were arrived at so I am still a little lost.


That visual guide is very helpful -- thanks for that! However, I'm still puzzled about how you arrived at the 3-digit code on Level 4 -- I've been stuck at that point for over an hour now. Baffling!


For the 3 digit code in level 4

Pay attention to the order that the symbols come up in the touch screen.

The order they show up in the touch screen maps to a digit.

Translating the symbols on level 4, you get 7, 28, 122

Each is 4 times the previous.

Making the code 488


488?!? How the crap did you figure that out?

hgvillatoro November 6, 2013 6:53 PM

3 digit code in level 4

First you fix the broken cable to the touch screen in level 2 (with the red thing). After that you turn the touch screen on in level 3. After that you get the order of the symbols to the right of the touch screen from the touch screen (1 to 9). Then you take that order and mirror it with the symbols on the opposite wall. Finally you get the clues from level 4: 7, 28, 112.This is a sequence 7 then 7x4=28 then 28x4=112 and the next term in the sequence is 112x4=448

hgvillatoro November 6, 2013 6:57 PM

3 digit code in level 4
update and apology

112 x 4 = 448

way to suck at simple math

hgvillatoro November 6, 2013 7:04 PM

it was correct. ignore apology. sorry for the innecesary post. =(


Ok, since no once seems to know how to properly spell out the digit sequence for the lvl 3 touch screen/ lvl 4 code, here it is:

When the symbols flash on the touch screen, they are mapping the numbers from 1-9 on the 3x3 grid of symbols, so the first symbol = number 1, the second symbol = number 2, etc. Then, like before, mirror the dash symbols to the cypher symbols to get the real code.

For this puzzle, the "W" with the stubby right leg is 7, the "I" symbol is 2, the backwards "E" is 8, the "W" with the stubby left leg is 1. Match that with the symbols on lvl 4 and you get - 7, 28, 112. The next in the sequence would be 448, which would be F-J symbol x 2 and the backwards "E" symbol.


Night Stryke November 7, 2013 11:17 AM

So I was doing all right until the level 4 code, which I couldn't figure out. It felt like a bit of a stretch for me to use the clues given to figure it out, but at least when it was explained it made sense. The exit code, on the other hand...

Has anyone actually found some logic to it? The clues just seem to be enough that you know the last 4 digits are the 4 numbers not already used, but then you're left to try combinations until you get the right one, which just seems... bad.

shadowmax November 7, 2013 3:01 PM

@Night Stryke

there are extra clues below the exit door. the hot spot is *tiny* and very close to the one that takes you to the right one screen.

shadowmax November 7, 2013 3:06 PM

@Night Stryke Sorry...that doesn't really answer your question :{. I don't know.


Crouch--thank you for the visual walkthrough! If you're still around, I was wondering what program you used to create it? Thanks!


on level 3 I have the power turned on to the screen, and i found the card. but, i cant get the card reader to work. Any tips on what im doing wrong.


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